Minecraft coding for kids (Everything you need to know right now)

Minecraft coding for kids

Fun has become the new way to learn, learning does not have to be boring, tiring, or difficult thanks to Minecraft. What if there is an exciting way to prepare kids for the future? What if we could make kids love learning with video games that could improve their spatial reasoning? Have you heard about … Read more

Full Time and Internship at Amazon ...
Full Time and Internship at Amazon , Honeywell ,Amdocs ,Sony | link in description box -2022

Netflix is sinking and here is how ‘ads revenue’ can save it!

Netflix ads revenue

Netflix’s future is in big trouble, in fact, the ship is declining and sinking at the moment, and here’s what could ultimately save it from going overboard! Netflix lost 200 thousand subscribers in the first quarter (Q1) of 2022, a huge loss that hasn’t been recorded since the streaming service startup was launched in 2009. … Read more

The Best Mobile App Development Tools in 2022

Mobile app development tools

The 21st century is experiencing the spiral growth of mobile app development as the industry keeps evolving to meet the needs of over 7 billion people who are now connected to the web. Currently, over 75% of businesses worldwide have adopted at least one mobile app development tool or platform to intensify their digital footprint. … Read more

Top Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria 2022 you should know

Fake loan apps in Nigeria

The proliferation of fake loan apps in Nigeria is increasingly becoming unbecoming. Have you ever opened your phone and kept seeing ads of loan apps popping on your screen every time? What has been your experience with loan apps in Nigeria? Google removed over 30 lending apps from the Play Store for failing to prove … Read more

Top 11 Popular Ponzi scams and how much they took from Nigerians


Nigerians have lost more than 300 billion naira to Ponzi scams in just 5 years. In Fact, according to my personal findings, I’ve realized that 1 in 3 Nigerians that I’ve spoken to have once lost money to Ponzi schemes. These alarming statistics beg the question how, how are people losing huge money to online … Read more

Top Cyber security consulting firms making waves in the world

cyber security consulting firms

Cybersecurity has now become a word used interchangeably with words like information security or computer information or IT security but there’s more to these terms than something to be used loosely. Did you know that in 2021, businesses lost about $1.8 million every minute due to cybercrime and scams? What do you know about cyber … Read more

The 8 Best ways to transfer money internationally right now

Best ways to transfer money internationally

According to the World Bank, “about $68 billion was remitted from the United States to developing countries in 2017 alone”. That figure is expected to increase to $550 billion in 2022 but what are the best ways to transfer money internationally with ease? How does international money transfer work? What is the best money transfer … Read more

Great Budgeting Software for Business

budgeting software for business

Why do you still have problems with accounting, bookkeeping, and finances in your business in this technological age? Truth is, it could be overwhelming to handle finances especially if you’re a young business, so how do you get on top of this, well we have the budgeting software for businesses you should try? What if … Read more

How ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company became the most valuable company in the world


So let’s talk about how one of the most unknown companies in the world beats some of the most known companies in the world in valuation including your favorite companies like SpaceX, Uber, Stripe, and Canva. So, what’s the SECRET behind ByteDance, the $400 billion-plus valuation company that owns TikTok, an app with 1.9 billion … Read more

Best Crypto Games To Play And Earn

best crypto games

Crypto games, Blockchain games, and NFT games are rapidly becoming a thing, in fact as more people are getting involved in the crypto space, we tend to see how the best crypto games have spiraled in popularity along with the world of online gaming in general. So what’s the excitement about crypto games? Whether you’re … Read more

How Open Banking Fintech in Africa will shape the continent

Over the years, Open Banking in the financial sector has become a major source of innovation poised to reshape the banking industry. It is created to pave the pathway to unite financial technology (Fintech) and the banking industry with an improved application programming interface (API). In this article, I’ll be dissecting the meaning of open … Read more

7 effective ways on How to Avoid Business Failure today

How to avoid Business Failure

A Forbes article on business failure once estimated that more than 50 percent of all small businesses are destined to fail within the first five years of operation, but then entrepreneurs and business owners would want to know how to avoid business failure. As much as this prognostication may be fearsome and discouraging at the … Read more

Top: Best Banks in Canada you should Know right now

Best Banks in Canada

Before I talk about some of the Best Banks in Canada, there are important things to know before you make your choices. For now, there are about 29 domestic banks, 24 foreign bank subsidiaries, 27 full-service foreign bank branches, and three foreign bank lending branches in Canada and of course, new fintech is springing up … Read more

