Angel investor websites
Angel investor websites

Angel investor websites have changed the way that money is raised for startups by facilitating connections between entrepreneurs and potential backers, enabling them to obtain the capital they need to develop their creative ideas into profitable ventures.

Because angel investor websites serve as a conduit between those looking for funding for their projects and those who are prepared to give it, these internet platforms have become essential components of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


An angel investor gives startup companies their first round of funding in exchange for a stake in the business.

Angel investors can be found among an entrepreneur’s friends and family, or they can only be involved in several initiatives professionally. An investor’s engagement can be a one-time seed investment or a continuous flow of funds to bring a product to market.


  • Angel investors usually give money early, which is vital for businesses; therefore, that’s one of the critical advantages of dealing with them.

    Angel investors will support companies with few physical assets or a track record of success since they are more ready to take on risk than venture capitalists.

    This enables business owners to acquire funding more quickly and launch their product or service before waiting for their venture to become well-established.
  • Beyond only financial contributions, angel investors offer other benefits. Their vast industry knowledge usually provides emerging organizations with invaluable guidance and coaching.
  • When necessary, angel investors might draw from a large network of contacts they frequently maintain. For entrepreneurs, having access to this kind of network may be helpful, particularly in locating new clients or partners.

    Angel investors frequently connect business owners with prospective clients, associates, and other financiers who can support the expansion of their enterprise.
  • Angel investors are more likely to be enthusiastic about seeing the firm thrive since they frequently have a vested interest in the success of their investments.

    They frequently go above and beyond what is required to ensure their investment pays off. This kind of commitment can significantly impact the success of a startup business.


The best angel investor websites are:



When looking for one of the best angel investor websites, you should start your search on AngelList. You may refine your search on this website by region, industry, and other parameters, and it contains a sizable database of angel investors and businesses.

AngelList has over 100,000 entrepreneurs, employers, investors, and over 5 million members. To receive ideas on expanding their network, startups can even link the platform to their social media profiles.

It is one of the most well-known and popular angel investor websites for matching entrepreneurs with venture capitalists and angel investors. It provides both investors and entrepreneurs with an extensive array of tools and resources.


  • AngelList keeps an extensive database of companies looking for investment. As a result, it is simpler for investors to find and investigate possible investment opportunities.
  • AngelList Syndicates are investment groupings under the direction of seasoned venture capitalists or angel investors. These syndicates combine money from several investors to invest more in early-stage companies.
  • AngelList gives entrepreneurs the resources and tools to organize their fundraising campaigns. In addition to showcasing their company plans and connecting with possible investors, entrepreneurs can develop profiles for their companies.
  • The site is a great resource for anyone looking for work in the startup environment or for firms trying to acquire talent because it also has job ads.
  • Blog posts, webinars, and guidelines to assist entrepreneurs in navigating the investment process are just a few of the instructional materials and services AngelList provides for startup fundraising.


Gust is one of the best angel investor websites that provide entrepreneurs with a platform with all they need to grow and succeed in their enterprises. Around 80,000 financial advisors and 800,000 businesses worldwide utilize Gust.

Over $50 billion in financing has been raised through the use of this website. Gust even offers an Accelerate service that helps with product launches and covers all legal roadblocks.

Gust gives business owners access to tools like investor correspondence, legal paperwork, and a CRM. Additionally, they provide free access to their online community, which has blog entries and a forum. This website is the most excellent option for entrepreneurs seeking a one-stop shop for resources and investors.


  • Gust provides a range of tools for entrepreneurs to oversee their funding campaigns. Entrepreneurs can develop comprehensive company profiles to present to potential investors, including financial data, business strategies, and pitch decks.
  • Gust links entrepreneurs with a worldwide network of venture capitalists and angel investors. Thanks to this vast network, startups can reach a wide range of potential investors.
  • With Gust, entrepreneurs can handle investor contacts, including correspondence, distribution of documents, and investor updates.
  • Investors can find and assess investment prospects more quickly by searching and perusing through a database of entrepreneurs looking for funding.
  • Gust gives entrepreneurs a safe way to send important legal and financial documents to possible investors, streamlining and securing the due diligence process.


