15 Best Private Video Hosting Platforms

best private video hosting platforms

Online Video content has become one of the most important and trending things in the business world today because it gives businesses more recognition and increases brand awareness. Then imagine posting some of your content on the best private hosting platform. Not only will this gain you the recognition you deserve, but it will also help you earn more money.

Unlike public hosting platforms, private video hosting platforms are there to guide you toward more successful projects. And that is why you must utilise their help.

As a Video content creator, have you made plans for your video, filmed it, and edited it, but you don’t know how to host it or share it? 

In this article, we’ll talk about the best video hosting platform, analysing their importance, features, pricing, and what they are offering. 

What Are Video Hosting Platforms?

Video hosting platforms offer services that allow you to upload and share your video content online. The video hosting platform helps you store your videos and let your videos be available everywhere through a single dashboard.

There are hundreds of video hosting platforms for you to upload, convert and store your videos, but before we list the video hosting platforms that are available let’s look at why video hosting platforms are important.

Private video hosting is ideal for everyone interested in protecting their content and maintaining complete ownership of their content. A public video hosting platform may not offer such a feature, but you can get this privilege from a private video hosting platform.

Also, most private hosting platforms utilize advanced securities like DRM, SSL, AES, and others. These securities are meant to protect the uploaded contents from cyber criminals and their privacy.

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What Are The Benefits Of Private Video Hosting Platforms?

The following are the benefits of private video hosting platforms:

Private video hosting platforms will enable you to monetize your videos and it allows your video content to be available in lots of places through one dashboard.

Also, it provides privacy and security with full control over the rights of your videos. You can also customize your content in whatever direction you wish. 

With professional private video hosting platforms, you can brand your video player. And it is cost-effective and easy to use. It also helps Live stream video through different channels.

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best private video hosting platforms

15 Best Private Video Hosting Platforms 

A private video hosting service allows businesses to upload, stream and monetise their content in a secure place. There are countless private video hosting platforms in the world with different features that will help you meet your goals.

Here is a list of the best free and paid private video hosting platforms:

1. BrightCove:


BrightCove is a video content management platform that was designed for video producers, organisations, and businesses worldwide. This is one of the best private video hosting platforms for business, and it also provides users with publishing and video hosting services.

BrightCove is an online video platform that offers cloud video steaming, editing tools, video player capabilities, uploading, and encoding.

It features Live events, Analytics, Full API access, Live streaming, Advanced search, and more.


  • Great service
  • Enterprise video cloud solution
  • stable video delivery 
  • HD playback quality 
  • monetisation Of videos


  • Limited support and report 
  • There is no pricing information on their site.

2. Bunny Stream:

Bunny Stream

When it comes to videos, bunny stream is one of the best private video hosting platform and an ideal streaming solution for you. It offers users cloud storage, security, and a video player. It also features Global CDN, DRM, security, Direct link access, a customisable player, Advertising, and many more.

Bunny stream gives you control over your video hosting. It is the best way to distribute videos online.


  • Video hosting, transcoding, and streaming are available 
  • It is Affordable
  • fast and easy to use 
  • image optimizer 
  • monetisation options are available 


  • No live streaming 
  • No muted auto-play option 


  • $0.01 per GB

3. Cincopa:


Cincopa is another private video hosting platform. It is suitable for photo hosting. It is designed for hosting, and storing photos, video content, and other media content. Cincopa offers marketers, publishers, and businesses ways to market and communicate through videos, audio, and images.

With Cincopa, you can easily upload and share videos, documents, audio, and images with no problem. It features video content management, Video hosting, internal communication, video analytics, and collaboration tools.

Cincopa has a Starter plan of $9 per month. Plus: $25 per month. Corporate: $99 per month. Enterprise: $350 per month. free/freemium version is also available 


  • Excellent Service 
  • Easy to setup 
  • gallery templates are available 
  • great customer support 
  • customisable video player


  • Limited organisation tools 

4. Dacast:


Dacast is one of the best private video hosting platforms free. It comes with Ad-free live streaming, video monetisation tools, video analytics, Advanced video security, multi-bitrate streaming, and more.

Dacast is a live-streaming online video platform that allows businesses to host and broadcast live video content. This platform is one of the leading hosting platforms that allow small and large businesses to stream live, broadcast, and host live video content on the platform.


