Perfect Easy Jobs for Disabled Adults

Perfect Easy Jobs for Disabled Adults

A disability shouldn’t prevent anyone from gaining meaningful employment; people, especially adults living with a disability are very much able to work and earn a living for themselves. However, it would be insensitive to suggest they compete in the general labor market. Many of the jobs available today are only practical for people without disabilities, … Read more

13 Resourceful Part Time Jobs for Disabled Persons

13 Resourceful Part Time Jobs for Disabled Persons

Disability is not synonymous with inability; having a physical defect shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing a career, especially now that there are tons of assistive tech around to help. However, it would be misleading and insensitive to claim a disabled person can do anything because nobody can do everything. Thankfully, there are several resourceful jobs … Read more

19 Best Life-Changing Apps for Disabled People

apps for disabled people

These 19 apps are going to change your life! No, this is not some TikTok clickbait; the advancement in tech has brought about so many innovative apps that being disabled is no longer limiting. If you’re a caregiver or a disabled person yourself, not taking advantage of the several apps designed to make your life … Read more

20 Best PS5 Games for Kids

Best PS5 Games for Kids

The rating on most PS5 games excludes children, especially those below 13 years old. However, there’s no reason to exclude your kids from playing games on that shiny new PlayStation, especially if they seem to enjoy gaming titles on the console. At the same time, you don’t want to expose them to unnecessary gore and … Read more

Free Best Udemy Course Downloader

Free Best Udemy Course Downloader

Udemy is undoubtedly the best marketplace for online learning, featuring an extensive collection of courses spread across different categories, from software development to learning musical instruments. In short, you’ll struggle to find a way around Udemy if your goal is online learning. Sadly, there’s a problem with Udemy, especially for users from developing countries: you … Read more

20 Android Games with Best Graphics

Android Games with Best Graphics

It’s been a while since our phones were simply devices for making calls, and if you’re lucky enough to get a decent one, listen to the radio. Fast forward to today, the line between smartphones and PCs has blurred so much that we can even play graphically intense games on smartphones. When talking about gaming … Read more

5 Best Apps to Download Movies

apps to download movies online

Movies have become so accessible that you can access one on your smartphone moments after it’s released. However, most apps that let you watch movies on your phone will rather have you stream it from their servers, making it impossible to download for offline viewing. If you need movies to watch when you’re in a … Read more