SeedInvest is a well-known equity crowdfunding platform and one of best angel investor websites that links accredited investors with startups and small enterprises. It offers a platform for entrepreneurs to raise money, and investors may choose from various early-stage businesses to invest in.

For authorized investors seeking investment opportunities in early-stage firms and for entrepreneurs trying to reach a wider audience of potential investors, SeedInvest is a helpful resource.

It’s crucial to remember that SeedInvest, like other equity crowdfunding websites, caters primarily to accredited investors who satisfy specific financial requirements. Companies looking to raise capital on SeedInvest must submit to a stringent screening procedure and give prospective investors much information about their company.


  • SeedInvest focuses on equity crowdfunding, wherein firms trade funds from investors for ownership shares or equity. This can be a tempting choice for entrepreneurs in need of capital.
  • SeedInvest employs a stringent screening procedure to identify entrepreneurs who meet the requirements to raise capital via the platform. Due diligence is a step in this procedure that includes reviewing financial and legal papers and running background checks.
  • By facilitating the connection between entrepreneurs and a network of qualified investors, SeedInvest ensures the platform conforms with all applicable investment laws.
  • A wide range of investment options, including startups from different industries and sectors, are available for perusal by investors.
  • With the help of SeedInvest, investors may ask questions, research startups, and make well-informed investment decisions.



Wefunder is a platform developed under the JOBS Act that enables investors to provide as little as $100 to entrepreneurs. The platform functions similarly to Kickstarter and other crowdsourcing websites, but investors get shares in the company instead of prizes.

Wefunder has assisted over 2,700 entrepreneurs and helped fledgling companies raise over $616 million. Using the firm, startups can raise between $50,000 and $5 million.

The user-friendly website offers a wealth of information on every firm looking for investment. This contains their business plan, the amount of money they hope to raise, the amount they have already raised, and more.


  • Wefunder is an equity crowdfunding specialist that helps businesses to provide equity, or ownership shares, to investors in return for finance. This strategy allows non-accredited people to become part of the pool of possible investors.
  • Accredited and non-accredited investors who wish to take part in crowdfunding projects are part of its investor network.
  • Many startups, from software firms to tiny local enterprises, are available for investors to pursue and invest in. People who want to help companies they support may find this variety of investment choices appealing.
  • Wefunder offers comprehensive data, such as financials, business plans, and other important facts, about startups seeking money on the platform to assist investors in making defensible choices.
  • The platform provides tools for investors to engage in the investment process, ask questions, and communicate with founders.


Envestor is a private network of entrepreneurs and angel investor websites located in the UK. It allows entrepreneurs to present their ideas and raise capital for their ventures.

Envestors comply, according to the UK’s regulatory body, the FCA. Over the years, it has invested over £120 million in over 200 potential enterprises and boasts a network of over 4,000 angel investors in the UK.

International business owners with robust and high-growth ideas for the UK market are also welcome to join this network. It offers relevant services in this aspect as well. The Investors network currently has 26 exits.


  • The website can support you in presenting a compelling proposition for investment.
  • Your investment opportunity will be evaluated by a financial expert reviewing your narrative, forecasts, and model and offering suggestions for improvement.
  • Their knowledgeable investors are made aware of your deal using the site.
  • Their website lists your possibilities, allowing astute investors to make financial commitments, monitor your development, receive updates, and pose inquiries. As an investor, you communicate with them and monitor their interest.


Angel investors, venture capitalists, and other investors’ contact details can be found by startups and entrepreneurs using Investor Hunt, a subscription-based application. It expedites outreach initiatives and helps to organize the process of compiling lists of possible investors.

By using Investor Hunt’s database of possible investors, companies can find it more straightforward to locate and target the ideal investors for their particular needs.


  • Users can look for investors by entering specific parameters into the search, like industry, region, preferred investments, and previous investment performance.
  • Users of Investor Hunt can export investor data into a CSV file, which may be utilized for relationship-building and outreach via email campaigns or other means of communication.
  • Additional information on investors, such as their investment background, interests, and prominent portfolio firms, might be available on the site.
  • Entrepreneurs can improve the efficiency of their interactions and communication with possible investors by integrating Investor Hunt with other outreach tools.
  • The tool regularly updates its database to guarantee that the contact information is correct.


