Best Online Investment Platforms That Pay Daily

Online investment platforms that pay daily

Today’s generation is accustomed to the emergence of online investment platforms. By investing in those sites, many people are significantly increasing their net worth. This can be done through an internet gateway using a variety of financial assets, such as equities, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and more.

Several online platforms for investing offer a variety of investment possibilities and working models. These investing platforms provide consumers the chance to earn daily on some of them and monthly or even annually on others.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best online investment platforms that pay daily. This post will be very helpful so try to read it to the end.


Online investment platforms are online services that let you purchase and manage your shares, bonds, and mutual funds all in one location. These services may make it simpler to invest in mutual funds or stocks and shares through ISAs. Many of the platforms give investors the option of selecting a pre-made portfolio that suits their level of risk tolerance.

Traditional stockbrokers have begun to see competition from a new wave of investing platforms during the past ten years. This is due to platforms’ emphasis on giving those with little or no experience easy access to investing at minimal cost.

Some websites provide automated advice, also known as “robo-advice,” on which solutions could be best for you. This is only support to help you choose the best course of action for your needs, not actual financial advice.

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Safety is usually one of the core things to consider before investing online. You need to adhere to the following guides:

1. Educate Yourself And Stay Informed

It’s crucial to know what kind of investment you want to make before depositing money on these online investment platforms that pay daily. You can invest in bonds, trade on the stock market, or exchange currency pairs or digital currencies.

Every investor always has a variety of possibilities at their disposal, but you get to decide how and where to put your money. Therefore, learning about the market and the various market instruments would be an excellent place to start.

Similar to how you must first comprehend the principles of basic investing before investing in stocks, learning how to analyze equities is the first step in investing in foreign exchange.

You can choose which market to invest in once you have a general understanding of how it operates. You must become familiar with a specific market because you will need to continually keep up with the news.

2. Always Select A Reputable, Properly Regulated Investment Broker Or App

After choosing the market in which you want to invest, another important tip in choosing online investment platforms that pay daily is you must select a reputable and licensed broker. Start by confirming whether the broker has a local office in Nigeria and the required licenses to conduct business there.

You can only utilize a broker’s platform with confidence if they are registered because this means that they have received regulatory approval. If you trade with unregistered brokers, you run the danger of losing your money and won’t be able to get it back if the broker goes out of business.

3. Create An Investment Plan By Starting With Demo Investing

The fact that there are so many brokers is one of the major benefits because each one allows investors to practice trading with fake money in real-time markets. As a result, you can test your approach in the market without running the danger of really losing money.

You can comprehend the actions and operations of the market. You can observe how to become comfortable with the platform’s controls.

You can experiment with various investment methods and strategies to see which is best for you. You can start your Real Investing account and make a little investment once you are certain that you have mastered all the settings.

4. Make A Diverse Portfolio

If there is one investment maxim that all investors adhere to, it is to diversify their holdings. Never put all of your money into one investment, according to seasoned investors. Because of how volatile and quickly prices move across the market, if that investment fails, you run the danger of losing all you invested.

5. Recognize, Avoid, And Guard Against Scams

Many brokers take advantage of the investors’ inexperience. The terms that are contained inside a platform are not known to all investors. Everyone simply logs up to a platform after accepting all the terms. This presents a fantastic opportunity for brokers to include significant conditions between lines.

Therefore, it is usually preferable to comprehend what you are exactly signing up for to prevent being duped into accepting such questionable circumstances. Read the terms and conditions in their entirety. Investigate the broker’s background, history, and other information.


From the number of online investment platforms, below is a list of some of the best online investment platforms that pay daily:

1. Piggyvest

Online investment platforms that pay daily
Online investment platforms that pay daily

Piggyvest is one of the best and most common online investment platforms that pay daily. If you have extra money in your bank account, you can simply transfer it to Piggyvest, secure it, and continue to make daily profits from it. It can function as an online bank and offers a variety of investment opportunities.

