Project managers are pretty valued in many industries because they help to bring a goal to life. They are responsible for spearheading a team toward the success of a project or meeting a deadline. A project manager takes responsibility or credit for the success or failure of a team. 

If becoming a project manager is your goal, enrolling in one of the best project management bootcamps is the best thing you can do. This article will teach you more about project management and the best bootcamps to make the right choice. 


Project management ensures a project’s timely and profitable conclusion by employing various techniques, skills, and knowledge bases. Projects are finite efforts with a defined start and end date designed to deliver tangible benefits to the client.

In contrast to other types of management, project management must adhere to strict deadlines. Management is a continuous process, while project management is undertaken just throughout the life of a specific project.


Before enrolling in a project management bootcamp, you must learn about a few project manager responsibilities to know what to expect when you become a project manager. 

  1. Launch of the project

    To what extent a project continues after its inception depends on how well its initial stages go. In this phase, the project team consults with clients and other interested parties to determine the project’s viability and potential return on investment.

    Facilitating communication and data collection is crucial to every project manager’s job. Collecting data and effective communication allows a project manager to set the right goals and deadlines and highlight the client’s goals. 
  1. Strategy development for projects

    After a project is approved, the project manager is responsible for developing a plan that details how the project will become a success through a series of specific steps. A project manager is also responsible for setting a reasonable deadline for the completion of a project.

    There is a need to identify appropriate resources and methods for each project’s unique context. Considering the work’s nature, the team’s makeup, and the company’s ethos is essential.

    A project manager’s outputs at this point in the process could include timelines for completing tasks and delivering products, as well as cost and time estimates.
  1. Project Implementation

    Project managers shift into a more auxiliary position as the implementation phase progresses. A project manager’s role is to improve communication and teamwork as members of a project team carry out their responsibilities for the project.

    Thinking critically and making quick decisions will be crucial for maintaining forward momentum. One of your primary duties will be keeping the team’s schedule free of unnecessary interruptions and bottlenecks.

    Project managers must maintain communication and keep tabs on output to effectively handle everyday challenges.
  1. Keeping tabs on projects and ensuring teams stay on track

    Having a fast team that’s headed in the wrong path is pointless. To avoid teams going down the wrong path, project managers keep tabs on team activity to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding goals and deadlines.

    It’s also vital for you to keep documentation and tracking tools current to make monitoring progress simple. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the project manager to update the stakeholders frequently with easily understandable reports. 
  1. Project completion

    The end of a project can occur for various reasons, including its completion, cancellation, or indefinite delay. In any case, it is the project manager’s responsibility to resolve all loose ends and ensure that the team is ready to move on to the next venture.

    Project managers have a variety of responsibilities at this time, including preparing and delivering documentation, conducting inventories, etc. 


If you are on the fence about attending any project management bootcamp, below are a few reasons that show it is entirely worth it.

  1. A hands-on learning experience and the development of essential skills

    A project manager, more than anybody else, needs to be able to communicate with their team effectively. However, to become a successful project manager, you must also develop many other business abilities. 

    You can make a lot of progress in the learning process when you have a hands-on learning experience which most project management bootcamps provide. 

    The best bootcamps teach candidates how to manage people and deal with challenging staff in bootcamp. 

    In project management bootcamps, your understanding of Stakeholder Management will grow. Also, you’ll develop the skills to adapt to unexpected changes. Apart from project management hard skills, bootcamps also teach soft skills like avoiding and resolving conflicts, time management, etc.
  1. Comprehensive mock tests

    Gaining access to comprehensive mock tests is one of the most significant benefits of enrolling in a project management bootcamp. 

    Like other types of intensive training programs, PMP bootcamps will provide you with practice tests nearly identical to the real ones. These allow the instructor and student to assess the student’s current level and identify additional areas for improvement.

    In addition to preparing you to sit for lengthy periods and keep your mind active for several hours during the exam, taking practice exams will help ease any nerves you might have about doing so.
  1. Seminars led by prominent figures in the field

    The PMP Bootcamp instructor is typically a seasoned professional in project management. Your participation in the bootcamp will allow you to gain access to your instructor’s vast store of knowledge.

    On the other hand, experts in various industries will be present at the bootcamp, allowing you to network with them. Networking is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about their business and how you can apply project management in real life.

    Discussions with professionals in the field will further aid your learning of PMP’s practical applicability.


Below are a few of the best project management bootcamps in 2023. 

  1. Cheetah

    Cheetah stands out as one of the best online project management bootcamps if you are looking for an online project management bootcamp. Students looking for intensive preparation for the PMP test and applicable skills that they can apply to subsequent self-study programs will find the Cheetah project management bootcamp an ideal option.

    In just four weeks of independent online study, students acquire the enhanced learning techniques essential to study for the big test. One of the best features of Cheetah is that you’ll get your money back if you go through Cheetah Learning’s program and still don’t pass the PMP exam. The cheetah PMP isn’t free. It costs about $4,190 for enrollment, so please keep this in mind. 
  1. Project Management Academy

    Project management academy is one of the best project management bootcamps out there. The institution provides a wealth of tools and classes for project managers. The skills and expertise you acquire through its programs are crucial for every project manager’s career.

    Project Management Academy offers classes taught by industry experts to help students prepare for certification exams. There will be more than 35 hours of instruction for you to complete.

    As a bonus, you’ll also get a study guide, extra help outside class, practice tests, and homework assignments. Project management Academy costs $2,895 for enrollment. 

    The website provides its users with a standard, premium, and elite training program. Like Cheetah, Project Management Academy refunds your money if you are unsatisfied after completing the program.  
  1. PSMJ

    PSMJ is “hands down” one of the best project management bootcamps out there. One thing that makes PSMJ stand out from other project management bootcamps is that you can complete the bootcamp remotely or in person. 

    All kinds of project managers can benefit from this comprehensive guide since it details negotiating skills for working with clients, time management and scheduling methods, and budgeting approaches.
  1. Berkeley Extension

    If you want to enter project management in the tech world, you will need to attend one of the best bootcamps specializing in tech project management. In collaboration with edX, Berkeley presents a course in technology project management. Students can gain the knowledge and experience they need to take charge of technology projects in various fields.

    This program is 18 weeks long and is designed for those who cannot commit to full-time study. During this time, students study various project management approaches, such as the waterfall model, hybrid approaches, Agile approaches, and portfolio management.

    As a project-based program, this bootcamp for tech project managers gives you plenty of chances to showcase your abilities and build a resume. When you graduate from this program, you will be prepared to tackle technology-based initiatives in any industry.
  1. General Assembly 

    Are you searching for project management bootcamps that will not break the bank, then General Assembly is the bootcamp for you. The stand-out feature of this program is that it is free and an online bootcamp.  General Assembly’s intensive course in project management is designed to teach participants the basics of the profession.

    You can finish this program in one day because it is very brief. The concepts and resources covered in this intensive bootcamp are helpful for both newcomers and seasoned project managers looking to brush up on the basics.

Final thoughts

If you have been on the hunt for the best project management bootcamps, this article will help you with that task.

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