9 Best Church Management Software

9 Best Church Management Software

Have you wondered what church management software is and want to know what it entails? Or even thought about the best Church management software your church can make use of.

If you are in this category, then this article is a must read. We will detail more on church management software and the best options for your church, so read on!

9 Best Church Management Software

What Is a Church Management System?

Church management software is a virtual software that is created specifically for churches which help them with a variety of tasks. You can carry out simple to sophisticated church management chores on the church management of which they can also be managed by these programs.

Church management software can have features like online giving or donation processing, communication, or database administration for church members.

Many churches already make use of the advantages of such church administration software. Others believe that these digital solutions are essential for enhancing their church management procedures.

However, picking the best one for your company might be challenging. The greatest church administration software is listed below so that it may meet your demands.

Why Use Church Management System?

Churches of all sizes can benefit from a variety of advantages provided by church management software. It enables churches to operate more effectively on a centralized platform, saving them administrative labor, time, and resources.

Also, church management software aids in the achievement of objectives, improved communication, coordination, and understanding of church activities.

For both regular attendees and newcomers, church administration software improves the experience. Churchgoers can interact with a church community, learn, and most importantly, grow in their faith by using a church management solution to improve communication and create a user-friendly online experience.

Best Church Management Software

1. Breeze

Pricing: There is a 30 days free trial version. After 30 days, you subscribe for $67 per month

Breeze is a small- to medium-sized churches’ specific cloud-based church management system. Its user-friendly software enables church leaders to track and interact with their members, gather donations, oversee childcare security, and schedule and coordinate activities.

The business boasts the category’s most transparent pricing and provides a free demo. Additionally, they will move your data into the software without charge.

Breeze received the greatest ratings from us across the board because its features and plan are simple to comprehend, its customer service is accessible, and the application has all the essential functions required to properly run a church.

2. ChurchTrac

Pricing: Depends on the number of members that are making use of the software. The pricing for 75 members is $18 per month, 125 members- $24 per month, 250 members-$36 per month while the unlimited version is $72.

ChurchTrac is another highly regarded church management software which appeals to churches that are just beginning to research church management programs.

Church leaders can construct member profiles in the cloud-based application and organize those profiles into smart lists that they can connect with. Additionally, users can schedule events, plan worship services, and handle donations.

Depending on the size of your congregation, ChurchTrac provides three different payment options and gives a free demo. When you sign up, a free data import is offered.

ChurchTrac users adore it, give it excellent marks for usability, and rave about how simple it is to understand. Everything you need is close at hand, as one user points out.

3. Shelby Systems

Pricing: $39-$59 per month

If your church rents out space or equipment, we appreciate that Shelby Systems offers several management choices that we haven’t seen provided by other companies, such as the capability to design and maintain a room and equipment calendar. We also like the ability to organize prayer requests and schedule worship services.

Shelby Systems’ primary focus is church, and financial administration, and they are excellent at it. Church leaders who have reviewed the app value its ability to filter and display data in order to understand the larger picture and stay in touch with members who might otherwise be forgotten. Others agree that the foundation of Shelby Systems’ offerings is membership, and that tasks are made simpler by process automation.

4. FellowshipOne

Pricing: $169 per month

An accounting program, a platform for online church giving, and a church management solution make up FellowshipOne. Up to six users can be accommodated, and it is intended to manage expanding religious organizations with 1,000 participants and 10 personnel. Church administrative tasks can be streamlined with the solution.

FellowshipOne modular management offers capabilities for memberships, contributions, events, and programs, and it comes with strong tools and a strong database.

To increase security and communication in churches, it may manage background checks and mass communications. Users can handle the ledger, the accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and purchasing with the help of an accounting program, though.

The software’s online giving capability, which lets users manage contributions and gifts, is a noteworthy aspect.

