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The internet has revolutionized business access, allowing employees to work remotely. However, location restrictions can hinder individuals and businesses from accessing certain websites or services. On the other hand, people are often skeptical about dropping their personal email addresses on different sites for security reasons.

So why should your location deny you the job you so desire and are qualified for, or a service or content you so need? Why should you drop personal information you’re not comfortable dropping? This has led many to create fake addresses that appear and function as though they were real. 

In this post, we’ll list some of the real address generators you can use to generate addresses. We’ll list some for geographic addresses and some for email addresses. To get all the details from this post, try to read it to the end.


A real address generator is a tool that creates imaginary addresses of a house, office, or email. The addresses generated by these real address generators look and function like real.

Many websites need personal information from you before providing their services. For example, they would ask for your home address, email address, and name. Some sites go as far as asking for your bank details and a host of other information that you might not feel comfortable sharing with a third party. In those cases, you can use these real address generators.

You might be worried that using these real address generators is legal. The answer to this will depend on what you’re using the addresses you’re creating for. Otherwise, using real address generators is legal as using a fake address can prevent financial hackers from causing harm.

But using real address generators to create addresses simply to defraud people is illegal.

The real address generator is the technological solution for people who are anxious and need to hide their true address. Additionally, in this present era where a lot of hackers are at their peak and your data is ready, there is a necessity for real address generators.

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Have you ever submitted your email address with a website and then a few days later, suddenly started receiving a lot of spam emails? That was not a coincidence. These days, a lot of websites gather user data solely to sell it to the highest bidder.

You can never be certain how your personal information will be handled until you thoroughly read the terms of service contracts before you hit the submit button. The answer is more complex than simply avoiding lesser-known internet services because it is an unfortunate fact that even big businesses exchange user information with third parties.

If you’re serious about your privacy and personal security, you need to use these real address generators to create home or office addresses and email addresses that you can input when these sites ask for your details.

You can also create different addresses for different sites. This way, you can identify the precise websites that have disclosed your personal information to third parties and limit the use of your primary email address to correspondence that is personal or business-related.


Below is a list of some of the best real address generators that you can use to safeguard your privacy.

1. Pre-Post SEO Address Generator

Real address generator

At the top of our list of best real address generators is Pre-Post SEO. Pre-Post SEO is without a doubt the best real address generator.

This tool lets you create addresses easily with its outstanding capabilities, which are all free of charge. This website has a contemporary interface that is reasonably simple to use.

Even without prior knowledge, you can use this tool. It also lets you add a fake phone number to make calls and it also changes your voice. The amazing thing is that it works on any device.

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2. GeneratePlus

The next tool on our list of best real address generators is GeneratePlus. This tool makes it possible to create a genuine random address. The address is generated when the user simply hits the “generate” button. The associated copy button can then be used to copy the generated Address to the clipboard.

GeneratePlus is capable of generating a couple of other things aside from random addresses. It also includes scientific and technological generators like hexadecimal and prime number generators and non-technical generators used to generate addresses and ISBNs.

3. Fake Details Generator

Fake Details Generator is the next real address generator on our list. This is just one more incredible tool on the market that lets you generate fake addresses at no cost. You can create an address with a random username, social security number, and an erroneous address with a precise location using the Fake Details Generator. 

This website has an extremely high rating and is very popular. If you aim to use these fake addresses to play online games, then this tool is for you.

4. Fake Address Generator

The next on our list of real address generators is the Fake Address Generator. This tool is a complete tool. It not only generates a complete profile for you, but it also pays attention to details. All it takes is one click. Provide your birthdate, complete name, income, employment history, and other facts (which should all be fake by the way)

It can generate addresses from the majority of countries and regions on Earth, including the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Brazil, Germany, California, Belgium, Poland, and Denmark. You can copy these fake details and addresses into a notepad or Word document. This tool can be used repeatedly for the same objective. Thus, it has no negative effects on you.

5. Fakena

Real address generator

Fakena is a great real address generator. This is a safe website that creates a random address every thirty days. The beautiful thing about this tool is that the addresses it creates can be searched on Google Maps. It creates only addresses within the USA.

You can bookmark or save the addresses for later use to make social media posts, etc. If you don’t save the profile, it automatically deletes after 30 days and isn’t recoverable. Although you can use it again if you want to, the website might have made another profile using the same address. The fake addresses it generates can only be used for 30 days. After 30 days, people will be able to tell that it is a fake address as it’ll no longer appear on Google Maps.

6. Best Randoms

This is another real address generator that is worthy of note. This provides customers with an abundance of amazing options that make it simple for them to create a fake address. This tool is available to everyone, regardless of location. 

Besides being a real address generator, it can also be used to create fake IDs. The simplicity of this site makes it easy to use. You won’t have any challenges using this site.

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7. Fakexy

Fakexy is next on our list of best real address generators. Fakexy is an extensive real address generator that generates complete profiles and modifies URLs. This tool can be used to update addresses in Canada.

This real address generator can generate numbers for financial records, social security, and other purposes in any location of your choice be it the UK, California, Brazil, or Canada.

