17 Unique Best social media platforms for business

best social media platform for business

Are you seeking the best social media platforms for business to improve your social strategy and increase your return on investment? Social media may be an extremely effective marketing avenue for your brand. It’s an excellent strategy for increasing brand awareness, strengthening connections with current customers, and generating new prospects to fill your channel.

Choosing the finest social media channels for your business is like selecting the ideal fishing spots. You have a limited quantity of resources and want to maximize their effectiveness in attracting online followers. Consider the following:

1. Is your firm a B2C or a B2B operation? Although you probably know the answer, choosing the ideal social media outlets for your company becomes easier when you consider your diverse client base.

2. Who is my intended audience? Are they a certain age group or do they have a set of internet habits? What are their concerns and requirements? What sort of data do they rely on when making brand-related decisions?

3. What are my business’s social media objectives? Is the objective to increase brand visibility and revenue, or is it to cultivate a devoted, engaging community? Do I need to position my brand as an industry expert voice?


There are several reasons to use social media for commercial purposes. Listed below are just a handful of the top five advantages:

1) Increase Brand Awareness:

Staying active on social media enables you to stick out and keep your name in front of people all day. After sufficient exposure, you’re certain to see an increase in the number of interested individuals checking out your brand’s content.

2) Build Relationships With Customers:

It’s a rookie error to believe that your business’s primary objective is to “complete the transaction.” Rather than that, social media facilitates contact between you and your consumer base. This reduces your client churn and enhances the possibility of future repeat customers.

3) Increase Your SEO:

By marketing your material on social media, you may increase your content’s likes, views, shares, and engagement. Then, you’ll increase visitors to your site, which will increase pageviews. These are all favorable indicators for search engines such as Google, and these characteristics contribute to your SEO improvement.

4) Expand Your Mailing List:

When visitors visit your website as a result of your social media material, you’ll have a greater chance of converting them to leads. Over time, you may leverage this traffic to expand your email list and increase the money generated by your email campaigns.

5) Increase Revenue:

Each of the benefits outlined above contributes to one goal: funneling clients through your sales funnel and increasing revenue for your firm.


Businesses may use social media to enhance their brand voice, monitor competitive activities, and communicate with customers. That is why it is critical to understand the most effective social media channels for your organization. By selecting the appropriate platform for your target audience, you may increase your exposure and sales and propel your business forward.


In 2019, an average of 317 Maps views and 943 Search views per month were received by businesses listed on Google My Business. This statistic is based on an examination of 45,000 company listings. GMB may be used to distribute localized content.

Before considering content, it is crucial to claim and validate your GMB listing. Not only does GMB inform your clients that you supply the products they require, but it also gives social confirmation of your quality. Without a doubt, GMB is one of the greatest business social networking networks.


Best social media platforms for business

Facebook is another excellent social networking platform. Whichever sector you are in, this is a critical place for firms. Automotive, consumer goods, e-commerce, leisure, financial institutions, gaming, media, retail, telecommunications, and technology were among the platform’s most dominating industries.

Businesses have frequently complained about how Facebook hides business content from the news stream. However, do not believe you must purchase advertisements. Rather than that, consider expanding your participation by starting or joining groups or by publishing regular live videos. 


You can create a YouTube video channel and engage with your subscribers in ways that some other social networking sites do not provide.

 You may make video lessons to supplement your text-based material (such as blogs), graphically demonstrate product descriptions, or provide your visitors with individualized press releases.

The challenge, however, is to guarantee that your videos are structured for YouTube SEO to increase their visibility. Additionally, you might want to consider employing YouTube to aid in the growth of your mailing list.

YouTube is an excellent corporate social media tool, and while it will likely take some time to learn how to produce and edit videos that satisfy user expectations, you do not need a Hollywood budget. The majority of the current cellphones are capable of recording video in high-definition.

Simply ensure that your titles and descriptions are optimized for YouTube SEO, and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your site’s traffic and conversions. Given that YouTube viewers watch a billion hours of video each day. By creating a YouTube channel, you may submit videos to get followers and interactions.

