13 Best HR Automation Software

HR automation software

HR personnel are tasked with so many core and vital responsibilities that they always need to be up to par as it could affect the workflow of the company.

HR automation software fortunately comes to the rescue as it can be used to manage your staff more effectively and optimize your processes. These HR automation software are essential in today’s fast-paced corporate climate if you want to streamline your tasks and concentrate on strategic objectives.

We’ll mention some of the best HR automation software you can use in this post so try to read it to the end because it’ll be beneficial.


HR automation software is an algorithmic software used to complete time-consuming, repetitive operations in the HR division. Automation can be used in every aspect of human resources, including hiring, tracking attendance, training, data collection, and employee onboarding and offboarding.

HR automation is the process of using software to automate and streamline tedious and repetitive operations to help an HR department manage personnel. HR departments can boost output and benefit the business by working on more difficult projects like strategy and decision-making when they have more time to spare.

HR automation software is software that manages administrative and repetitive activities without requiring human intervention. Timesheets, financial management, data entry, spreadsheets, and paperwork are all broken down by HR technology. While these areas take up a significant amount of HR time and effort, they free up managers to work on more important activities.


1. Conserves Time

HR managers have a lot of laborious work to accomplish, such as filling out forms, finishing paperwork, and going through hundreds of documents.

HR automation software saves time by completing laborious manual procedures with unparalleled accuracy. Thus, by using HR automation software, recruiters and HR managers can increase efficiency and more effectively prioritize jobs.

2. Economical

Reducing errors caused by humans and repetitive operations is a great way to save costs when using HR automation software. You can carefully automate your procedures and save money by forgoing the purchase of priceless features by utilizing this HR automation software.

Furthermore, there are no hefty maintenance or investment costs associated with HR automation software. Pay-as-you-use options are offered by most applications, enabling all-sized firms to expedite their procedures without going over budget.

3. Enhances Precision

Errors are unavoidable since HR managers are always overworked. These mistakes impact worker morale and workplace productivity since they necessitate a great deal of rework, cost money, and take time.

HR automation software gives HR managers access to more precise data so they can make more informed decisions. 

Your HR team can simplify its workflow by removing human error, simplifying repetitive duties, and breaking down complex processes by putting HR automation software into place.

4. Enables Streamlined Data Collection

You can receive applications from job boards, LinkedIn, and your website by using HR automation software. These technologies can also be used to gather useful information such as the number of individuals who clicked on your job advertisements, the number of responses, and the number of candidates applying for a specific position. 

5. Boosts Consistency

HR automation software improves consistency by removing inconsistent results and identifying similar procedures. No matter how complicated a task gets, you can make sure it stays standard with this software. You can prevent process inconsistencies and result variances as a result.



When choosing HR automation software, you should look out for these features.

1. Scalability

Being a member of an expanding company means that you require scalable HR automation software. To avoid outgrowing your software too soon and having to migrate to a new system, a scalable solution can expand and adapt as your organization grows.

2. Low-code

You should look for a low-code or no-code platform in HR automation software. Even if you don’t know a lot about programming, low-code software lets you design the software to your HR department’s unique requirements. 

3. In-built tools

Choose HR automation software that comes with a full range of built-in functions rather than purchasing separate programs for every HR procedure. Having a single application to handle all of your HR-related tasks increases productivity and enables you to provide unified information. 

By connecting all of the talent management process’s duties and subtasks, HR automation software can expedite workflow, lower friction, and boost productivity.

4. Integrations

Select an HR automation software that can easily integrate with other HR tools and systems in your tech stack. You can also link your HR automation software with other technologies you may already be using with solutions that have API connectors. 

This is a crucial feature that’s frequently disregarded that lets you avoid data silos and share data across platforms. 

5. Strategic Insights

Look for HR automation software that provides comprehensive analytics and reporting. This can provide insightful information about your employees and help you make data-driven decisions about hiring, retention, and talent management.

6. Security And Compliance

Your choice of HR automation software should conform with GDPR and other data protection laws and regulations. It should also have strong security features that guarantee the safety and protection of your data at all times.


