Google Summer Internship Program

Google summer internship
Google summer internship is a program developed for software engineering students across the globe. With this program, students will get to learn and gather experiences while working on actual coding and all.

The Google summer internships program is specifically created for persons looking forward to becoming professionals in their field. It is a unique experience that offers so much more and most importantly helps you get to the top of your career. It is no surprise that millions of software engineers look forward to the google summer internship program.

Also, the program is not limited, but it is open to all students across the globe. The google summer internship is an international program based on training software engineers and developers to become the best version of themselves. 

While this program may be for a short time frame, it usually helps students in many ways more than one. 

You may be wondering how you can be eligible for next year’s google internship program or if you can still apply for the internship program. 

In this article, we will provide more insight into all you need to know about the google internship program. First, what is the google summer internship?

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What Is Google Summer Internship

Google summer internship is a program developed for Data science, Design, software engineering students across the globe. With this program, students will get to learn and gather experiences while working on actual coding and all. 

Individuals that are lucky to become a google intern get themselves acquainted with its culture, technology, experience, and more. Without doubts, joining the google summer internship program can be highly competitive because there are thousands of people who are also looking for such an opportunity

One beautiful thing about becoming a part of the google internship program is that this program does not discriminate against your race, sex, culture, or origin. As long as you are eligible for the internship program, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Google offers an internship program for Ph.D., MA, and undergraduates and a google summer internship program for high school students. Google summer internship programs are usually 12 to 14 weeks, although the completion of the program can vary depending on the program itself. It offers interns in engineering, technology, business, and others. 

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How To Apply For Google Summer Internship

The application process for google summer internship program is quite simple, although getting a response may take longer. The google summer internship is a global online program with the intent to bring new groups into open-source software development. 

The program usually takes 12 to 15 weeks, depending on google. The application process for the google summer internship usually starts in September to October of the year before. 

For the google summer internship program of 2023, you should prepare your application from September to October 2022. Applications after deadlines will not be accepted.

However, here is an easy guide on how to apply for the Google summer internship:

1. Check out the Google career site:

The first step in applying for the Google summer internship is checking the google career site for available internship programs. From the site, you will most likely find internship programs, events, and more on the site.

Visit google career site for more internship programs.

2. Create an account:

To show your interest and to learn more about the google summer internship program, you have to create an account on Google Summer Of Code (GSoC).

3. Complete and Apply:

Once you have created an account, the next step is to submit an online application. This will show them your interest. 

Note that you have to submit your application before the deadline. Because any application outside the time frame will be considered invalid.

4. Prepare a proposal:

Also, Prepare your proposal for the project. Projects are open source, so you have the opportunity of writing a well-structured proposal. 

It is also crucial to write a comprehensive proposal on things you plan to do and how you hope to execute them. 

5. Prepare your resume:

Your resume should be well structured. Also, ensure that it has a visible graduation date. The graduation date should include the month and year. Read on how to write Software Engineer Resume

6. Transcripts:

Transcripts are valuable documents needed when applying for the google summer internship program. But who can apply for the program? Masters, bachelor’s, Ph.D., and high school students can apply for the program. if you do not have a transcript, you can easily send a course list/titles instead.

7. Age:

The age accepted for the google summer internship program is 18 and above.

8. Country:

The internship program is open to all, and all students from all countries are eligible. However, students banned from entering the united states are not eligible.

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How long does the hiring process take?

The hiring process for the google summer internship program can take 8 to 10 weeks. There are a few stages, an applicant has to go through before getting accepted, and some of these stages take weeks starting from the application stage.

However, if you did not get accepted, you can submit a new application after 30 days from your first application. 

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What You Should Know About Google Summer Internship 2019

Anyone interested in developing and building their career can apply for the google summer internship program. Generally, there are thousands if not millions of applications sent to google yearly, but only 1500 people get employed by Google.

The google summer internship program 2019, started taking in applications from candidates in late September, in which the closing application date was in early November 2018. 

Only a few eligible candidates were contacted, most of which passed through the interview stage, screening, and others. Usually, the interview stages are virtual interviews. 

The 2019 google summer internship lasted for 12 weeks. Individuals who completed the program were provided with a 1500 USD Stipend, and a maximum of 6000 USD depending on the country. And also a google summer internship certificate.

Google summer internship

Can I Still Apply For Google Summer Internships 2022?

The google summer internship program 2022 is made available for all students with a Ph.D. degree, master’s, or bachelor’s degree, and also students currently in school. Nonetheless, the application period for google summer internships 2022, ended in April 2022. 