5. easyTithe

Pricing: $99 per month

With the help of the robust and adaptable online giving platform easyTithe, donors and churches may give to churches much more easily. The technology offers church members a variety of payment alternatives, which dramatically increases giving.

Additionally, it addresses repeated gifting to prevent endless repetitions of the procedure.

The platform’s flexibility and ability to be customized, which allows for the building of portals that reflect users’ distinct brands, is what makes it truly special. In order to give givers a deeper customer experience, such is quite helpful.

Due to the tool’s PCI and DSS compliance, all transactions are conducted via secure servers, and it complies with all banking rules.

6. Flocknotee341a642 fcb5 4d77 8333 ac3ab962094e

Pricing: Free for members below 40, for 41-50 members, you will have to pay $8, 51 to 70 members -$16 and $35 for unlimited version.

A church communication management tool called the Flocknote can improve communication with churchgoers. It can gather member contact information, make contact easier, and hear what members have to say.

In essence, the solution allows church leaders, important workers, organizations, and members to remain in continual contact while being able to address communication issues.

The platform provides a wide range of capabilities, including contact importing, text and email messaging, content sharing, and many more.

Flocknote offers a wide range of capabilities, including, among others, contact importing, content sharing, and text and email chatting. It even do away with the requirement for extra software like social networking tools and mobile apps.

7. Elvanto

Pricing: $50 per month

Elvanto is a cloud-based church administration application aimed at all sizes of religious organizations. It supports churches in controlling administrative and pastoral tasks, participant involvement, and financial procedures. By utilizing the solution, church leaders can greatly improve worship activities and events.

Pastors have the opportunity to concentrate more effectively on expanding their congregations because the software aids in church management. Users can make church groups, gather them for volunteer work, and collect and save member contact information. The tool assists ministers in enhancing their connection with members to strengthen church-member relations.

8. Chmeetings

Pricing: $10 to $100 per month.

For religious organizations that want to simply manage and update their organizational data, Chmeetings is the software of choice. This solution, which is mobile-ready and housed in the cloud, acts as an easily accessible central location for all information pertaining to various groups and individuals, simplifying organizational tracking and communications.

This platform’s meeting management tool makes event planning easier, in addition to the aforementioned features. It has options for progress reporting and attendance tracking, making it simple to keep track of what happens at each meeting. Additionally, it has a text messaging capability that enables in-platform communication between users.

9. ZionWorx

Pricing: $249 for one time payment.

ZionWorx is a well-known multimedia platform that can be used to make fantastic church presentations because of how simple it is to use. It provides top-notch audio and video playing capabilities, as well as real-time and background inputs with text overlay.

The solution, like the majority of file-sharing solutions, enables users to compile an entire presentation into a single file, making it simple to distribute.

By making it simple to import songs from different worship presenting platforms, the software aids praise and worship. Any audio, video, or image file can be used by users without the need for additional software. Its robust theme engine features a number of configurable items that offer total display control.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep track of church members?

You can keep track of your church members by using church management software. Every church management software system functions a little differently, but generally speaking, an administrator puts up each member’s profile in the church management system and can then use smart lists or tags to link them to other family members and group them with other like members.

Once a profile is created, the church can monitor a member’s donations and attendance, among other things. Some platforms enable users to fully administer their account, read and change their profile, keep track of their donations, and add family members.

What functions do church management programs have?

The top church management software packages carry out a number of tasks to keep churches organized and progressing toward their objectives. However, they all offer a way to keep tabs on members and donations, organize events, and get in touch with their members. Church management software all have slightly unique features.


We have discussed the best Church management software. However, finding out if the program is designed for organizations of your size can be one of your choices when selecting your software. The features of many of these solutions are sometimes constrained because they are suitable only for tiny churches.

More sophisticated systems might be necessary for medium-sized and big churches, though. Accounting and reporting capabilities are among the extra features that these solutions provide. As well as providing fixed asset tracking, payroll, and taxes, they can also monitor expenditure, automate donations, and deliver these services.

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