The Best Legal CRM For Law Firms And Lawyers

CRM for law firms

With the surge in technology and automated processes, the use of Customer relationship management software has become more and more necessary. This CRM software makes data organization easier and stress-free.

Law firms are not left out. CRM software has made its way to the law as there are several CRM for law firms that can increase productivity. 

We’ll mention some of the best legal CRM for law firms and lawyers in this post. Make sure you read this post to the end to know all the vital information we have for you.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for law firms is an electronic application that is used to handle communications with both current and prospective customers. It offers a consolidated database so that all client data can be gathered in one location which contains your contact information, correspondence from the past, orders, and payments. CRM has features like bulk email campaigns, chatbots, portals, and calendars that sync schedules, and make communication easier.


Law firms manage a lot of data like client intake, contact details, previous interactions on various platforms, and billing information. The more data you have, the more difficult and time-consuming it becomes for your team to handle everything. This time could be used for other productive activities if CRM for law firms is used.

Every legal office, regardless of size, needs efficient contact management, prompt and efficient client communication, streamlined team cooperation, and technological support to increase productivity. And these are the core benefits of CRM for law firms. Keeping up with technological advancements helps prevent you from falling behind your rivals.

Now let’s shed more light on why CRM for law firms is important.

1. Centralized Information Database

There’s no telling how your clients will contact you. It could either be through phone calls, emails, social media platforms, text, etc. If you consider using CRM for law firms, all clients’ and prospects’ details will be in one location. This will make your team less overburdened and your client will feel valued and acknowledged if their messages are responded to immediately.

2. All Documents In Digital Form

In today’s digital age, companies no longer keep business data manually. You can use these CRM for law firms to convert your paper documents to electronic documents.

3. Increased Protection 

You can ensure that private data and documents never end up in the wrong hands by selecting a CRM for law firms that are equipped with the most recent security technology.

4. Simplified Collaboration And Task Management

CRM for law firms is used to facilitate efficient teamwork as you disseminate customer information among team members. Additionally, you can assign tasks to a specific client or prospect, such as following up with him after a previous communication.


To ensure that they will meet your needs, you must search for particular CRM features. These are the features that your legal practice CRM must have.

1. Client Intake

You can streamline your workflow, give your clients a better experience, track and analyze your data more effectively, and enhance organization and productivity by automating your client intake process with CRM for law firms.

You can prepare online forms, schedule appointments, receive documents, and more with certain CRM for law firms. You can check the contact’s current status in the process and all of the details that you receive are immediately stored.

2. Case Management 

According to studies, customers prefer different methods of communication depending on the situation. You can keep track of and arrange every correspondence that takes place on any channel between a contact and your firm with these CRM for law firms.

Requests can be managed and categorized by your team. Team members can also analyze cases and outcomes and compile information to assist the firm in improving services and business procedures

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3. Document Management 

The CRM for law firms that you choose should manage documents. Having all of your documents digitally stored in one location can help your firm. You’ll be able to get rid of the never-ending stack of paper and quickly locate anything you need.

4. Enhanced Data Security 

This is a core feature that CRM for law firms must have. As a legal firm, you deal with a lot of extremely private information. Security should be your core criterion because the frequency of cyberattacks is rising all the time.

Verify that your CRM system has authorized IP addresses, two-factor authentication, and encryption for improved data safety. Although there are many more helpful features, these are the essentials on which you shouldn’t skimp.

5. Marketing Automation

Data is vital when it comes to marketing. With all the contact information at your disposal, you can use well-targeted, individualized, and timely communication to move prospects through the sales funnel and into conversion.

Your sales and marketing teams will be able to work together more effectively and close more sales if your CRM system has integrated marketing automation.

After stating the importance of CRM for law firms, below is a list of some of the best that your firm can start using today: 

1. Law Ruler

CRM for law firms

Starting our list of the best CRM for law firms is Law Ruler. Law Ruler has been in the business for a while now and has grown to become an effective and comprehensive tool. This tool also provides answers to specific legal questions.

The monthly pricing levels begin at $89 for each user. Although there isn’t a free version, you can sign up for a two-week trial to give it a try.

2. Lawmatics

Lawmatics is next on our list of best CRM for law firms. This tool was created with attorneys and law firms in mind. It facilitates central management of contacts, calendars, tasks, emails, and documents.

Client intake forms, matter management, Strong conflict checking, document assembling, invoicing, time tracking, and accounting software integration are a few of the essential features. The Basic plan’s monthly cost is $149 per person, while the premium plan’s cost is $1,149.

3. Clio

CRM for law firms

Clio is next on our list of best CRM for law firms. Clio is a cloud-based practice management software designed specifically for legal companies. This tool simplifies legal processes by replacing numerous disparate systems (accounting software, case management, document management, etc.) enabling you to conveniently and effectively manage your caseloads.

Clio’s user-friendly design and strong integration enable legal businesses to increase productivity, streamline processes, and provide outstanding client service. Clio has multiple pricing tiers, with the base plan priced at $39 per month and the highest at $129 per month for a full package.

4. Actionstep

Next on our list of best CRM for law firms is Actionstep. It is a cloud-based legal practice management system for small and medium-sized firms. It facilitates case management, accounting, invoicing, and billing management. Businesses can also automate workflow with its support.

Actionstep assists with managing your cases’ billing and ensuring that the financial data is entered into the general ledger. Financial reporting, multi-currency, and multi-divisional features are all included in this accounting system.

You can use Actionstep to design a customized set of tasks and stages for every subject, automating each step in the process of gathering data. You can assign tasks with this process so that tasks are completed and crossed off before going on to the next phase.