Top Neobank List in 2022 that’s best for you

Top Neobank

Before now, there used to be an unpleasant experience with the traditional banking services, malfunctioning ATMs, excessive transaction and maintenance charges, long queues and other frustrations that come with the regular banks but now Neobanks are taking over to offer better services without taking a dime from you. In this article, I’ll be talking about … Read more

Top Growing Best Logistics Startups in the World right now

Logistics Startups in USA

In 2021, the logistics sector received a total of USD$24.3 billion in the first three quarters, a figure which more than doubled the sumtotal that was recorded in 2020. The supply chain industry or better still logistics sector has experienced an Increasing funding resulting in more innovations in product delivery, supply chain startups and more … Read more

Top Insurtech Startups in Africa right now

Insurtech Startups in Africa

Insurance technology is the adoption of technology innovations to create a more efficient insurance model. Unlike fintech, agri-tech and healthtech, Insurtech is one technology sector that is vastly untapped in Nigeria.  According to a recent report, Africa’s whole insurance industry is valued at about $68 billion in terms of GWP and is also ranked eighth … Read more

Quidax become first African crypto exchange to list on CoinMarketCap

Quidax CEO

Quidax, a Nigerian-based cryptocurrency exchange has announced its listing on CoinMarketCap, one of the world’s leading sources of cryptocurrency-related market data,  With this announcement, Quidax is now the first fully African owned crypto exchange to be listed on CoinMarketCap. This listing represents a milestone for Africa in the $1.84 trillion global crypto market and Nigeria … Read more

Naqla Logistics Startup Raises $10.5m To Aid Faster Shipping In Africa


Naqla Logistics startup major goal is to utilize technology to modernize and extend Africa’s supply chain by automating orders among shippers and drivers via its platform. In a pre-Series, A investment, Naqla, An Egyptian trucking technology platform and marketplace that connects truck owners with cargo firms in Africa, secured USD$10.5 million. The round was led … Read more

MTN’s massive entry into the metaverse with 144 plots of digital land

MTN metaverse

Africa’s biggest telecom company, MTN buys 144 acres of digital land in Africarare. (Africa’s first Virtual Reality metaverse featuring digital land) as the first African company to join the metaverse.  According to information from the company’s website and social media handles. The new purchase is in line with MTN’s transitioning efforts to go from just … Read more

11 Best Places To Learn Coding In Lagos Nigeria

learn coding in lagos

The world is now digital, and almost everything you can think of is now being done online. Anyone can acquire digital skills, either by learning Coding or programming, digital marketing, Cybersecurity, ethical hacking, data analysis, Blockchain technology, etc. Do you have a particular interest in technology? Have you been looking for where to learn Coding … Read more

Top digital banks in Nigeria Right Now

top digital banking in nigeria

Digital Banking is not the same thing as online banking, I know you’ve heard alot about online banking because every traditional bank is now trying to get all of their customers online in order to serve them better. But what exactly is a digital bank and what should you know about it today? Before we … Read more

Top 7 Basic Digital skills You Can quickly Learn in 2022


Digital skills or ICT Skills is one of the most on-demand ability becoming more relevant in our world today, many people around the world are already embracing remote work right now and are doing their best in employing safe social distancing and staying at home whenever possible. However just because you are staying at home … Read more

How Earnipay raises $4M to help employees receive on-demand salary access

Earnipay team

Nigerian financial technology startup Earnipay is now on a mission to establish a flexible and on-demand salary access to income-earners and employees in Africa, the startup has raised $4 million in seed financing led by early-stage venture capital firm Canaan. The round was led by Canaan and with participation from XYZ Ventures, Village Global, Musha … Read more

African fintech Flutterwave valuation to over $3B after $250M Series D fund

Flutterwave valuation

African Fintech company Flutterwave has tripled it’s valuation with a newly raised $250 million Series D round. The payment company is now worth over $3 billion in just twelve months. The Series D round had in participation lead investor B Capital Group and other participating investors like Alta Park Capital, Whale Rock Capital, and Lux … Read more

Biggest crypto scams and how to avoid scammer

How to avoid scammer

In 2021 alone, an estimated $14 billion worth of cryptocurrency was lost to crypto scams. Since the inception of time till this moment, as the world evolves, there has been an influx of scams and people need to know how to avoid scammers. Certain people who are looking to illegally obtain another person’s money through … Read more