Piggyvest can assist you in reaching a certain financial goal by letting you lock your money and monitor its daily growth. Furthermore, you can diversify your portfolio using the Piggyvest app in addition to purchasing shares and making stock investments via Investify.

2. Cowrywise

For individuals interested in learning more about investing in mutual funds, Cowrywise is one of the greatest online investment platforms that pay daily. Because Cowrywise pays you interest every day, you can save and invest your money and earn returns every day.

Cowrywise offers a variety of investing possibilities, including mutual funds, agricultural investments, and even fixed savings plans that let you set aside a lump sum for a long time.

There are still more chances because Cowrywise now allows you to invest in overseas stocks. Therefore, you have the alternative of investing your money or keeping it in savings and earning interest every day.

3. Risevest

This is one of the best online investment platforms that pay daily. If you’re interested in buying overseas stocks, Risevest might be your go-to platform of choice. You can invest your money in dollars using this website.

The Risevest platform offers a wide range of investing choices. The financial prospects here are limitless, ranging from buying US companies like Tesla and Amazon to investing in online real estate.

Risevest is a reliable platform because they have a skilled staff of investment professionals who assist with your investment. Through Rise, you may start investing online with just $10 (or 5000) and start earning money every day.

4. Bamboo

Online investment platforms that pay daily
Online investment platforms that pay daily

Bamboo is one of the most popular online investment platforms that pay daily. You can invest in overseas equities through the internet trading platform Bamboo. You can start investing and earning money every day with just $10 (or 5000), by taking advantage of the many investment choices Bamboo provides.

You can deposit money into fixed savings accounts on this platform, where interest is credited daily. By purchasing, holding, or trading stocks, you can invest in both domestic and international equities in Nigeria.

Additionally, Bamboo gives you the option to invest in ETFs like the S&P 500, which has a long track record of profitability. If you wish to invest like a pro, this platform is dependable and deserving of your consideration.

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5. Binance

Currently, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the entire world. Changpeng Zhao, a Chinese-born Canadian entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer, created the platform in 2017, and it quickly rose to become the top cryptocurrency exchange in the world and it is one of the best online investment platforms that pay daily.

Binance might be the finest choice for you if you enjoy investing in cryptocurrencies. For people to invest in and effectively manage their money, they offer several tools and a user-friendly interface.

6. Pillow Fund

Pillow Fund is just another of the online investment platforms that pay daily. This financial technology tool called Pillow Fund offers customers a safe and convenient way to develop financial resilience. Although the business is based in Singapore, it currently has operations in over 60 nations, including Nigeria.

Pillow Fund provides a special emergency fund or savings software that attractively encourages users to save. While generating daily passive income, you can save both dollars and naira.

Pillow Fund’s main goal is to establish itself as the leading platform for gaining access to global assets in emerging and frontier countries.

This platform creates and provides cutting-edge financial services to these markets by fusing traditional banking and cutting-edge technical infrastructure. To create equitable and sustainable growth, Pillow Fund works closely with well-known financial institutions on a worldwide scale and promotes financial literacy in local communities.

7. Trove

Trove is the best site for you if you wish to purchase local shares of companies like Dangote Cement, FirstBank, or Jumia. You can invest in international equities like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and other companies for just $1,000. It is one of the best online investment platforms that pay daily.

With Trove, you can purchase, hold, or trade a variety of domestic and international stocks, bonds, and ETFs. The nice thing is that this platform also provides you with access to resources that will enable you to develop your investor knowledge.

You must create an account on this platform, go through the verification process, and then you may start investing. Following that, you can add money to your account and begin investing. Your uninvested funds can also be saved on the platform.

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8. Chipper Cash

Online investment platforms that pay daily
Online investment platforms that pay daily

Chipper Cash is also one of the best online investment platforms that pay daily. It provides more than just what it is renowned for. You can fill your account and purchase Nigerian stocks using chipper cash.

Chipper Cash may also assist you in accumulating wealth through investments in international stocks, buying fractional shares, and even reducing costs by choosing the lowest commission.

