How To Sell Feet Pics: Best Guide

How to sell feet pics

One side hustle and a means for additional income that is blowing up the internet is selling feet pics online. Selling feet pics online is a very lucrative side hustle that guarantees a good income. The major challenge many face is figuring out how to sell feet pics.

You may have wondered how you’ll go about selling feet pics. The great news is that it’s doable. You can also sell feet pics and make a good income.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can sell feet pics and make some money. This guide will cover everything you need to know on how to sell feet pics. Do well to read this post to the end because it’ll be very informative.

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How to sell feet pics
How to sell feet pics

The revenue potential for selling feet pics is limitless. A seller who reportedly earned over $22,000 in a single month on FeetFinder is just one of many success stories of sellers who have made extraordinary sums of money. Many other people have reported making huge sums from selling feet pics.

However, it’s crucial to go into this with reasonable expectations, especially at first. It will take some time and work to develop a customer base and make a sizable income.

Based on our estimation, you can reasonably anticipate earning somewhere between $0 and $100 in the first month. But resist giving up! You can easily earn $1,000 per month or much more after you build a base of devoted customers. To gradually uncover bigger earning potentials, keep in mind that persistence and dedication are essential.

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How to sell feet pics
How to sell feet pics

The internet can be a wonderland, but it also has a lot of potential for danger. Most likely, you have heard for years to protect your identity. Selling images of feet online is similar. If you follow the proper precautions, which are detailed in more detail below, you can earn money safely online.

If you keep your name hidden and avoid meeting up with individuals in person, selling feet pictures isn’t always risky. By maintaining a tidy workspace for feet pictures, etc., you can avoid including any unintentional address slips and keep your face out of photographs.


To sell feet pics, you’ll need to follow the steps below.


Making sure your feet are photo-ready is the first important step to selling feet pics. You should take care of your feet because those who have a foot fetish definitely won’t pay for unattractive pictures. Your feet pics must be flawless if you want to make money selling feet pics. Foot care and self-care are highly crucial. This includes giving them a manicure and proper grooming.

Regularly washing your feet is usually a good idea. It would be simpler to capture attractive feet pics if your feet are clean. Using the best foot care products and visiting your podiatrist if required will help you stay on top of any troubles your feet may be experiencing.

STEP 2 HOW TO SELL FEET PICS: Purchase A Quality Camera

Quality should be one of your top considerations when shooting photos of your feet for cash. Nobody wants to spend money on a shaky, uninspired photograph. Instead, by making a good camera purchase, you can stand out from the crowd. You mustn’t spend a fortune to buy a camera. Getting a decent one can do the magic.

Although Smartphones can take good photos, cameras are preferable because they offer more flexibility and professionalism.

STEP 3 HOW TO SELL FEET PICS: Acquire Photographic skills

Spend some time learning how to take excellent images before jumping in headfirst. To grab a client’s attention, your image needs to be eye-catching and distinctive. Fortunately, a lot of websites provide introductory photography lessons, so following this advice shouldn’t be too difficult. 

People are more likely to want to purchase your foot pics the more work you put into shooting excellent photos of your feet.

You could also take it a notch higher by learning photo editing skills. Editing helps to take away any flaws the picture may have and make it more attractive.


This step is one of the most vital steps. This can solely determine the outcome of your journey in feet pics selling. This is entirely up to you and will depend on which service providers you want. Additionally, posting your photos on other platforms will diversify your revenue streams.

In our opinion, FeetFinder is your best bet.

How to sell feet pics
How to sell feet pics

FeetFinder is one of the biggest and safest online marketplaces for feet pics which also offers free registration. With FeetFinder, you can submit and sell foot images anonymously. All sellers must first provide a valid photo ID for identification before starting their transactions. FeetFinder charges a small $3.99 monthly or $14.99 yearly seller fee.

This website automatically blurs images of your foot so that potential clients might get a hazy impression before purchasing. You also get to pay a transaction fee of 20%. The website does, however, also have an affiliate program where users can refer friends and receive 10% of each sale they make.

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STEP 5 HOW TO SELL FEET PICS: Choose a Foot Niche

Navigating the enormous universe of feet photos can be initially pretty intimidating. You may feel like a small fish in a very large sea with so many sites to select from and so many vendors vying for the same sales. The greatest technique to focus more intently is to select a main area of interest or approach. For instance, images of heels. 

Once you’ve chosen a niche, you can focus all of your efforts on producing the greatest content you can for that specific market. You won’t feel overburdened or spread too thin if you follow this advice. When selling foot pictures, it is preferable to specialize rather than provide poor content that underwhelms and dissatisfies customers. You can gradually begin to expand into other, related categories once you’ve mastered your niche.

STEP 6 HOW TO SELL FEET PICS: Check Out The Competition

If you want to be successful selling foot pictures online, you must be aware of your competition and create content that is as intriguing for foot fans. 

However, think about how you might use parts of their style and foot postures to make your images stand out from theirs.

You could also create your foot positions and style to set yourself apart from the competitors; some individuals could find it alluring to add their unique twist.

