How To Sell Used Books On Amazon In Easy Steps

How to sell used books on Amazon

You must know by now that you can sell virtually anything on Amazon– even used books. The beautiful thing about selling on Amazon is that you won’t have to overly advertise your products and the site is used by a vast majority of people.

Since almost everything can be sold on Amazon, you probably have asked yourself how to sell used books on Amazon. Don’t stress! It’s quite straightforward. Amazon provides a simplified means of selling used books.

We’ll take a look at how to sell used books on Amazon in this post and some other vital questions surrounding how to sell used books on Amazon will also be answered. Do well to read this post to the end because it’ll be very helpful.


Yes. Amazon allows you to sell both new and used books. Some clients adore the sensation of holding a freshly published book in their hands. New books are usually available from publishers, distributors, or wholesalers. But be advised that you might need to buy in bulk if you wish to sell new books.

On the other hand, used books are more affordable, easier to locate, and potentially more profitable if you can locate good local or internet deals. Aside from finding them at thrift stores, estate sales, and local used book stores, you can sell old books straight from your shelves. You can also look for books at your neighborhood yard sale, on websites that offer books, and at sales held by your local library.

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It’s usually not too difficult to find books to list on Amazon. But you don’t want to waste time listing books that nobody is going to buy. The following kinds of books sell best on Amazon:

1. Textbooks.

Textbooks would undoubtedly need to be the “gold standard” of used books available on Amazon. Even outdated copies of textbooks can be expensive due to their constant demand, which is highest in the fall and spring.

The main issue with textbooks is that publishers will occasionally “brand gate” their publications to stop uncertified sellers from offering new or used copies. For this reason, before making a purchase, always make sure you can sell a specific book on your seller account. 

2. Collectibles. 

Books that are signed, limited edition, or otherwise deemed “collectible” are likewise in high demand on Amazon. You also need to make sure to confirm that you are authorized to sell any “collectible” that you find on Amazon. 

3. Hardcovers. 

Hardcover books are naturally more expensive than paperback ones and have a stronger tendency to appreciate.

4. Non-fiction. 

When it comes to the resale market on Amazon, non-fiction does significantly better than fiction. Not that fiction does badly, but from observation, fiction books tend to become less valuable more quickly than non-fiction books.

5. Niche Books. 

Due to a lack of competition, books that are part of a bigger collection and have small print runs perform well on Amazon. One way to make money is to buy Dungeons & Dragons books on eBay and then resell them on Amazon.

6. Comic Books. 

Comic books can also be sold on Amazon. Graphic novels and singles both sell well on Amazon, and collectible editions can bring in a respectable price.

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These are some ways to find used books that you can resell on Amazon

1. Sell Your Own Books

This is how many vendors begin, and it’s the easiest way to find books to sell. Take a look around your home to check if there are any old books gathering dust.

2. Book/library Sales

How to sell used books on Amazon

Book sales are like treasure hunts and they always take place at libraries. You can bring a book scanner to these sales and use it to identify some great options. You can locate profitable books at these deals far more quickly than the competitors if you use a Bluetooth scanner and a book-scanning app.

3. Bulk Purchase/wholesale

Online retailers frequently offer huge discounts on whole book collections. At discounted prices, you can purchase entire lots or even truckloads of old books offered on Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook. Make sure the books you purchase haven’t been categorized or scanned if you choose this course of action. If so, you might be purchasing “duds” from other Amazon merchants that don’t make money for the platform.

4. Estate/closing Sales 

Finding books at estate sales, closing sales, and moving sales is a great idea because huge volumes of books will be sold all at once. Offers on complete collections are typically accepted for cents on the dollar.

5. Online Arbitrage

Some retailers search for books on websites other than Amazon that are less expensive than what they could charge for the same book on Amazon. We refer to this as “online arbitrage.”

All you have to do is order the book at a discounted price from a website, bide your time until it gets delivered, and then offer it on Amazon at a premium. Numerous websites, including eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Barnes & Noble, and many more, offer used books for sale. 

6. Free Books

Look through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist; there’s always someone trying to give away books for free. Contact them when you see things like this. Please exercise caution, as other vendors who are trying to get rid of their unsold books can list these free books. 


The following is a step-by-step guide on how to sell used books on Amazon.

Step 1: Pick The Sourcing Method

The first step on how to sell used books on Amazon is to choose a method you’ll use to get your books. There are different approaches to acquiring used books as listed above. It’s possible to use more than one method for different books. The trick is to pick the method that benefits you each time.

Step 2: Create An Inventory

How to sell used books on Amazon

The next step in how to sell used books on Amazon is to start creating a massive list of books that people need. We have given you the kind of books that sell the most on Amazon. Your inventory should contain more of those kinds of books.

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Step 3: Create An Account As An Amazon Seller.

How to sell used books on Amazon

The next step in how to sell used books on Amazon is to register as a seller on Amazon. This step must be taken before anyone can sell anything on Amazon. There are two sorts of accounts that you can select from:

Individual Seller

You can sign up for a free seller account, but you will need to pay an extra $1 for each unit you sell.

