17 Best Team Management Software

Best Team Management Software

As a project manager or a business owner, managing your team’s activities should be your top priority. Not only will this help to improve the performance of your business, but it will also help you gain more clients as you will meet up with deadlines. You can effectively manage your business with unique team management software. 

The good news is that there are varieties of team management software that can help your business become better than your competitors. Also, team management software is an ideal option to help improve the daily productivity of your business. 

 Most of this team management software has different specialties, but they are all designed to help you carry out daily operations and avoid risks. They enhance collaboration and help increase team productivity which assists teams to get work done quickly.

In this overview, we will provide you with a list of the best team management software.

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Best Team Management Software

What is Team Management software? 

Team management software (TMS) is a tool used for managing the plans, strategies, daily tasks, and activities done in a team. It helps boost the productivity of a team and helps them focus on improving, advancing, and automating the team’s processes.

These tools help organize work, share files/documents, collaborate, and effectively manage your team’s performance. 

What are the benefits of team management software?

Here are a few benefits of using a team management software 

1. Best for Marketing:

Yes, team management software will help you plan and manage all the marketing aspects and implement strategies for your products or brands.

2. Content Management: 

With the help of team management software, you can easily organize, share, back up, and store virtual content within your team.

3. Productivity: 

Also, it helps to manage and improve business/team performance by enhancing collaboration during team works. 

4. Effective Tracking: 

Team management software will help you keep track of the progress of your team’s performance with their projects. You will also have a better chance of meeting up with deadlines.

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What is the best team management software?

Here is a list of the top 17 best team management software:

1. Trello

Trello is a leading team management app designed especially for productivity and assigning tasks. This app uses a card system on a Kanban board, which helps manage daily work performance. 

Trello serves as a task management app that helps create a task list, assign tasks, and track your team’s progress and performance. You can create a foolproof process and add columns for getting work done, such as To-Do, Doing, Launch, and Done.

Trello is a unique app that features progressive tracking, task management, file & image sharing, and time tracking.

Trello is a free app with three paid plans. They include a standard plan ($5 per month), premium ($10 per month), and enterprise plan (17.50 per month).

2. ClickUp

team management software
Source: clickup.com

ClickUp is another team management software that is designed for project management and productivity. It helps team members handle all projects and assignments easily. It also helps enhance collaboration, progress, and set goals.

With ClickUp, you can track the progress of your projects, set tasks, manage assignments, see due dates, and set calendars. You can also set all your work in one place, including Your Documents, Chats, Tasks, Goals, and projects.

ClickUp features screen recording, task management, third-party integrations, deadline tracking, and team management. This app is free with some paid plans.

3. Clockify 

Clockify is a time management tool suitable for businesses/teams of all sizes. It has an easy interface where you can assign tasks and track the progress of the task. This app provides unlimited time tracking, unlimited members, unlimited projects, unlimited reports, email, and chat support.

Also, Clockify enhances collaboration and communication. It helps you track productivity and attendance within teams and team-related projects. Clockify features scheduling, reminders, team collaboration, invoicing, and more. This app is free with some paid plans.

This app provides five types of tracking, which includes

The timer – helps you track work hours in real-time

The time sheet – helps you track time in a weekly time-sheet

Calendar – helps you manage time

Auto tracker – helps you track all the apps and websites you use

The kiosk – enter from a shared device

4. JIRA 

Jira is a project management tool that helps make it easy for your team to focus on relevant tasks with the calendar view. It also helps manage unscheduled tasks and track performance. You can organize and assign tasks with Jira, it is one of the best team management software.

Jira is a forever free app for teams of up to 10. It provides teams with ways how to track issues, manage all projects and automate workflows. You can create, update, edit, track, plan, and analyze all your tasks and projects with Jira’s work management.

Jira features task management, road map, progress tracking, time tracking, reports, and more. This app is free with some paid plans.

5. Asana

team management software
Source: asana.com

Asana Is a team management software that offers both a kanban board and a list view. This means you can assign your team to cards (Kanban board) or just organize and assign tasks with lists. (List view) Depending on the option you want.

Asana also helps manage projects, enhance collaboration, and store files. You can organize tasks and assign tasks and set deadlines.

Asana provides a Conversation section and a Files section. You can also manage your Assignment, Track Team Projects, Project Planning, Scheduling, Reporting, and more. This app is free with some paid plans.

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TOGGL Is one of the most popular free time tracker software for teams. It lets you track the time you use on activities, see what you do with your time, and boost your time management skills. 

Also, with TOGGL, you can create a task list, assign tasks, plan projects, and set a time for the projects. You can use TOGGL to track your time correctly (On the web, your browser, or on your desktop), boost operational efficiency, and maximize your profits.

TOGGL is one of the best team management software. It provides online and offline time tracking, Data Import / Export, Billing & Invoicing, Project management, tracking reminder, and more. This app is free with some paid plans.

7. Slack

Slack is a Collaboration software for teams who need to communicate regularly. You can create multiple slack channels, which will help both you and your team discuss and manage tasks perfectly. 

