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Human Resources Management has been considered by some as the foundation of a company. If that’s the case, then it needs a solid base to carry out its function, from the HR personnel to the HR management software you want to use. 

Fortunately, there are countless HR management software that you can use to effectively carry out all your HR management needs. We’ll mention some of them in this post. Make sure you read this post to the end because it’ll be very insightful.


HR management software is software that HR professionals use to manage their staff more effectively and streamline their procedures. Numerous capabilities like personnel records management, application and recruitment tracking, time monitoring, benefits administration, performance management, and payroll processing, are possible with this HR management software.

HR management software is made to decrease the time and resources required to oversee a sizable workforce while also increasing the overall effectiveness of HR operations. HR management software can assist managers in better managing their workforce and focusing on strategic goals by automating many of the administrative activities related to HR.

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1. Effectiveness And Productivity

About 80% of companies use HR management software to improve process efficiencies or make information gathering easier. Without a doubt, organizations using advanced HRMS systems experience notable increases in talent retention, as well as reduced audit findings and staff time dedicated to value-added projects.

2. Reduced Errors

Because the majority of payroll errors are caused by human data entry, automating payroll is a high-value investment for small firms. Errors in withholding tax also expose companies to IRS fines. HR management software can help with these processes.

3. Development And Retention Of Employees

Most HR management software can be used for employee training and development. This in turn boosts productivity as more employees will be on the job.

4. Cost Savings

Since salaries, payroll taxes, and benefits typically rank among the highest line items, controlling payroll and benefits costs is a primary objective for all firms. Human resources departments can save money in several ways with HR management software, all without sacrificing the work environment for employees.

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The following is a list of some of the best HR management software your company can adopt for greater productivity.

1. Paylocity

At the top of our list of best HR management software is Paylocity. Paylocity is an HR management software that also provides payroll, workforce management, talent acquisition, and benefits management modules.

Two of its primary features include an online file storage that automatically organizes and uploads in bulk, as well as templates that allow for automated data input. Paylocity also secures and gathers digital signatures to save you the trouble of transferring documents between departments.

2. BambooHR

HR management software

Next on our list of best HR management software is BambooHR. BambooHR is arguably one of the most used HR management software. BambooHR is the best option if you’re searching for HR software that can assist your company with all possible HR functions and offers a unified user interface. 

While many HR management software places a lot of emphasis on a single, crucial component such as HR reporting or employee onboarding, BambooHR handles every aspect of hiring through retirement. Numerous services, like payroll, benefits administration, applicant monitoring, time tracking, and performance management, are included in its user-friendly interface.


3. Monday.com

Next on our list of best HR management software is the very popular Monday.com. Monday.com is a well-known cloud-based project management tool that is known for streamlining communication, job management, and team collaboration, but it is also readily adaptable to become a strong HR management software with a wide range of features. 

The system gives companies the ability to handle any HR procedure, from hiring and onboarding to staff administration, with its user-friendly yet dependable features. It provides a single, well-organized visual location for managing all HR procedures. 

There are four pricing tiers for Monday.com, based on the number of team members and feature set required. For five users, the Basic plan costs $39 per month; for one hundred users, it costs $799 per month. Meanwhile, for companies that need to service teams larger than 200 people, it offers quote-based pricing.

4. Paychex

Another outstanding HR management software that made our list is Paychex. Paychex is a scalable HR management software for remote teams that works well. This platform has multiple essential elements to help you perform at the top of your HRMS game.

This HR management software provides assistance with client onboarding to improve the user experience, and scheduling of resources, time, and attendance with the employee directory, and it has a native mobile application with a focus on payroll and human resources services.

5. Deputy

Taking us further on our list of best HR management software is Deputy. Deputy is an excellent employee scheduling tool that makes it simple to organize shifts, monitor employee time, and oversee your workforce. It has a strong mobile app, an appealing user interface, and can be integrated with different other software.

If your small business needs an easy-to-use solution for staff scheduling and management, Deputy is a great option. It contains general HR capabilities that can assist you with payroll, performance, and compliance. However, if you require comprehensive HR management software, you might want to consider other choices with more feature-rich offerings.