A range of entrepreneurs looking for funding for expansion or development, from early-stage startups to more established small enterprises, can use Fundable’s platform.

A fundraising campaign can only be started once the entrepreneur has satisfied the platform’s requirements and finished the due diligence procedure.

It’s also critical to comprehend the legal obligations of equity crowdfunding and the responsibilities accompanying a diverse range of shareholders.


  • A network of accredited and non-accredited investors is available through Fundable. This makes investing opportunities available to a broader group of people.
  • In-depth company profiles that include financial estimates, business plans, and value propositions can be created by startups. The purpose of these profiles is to draw in possible investors.
  • Fundable offers a process for conducting due diligence to assess startups’ reliability and fundraising efforts. For investors, this provides an extra degree of legitimacy and security.
  • By facilitating contact between investors and entrepreneurs, the platform enables founders to provide their supporters with updates and information.
  • Regulation Crowdfunding, under which Fundable operates, permits non-accredited persons to participate in equity crowdfunding initiatives.



Through the online investment platform MicroVentures, investors can participate in venture capital investments in startups and small enterprises and equity crowdfunding. It offers a platform where accredited and non-accredited investors can buy shares in early-stage firms to support them.

For investors seeking to diversify their holdings through venture capital, startups, or other early-stage investments, MicroVentures is a compelling choice and one of the best angel investor websites. It’s also a valuable tool for business owners looking for funding to support the expansion of their enterprises.


  • Upon showcasing businesses on the site, MicroVentures performs comprehensive due diligence, encompassing an evaluation of the management team, financials, business model, and potential dangers. This affords investors a certain degree of legitimacy and assurance.
  • To help early investors have some liquidity, MicroVentures provides a secondary market where they can purchase and sell startup shares.
  • Through the platform, entrepreneurs can access various possible investors, including accredited and non-accredited ones.
  • To give investors access to a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurs, MicroVentures also provides opportunities for investing in venture capital funds.
  • A non-accredited person may engage in equity crowdfunding campaigns under Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), under which it works.



Globevestor is one of the best angel investor websites that connects entrepreneurs in emerging nations with worldwide investors, notably angel investors. It is also commonly referred to as Globevestor or Globevestor Angels.

The platform seeks to close the distance between global investors and companies in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and India. The following are some of Globevestor’s salient characteristics:


  • The platform’s primary target audience is emerging market startups. Its goal is to introduce these firms to investors searching for ventures in areas with high development potential.
  • Globevestor frequently facilitates syndication, a process by which several investors combine their funds to invest in businesses together. This may facilitate entrepreneurs’ ability to obtain finance from many sources.
  • To ensure that the businesses listed on Globevestor satisfy specific quality and viability requirements, the platform might aid with due diligence and startup evaluation.
  • Globevestor may organize pitch sessions and demo days, among other events, where entrepreneurs can present their ventures to possible financiers.


Compared to other angel investor websites on this list for angel investments, EquityNet is a little different. It’s more than just a website that links entrepreneurs and financiers.

EquityNet facilitates the acquisition of funding by startups from additional sources, including corporate investors and venture capitalists.

Through its online platform, EquityNet, entrepreneurs and startups can interact with a network of accredited investors for private equity and equity crowdfunding. Providing investors with equity, debt, or other instruments is intended to assist startups and small businesses in raising financing.


  • In order to draw in possible investors, the platform provides entrepreneurs with the resources and direction they need to draft thorough business plans and financial predictions.
  • A network of authorized investors maintained by EquityNet constantly seeks chances to participate in early-stage and startup businesses.
  • EquityNet enables companies to raise funds through private equity investments in addition to equity crowdfunding. This gives more freedom regarding the kind of funding that can be pursued.
  • Due diligence reports and other data are available for investors to review while considering possible investments.
  • EquityNet offers data analytics solutions to assist companies and investors in monitoring and evaluating the status of their investments and fundraising efforts.
  • Entrepreneurs can establish appropriate funding targets and share prices by using valuation tools to ascertain the value of their companies.