YouTube is not just a major social media platform, but also a large search engine. If you want to thrive on YouTube, it is critical to follow SEO techniques.


This online messaging software presently has a far higher monthly active user base than Facebook Messenger — and is the market leader in its category. Why is WhatsApp so effective? People read this message, with SMS having a 98 percent open rate (vs. 20 percent for email).

Due to WhatsApp’s reluctance to include traditional advertising into its income model, the platform lacks the breadth of marketing alternatives available on many other social networks. However, this does not negate the app’s huge marketing potential for firms that utilize it as a communication tool.


Facebook acquired Messenger in 2011 and rebranded it as Messenger. (However, the software remains connected with Facebook.) Businesses may use it to deliver newsletters, communicate with chatbots, and advertise.

Additionally, it’s an excellent area to communicate with your clients once you’ve piqued their interest. Numerous businesses build private groups on the site for paying clients to join, connect, ask questions, and have a more customized experience with the brand.

And, while the growth of Facebook’s user base has slowed somewhat in recent years, there is little doubt that Facebook Messenger will continue to be one of the greatest social media channels for your small company.

Facebook Messenger is an excellent tool for almost any company. While paid commercials may become bothersome and expensive over time, they are completely optional. Your best chance is to maintain an active account to communicate with and interact with other people. If you have the funds and time (not to mention the patience), you can investigate Facebook advertisements.


WeChat is a full-featured platform that began out as a chat app and has grown into much more. Using it, your customers may make reservations for you or make bookings for themselves.


Instagram began as a photo-sharing platform and continues to be mostly used for that purpose. However, through a feature dubbed “stories,” it has extended to include videos. As a byproduct, Instagram has become a great venue for businesses to exhibit (rather than describe) their products, beliefs, and voice.

Instagram is ideal if your target audience is younger and prefers to shop via mobile. Additionally, Instagram developed a “Checkout” function, indicating that it is completely equipped for eCommerce. Customers may now explore product images and make purchases directly from their Instagram accounts.

On this image-based platform, coaches, influencers, and businesses selling items will thrive. If you serve a younger demographic, know that 75% of 18-to-24-year-olds use Instagram.


Among the societal trends that will garner attention this year, inventiveness is at the top. TikTok, with its above-average return on investment and bite-sized viral videos optimized for smartphones, is an excellent platform for showcasing your brand’s sense of humor and inventiveness.

TikTok is the royalty of short-form videos on social media. Take note that 1 in every 4 United states users is a teenager or younger.


Telegram is a social messaging application that has been upgraded for security. The channel function allows you to give direct help, build chatbots, and promote your business more broadly.


Pinterest earns $4.3 for every dollar spent on advertising, making it a more cost-effective and profitable marketing platform than Facebook or Twitter. All that is required is a steady schedule, original images, and a strategy for developing your Pinterest following. With the appropriate momentum, you’ll quickly witness an increase in visitors and conversions!

While Pinterest is an amazing way to drive visitors to your website, it is more suitable to only certain types of businesses than others. 

Businesses such as home décor, cooking recipes, photography, and travel may all thrive on Pinterest. Why? Because they often feature aesthetically engaging and easily shareable material.

Having said that, practically every business can utilize Pinterest to increase traffic with enough innovation. And, given that over 40% of Pinterest users have a family income of more than $100,000, it’s unsurprising that the site is also effective in driving conversions!


Numerous businesses have achieved enormous success through their engagement on Reddit. All that is required is some imagination, ample engagement, and the willingness to teach and/or learn.

If you utilize Reddit solely for personal purposes, it’s an excellent social media tool for your business. Since people may peruse your posting history, they’re likely to research if you’re truly contributing to a community or whether you’re simply there to drive traffic to your website.

Reddit is extremely good at an area of eCommerce that is sometimes overlooked: market research. In other words, utilize Reddit to get feedback and solicit questions about various aspects of your business (ad campaigns, web design, new products, and more). Numerous businesses pay large sums of money to obtain information on their audience without understanding that they may do it for free on Reddit.

