7 Best Productivity Apps For Students

7 Best Productivity Apps For Students
A productivity app is sometimes referred to as office or personal productivity software. Here is a list of the best 7 productivity apps for students:

Most students find studying difficult because of the side distractions. It is important to note that studying requires absolute concentration, which is when productivity apps for students come into the scene.

As a student, you relate to distractions coming in different ways. Even when we find ourselves striving to pass an important test, social media and activities seem to take over our focused minds. However, with the best productivity apps for students, we can keep track of our productivity and get to pass the tests and exams that seem difficult. 

Most people will agree that one of the crucial keys to doing exceedingly well as a student is time management and staving off distractions. When you find out that you can easily manage your time, you will most likely succeed as a student. Surprisingly, your phone can be of good help for your schoolwork to make studying easier.

Do you often start studying, but after a few minutes you find yourself scrolling down on Instagram? Do not waste your studying time by playing games or being too active on social media. In this article, we will be providing an insight into what is productivity apps for students and the best productivity app for you.

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What are productivity apps?

A productivity app is software that improves students’ ability and skills by providing users with an easy way how to carry out their tasks and also helps users produce information, such as presentations, documents, video clips, and graphs. 

A productivity app is sometimes referred to as office or personal productivity software. However, office productivity software is not a productivity app for students. While productivity apps for students assist students with studying and preparing for major exams, an office productivity app creates and improves the general needs of a business, such as emails, personal databases, letters, and documents. 

Productivity apps for students offer several benefits for students who want satisfying results. Most of these productivity applications are free and they are easy to use. While some of them will help you manage your time effectively, others offer more unique features.

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Benefits of productivity apps for students 

Let’s take a peep at the benefits of productivity apps for students:

1. Helps to become more organized: 

Productivity apps for students help students organize their notes and also help in making good use of their time, whether to set time for reading or for resting.

2. Improves accuracy:

As a student sometimes it becomes hard to set a goal, but when using productivity apps, it will be easier to set a goal, reduce errors and create reports. Most productivity apps will help you set goals in the right ways.

3. Increased efficiency:

Productivity apps for students help students perform their tasks (which include schoolwork, presentations, or assignments). It also helps students by providing guides and tools that will make their work easy and fast.

4. Time management: 

In studying, time is one of the most important factors. Using productivity apps for students will help you spend your time wisely by guiding you away from tasks that eat up your time.

5. Helps to keep focused:

As said early, most productivity apps for students offer varieties of features. However, productivity apps will help a student stay more focused by limiting and keeping track of the time spent on social media. 

It also helps increase and refresh the thinking of students.

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How can students improve productivity?

You may be wondering why you are not achieving the desired results as a student. This could be because of the level of your productivity, and the things you are investing your time into. Nonetheless, here is a guide on how to improve productivity as a student:

1. Set a time for reading:

Sometimes it is difficult to plan or set a personal time for reading and following it, but if you do not set a particular time you won’t know how you are spending it. 

You might eventually start postponing the day you read, but by setting a time, you can avoid postponing your reading time.

2. Set a resting time:

When reading, it is very crucial to take breaks. That way you can improve your productivity. Students who read for hours, whether it be 4 or 6 hours without taking any break sometimes forget or get confused about what they have been reading. 

Although it is not your fault if that has been happening to you. You need a short break, and sometimes your brain needs rest so you can assimilate new information.

So before we start stressing our brains, set a time for resting, whether 10 minutes per hour or 30 minutes every 2 hours and set a time that works well for you.

3. Be Focus:

To make sure you get your tasks all done without wasting time, you need to obtain focus. You cannot put your focus on multiple things at a time and expect great results. You need to focus on one item at a time to get everything all done.

Being focused is an important aspect of life. When reading or working on an assignment do not get carried away by social media or music. Try to keep your concentration in other for you to get your tasks done quickly.

4. Choose where you read:

Choosing a place to study might be a non-issue for some, while for others it might be an issue. However, where you carry out your school activities (reading or working on assignments) is very important, and it can affect your productivity.

Find your quiet and comfort zone, somewhere you can focus without any distractions whether it be music, TV, or even friends.

5. Stay away from social media while studying:

This is a key factor when studying, turn off your notifications any time you are studying. 

So you would not find yourself studying for 1 minute and then the next minute scrolling on Instagram or TikTok. Because anytime you receive a notification, you might be curious to know who it is and that is a distraction. 