Golden Seeds LLC is a significant participant in the financing of early-stage startups, emphasizing gender diversity in entrepreneurship and providing support to female entrepreneurs.

In particular, if a woman manages your firm or prioritizes gender diversity, Golden Seeds could be a worthy investment partner to consider if you are a founder looking for funding.


  • Golden Seeds is an early-stage startup investment firm focusing on businesses with female founders or a notable gender diversity presence in their teams.
  • Usually, the company participates in seed and early-stage capital rounds. This involves lending money to startups in their early stages, as they frequently require this initial capital to build their teams, develop their goods, and break into the market.
  • Golden Seeds invests in various fields based on its members’ interests and areas of specialization, including consumer products, healthcare, technology, and other fields.
  • Golden Seeds is organized as an angel network, with authorized investors as members who combine their resources and knowledge to fund and assist businesses.



The StartEngine is one of the great angel investor websites is a good place for investors to visit. Investing in fresh enterprises and startup companies offered by this platform presents a fantastic opportunity.

As an angel investor, the platform’s user-friendly design will help you by making it easier to identify and evaluate potential investments.


  • What sets StartEngine Angel Investor apart is their commitment to democratizing investing. Since it establishes a level playing field, accredited and non-accredited investors can further support key enterprises.
  • Additionally, the platform offers a range of investment options, such as equity crowdfunding and revenue-sharing arrangements. Because of the diversity, you can tailor your investments based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • StartEngine Angel Investor provides comprehensive information about each firm, including its business strategy, financials, and team biographies, to assist you in making well-informed investment selections.


Republic is one of the best crowdfunding platforms and and one of the best angel investor websites, allowing people to invest in early-stage and startup companies, promoting creativity and entrepreneurship. The Republic website is quite easy to use, which simplifies the investment procedure.

Due to the diversity of companies in their portfolio, investors can review opportunities that align with their areas of interest and experience.


  • It is suitable for accredited and non-accredited investors due to the availability of businesses looking for investment through Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), Regulation A+, and Regulation D offerings.
  • One of the Republic’s most notable features is the “Note” program, which allows investors to profit from the platform’s earnings and progress.
  • The website also provides comprehensive information about each investment opportunity, including the company’s objectives, financial situation, and valuation. Because community involvement is encouraged through comments and debates, a sense of kinship is built among investors and enterprises.


Nexea is one of the best angel investor websites that offer a rapid and straightforward method for locating and connecting with innovative businesses. The extensive network of startups at Nexea and the stringent screening procedures they use to ensure that only the most viable and promising companies can operate on the platform make it stand out.


  • One of its main characteristics is its access to a wide range of industries and businesses, which enables investors to diversify their investment portfolios successfully. The website provides thorough company profiles that include financial forecasts, team profiles, and business plans, enabling you to make informed investment decisions.
  • Nexea also offers helpful resources, such as webinars, workshops, and networking events, to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing between investors and businesses.
  • The personalized recommendations and intuitive design make navigation simple. This website will change your investing experience significantly if you’re starting.


How do angel investor websites work?

Angel investor websites usually let entrepreneurs set up profiles for their firms where they may showcase their ideas, capital needs, and financial estimates. After perusing these profiles, angel investors can contact the entrepreneurs and consider funding their projects.

Are enterprises able to utilize these platforms for free?

Numerous websites catering to angel investors provide entrepreneurs with free essential services like profile creation and business listing. For successful matches or premium features, specific sites could charge a fee.

Are enterprises able to utilize these angel investor websites for free?

Numerous websites catering to angel investors provide entrepreneurs with free essential services like profile creation and business listing. For successful matches or premium features, specific sites could charge a fee.


In conclusion, angel investor websites offer beneficial venues for business owners looking for funding and prospective angel investors searching for good chances. These platforms make it easy to connect and make the funding process easier.

Do your research, proceed while using these platforms, and be aware of the hazards involved in exchanging confidential company information and interacting with possible angel investor websites.

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