STEP 7 HOW TO SELL FEET PICS: Create An Outstanding Profile

Your profile should be original and catchy even if it doesn’t show your face or body. Your profile needs to stand out because there are thousands of sellers competing for the attention of potential buyers. This applies to your name, your picture, and the details you offer in your bio. Make sure the name you select is distinctive, memorable, and not overly complex. 

Whatever your profile photo is (your feet, your face, your body, etc.), it needs to be high-resolution, the right size, not blurry, and imperfection-free. 

A brief bio must be included on the profile of the vendor on various foot picture-selling platforms. Customers can learn a little bit more about you, your interests, and the benefits of purchasing your stuff in this section. Include morsels and little details about your personality and life.

Customers will be more inclined to buy your material if they sense a personal connection to you. Just be cautious not to reveal too much personal information (such as your precise location, birthday, legal name, etc.).

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Another important step is setting your prices. Your prices should be reasonable. When your prices are too high, it wards off customers, and if they’re equally too low, buyers will assume your feet pics are of low quality. Don’t give discounts without a good cause, and make sure your foot photographs are priced competitively.

You may always adjust your pricing based on how well some photographs sell in comparison to others. Make sure to think about how you can match their prices if you discover someone selling the same thing as you but for less. It’s crucial to understand that if someone can get the same product as you for less money, they can decide to go with them rather than you.

STEP 9 HOW TO SELL FEET PICS: Post Pictures Frequently

The majority of website algorithms favor consistent publishing, which is no secret. Therefore, by updating frequently, you show your customers that you value consistency and won’t abandon them after they’ve paid and enrolled.

STEP 10 HOW TO SELL FEET PICS: Bring Customers To Your Profile

You would need to successfully market your blog or platform if you wanted to earn money selling photographs of feet. You can run some sponsored advertisements or use social media to advertise your business. A platform like FeetFinder automatically handles all marketing and advertising for you, so you don’t need to burden yourself. And never forget that starting is usually the hardest part.


How to sell feet pics
How to sell feet pics

There are many crucial variables to take into account if you want to take eye-catching foot photos that will draw in potential customers. Your images should, first and foremost, be visually appealing and display your foot from a variety of angles.

Experimenting with various lighting setups and camera settings is required to achieve this. Additionally, incorporating backdrops and objects can improve the overall aesthetic and add a little extra originality to your photographs.

You can choose from a variety of tools. Depending on your interests and available resources, you can choose between a smartphone and a DSLR camera. Although DSLR cameras have more sophisticated features, it’s important to remember that many current smartphones have superb cameras. Utilizing anamorphic lenses will even help them operate better, resulting in higher-quality pictures.


Although making money by selling images of feet might be rewarding, it’s important to put your safety first as a vendor. Here are some guidelines to remember to have a secure selling experience:

1. Stay Anonymous

One of the main concerns apprehensive sellers have when selling feet pictures is that someone will unintentionally come across their content and learn their filthy little secret. Remaining anonymous is the greatest way to safeguard your identity and avoid any potential risks associated with selling feet pictures. 

Selling photos of feet online is one online business that promotes anonymity. Remember, people are interested in photos and videos of your feet and lower legs, not your face or body, though it doesn’t hurt to include these aspects.

Keep your face and other recognizable traits hidden from view in your content. Tattoos, birthmarks, and even specific objects in the background of your feet photos could serve as hints that help elucidate the identity that you have worked so hard to conceal.

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2. Never Share Your Contact Information Or Address

Customers should be happy with only the foot photographs. If a customer requests your address or phone number, gently decline. If needed, you could use an anonymous email account.

3. Use A VPN

If you sell on websites like Instagram or Twitter, use a VPN to mask your IP address and protect your identity from ID thieves.

4. Resist The Urge To Provide Private Information.

Block anyone right away if they ask you for sensitive information like your true name, age, vital statistics, location, mobile phone number, or even your email address for private messaging.

5. Don’t Accept Physical Gift Cards

Physical gift cards are susceptible to counterfeiting, theft, and fraud. It would be wise to avoid taking them as payment.

6. Watch Out For Overpayments

Scammers could try to pay you more than you’re asking for with a check or credit card and then demand a refund by a wire transfer, pre-loaded money card, or online banking transfer. Avoid falling for these tricks.

7. Never Make Any Payments On Your Own

Scammers may attempt to persuade you to pay a modest sum or a transaction fee to show that you are an authentic merchant. Avoid falling for these pretenses.

8. Watermark Your Photographs

To prevent theft or improper usage, blur your photographs or add a sizable watermark overlay.

9. Get Paid Before Sending Images

Before distributing the images, request payment, and, if you’re using a site like PayPal, make sure to withdraw the funds before sharing the foot pictures.

10. Use Safe Online Payment Methods

Select safe payment methods like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Patreon, Wise, etc. You could open a separate account with anonymous information just for transactions if you decide to utilize PayPal. Use specialized sites, like FeetFinder, that take care of all payments for you.


There is no better moment than now to enter the lucrative internet foot pic market. With this information and this guide on how to sell feet pics, you may start taking attractive photos and earning a sizable side income in no time. 

We hope you found this post very informative as promised. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.



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