8. Fake It

Next on our list of best real address generators is the very popular Fake It. If you want to avoid sharing your personal information on websites, you can use this online tool to create addresses that can pose as real. it doesn’t only create addresses, it can also be used to create fake IBANs, credit card numbers, names, etc. Fake It has a unique feature that lets it create fake identities or company cards that look real.

9. Data Fake Generator

Data Fake Generator is next on our list of best real address generators. Data Fake Generator can be used to generate random shipping addresses in different locations within the United States.

This real address generator can also be used to create an identity by providing specifics about your age, country, and identity. The fake identity and address could be put to use for several initiatives or goals.

It can also be used to create fake ISBNs, debit or credit card credentials, and other financial details. It also offers fake information such as an address with a specific street name and other details, an email address, a phone number, card information, height, blood type, status, car information, zodiac sign, and religion.

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There are also real address generators that can be used to generate email addresses. Below is a list of some of the best:

1. OwlyMail

Real address generator

First on our list of best real address generators for email addresses is OwlyMail. OwlyMail is a new generator but has received positive reviews. The best thing about it is that it functions with sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix, which frequently ban temporary email addresses.

You can reuse the email addresses generated by OwlyMail and this application is one of the only ones that notifies you when you get messages. OwlyMail has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

2. TrashMail

Next on our list of real address generators for email addresses is TrashMail. TrashMail is very popular and has been operating since 2002. The nicest thing about trash mail is that it can forward correspondence to your actual address, shielding it from spam.

Using this real address generator, you can choose how long you want your email address to exist and the number of messages it can receive. It has a free version and you can choose to upgrade it to get access to more functions.

3. 10minutemail

Another outstanding real address generator for email addresses is 10minutemail. 10minutemail provides a free temporary email address that is valid for ten minutes. When all you need is a private disposable email account to get a signup confirmation email, this is a really useful service.

10minutemail automatically generates email addresses using domain names that change regularly. You can also reset the countdown clock for an additional ten minutes if you need more time.

4. Guerrilla Mail

Real address generator

Guerrilla Mail is probably the most popular real address generator for email addresses. It was launched in 2006. It has a very simple user interface that automates your creation process. It is safe, functional, and costs nothing at all.

You can create an infinite number of fake email accounts with Guerrilla Mail and select your domain name. It can be used to send messages and message attachments. These emails are deleted after 60 minutes. It also supports reusing the addresses it generates.

5. YOPmail 

YOPmail is next on our list of the best real address generators for email addresses. This tool is capable of generating temporary inboxes of your choice. It also provides alternative domains so that websites won’t block it, and it is available in other languages.

This tool allows for more flexibility as it lets you customize the fake email address. You can also select a different domain name since new ones come up every day. YOPmail is also mobile friendly and It provides QA engineers and developers with an API that can be helpful.

6. EmailOnDeck

Another excellent real address generator for email addresses is EmailOnDeck. In only two steps, EmailOnDeck provides quick and cost-free temporary email accounts. It has a modern, clean layout that makes creating emails quite simple.

The email addresses generated by EmailOnDeck can be used for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It safely deletes your old emails and provides a pro membership option for more features. 

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Concluding our list of best real address generators for email addresses is Tempail. Tempail can create hourly temporary email accounts. You can view your incoming emails and register for websites and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter using Tempail. It has an easy-to-use, modern UI with a QR code capability that lets you retrieve your email address once more.


1. Privacy Protection 

You safeguard your privacy by keeping personal email addresses away from potentially shady sources when you create a temporary email.

2. Protecting Against Hacking And Phishing

One way to lower the likelihood of falling victim to phishing or hacking attempts is to use a temporary or fake email account.

3. Prototyping And Testing 

You don’t need to use genuine email addresses to generate numerous test accounts. This is another reason real address generators are helpful.

4. Anonymous Communication

A fake email might be a helpful tool if you need to connect with someone online while staying anonymous.

5. Avoiding Spam 

When registering for websites or services that might send you promotional emails, a temporary email service comes in handy.

6. Account Verifications 

For the sole purpose of receiving the verification link during registration, you can utilize a real address generator.

7. Bypassing Content Restrictions

You can get around domain and location limitations and access stuff that might otherwise be unavailable by using a real address generator.

8. Convenience And Organization 

Features like inbox personalization, automatic email forwarding, and temporary email storage are frequently offered by real address generators.


How do I choose a real address generator?

Stick with the popular choices as less popular real address generators might not be reliable. Even a few temporary mail generators that were discovered to be harvesting user passwords and searching emails for secret encryption keys have been exposed.

Can I create a real address generator?

Yes. You can easily create a real address generator for free and make a fake email address with a lot of the available services. For those who wish to learn more about specific services without perhaps being exposed to spam or commercial materials, this is an excellent choice. It also lessens the likelihood that someone will gather or sell your data.

Is using a fake email a negative thing?

It is unethical and wrong to try to fool people by pretending to own an email address. There is nothing wrong with creating a false email address temporarily to avoid spam, though.


Fake identity creation is a delicate balance between legal and illegal activities. It’s crucial to avoid scams and ensure random identities are used for the right reasons, as no one takes responsibility for misuse.

You can use any of the above-mentioned real address generators as they’re one of the best. We’d love to know your experiences after you use them. You can share them with us in the comment section below.



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