YC-backed Duplo raises $1.3m pre-seed to digitize B2B companies in Africa

Fintech startup Duplo

Nigerian-based and Y Combinator backed Fintech startup, Duplo has raised USD$1.3 million pre-seed funding to provide technical solutions to problems around inefficiencies in terms of moving goods from manufacturers and suppliers to retailers; usually involving collecting cash through a network of agents. The $1.3 million pre-seed funding round was led by early-stage pan-African VC firm … Read more

From Fintech to Football, Shola Akinlade launches Sporting Lagos FC

Shola Akinlade launches Sporting Lagos FC

Nigerian Fintech mogul, co-founder and CEO of payment platform Paystack, Shola Akinlade launches Sporting Lagos FC (Football Club) ahead of the 2021/2022 season in the Nigeria National League (NNL). With this move, Shola is now the latest football club (Sporting Lagos FC) owner in the Nigerian professional football league at the moment, making his childhood … Read more

Nigerian Insurtech startup Casava raises $4m pre-seed to democratize insurance

Insurtech startup casava

Nigeria’s Insurtech Startup Casava has secured US$4 million in pre-seed funding to deliver affordable and accessible micro-insurance services for millions of Nigerians.  The funding round, the largest pre-seed round for an African insurtech to date, was led by Target Global with participation from Entrée Capital, Oliver Jung, Tom Blomfield (Founder of Monzo) and Ed Robinson … Read more

Reasons Why Nigerians Are Relocating to Canada!

Relocating to Canada

In 2021, Canada received more than 401,396 immigrants into the country. Most of these numbers came from Nigeria, so why are Nigerians relocating to Canada? On a daily basis, hundreds of thousands of Nigerians are looking for means (legal or illegal) to get out of the country by air, sea or any other means possible. … Read more

AltSchool secures $1m pre-seed to develop tech talents in Africa

AltSchool founders and investors

In recent times the growth of technology in Africa has witnessed a major shift thanks to the outstanding development in the tech industry in Africa, Many Africans now have more access to quality training that helps in developing their skills. Right now, things are about to take another interesting turn with the emergence of alternative … Read more

Esusu becomes unicorn with SoftBank led $130M series B funding


Fintech startup Esusu has announced its series B funding to become the latest unicorn in the world. The financial technology startup said it has crossed the $1 billion dollar valuation after raising $130 million new funding.  The series B financing will provide Esusu with the needed capital to execute on their mission to remove impediments … Read more

Dev career supports 50 Africans with free Laptops and training

Dev Career team

Developers Career, an African Non-profit organization which supports budding developers in Africa with resources like free courses, work-space, laptops and mentorship is set to kickstart another round of it’s mentorship program where Dev Career supports 50 Africans with free laptops and learning materials. The tech institution launched the program last year giving 22 selected applicants … Read more

Egyptian Edtech Startup Orcas raises $2.1m Pre-Series A Funding

images 2022 01 17T141005.988

Egyptian Ed-tech startup Orcas has raised a $2.1 million pre-Series A funding round co-led by CIRA’s NFX Ventures, and Access Bridge Ventures to push online learning into more African markets. The round also had participation from Algebra Ventures, Launch Africa Ventures, Cairo Angels Syndicate Fund, and Seedstars International.  What is Orcas? Orcas is an Egyptian-based … Read more

Binance launches Auto-burn as it destroys $783 million worth of BNB

Binance Burns

Largest Crypto exchange startup Binance launches Auto-Burn program, the procedure which would be the 18th of Binance quarterly BNB token burn of 1,684,387.11 BNB worth $783 million has been completed.  Under the new Auto-burn program, the number of tokens to be burned is arrived at using a formula based on the total number of blocks … Read more

Africa Finance Corps raises $400m funding from South Korea and Dubai


Pan-African development financial institution, Africa Finance Corps (AFC) has raised $400 million in new syndicated loan funds as its fundraising attracted new lenders from the Middle East and South Korea.  The leading infrastructure solution provider’s latest funding will be used to support the post-pandemic recovery program through critical development of infrastructure in Africa. The initial … Read more

222 days after, Nigeria lifts ban on Twitter costing Nigeria $1 billion

twitter ban

Nigeria lifts ban on Twitter after 222 days of shutting down the social networking site, says the company has consented to government demands. Nigeria has finally rescinded its ban on Twitter – seven months after clamping down on the social networking site, with many loss to count. On June 5th, 2021. Techibytes broke the shocking … Read more