Below is a list of some of the best HR automation software that your company or HR department can use: 

1. Zoho – The All-In-One HR Tool

HR automation software

Beginning our list of the best HR automation software is Zoho. Small and medium-sized organizations can benefit from this all-in-one HR automation software. It provides functions like hiring, onboarding, scheduling, and benefits management. 

You can get real-time insights into your HR data, automate tedious operations, and streamline your HR procedures using Zoho. Zoho also easily connects with several other HR software to provide smooth operations.

2. TalentLMS

Next on our list of the best HR automation software is TalentLMS. TalentLMS is a learning management system that aids in the development and training of staff members. 

TalentLMS has great features like gamification elements that promote employee learning and a training course design that can be customized. You can also allocate course libraries to various employee groups and create personalized learning pathways for each group.

3. OysterHR

OysterHR is next on our list of the best HR automation software. It is an automated HR solution that functions like a global hiring specialist. It simplifies hiring, paying, and taking care of employees for teams worldwide so you can concentrate on the human element. 

Oyster’s HR automation software covers all those annoyingly complex aspects that no human brain can learn on its own using a vest database. This makes it possible for small HR departments to run multinational corporations.

Their worldwide HR automation software has proven to be of great benefit to employees as it estimates the cost of each job and makes timely payments in the currency of each individual. As a result, you can move swiftly to secure the hiring of that exceptional person by making credible, informed offers. 

You can use the Lite Plan for free while the Business Plan costs $399 per employee per month.

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4. SesameHR

HR automation software

The next HR automation software on our list is SesameHR. Sesame is a young, Spanish all-around player. It covers all the essential bases inside the purview of the HR department. It has fantastic connectors with programs like Slack and Google Drive.

It has a wide range of recruitment tools, automated job offers, and updates for all parties engaged in the process. This software made our list of best HR automation software because it is a promising software. It can be gotten for as low as $4 per employee per month.

5. Fuse Workforce Management

Fuse Workforce Management is next on our list of best HR automation software. Fuse Workforce Management offers payroll, human resources management, and time and attendance management.

It also has robust dashboards and reporting capabilities, which provide you with an accurate, up-to-date picture of your staff which helps in staff decision-making and planning.

6. BrightHR

BrightHR is another excellent HR automation software. Because of its many features, BrightHR is among our list’s top HR automation software. It has a shift planner, holiday calendar, and sickness log to keep tabs on employee attendance. It also has a payroll reporting tool and staff rotas to inform your employee scheduling and attendance reports to track who is online at any given time. This HR automation software is perfect for remote teams. 

The BrightHR automation software works with other tools like unlimited document storage space, to safeguard all of your staff information. The pricing starts at $5 per employee per month.

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7. BambooHR

The next HR automation software on our list is BambooHR. BambooHR is an all-in-one human resource information system or HRIS. It stands out, especially for having an extensive yet easy-to-use interface with up to 49 pre-installed reports that can be customized.

This HR automation software provides a single point of access for automatic data reports on PTO, productivity, attendance, and scheduling of employees. BambooHR’s benefits administration features enable users to control payroll deductions based on specific employee templates which is one of its greatest features. Payments start from $8.75 per month

8. Octopus CRM

HR automation software

Octopus CRM is one of the most amazing HR automation software. It can be used to automate your hiring and applicant training processes. With its sophisticated automation software, this all-in-one LinkedIn automation solution helps you streamline your prospecting and sourcing activities.

Hiring managers and recruiters can expedite their LinkedIn recruiting process by using Octopus CRM. You can send qualified but passive candidates tailored messages using the powerful yet user-friendly autopilot.

It can also be used to automatically view the profiles of qualified candidates. In this manner, you can persuade LinkedIn users to come to your website, look around, and apply for positions that suit their requirements.

The monthly pricing of Octopus CRM’s basic plan is $6.99, while its unlimited plan is $24.99.

9. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is next on our list of best HR automation software. It is a very potent HR automation software that has a plethora of options that address all of your HR requirements and much more. 

With this HR automation software, you can do everything from hiring and scheduling staff to having a video conference with your team to review your marketing plan. 

It is the ideal HR automation software for small firms that require a comprehensive feature set to function effectively, and it’s less expensive than registering for a collection of different apps. 

There is no need to build up connectors because many apps are already integrated with it and there are countless automation possibilities. 

It has a free plan, but you can choose to pay for the Basic (5 users) at $39 per team per month, Standard (25 users) at $79 per team per month, or Professional (unlimited users) at $159 per team per month.

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10. Gem

Gem is next on our list of the best HR automation software. Gem has many functions, the most practical of which is CRM. Because it lets you categorize candidates according to experience, skills, or other criteria, this tool can help you generate talent pools that will be useful if you are building a pipeline many months ahead of schedule.

It also assists you in keeping tabs on the prospects you reach out to guarantee that the lines of communication remain open. Additionally, Gem offers analytics that calculates the return on investment (ROI) of candidate sourcing initiatives and assists in determining whether recruitment activities are yielding the anticipated outcomes.

11. Personio

Next on our list of best HR automation software is Personio. Personio handles many of the more routine duties that your HR team must handle, which lowers your payroll expenses. They promise to free up to 60 hours a month so you may focus more on advancing your strategic goals. 

Personio handles a broad variety of tasks, from employee onboarding to employee offboarding and all in between. Thus, when you begin your next hiring campaign, you can retrieve information on the specifics of your current workforce, including payroll, time off, and attendance. 

Personio also provides employee training that can be integrated into an automated workflow to enable any member of your team to advance at a reasonable pace.

The Essential plan costs €2.88 per employee per month while the Professional Plan costs €4.43 per employee per month.

12. Dripify

HR automation software

Another HR automation software that made our list is Dripify. Dripify is an excellent tool for recruiting automation that facilitates the quick setup of sales funnels. Users can increase their LinkedIn prospecting and close sales more quickly because of its many features. 

With this HR automation software, users can lower expenses and anticipate increased revenue and lead creation as Dripify improves lead generation, engagement, and loyalty. For a single user, the Basic plan costs $59 per month.

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13. FactorialHR

Wrapping up our list of the best HR automation software is FactorialHR. FactorialHR does not concentrate on a single area; rather, it is a true “all-in-one” solution. Its packages include employee benefits administration, documentation, task management, and communications features. 

When used optimally, it offers a plethora of time-saving automation like personalized approval procedures and ping notifications that inform the appropriate parties to ensure everyone is informed.

Factorial offers three different bundles, each with a somewhat intricate price structure: Core HR & Time Hub, Core HR & Talent Hub, and Complete Bundle.

The Enterprise package, which includes customized features, facial recognition, competency evaluations, one-on-one tracking, and more, is only accessible upon request. The starting plans, however, never go past $6 per person per month. 


What is HR software?

HR software is a digital tool used in human resources software, also known as human resources information systems (HRIS), to manage and accomplish an organization’s HR goals. Typical characteristics consist of Directories of employees, Charts of Organization, Tools for time management, Intranets for businesses, Management of Absences, HR documentation, and record-keeping.

Is it possible for HR to be completely automated?

HR operations can be automated completely or in part. However, if we discuss a total takeover, intricate human involvement in HR will always be necessary to prevent machines from taking over.

Which Recruiting Automation Software Is Best for Businesses?

Recruiting automation software that has a proven track record of success for medium-to-large businesses include Paradox, VidCruiter, hireEZ, myInterview, Findem, HireVue, and Workstream.

What kinds of software are available for Recruiting Automation?

There are several varieties of recruiting automation tools that cover the whole process of hiring. This covers onboarding tools, interview scheduling software, candidate relationship management systems, and applicant sourcing tools.


The HR department is very vital to the success of any organization. Therefore it is important to use the best HR automation software for greater productivity.

We hope our list was helpful. Feel free to tell us what you think. Your opinions are welcome.


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