6. Use productive apps for students:

You can improve productivity by using some productive apps for students. Thankfully technology has provided ways to increase productivity through note-taking apps, storage apps, and time management apps. By following this method, you can improve productivity in your school works. 

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Why is student productivity important?

Being well organized or productive is a key feature of a student’s lifestyle. If a student is productive, it means they can achieve their goals and tasks no matter how challenging they may be. Also, students have to be well organized in order to reach their potential because as a student. If you are productive, it means you are well-organized. 

Keeping track of your time will help you with your studies. It will also improve productivity.

7 Best Productivity Apps For Students
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Best 7 Productivity apps for students 

Here is a list of the best 7 productivity apps for students:

1. RescueTime:

Visit rescuetime

RescueTime is a productivity app for students. It is a time management tool that provides awareness of how you spend your time. RescueTime provides students and workers with greater knowledge on how to get work done without wasting time.

This application allows users to see how much work they have done and also helps you to keep track of what you do and the time you spend on it. 

One of the main advantages of RescueTime is it blocks out any form of distraction and helps you use your time wisely. RescueTime is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. 

2. Google Calendar:

Visit google calendar

Google Calendar is one of the top best productivity apps for students. It is a time management software that allows users to organize and arrange their schedules. 

It also serves as a scheduling calendar and event reminder, and also sends you notifications when it is time for your event or work.

Google Calendar is software that tracks your events and helps you manage your time, and also sends you reminders about your approaching activities. Google Calendar is available on the Web, Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

3. EverNote:

Visit evernote

This is a productivity app s for students. It is Suitable For note-taking. EverNote is a note-taking and writing app that allows users to save and transfer pages or files to any note and also makes it easier to arrange your works and assignments in a way that will be easy to find.

EverNote makes it easier for users to store and retrieve information. It helps guide all your documents, files, and projects in one place. It is also cost-effective. 

EverNote is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and multiple browser extensions. 

4. Microsoft OneNote:

Visit onenote

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking productivity app for students. It is one of the best apps for organizing and arranging notes, audio, and drawings.

Microsoft OneNote secures all your information and records videos and audio in your notebook. Microsoft OneNote also saves and organizes your notes while you are working. Microsoft OneNote is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Web applications, and Windows.

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5. Noisli:

Visit noisli

Noisli is one of the best productivity apps for students. This software increases your focus. It is a great way to avoid distractions like loud music and noise. Noisli is a sound app that helps you focus while studying.

This software provides students with background sounds and other comfortable sounds that help them avoid loud noises and helps to stay focused at all times. Noisli is available on Android, iOS, and Chrome (web extension). 

6. Forest:

Visit forest

Forest is one of the best productivity apps for students. It helps you stay focused and amazingly manage your time. 

By planting a tree, your tree will start growing while you concentrate on your work, but immediately after you pick up your phone and exit the app, your tree dies. 

Forest helps you beat internet addiction by spending time away from your phone and instead growing trees and earning coins. Forest is available on Android, and iOs. It is free for android users. But, iOs users will have to pay $1.99.

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7. Todoist:

Visit todoist

Todoist is a full-feature productivity app for students. It will assists you organize your life and schoolwork and also helps you keep track of any upcoming activities and emails. 

Todoist allows you to organize your tasks and projects in a way that will not give you any headaches when you need them.

Whether you are a student or an employee, Todoist provides you with the best way to concentrate and work in an organized way. Todoist is available on iOS, Android, multiple browser extensions, macOS, and Windows. It also has a Free Starter Plan.


Productivity apps for students are simply one of the best tools that can help you achieve the best results. 

Most students get distracted by fun activities on social media, but with the help of productivity applications, they can track how they spend their time. 

And, it will also push them to read more and engage less on social platforms. 

With this overview, we hope you get to decide on the best productivity application for you.


What does Student productivity mean?

In education, productivity is the increase in educational performance. 

It is the rate at which a student is effective, efficient, and productive to reach their goals.

What are the important factors of productivity?

The ability to set a timetable is crucial. Being able to set a timetable is an amazing thing; being able to set a timetable and follow is an important factor in increasing one’s productivity. 

Sometimes it may be hard to set a timetable and follow it. But you may never know if this method works for you or not until you give it a try.

What are the other best productivity apps for students?

OSlash: Quizlet: Trello: Habitica: Scrivener: PCalc: Hive: Exam countdown- school and uni: and others.

How can I increase my productivity while studying?

Concentrating on two tasks at a time can cause a headache and sometimes make everything slow or even annoying. Avoid multitasking, Do a task at a time that alone will make everything fast and easy for you.

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