All you need to get started is $1. Simply sign up on the site, deposit money into your account, and watch it increase every day as you invest it in the alternatives that are right for you.

9. Payday Investor

Payday Investor is a reputable online investment platform that enables customers to invest and make money every day. It is one of the biggest online investment platforms that pay daily. The platform offers a mechanism for investors to invest in mutual funds via ARM and increase their financial returns while also saving money.

Investors have the option to automate their savings on a weekly or monthly basis using Payday Investor, and they may also keep tabs on their interests daily.

On this site, you may start optimizing your profits with a $2 investment. They give their customers an interest rate cap of 15%.

10. Carbon

One of the Nigerian online investment platforms that pay daily and offer wise investment possibilities is Carbon, formerly known as Paylater. It also offers invoices, payments, and quick loans.

People may unleash the power of money with Carbon’s assistance. through assisting them in accumulating wealth through profitable investments. Carbon is one of the best interest rates in Nigeria

11. Chaka

Online investment platforms that pay daily
Online investment platforms that pay daily

Chaka might be an excellent alternative to try if you’ve been wishing to invest in companies like Amazon, Tesla, and Nike, or buy stock in Dangote, Jumia, and other companies. It is one of the best online investment platforms that pay daily.

With Chaka, you may start trading shares for as little as $10 or N1000. On the Chaka website or app, you may monitor investment returns. The fantastic thing is that getting your saved money or realized stock market gains is a simple withdrawal process.

12. P2Vest

Lending money to individuals and earning interest daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually is one of the best methods to put idle money in your account to work. P2Vest can help in this situation.

P2Vest is one of the newest online investment platforms that pay daily. By lending individuals money at a fair interest rate, you can get a significant return on your investment. P2Vest is a P2P lending platform, to put it another way.

Through this platform, dependable borrowers and investors seeking higher returns on their investments can connect with dependable lenders and investors. You as a lender are eligible for up to 6% interest on each loan. This P2P loan platform offers loan amounts of N5,000 to N2,000,000 with a loan tenure of up to 12 months.

13. Fint

Fint is one of the top online investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria and is focused on P2P lending. It is a platform for loans where credit-worthy borrowers and lenders can connect. Affordable loans are available to borrowers, and lenders can facilitate loans and collect interest payments.

Anyone investing in the financial market can do so with confidence, knowing that Old Mutual insurance would protect their funds in the event of a death, job loss, or unintentional incapacity.

By lending money on Fint and diversifying your portfolio beyond equities, bonds, fixed deposits, and savings accounts, you can make good returns with your money. You can lend no less than 20,000 and your account is automatically credited with your investment returns monthly.


What could I invest in to generate daily income?

Your money might generate revenue through investments to cover your everyday expenses. There are numerous ways to generate money without actively working for it, including bank accounts, certificates of deposit, equities, bonds, ETFs, and real estate. Different combinations of safety, liquidity, and income potential are offered by each investment option.

What can I invest in with five thousand naira?

You may start buying stocks through a stockbroker or an internet trading platform with just 5,000 Naira, making the stock market an excellent location to build money over time. Agriculture sales and production investments can be wise choices that don’t demand a lot of time or money.

How secure is online Investment?

Choosing the finest trading platforms, financial institutions, trading strategies, and best practices, as well as safeguarding your accounts and devices, are the keys to trading safely. Always choose a platform with excellent security and a solid track record of customer support.

What age is ideal to begin investing?

If you put off investing in your 20s because of student debt repayment or the ups and downs of starting a profession, you should start saving in your 30s. Although you are old enough to invest 10% to 15% of your salary, you are still young enough to benefit from compound interest.

What makes investing and saving different from one another?

Savings refers to keeping money in places like a bank account. Investing is the process of spending some of your money to try and raise the value of other assets such as stocks, real estate, or mutual fund shares.


Online investment is a great approach to investing. Yes, it has its own risk, but the ease and simplicity that comes with it is second to none. That’s why the world’s gravitating towards it day by day.

We hope our post on the online investment platforms that pay daily was as informative as expected. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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