  • Live stream hosting 
  • Mobile device support
  • High-quality streams
  • Customisable Video player
  • it is cost-effective


  • There is a bandwidth limit
  • The slight learning curve for starters


  • Starter: $39 per month 
  • Event: $63 per month 
  • Scale: $188 per month 

5. DailyMotion:


DailyMotion is one of the top-best private video hosting platforms with over 300 million users. This platform offers people the chance to create and upload videos on the platform.

It comes with minimal content restrictions, Brand customisation, Email support, half social network, half video hosting, password protection for your videos, and many more.

DailyMotion offers both free and paid accounts, storage and bandwidth are unlimited, and you can post a video that is up to 60 minutes. Also, DailyMotion offers a free trial and free version.


  • it’s free
  • no limit to storage space 
  • copyright tools are available.
  • live streaming 
  • player analytics 


  • videos can’t be more than 60 minutes 
  • limited analytics 

6. Kaltura:


Kaltura is an online video hosting platform that offers users live streaming, audio recording, and uploading videos. It is also one of the best video hosting platforms.

One of the reasons why a lot of people use Kaltura is because both businesses and students can use it. Kaltura features Video looping, Cloud TV Service, Easy integration, advanced security, Media management, and many more. It has a Starting price of $19 per month.


  • No setup fee
  • customer support
  • allows you to manage your video content in the cloud 
  • Works across multiple devices 
  • Amazing training and customer service


  • slow uploading 
  • compatibility issues

7. IBM cloud video:

ibm cloud video

IBM Cloud Video supports video hosting, monetisation, transcoding, and live streaming. This platform allows users to stream live, manage recorded video content, and broadcast from the website.

IBM cloud video is one of the best private video hosting platforms. Its key features include streaming video live, HD live broadcasting, Live chat and Q&A, Recording of broadcasts, a Customisable channel page, and many more!

IBM cloud video has a 30-day free trial that will allow you to test-drive video streaming and broadcast to an audience of any size. It has a sliver plan at $99.00 per month, this plan includes 1,000 Ad free broadcasting hours, 5 channels, Ustream branded, and channel password protection.

Gold: $499.00 per month, This plan includes 2,000 ad-free viewer hours, 10 channels, 250 GB video storage, and Co-branded and channel password protection.

Platinum: $999.00 per month, it includes 5,000 ad-free viewer hours, 500 GB video storage, 20 channels, Full branding, and channel password protection.


  • IBM cloud video offers live streaming 
  • Good customer support
  • live events
  • it allows users to interact
  • it’s easy to distribute and create video content 


  • No tools available for monetisation 
  • Cannot lock files

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8. Panopto:


Panopto video hosting platform for faculty and businesses helps create lecture recordings, live video streaming and share pre-recorded videos.

Panopto is yet another free private video hosting platform that features Reporting/Analytics, Live streaming, and recording, learning management systems, Video management, Asset sharing, CMS integration, and more. While it is free for video hosting, it has a pro version with a starting price of $14.99 per month.


  • Good customer support 
  • has great recording and editing tools 
  • it’s easy to use 
  • it is a secure platform for sharing your business videos
  • Recording of lectures 


  • downloading multiple videos at once is difficult 

9. Spotlightr: 


Spotlightr is a secured private video hosting platform that allows you to create, upload and publish your videos. This platform provides you with suite video marketing and customizable Branding that will help your company grow.

Spotlightr is featured with Third-party integration, Customizable branding, API, Reporting/Analytics, Video streaming, and more. Using this platform’s basic features is free. However, it has a Premium plan at $24 per month.


  • Great customer support 
  • Good video marketing and hosting tool
  • Spotlightr protects your videos
  • Great branding options
  • you can easily monetize your videos


  • it is expensive 
  • Limited storage 

10. SproutVideo:


SproutVideo provides the best private video hosting platform solution for businesses. It offers businesses ways to easily publish, customize and stream online regardless of the size of the business.

SproutVideo comes with features like full API Access, online video hosting and live streaming, Auto-play options, password protection, customizable branding, and more. SproutVideo has a free trial and a seed plan of $24.99 per month, a sprout plan of $59.99 per month, a Tree plan of$199.99 per month, and a Forest plan of$499.99 per month.


  • security 
  • allows you to customize your video player
  • it is affordable 
  • Easy to create videos 
  • all plans offer robust video analytics.


  • Limited storage 
  • No free plan

11. Uscreen:


Uscreen is yet another best private video hosting platforms. Uscreen is a streaming platform that helps users create, distribute and sell their video content online without facing any hosting issues.