Professional Seller

The monthly cost of this seller account is $39.95. There won’t be a need for the extra $1 charge.

It will be less expensive to register in a professional selling plan if you are certain that you can sell forty units each month.

Step 4: Start Listing The Inventory On Amazon

Making a list of your goods is the next thing you should do. While it is possible to have your inventory scanned automatically, you can add each book by hand by entering the ISBN into Amazon’s search bar and selecting “I have one to sell.”

You’ll have to state if the book is new (brand-new, unused), used but still like new, used but in very good condition (well-cared for and showing signs of little wear), used but good (Even though it has been used frequently, the item is still in good shape to function as intended. It can have annotations or other clear indications that the book has been used in the past.), and used but acceptable (Even though it appears worn out, the item is still functional.)

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Step 5: Mail The Books To The Fulfillment Location That Is Nearest You.

The next step in how to sell used books on Amazon is to send the books to a fulfillment location. Books that you resell must be shipped to the closest fulfillment center. Thankfully, that can be done conveniently. All you have to do is ship one or more of the books to Amazon’s approved carriers and put them in a box that you can get from Home Depot.

Step 6: Make Sure To Provide Quality Customer Service

You don’t have to worry too much about things like reviews because you aren’t the book’s author or even a contributor to its substance. Making sure your clients are satisfied is all that is required of you.

There is a method to keep your consumers informed and that’s by using an automatic email service. If you are selling FBA, Amazon will handle customer care externally.

Step 7: Start Promoting Your Business

The final step in how to sell used books on Amazon is to promote your business. Social media is becoming increasingly powerful as a result of ongoing technological advancements. Not only can it be a terrific way to stay in touch with loved ones who live far away, but it can also be a great method to promote your books for resale on Amazon and increase sales.

Try creating an account on Facebook and Instagram if you haven’t already. Make use of the platforms to publicize the books you are going to sell and offer suggestions to groups of people who might be interested, such as book clubs, your social network, and even new followers.


How to sell used books on Amazon

Without a doubt, the answer is yes. There are countless tales on the internet of people making a living off of selling books part-time or even full-time. This is due to the possibility of very high-profit margins. A book can be purchased for a few bucks and sold for 10 times or more of that price.

That does not imply that all books are successful. To choose the books with the greatest demand, you’ll need to conduct research, just like you would with any commodity you intend to sell. However, you can certainly create a successful book-selling business if you adhere to the advice and techniques in this post.

And Amazon is the best location to sell books if you plan to sell them anywhere. Here, you’ll be sure to make more sales. The site holds more than 50% of the market for print books and 75% of the market for ebooks, and every day, more and more individuals become Prime members. The majority of people in this day and age go to Amazon when they desire books.

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The fact that this kind of business doesn’t have to be extremely expensive is one of its best features. You can begin with a small number of books, which can be purchased for as low as $1 or $2 each if you don’t have a large budget. If you have more money to spend, you can buy more books at first. It’s up to you.

Your Amazon account fee is the only additional expense to take into account. The monthly cost of a Professional Seller account is $39.95, but that’s not much more than many other businesses have to pay.

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We have discussed selling old books on Amazon throughout this essay, but what about new books? Selling brand-new books on Amazon is possible, particularly if you’re an author looking to sell your book there. With Amazon KDP, you can even self-publish your own books! Without a reliable source, like a publisher or distributor, we do not advise reselling new books on Amazon. 

It is possible to resell new books, however, this is sometimes not profitable or subject to restrictions on sales. You’ll notice larger profit margins if you can locate a reliable source, like a publisher or distributor, and buy the books at wholesale pricing to resell. 

Many sellers find it quite appealing to sell used books on Amazon because they are inexpensive to buy and can be found easily. As previously indicated, you can resell used books for close to or even more than their original MSRP after finding them for pennies on the dollar. There are countless options to find profitably used books to sell online because there are millions of books in circulation. 


Selling books on Amazon can potentially earn you a significant income, depending on your book’s content and level of drive. Nearly 60% of multichannel vendors cited Amazon as their fastest-growing channel, according to the Amazon website. According to the world’s largest online retailer, ebook sales surpass $28 billion annually worldwide.

A 35% or 70% royalty is given to Kindle publishers for every book that is sold. Amazon keeps 65% of books that are sold for more than $9.99 and less than $2.99. Books that sell for $2.99 to $9.99 earn you more money per book because they keep 30% of the sales. The demand for your content and useful listings will ultimately determine how much money you can make from selling books.


After stating all the above on how to sell used books on Amazon, it’s important to note that selling used books on Amazon can be profitable if you invest your time in it as it’s something you can do full-time. If it’s just a side hustle, you can’t expect to make as much as someone who sells full-time.

We hope you found this post very helpful. Feel free to let us know your experiences and or challenges you encounter in the course of selling used books on Amazon.



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