10 Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria 

Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria

We have to admit that Nigerians have started making a mark in the tech industry. Web designers and bloggers alike are trying to match up with the world standard. There are some web hosting companies in Nigeria at the top of their game that has attained world standards. These web hosting companies in Nigeria offer … Read more

Best Technology Blogs Ranked By Popularity

Technology Blogs

While technology is a multi-trillion-dollar industry, a section that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves is tech publishing, a very significant sector of the circle. The first step to foraying into the tech industry is following the latest happenings through the most popular publishers. Popularity remains the most objective metric for measuring the … Read more

10 Best Coding Schools in Abuja

coding schools in abuja

Abuja is Nigeria’s capital and is unarguably one of the fastest-growing cities on the black continent. One industry that has grown considerably in Abuja over the years is its IT sector. It’s not on par with Lagos for now, but when you compare it to the average African city, it’s pretty advanced. With all I … Read more

Top 20 Software Development Companies in New York City

Software Development Companies In New York City

New York City is a technology and innovation centre, with some of the world’s most successful and prominent software businesses headquartered there. These firms, ranging from start-ups to established giants, are moving the industry forward and shaping the future of technology.  There are tons of software development companies in New York City that offer fantastic … Read more

How Silicon Valley Inspired Tech in Africa

how silicon valley inspired tech in africa

Silicon Valley houses some of the world’s biggest tech powerhouses, and we can safely say it’s the world’s tech capital. The area got its name from the primary material found in smartphone microprocessors, and the name has stuck, being a perfect one for what the place eventually became known for. Over the past few years, … Read more

13 Great Top Tech Companies in Africa

top tech companies in africa

Africa was pretty late onto the tech scene. While the west was creating services that would later become groundbreaking like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, we waited, relegating ourselves to the consumer status while they shaped the future of tech. While Africa was late to the party, we’ve come up with several powerful tech companies that … Read more

Netflix is sinking and here is how ‘ads revenue’ can save it!

Netflix ads revenue

Netflix’s future is in big trouble, in fact, the ship is declining and sinking at the moment, and here’s what could ultimately save it from going overboard! Netflix lost 200 thousand subscribers in the first quarter (Q1) of 2022, a huge loss that hasn’t been recorded since the streaming service startup was launched in 2009. … Read more