The selected applicants will begin their internship program which will last for three months. The stipend for this program is $6000, and applicants have to be above 18

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Benefits of google summer internship

The Google summer internship program comes with a lot of benefits. Not only will you acquire more experience, but you will also get the growth that comes with it.

Here are the benefits that come with a google summer internship:

1. Salary:

Students who participate in the Google summer internship are entitled to earn a stipend of $3000 and more. Anyone with a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree can also apply. The salary is not the only benefit that comes with this internship. However, other benefits include transportation costs, housing, and more.

Google remains one of the best companies that pays well for internees the most satisfying salary.

2. More opportunity:

Working as an intern does not always guarantee more opportunities, but in the case of working as an intern at google, you will have more opportunities to work in any company of your choice. And that includes working as an employee in google. This is great because, with google, you will gain more experience regardless.

3. Certification by Google:

At the end of the google summer internship program, you will earn a certificate among other offers. 

This certificate can be added to your list of achievements, and this will be a great boost to your resume.

4. Experience:

Also, after your google summer internship program, you will gain more unique experiences. Working as an intern at google assures the development of your skills and abilities. 

Whether you are working in the business section, as a software engineer, or as a developer, this will be an excellent addition to your resume and cover letters. 

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Google Summer Internship?

You may be wondering why you have not been selected for the program or what should be on your checklist for getting selected for the google summer internship program. Never mind what may have been going through your mind because the program is for anyone interested. However here are the eligibility criteria for the google summer internship program:

1. The age needed:

The required age preference for this program is 18 and above. If you are not up to 18 years old, you won’t be eligible to participate.

2. The Required language:

The required language for the google internship program is the English language. 

However, this is not a restriction as you can apply regardless of your language or country.

3. Eligible Countries:

No one is left out when it comes to participating in the google internship program. Students all across the globe can apply for this internship program. However, there is a restriction for countries embargoed by the U.S.

4. Required education level:

Students with a high school diploma, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees, and other educational degrees can all apply for the internship program.

5. Work eligibility:

To be able to participate in the google summer internship program, you must be eligible to work in your country or in the country you currently live in.

6. Acceptance eligibility:

There is a restriction on individuals who are once a student in the Google Summer Of Code (GSoC).

Useful Tips for Google Summer Internship Application

Applying for the google summer internship program may not be as easy as it may seem. There are a few stages to pass through before getting selected. Nonetheless, here are a few useful tips that can help you get selected for the google summer internship program:

1. Make remarkable contributions to the community:

The google summer internship program is mainly for students all around the world. But there is nothing to be scared about. While applying for this program, be well acquainted with the google community. This will help you understand what the organization stands for, and also make google notice your interest in getting selected for the program.

2. Make your proposal unique:

Projects are parts of the things that will help you get selected for the program and that is why you need a well-detailed proposal for your project. Write a unique proposal for the project you plan on working on. Make it more presentable and attractive. If you are not sure about how to write an excellent proposal for projects, make research on how to write one.

3. Utilize the help of mentors:

You cannot do it all on your own. To make things easier, use the help of mentors. They will help you understand how google works. Mentors are individuals who work or are part of the Google organization.

4. Make your resume unique:

Resumes are usually our face when applying to any working organization. Making your resume stands out will give you an edge against other competitors. Remember, only a few are selected for the interview. So ensure your resume covers all or most of what google is looking out for in a candidate. Also, be sure to study the basic requirements for the google summer internship program.

5. Prepare ahead for the interview(s):

Nothing beats preparing ahead of time. While you apply for the internship program, be sure to prepare ahead of the interview. Google may not ask you to travel for an interview because will be done virtually. 

Live video interviews, and phone interviews will most likely be involved if you are selected.

Google Summer Internship Payment

The google summer internship program is a paid internship. During and after the program, participants of the internship will receive a salary, and other benefits the program is offering. Check below to see how much interns at google earns. 

How Much An Intern Is Paid At Google?

According to, interns at google are said to earn an average of $3,000 to $9,000. 

An intern at google earns an average of $6,511 per month and $50,924 per year.

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What Is The Mode Of Payment For the Google Summer Internship?

The mode of payment for a google summer internship depends on the country you are applying from and this can vary. However, to get more information on this, visit google careers. 


The Google summer internship program is open to all students across the globe. The program may be for a short duration but it comes with unique benefits that will help with your future career. The certificate earned from the program will help enhance your chances of getting better offers and will most likely help you get a job at Google. We hope this overview serves as a guide to your search. Good Luck!


Are google summer internships paid?

Yes! The Google summer internship program is a paid program.

What is the stipend for the google summer internship program?

The stipend for a google summer internship is $3000 and more.

How long is the google summer internship program?

The google summer internship program takes 12 to 14 weeks depending on google.


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