It features Extensive customization, Provides 24/7 customer service, live streaming tools, Enhanced security, monetization tools, and many more. It has a free trial and a free version for basic features. And a Basic plan of $49 per month and an Amplify plan of $399 per month.


  • Uscreen helps manage all your video streaming business 
  • Easy to use
  • Custom pricing models
  • allows you to monetise all types of videos 
  • Uscreen lets you get detailed analytics and reporting.


  • Client support is slow 
  • Uscreen plans are expensive 

12. VidYard:


VidYard is an online private video hosting platform that allows users to record and sends videos, this platform has both free and paid plan. VidYard’s main purpose is it allows users to communicate and connect through online videos.

VidYard is featured with Video management, Video analytics, customizable Branding, Search and filter, video editing and support, and more. It has a free plan that includes video editing, up to 25 videos in the library, and sharing tools. 

And, a pro plan of $19 per month, that plan Everything from free plus password protection. 

Its team plan is at $301 per month this plan includes custom branding, video analytics, and 3 to 4 plus users. 

And a business plan of $1250 per month that includes video analytics, customisable branding, and CRM integration.


  • video security features are available 
  • Detailed video analytics 
  • no bandwidth limitations 
  • tools for promoting videos are available 
  • high-quality videos


  • free plans have limited features 
  • Expensive 

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13. Vimeo:


Vimeo is one of the most popular available private video hosting platforms in the world with over 80 million daily visits. Vimeo isn’t as large and popular as YouTube, but the platform has great features that help users create, manage and share videos. Read about popular youtube alternatives.

One of the benefits of choosing Vimeo is its reputation for being one of the few platforms that provide high-quality video hosting services for free. It has advanced features such as video management, marketing, and advertising features, video player customisation, Video conversion, HD streaming, and more.

It has a free basic plan and a Starting price of $12 per month, Plus plan of $7 per month, a Pro plan of $20 per month, and a Premium plan of $75 per month.


  • Great Security 
  • No ads
  • allows video download 


  • Multiple videos cannot be uploaded at once 
  • less traffic available 

14. Wistia:


Wistia is a video marketing tool that helps marketers who want to share excellent marketing videos. Wistia is recognized for its high-quality offers, not just that but also for its great features and the unique tools it offers. Some of these are editing tools, hosting, and marketing tools.

Wistia is also one of the best private video hosting platforms with features like detailed video analytics, Customizable branding, Content management, multimedia support, Reporting/Analytics, and more.

It has a free basic plan. However, there is a Plus plan of $18 per month, a Pro plan of $78 per month, and an Advanced plan of$388 per month.


  • High-end content security 
  • Free trial available 
  • playback is great
  • customisable player
  • Lots of marketing tools are provided.

15. YouTube:


YouTube is the biggest video-sharing and hosting platform on the internet with millions of users active on the site every day. When it comes to using YouTube as a hosting platform for your videos with little or no effort at all you can monetise your videos. 

All you need to do is create an account, sign in upload your videos, and before you know you’re already a user of YouTube.

There is no maximum to the data storage of YouTube, you can share videos of up to 128 gigabytes.

Youtube is one of the top best free private video hosting platforms. One of the benefits of choosing YouTube is it allows its users to monetize their videos, you can make money from the ads, and also another benefit of using YouTube to host your videos is cost-effectiveness, and it increases brand awareness.

With YouTube, you can Create a personal Channel, like, comment, and share videos. You can also use a brand watermark, Create a playlist for your favorite videos, with Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth.


  • Track video performance 
  • Free Of cost service
  • You can monetise the video.
  • Heavy traffic 
  • Free and easy to upload videos.


  • Lots of Ads
  • copyright infringement 


As a Video content creator, you must utilize the best private video hosting platform for your content. Not only will the best platform help you gain the recognition you deserve, but it will also help protect your privacy and provide adequate security to your copyright. We have created a list of the best video hosting platforms for you, and we hope it becomes a helpful guide to your search.


Is YouTube a hosting platform?

Yes, YouTube is a free hosting platform suitable for all.

Who Needs Private Video Hosting?

Video hosting is suitable for all individuals who are interested in showcasing their content for the world to see. It is not limited to broadcasters alone, as anyone with unique content can use the platform for whatever reason.

What are the features to look out for in a private video hosting platform?

You should look out for all the platform has to offer. Features like Live Streaming, privacy, security, analytics, VOD support, Encoding, trans-coding, the interface, and others.

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