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6. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is next on our list of best HR management software. This is an all-in-one software for HR professionals looking to automate and streamline procedures. This platform’s extensive core HR functions are what allowed it to make it onto this list of HR management software. 

This software makes it simple for users to modify personnel data directly from the dashboard. It also includes a set of templates for part-time or foreign workers. It can be integrated with job recruitment websites to hire people more quickly.

7. Zimyo HRMS

HR management software

Zimyo HRMS is another excellent HR management software. Zimyo, renowned for offering the best employee experience, can handle all of your HR requirements in one convenient location. From handling a disgruntled workforce to handling payroll problems, overseeing HR tasks, evaluating worker performance, and providing extra benefits. 

With its more than 40 modules, Zimyo has addressed every crucial staff management metric. Depending on your demands and the process you need to automate, you can select the module that is most appropriate for your company. Every module is cloud-based and can be customized with an on-premise approach.

8. Insperity

Next on our list of best HR management software is Insperity. It is a cloud-based platform that HR specialists can use to save and manage employee data. It has many features like payroll, benefits administration, time tracking, and performance management.

Because of its extensive feature set and easy-to-use interface, Insperity is among the best HR database software for record keeping. 

Several unique characteristics set Insperity apart from other HR management software available on the market. The ability to collect and store a variety of employee data, such as HR records, performance evaluations, and benefits information, in one location, is among its greatest features. 

Customers can also generate comprehensive reports on employee data using the software’s powerful reporting features, which aid in trend identification and data-driven decision-making.

Insperity can be integrated with several well-known HR software to facilitate communication with other systems that your company uses 


9. Gusto

Next on our list of best HR management software is Gusto. Gusto is a great option for small businesses in need of a dependable and user-friendly payroll solution. It provides several services, including tax filing, direct deposit, and contractor payments, that address the most typical payroll requirements. 

But compared to other all-purpose HR products, its general HR functions are less feature-rich and more expensive. Still, if you want to stay away from overly complicated things, it might be exactly what you’re searching for.

Gusto can assist you with state tax registration, international payments, and user assistance, among other things and payroll management is simple with its user-friendly interface, even for inexperienced users. 

You can get more sophisticated hiring and onboarding features, time and project tracking, performance reviews, PTO management and policies, workforce costing and reporting, and the ability to make direct deposits the next day by upgrading to an advanced pricing tier.

10. Paycom

Another user-friendly HR management software, Paycom, facilitates daily activities by allowing users to use digital checklists and automatically classify files and other data. It makes things faster by forwarding employee inquiries to the appropriate HR personnel and automatically storing frequently asked questions. Paycom also gives professionals the ability to create bespoke survey forms to promote candid employee feedback.

11. Deel

Deel is another HR management software that can be used for payroll and HR automation by companies of all sizes. Deel can also be an excellent tool for resource management because HR personnel can monitor every step of the process, from project updates to project progress

It can also arrange all of your HR task workloads with features like an inventory of personnel, organizational charts, individual profiles, onboarding and offboarding, leave and expenditure management, processes, customized permissions, approvals, data logs, and integrations.

Deel has a free plan for companies with up to 200 employees. The Contractors Plan starts from $49 per month, the EOR Plan starts from $599 per month while the Global Payroll Plan and the Immigration Plan come at a custom price.

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12. OnPay

Next on our list of best HR management software is OnPay. It is a scalable payroll and HR solution developed to meet the demands of expanding companies and independent contractors. It is made to handle W-2 and 1099 documents, automate tax filing, and perform payroll computations in any state. 

OnPay’s services extend beyond payroll administration. It includes document management, employee verification, tiered paid time off accruals, and employee self-onboarding capabilities. To facilitate compliance management, it also provides a free HR library of official paperwork and state-by-state employment laws.

OnPay offers a simple pricing structure that consists of a $36 monthly base fee plus an additional $5 per user. All aspects related to payroll, employee administration, and compliance management are included in this package. Nevertheless, there are extra fees for each W-2 you request each year.