You can set up your notifications to get reminded when there’s an occasion or deadline for a project, and also you can easily send messages, files, and documents directly.

With Slack, you can send videos, photos, audio messages, projects, and more. You can also set and send reminders to your team members.

Slack is one of the best team management software that helps you set reminders, take notes, and access audio and video calls. This app is free with some paid plans.

8. ProofHub

team management software
Source: Proofhub.com

ProofHub is a project and task management tool that helps manage the complete activities of a team. This app lets you collaborate with your team productively and manage your tasks, sales, clients, marketing, and team.

This app allows you to track your time, track the hours your team worked, and improve your team’s productivity and collaboration. You can also schedule and track meetings and events for your team members by setting reminders on the calendar. 

Proofhub is a team management software that features time tracking, reports, calendars, deadlines, task history, and more. This app is free with some paid plans.

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9. Harvest 

Harvest is a Time tracking tool that helps teams communicate regularly with their clients and track time from any device. You can use Harvest to set up multiple projects and assign tasks to your team members.

Also, with Harvest, you can track your time from your browser, desktop, and mobile. You can also set reminders to help your team track time accurately.

Harvest is one of the best team management software that features time tracking, a calendar, invoicing and payment, reports, analysis, integrations, and more. This app is free with some paid plans.


ProWorkFlow is an online, Web-based app that focuses on project management, assigning tasks, and time tracking. In addition, ProWorkFlow helps small, and large businesses achieve growth in their businesses by providing them with clear visibility on tasks, projects, time, and reporting.

Also, this app helps you improve your team/business collaboration. It offers features that help you keep all your projects on one page using the project dashboard.

You can also use the Time management feature to help you track time on tasks and projects. You can assign tasks, set notifications, or share files with your teams. This app is free with some paid plans.

11. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that works as a video conferencing, calls, and chat-based tool. This app offers file storage, application integration, language translations, and group chats for your team to communicate constantly.

Microsoft teams are one of the best team management software. It features file sharing, communication access, unlimited group meetings, web and phone support, live captioning, and many more. This app is free with some paid plans.

12. Clockodo

Clockodo Is a time-sheets and time-tracking solution designed for businesses/teams of all sizes. The app offers a feature that allows you to track teams’ working hours, projects, clients, and absence reports, issue invoices, and transfer time-tracking data to invoices.

Plus, you can use one of these features to track your time on Clockodo, Calendar, Stopwatch, and Time-sheets. Clockodo features an API interface, report & analysis, activity tracking, data import & export, and many more. This app is free with some paid plans.

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13. BaseCamp

team management software
Source: Basecamp.com

BaseCamp Is a web-based team management app that serves as a tool for increasing collaboration and communication. This software helps you manage all your projects in one platform and provides you with options to create a to-do list.

This will enable you to track your work, deadlines, and progress. It also features a Docs & files list that allows you to store, share and discuss your files and a Card table to help share tasks easily. 

Basecamp also features reports and analyses, progress tracking, a search bar, scheduling, a message board, and many more. This app is free with some paid plans

14. Notion

Notion is a complete team management tool that helps plan, share, and discuss projects with your team. This tool helps store ideas, improve communication, and enhance collaboration.

No matter the size of your team, you can use Notion to manage all your projects and track the progress of your projects.

The notion app features a weekly planner, Plan projects, calendar, and Kanban Charts, assign and track tasks, Build Roadmaps, and more. This app is free with some paid plans.

15. nTask

nTask is a task & team management software that helps teams collaborate, plan and manage all tasks. nTask helps track the time each team member spends on a task and offers you an option to create to-do lists to help you mark the tasks/projects you haven’t done/completed.

nTask features a budgeting and financial summary, project planning, assigning tasks and tracking progress, Team Chat, Automatic timer, and many more. This app is free with some paid plans.

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16. Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that supports video calls, chats, audio calls, and zoom meetings. This team management software allows you to join an online meeting through an invitation and helps you connect and collaborate with your team members.

Also, Zoom allows you to join, collaborate, and connect to your team’s group chat and Zoom meetings. You can also share your screen with other members. 

Zoom features Built-in Collaboration tools, Dashboard, Video & audio calls, 24/7 Support, Screen sharing, and more. This app is free with some paid plans.

17. SmartSheet 

SmartSheet is a work and team management tool that helps you track your plans, schedules, and tasks. This app allows users to share documents, assign tasks, track project progress, manage time, and manage all their work. 

SmartSheet offers a dashboard that helps you keep all your projects and tasks on one organized page. It features Gantt Charts, Integrations, Kanban Board, Billing & Invoicing, Customizable templates, and more. This app is free with some paid plans.

Frequently asked questions

Is Trello a good team management software?

Yes! Trello is one of the best team management software with unique features.

What is the best team management software?

There are lots of team management software, and some of the best include Trello, ClickUp, Clockify, and Slack.

What is the best free management software?

They include Clockify, JIRA, Asana, TOGGL, Slack, ProofHub, Harvest, etc. 


You can effectively manage your business and help to improve the productivity of your team. We hope our list of the best management software is a helpful guide to your search.

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