5 Powerful TikTok Money Calculator

tiktok money calculator

TikTok, unlike YouTube and Twitter, lacks inherent monetization options. Bloggers can only acquire fame and form partnerships. In addition, TikTok lacks formal tools for building statistics and viewing the profile’s look.

This is when TikTok money calculators come in handy. This program puts you closer to the audience’s comprehension and helps you to monitor the account’s development. It might even enhance the style of your site and attract more readers. Continue reading to understand the proper application!

What Is The TikTok Money Calculator?

The TikTok Money Calculator helps to estimate your revenue from your TikTok account based on your engagement and amount of followers if you feel you are an influencer.

How To Increase Your Visibility

To make money on TikTok, you must continually expand your audience. Using these win-win techniques, you can attain a particular number of followers and become a nano-influencer:

  • Adopting a popular video template will attract viewers through recommendations and hashtags. A TikTok views calculator will aid in selecting the optimal format.
  • Create an easily identifiable profile. A brief name, a gorgeous photo, and a concise description will capture the attention of new visitors in an instant.
  • Upload fresh videos frequently; Each day brings a new TikTok. This is the lifestyle of prominent bloggers. Regular updates aid in the enhancement of statistics.
  • Maintain communication with your fans; record Q&A videos and reply to their comments. Interaction contributes to the growth of an active community around you.
  • It’s possible to sell or calculate the cost of a TikTok account if you’ve gained a large following on the platform.

How to verify the amount of money received on TikTok

To view how much money you have accumulated after being accepted into the Creator Fund, simply visit the Creator Fund Dashboard. It will appear when you have applied to the fund and been authorized.

Few methods for earning money on TikTok

Having established that it is possible to earn money on the platform, the next step is to discover how to earn money on TikTok. As with any other social media network, there are several methods to earn on TikTok, the most effective of which will depend on the videos you create:

  • Become an influencer on TikTok

    After gaining a large number of followers, being an influencer on TikTok is the quickest method to earn a fortune. Becoming a TikTok influencer is a lengthy process, but no one ever said it would be simple. First, you must gain a large number of views and followers, and then you will approach businesses for sponsorships. For easier sponsorship acquisition, it is important to concentrate on a marketable area. In addition to what I have already stated, selecting viable niches expands your pool of possible sponsors. If you make videos that provide little value to your audience, few people will seek to promote them.
  • Promote Your Brand

    If you have a TikTok account that is tied to your business in some way, you may wish to market your products to attract additional clients. Using TikTok for marketing purposes is even more successful if you have an online service that you can provide over the internet without personally meeting with clients.

    If you are a freelance writer who provides one-minute writing instructions on TikTok, it is always a good idea to market your writing services on your TikTok account. There is a good potential that your clients may discover your videos when searching for a freelance writer, prompting them to engage in your services.
  • Livestream Gifts

    You may earn coins and other presents from some of your most generous fans if you have access to the TikTok live streaming function. If you have a lovely personality but a niche that is not particularly marketable, you may utilize this function to monetize your TikTok account.

    This function is quite straightforward: your admirers may purchase coins on TikTok with real money. When you broadcast live streams, supporters can donate bitcoin to you. When you amass a certain quantity of the coins, you may exchange them for diamonds, which you can then exchange for cash.
  • Develop and Market TikTok Accounts

    This is surely one of the methods discussed in this article for earning money on the TikTok social media app. Although it is unsure about the legality of this technique, one clear thing is that you may earn a fortune by growing and selling TikTok accounts.

    Now, you must be prepared to take video production seriously, since it is an essential responsibility for expanding TikTok accounts. Additionally, you should develop videos for several categories to maximize your chances of acquiring customers for each account you create.
  • Utilizing TikTok’s Creator Fund

    The basic method through which the social media network rewards creators is through the TikTok Creator Fund. It’s the same as AdSense, except for TikTok, for producers with a YouTube history. When it debuted in 2021, TikTok paid $200 million to compensate the most engaging content creators, with plans to invest considerably more in the future.

    It is not ad income, therefore you do not need to show adverts on your films to receive a share. Also, you should not anticipate earning as much using AdSense as YouTubers do; compared to YouTube, the revenue is rather poor. Videos may generate between 2 and 4 cents per 1,000 views or $20 to $40 per million views. Once you reach $10 in Creator Fund earnings, you may withdraw it, and if you’re popular, you should be able to earn hundreds of dollars without any effort.

Powerful TikTok money calculator

Keep in mind that these tools are not officially affiliated with Tik Tok. Instead, they serve as calculating support platforms.