13. SAP SuccessFactors

HR management software

SAP SuccessFactors is next on our list of best HR management software. SAP is well-known for its databases and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but it also provides cloud-based HR management software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

SAP SuccessFactors’ primary strength and the area in which it originated as a product is performance management, where it thrives the most. It provides a plethora of other HR functions as well, although at a far higher cost than competing software.

14. Rippling

Rippling also made our list of the best HR management software. Rippling is an HR management software that also provides IT and finance software. It enables HR managers to customize workflow instruments for individual workers or the entire workforce. 

HR personnel only need to click “approve” because even creating business policies is automated. Rippling also contributes to better employee performance by enabling users to initiate suggested training software or build new ones and automatically mail certificates to participants. A quotation or $8 per user per month is the beginning price for Rippling’s services.

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15. Hibob

The next HR management software on our list is Hibob. Hibob is a human resource information system (HRIS) hosted in the cloud that assists companies of all sizes in managing contemporary workforces. With features like payroll management, performance management, onboarding, and team collaboration capabilities, this software helps businesses streamline their HR operations from start to finish.

Staff members can rapidly become familiar with the system and manage it with ease because of its simple design. Hibob also uses its club administration module and survey system to promote staff engagement and business culture. These make it simpler for HR staff to comprehend the requirements, preferences, and expectations of workers. 

16. Freshteam

Freshteam is another great HR management software. When it comes to workforce management for expanding companies, Freshteam HRMS can be the best option. HR managers can recruit, choose, and onboard new employees with Freshteam. 

Freshteam HRMS assists HRs with managing offboarding, employee information, time and attendance, and much more aside from streamlining complex HR operations. The monthly cost of Freshteam is $50.00 for up to 50 active users.

17. Zenefits

HR management software

Zenefits now known as TriNet HR Platform is next on our list of best HR management software. While Zenefits is a complete HR software package for new and small companies, its strength lies in benefits management. It distinguishes itself as the most comprehensive benefits administration solution for ordinary SMBs in that category. 

Zenefits has other features like simple administration, adaptable add-on services, and the ability to contact real experts for assistance when needed. It also has a broad range of HR functions but another package might be more appropriate for you if your needs are limited to managing basic benefits, paying employees on time, and filing payroll taxes.

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18. Greenhouse

Taking us further on our list of best HR management software is Greenhouse. It is a web-based application tracking tool that was developed to assist companies in streamlining their hiring procedures. It offers strong solutions, from job boards to onboarding management, to companies of all sizes. 

The software’s ability to provide sophisticated anonymization and inclusion nudges while prioritizing corporate diversity and inclusion may be its most distinctive feature. Additionally, it complies fully with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), allowing you to ensure that your procedures are following the law.

The software is renowned for its seamless integration with other applications. It is compatible with more than 360 hiring tech stack tools and applications.

19. Sage People

Sage People is next on our list of best HR management software. It is a well-rounded staff management solution that HR professionals can use to adjust personnel functions and accessibility from one dashboard. It also provides a quick overview of staff attendance, scheduled absences, and time-off requests. 

To help managers with budgeting, Sage People also automates benefit administration and displays pay amounts. It also offers an interactive tour of the software as an HR employee, manager, or onboarder to give decision-makers a better understanding of its services.

20. BerniePortal

Last but not least HR management software on our list is BerniePortal. BerniePortal has a very intuitive UI that streamlines even the complex process of onboarding, which can be a major pain point for companies. 

BerniePortal’s features are most useful for very small firms. Its convenience comes with a price: certain of the elements of more feature-rich general-purpose HR systems are absent. Its pricing fluctuates across 200 independent brokers, so figuring out the true cost can be difficult.

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What Is the Price of HR Management Software?

HR management software won’t put your business in financial ruin. The growing popularity of cloud-based HR management software encouraged additional suppliers to enter the market which has made them quite affordable.

What Is Applicant Tracking Technology?

This kind of software ensures that poorly handled onboarding won’t allow you to lose out on your best prospects. You can follow your applicants from the moment they first connect with your organization until the day they go with these applicant-tracking technologies.


The use of HR management software has grown to become a necessity for every business that wishes to be at the top of its game, and choosing the right HR management software can help make this possible.

We hope you found our list helpful. Share your comments and views with us, we’d love to have them.


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