Ideas For Promoting Your New Fashion Collection On Your Website

Promoting Your New Fashion Collection On Your Website

Fashion is a difficult industry that relies heavily on customer behavior and trends. Website digital marketing is essential for fashion brands to attract clients and entice them to make a purchase. PS: If you need to build a great website for your fashion collection, TechibyesMedia LLC are your best shot. Ideas For Promoting Your New Fashion Collection … Read more

How Nigerian startup, Fidia raises $125k in 6 months after launch, joins ODX1 Accelerator


Six months ago, techibytes was one of the earliest tech blogs to publicly announce the launch of Fidia- a platform that helps content creators make a living from their creativity. We told you how the startup is changing the game in the creator economy sphere.  Just a few months down the road, the payment startup … Read more

Building the Future: Imo Economic Summit Group throws weight behind Imo Startups Weekend 2021

Imo Startups Weekend

Imo state-based Victoria Farms and Imo Economic Summit Group has shown their support towards  Imo Startups Weekend which will be held in Owerri Nigeria from Friday, December 3 to Saturday, December 4, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about the event. The Imo Startups Weekend is one of the biggest tech events held every … Read more

How Nigerian health therapy startup MyTherapist is healing Nigerians through therapy one individual at a time


Recovering from the mental and emotional hurt of the ENDSARS protest, heralding the birth of a health therapy startup. Approximately 50 million Nigerians live with varying Mental Health disorders and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2017 report, about 29 million Africans live with depression which is usually the most common mental health … Read more

How Edtech startup Scholarly is Transforming Digital Learning in Africa


Scholarly has been making waves and breaking grounds as an edtech startup in Nigeria. Started as a mere passion to provide a tech-based solution to challenges of overly expensive cost of purchasing educational materials and then transforming into a digital learning startup. Here’s the transformative story of Scholarly as Techibytes had an interesting sit down … Read more

ArtisanKonect creating a platform For Creative Talents to connects Clients in Nigeria


Getting potential clients for most handymen, tech talents and the creative industry as a whole has never been easy in Nigeria, Artisankonect is now here to bridge the gap for tech/creative individuals in Lagos and Abuja part of Nigeria. The Platform accepts a wide range of handymen in various categories of crafts like Carpentery, web … Read more

Fidia sets to ease the creator economy by making payment simpler

Creator economy

All digital content creators now have an easier way to get paid for being creative. Now Imagine as a digital content creator who spent hundreds of hours creating content like writing an E-Book, making a YouTube video or just building a digital product and there’s no proper way to monetize or get a thank you … Read more