How Ride-hailing Company Bolt, raises $712m to expand to more countries


Global ride-hailing Startup, Bolt has raised its biggest funding till date, $712 million dollars (€628m) to aid the company’s expansion goals in 2022.  The investment round was led by Sequoia Capital and Fidelity Management and Research Company LLC with participation from Whale Rock, Owl Rock, D1, G Squared, Tekne, Ghisallo and others— bringing the company’s … Read more

The Best websites to create NFTs Free

Best websites to create NFTs Free

Before we talk about the best websites to create nfts free in 2022, let us go back to 2021, where one NFT artwork by a digital artist called Beeple sold for a record-breaking $69 million at an auction at Christy’s. Have you been hearing about the NFT craze and you’re wondering, what are the best … Read more

How Nigerian startup, Fidia raises $125k in 6 months after launch, joins ODX1 Accelerator


Six months ago, techibytes was one of the earliest tech blogs to publicly announce the launch of Fidia- a platform that helps content creators make a living from their creativity. We told you how the startup is changing the game in the creator economy sphere.  Just a few months down the road, the payment startup … Read more

Meet Enyata, the tech academic startup empowering african tech talent


The Enyata BuildUp is an initiative that aims to increase tech talent in Africa. Technically, there are more than 700,000 professional developers in Africa, with more than 50% concentrated in five countries: Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa. This stats is according to the e-conomy Africa report. The eConomy Africa report also estimated that … Read more

African e-learning platform Edukoya closes $3.5m, ‘the largest edtech pre-seed round in Africa’


Edukoya is an Africa-focused e-learning platform focused on providing quality secondary education in Nigeria through technology. The edtech startup has raised $3.5 million funding, the largest pre-seed round to be recorded for an edtech company in Africa.  The pre-seed round was led by Target Global with notable participation from angel investors including European and African … Read more

The Tight race to 5G Network Connectivity: How MTN and MAFAB wins bid while AIRTEL back down

5g network

MTN Nigeria and MAFAB Communications Limited have won the bid for the 5G network technology auctioned by the Nigerian government on Monday, 13th Dec 2021, while AIRTEL loses the round.  The Nigerian Communications Commission conducted the auction event at the Transcorp Hotel in Abuja for the two available slots for the 3.5 GHz spectrum in … Read more

America’s Equinix set to acquire Nigeria’s MainOne in a sizzling $320 million deal

PicsArt 12 08 05.33.35

Continuing the funding extravaganza in the Nigerian tech Industry, African Leading cable and data center service provider, MainOne is set to be acquired by United State-based internet connectivity company, Equinix. This acquisition will become Equinix’s grand entry into the African telecoms and data market space. According to information reaching techibytes from Equinix, the deal which … Read more

Insurtech Startup Octamile raises $500k pre-seed to reduce financial loss through digital insurance

Insurtech Startup octamile

Octamile raises $500,000 pre-seed funding. In the words of Gbenro Dara, Founder and CEO of Insurtech Startup Octamile, only 5 to 10 Africans have any form of insurance protection, even though insurance is a veritable sector that has the potential to elevate the economy of the country. Octamile, an Insurance technology startup that enables insurance … Read more

How Crypto startup MoonPay Nets $555 million series A funding, valuation Pumps to $3.4 billion


If You Can Dream it, then you can definitely fund it. That’s what MoonPay just did after an eye-popping, jaw-opening $555 million Series-A financing round. One of the largest Series A funding by any startup in the world. I’m going to be sharing with you the most unexpectedly largest series A funding in 2021 that … Read more

How Oja a UK-based startup secures $3.4M funding to build London’s first ethnic grocery store

oja app

“Oja” is a Yoruba word for traditional market or better still ethnic markets, imagine a world where you can get access to a variety of fresh traditional and local foods like plantain, yams, scotch bonnet, chili peppers, oxtail, seasonings, and more…at the tab of a button? Let me tell you about the Oja app, London’s … Read more

Djimon Hounsou X LÁOLÚ partners with Binance NFT Marketplace to launch premium NFT collection ‘Time to Heal’

binance nft marketplace

The NFT universe is increasingly becoming more popular and continuously gains acceptance not just from the hardcore NFT fans but from different aspects of life. On the Binance NFT Marketplace and other NFT platforms, We’ve seen NFT collections launch from sports personalities, music icons and now the movie industry. Since Binance NFT marketplace launch date, … Read more