1. TikTok Influencer Earnings Calculator

TikTok does not give a similar platform to YouTube for monetizing videos through advertisements. However, their biddable advertisements initiative is under process. It will be released shortly after its completion. Different influencers, based on the specialization or development of a given Tik Tok account, are what companies seek.

Nowadays, influencers must approach businesses for promotions and similar opportunities. Therefore, if you have a greater number of followers and interaction as an influencer, you will receive the appropriate amount for sponsorships.

The most crucial factor in calculating the engagement rate. This is because it is an extremely significant aspect of how a brand may appear. There is no standard way for calculating the engagement rate, though. The majority of publicized ones are incorrect.

They will not provide accurate information on the percentage of users that open the app daily. To ensure precision, they established a method to quantify the involvement of each Tik Tok account. The calculation is [Number of loves plus number of comments] / [Number of followers] 100.

2. Igface

If you feel like an influencer, use Igface to estimate your profits on your TikTok account. Despite not being affiliated with Tik Tok, this standalone program is highly handy for the intended purpose. It examines your TikTok profile according to engagement, loves, comments, and followers.

Igface is the only tool that can anticipate your revenue. Additionally, it might be useful as a TikTok money calculator. Eventually, it also aids in preventing the abuse of influencers, since they can determine their present worth and charge appropriately.

As an influencer, your compensation is proportional to the level of interaction. Not only is this tool useful for individual creators, but also for brands and businesses. They can utilize it to prevent being duped by manipulators.

To keep an eye on the profiles of influencers, the metrics of specific Tik Tok accounts may be regularly examined. Brands must also determine the interaction rate on a given pattern to identify prospective product niche influencers.

3. Ninjaoutreach

Ninja outreach has developed outreach software for internet marketers and small company owners. The instrument does pure keyword research to identify possible influencers in your field. Thus, it may be a beneficial tool for brands.

To have access to the software, you must register an email address. Overall, it is a wonderful tool for establishing a positive internet profile. Even though it has nothing to do with monetary calculations, the program is highly beneficial for collecting a vast amount of vital data.

In addition, the platform enables the user to conduct several campaigns and distribute customized templates.

All of this expansion is due to Ninja Outreach’s ‘autoresponder’ feature. Overall, it facilitates the discovery of target websites and influencers across several social media networks.

4. Exolyt Tik Tok Money Calculator

Exolyt is a straightforward application designed for calculating profits on any accessible Tik Tok account. It has a highly interactive user interface with features such as Premium, Leaderboard, Trends, etc. Exolyt emphasizes influencer marketing as a means to generate revenue on the network. The second strategy is advertising your products and services.

According to Exolyt, a super influencer on TikTok may earn between $50,000 and $160,000 for a single marketing relationship. Other aspects, such as geography, profile niche, target audience, profile engagement, etc., also come into play. To become this sort of super influencer, Exolyt chooses to monitor its progress using these analytics tools.

5. FeedPixel

FeedPixel will allow you to earn money on TikTok. Similar to other platforms, it analyzes the prospective earnings of TikTok. However, this TikTok earnings calculator is new and updated.

It offers a genuine and realistic match with other top influencers on the network. With the proper marketing approach, these tools, when used properly, may assist an account in becoming an influencer and earning a fortune.

FeedPixel proposes four sorts of influencers experience-based. In addition, another method of earning is nearly identical to that described by other platforms.

Except for the marketing plan and niche you pick, there is no difference between the two. The four sorts of influencers are Nano-influencers, Micro-influencers, Macro-influencers, and Mid-tier influencers. In contrast, growing TikTok influencers may earn between $30 and $150 for every sponsored post.


How are TikTok earnings determined?

As with the majority of social media platforms, you may calculate your TikTok engagement using the following formula: [(Number of hearts + number of comments)/number of followers] x 100. This can be calculated for a single post or globally.

How is TikTok compensated for likes?

TikTok also includes a calculator that forecasts earnings from videos using a sliding scale based on the number of followers and likes. According to Vice, a TikTok creator with 10,000 followers and 59,000 total likes may earn between $22 and $35 every post, depending on the degree of interaction.

How much money can I make using TikTok?

The maximum amount of money you can earn with TikTok fluctuates but is infinite. Each year, some of the most well-known creators in the world make millions of pounds through the site. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, for instance, US artist Addison Rae has earned around $5 million from her TikTok videos.


TikTok may not be the most lucrative social media network, but making money on the platform is not impossible. As long as you have a large number of followers and provide material often, there are several methods to monetize your work. A

And there are several TikTok money calculators available to assist you to track your earnings.

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