Reddit is noteworthy for its fusion of specialized communities (150,000+) and content. Pursue contact with your niche, but refrain from self-promotion, since this violates the guidelines.


From the outset, Twitter’s character limit was a savvy marketing strategy: give everybody a voice while reducing “noise.” Every day, corporations, reporters, celebrities, and, to a lesser degree, even Presidents use Twitter to share stories, news articles, and amusing anecdotes.

When it comes to the corporate use of Twitter, there are clear methods to monetize the medium. Part of that involves differentiating out from the competition, connecting with your audience constantly, and including quality material in all of your articles.

Twitter may be a highly effective tool for increasing brand recognition and communicating directly with other customers, depending on your dedication to social media marketing (not to mention other influencers). Keep in mind that Twitter demands a unique marketing strategy, and you should spend several tweets daily.

Along with brief remarks, you may post photographs, polls, links, and videos. By reposting and mentioning others, you become a part of the community. Bear in mind the importance of succinctness: the average length of a tweet in 2018 was only 33 characters!


While this is not a universal rule, it is worth noting that users do not often use LinkedIn for leisure or online shopping. They travel to obtain information about their industry, learn about their professional networks’ activities, and look for new career opportunities.

LinkedIn is similar to owning a great pair of dress shoes: you’ll probably wear them less frequently, but you should have them in your closet. The primary goal of a LinkedIn business profile is to connect with people and expand your networking opportunities, but it may (and should) also serve to boost your company’s brand.

LinkedIn may lack a user base, but B2B enterprises, in particular, should prosper. Consider that 50% of recent college grads in the United States use LinkedIn.


On this platform, content vanishes. Stories that are visible to the public are often removed after 24 hours after being presented therein. The duration of videos or photographs delivered as messages can be modified.


Founded in 2012, Medium is a social network combined with a publication platform. You may very well republish your posts on the site to reach a larger number of people.


Quora is an excellent resource for finding questions in your professional sector, establishing your expertise, and linking to the information you’ve produced on the topics being discussed.

As with Reddit, moderators are adept at distinguishing between real contributions to a discussion and overt self-promotion. The most successful responses are focused on the question, not on you.

There is practically no reason not to give Quora a try for a few months. Once you’ve created an account, begin searching for questions in your industry that have a low number of replies to increase their likelihood of being upvoted.

Be thorough in your response and include only links to your work that directly address the issue. By utilizing a simple template, you can be certain that you will be able to utilize Quora to increase traffic to your website without getting blacklisted by the platform.


Flickr is picture storage and sharing site, which makes it particularly handy for photographers wishing to archive their work. Given that a free account comes with an enormous terabyte of storage capacity, there is no need to restrict the breadth of your presence.

Flickr enables you to share it with your consumers and, more crucially, to invite them to participate. Flickr is particularly adept in graphically telling tales. Utilize captivating images that convey your company’s identity, its origins, and its future.


Which social media platform is the best for organizations?

Facebook boasts over 2.5 billion users (one-third of the earth’s population) and specialized business pages that may be adapted to your brand’s specific requirements.

Which platform has the longest-lasting posts?

You’re in luck if you routinely post on Pinterest. Pinterest has been around the longest of any social site and is still in the top 30 on the Top Charts. Pinterest has approximately 478 million monthly active users, with approximately 57% of Pinterest users visiting the network at least once a week.

Which social media platform is gaining the most traction?

Instagram has become the fastest growing and most popular social networking site for several years due to its qualities, which include a strong emphasis on visual material rather than textual information, which the majority of Internet users find uninteresting and time-consuming.

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It is vital to gain as much knowledge about a platform as possible before beginning to promote your business on it. Certain functionalities and characteristics make certain platforms more suited to a certain brand than others. Simultaneously, distinct legacies and cultures draw distinct audience groups.

Develop a thorough understanding of all of these aspects, and your next social media effort will be far more likely to generate the results your business deserves.

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