Actionstep is offered across three pricing plans which are: Practice Pro at $89 per user per month, Practice Pro+ Accounting at $99 per user per month, and Premier Plan at $149 per user per month.


5. Nutshell

Nutshell is a great CRM for law firms. All the capabilities and tools you require to competently produce and convert leads are included in Nutshell. Nutshell stands out as one of the best CRM for law firms as it is a hassle-free all-in-one user-friendly CRM system.

Nutshell lets you keep tabs on and handle your leads at each level of your sales funnel. It automates time-consuming chores like sending emails and entering data. Additionally, if you need assistance, Nutshell’s support staff is always available to help you maximize revenue with each function. The starting cost is $16 a month for each user.

6. Zoho CRM

Even though law firms are not the sole target of Zoho CRM, it is still one of the best CRM for law firms as it provides every essential function CRM for law firms ought to have. It streamlines and automates marketing and sales while managing the relationships with your clients.

You can communicate with your clients via social media, live chat, email, and portals, and it provides call data tracking analytics and a single-click dial. With monthly pricing plans beginning at $14, it’s among the most affordable CRM systems available and it also has a free version for three users.

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7. CosmoLex

CRM for law firms

This list would not be complete if we skipped CosmoLex as it is one of the best CRM for law firms. With the help of CosmoLex, legal companies can create and manage stronger client connections. It is rumored to be constructed with an intuitive design and useful mobile capabilities to match its desktop counterpart. 

Documents and signatures can be safely sent to your clients and kept in CosmoLex for later use. Despite some users’ complaints that reporting isn’t the best, CosmoLex’s document management features and team help are very beneficial, and it only costs $99 a month and has a free trial.

8. Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is another CRM for law firms with built-in capabilities intended for solo, small, and medium-sized legal practices looking to optimize their workflow. Rocket Matter can be used to manage contacts and clients, and create projects with deadlines that can be connected to cases and allocated to other attorneys.

Rocket Matter also offers a timekeeping tool to assist attorneys who bill by the hour in completing their hourly computations and creating invoices. Rocket Matter has three pricing plans, Essentials at $39 per user per month, Pro at $69 per user per month, and Premier at $89 per user per month

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9. HubSpot

Next on our list of best CRM for law firms is HubSpot. HubSpot is a multi-industry CRM platform; it is not limited to the legal field. Law firms use HubSpot as a consolidated method to collect leads, maintain client connections, and automate marketing and sales procedures.

HubSpot has an easy-to-use interface and works well with all of HubSpot’s solutions for customer support, sales, and marketing. Law firms can use HubSpot’s CRM to handle documents, automate email campaigns, keep track of and manage client interactions, and obtain insightful data from analytics and reports.

There are several pricing tiers offered by HubSpot aside from its free CRM solution with limited functionality. The Starter package is $18 per month, while the Enterprise plan can cost up to $3600 if you want more features. 

10. Freshsales

CRM for law firms

Freshsales is one of the most popular CRM for law firms. Freshsales is an AI-powered CRM for law firms with the primary goal of assisting teams in managing their sales operations, tracking leads, and enhancing attorney-client connections. Over 60,000+ companies have benefited from Freshsales’ assistance in cultivating client and prospect relationships. 

Freshsales provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and customizing reports for data-driven decision-making and every case detail can be captured, arranged, and managed centrally. Also, every communication you have, by phone, email, web forms, or SMS, is consolidated into a single dashboard.

11. SalesForce

The very popular CRM software, SalesForce, is next on our list of best CRM for law firms even though it is not limited to legal practice alone. It can be a fantastic choice for legal practices trying to handle their clientele and productivity. 

Among the various services that SalesForce provides are marketing automation, lead tracking, and contact management. It also integrates with several third-party apps, enabling legal firms to tailor the program to their requirements.

Depending on the kinds of tools you select, the costs vary. They all have a $25 beginning price. The cost can reach $1,250 in total. 

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12. LEAP

The last CRM software on our list of best CRM for law firms in LEAP. LEAP is a legal practice productivity tool that’s targeted to assisting small to mid-sized legal businesses in increasing productivity in the areas of practice management, legal accounting, document management, and legal publishing

LEAP is very effective because it’s a cloud-based software capable of handling all of your legal documents and information in one convenient spot. With Time Tracking LEAP, you can precisely bill for your time and promptly record all billable hours.

LEAP has three pricing plans, Pro Plan at $49 per user per month, Premium Plan at $99 per user per month, and Enterprise Plan at $125 per user per month.


Are Attorneys Using Microsoft Word?

Because word processors are essential to legal paperwork and case administration, lawyers find them to be very useful tools. Attorneys write pleadings, briefs, contracts, and agreements regularly. Word processors provide a well-organized and structured framework for precisely creating and formatting these texts.

Does Law Require Excel?

Excel can be a useful tool for many elements of practicing law, even though it’s not a must for every legal activity. The spreadsheet features of Excel have advantages that can improve productivity and organization in a legal practice.
Attorneys deal with a lot of data all the time like financial records, client information, research findings, and case specifics. Excel can be very useful in organizing these data

What is the best CRM for law firms?

This will depend on some factors like your prior CRM experience, financial resources, and individual needs and preferences. The best CRM for law firms will be one that reduces the effort required to purchase and maintain while increasing work, revenue, clientele, and marketing efficiency.


Choosing the best CRM for a legal firm primarily comes down to your requirements and expectations. Independently testing the tool is always the best method to make a decision. Try a free trial or sample version to see which is most economical and practical. 

You can narrow down your search to the one mentioned in this post. Feel free to let us know your experiences with these CRM for law firms.



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