14 Places Where To Download Free eBooks Illegal

Places Where To Download Free eBooks

Are you looking for where to download free eBooks illegally with no hidden fee? Well, you are reading the right article.

Without a doubt, there are thousands of free eBooks online. However, downloading one may cost you real money or even provide limited access to reading the books of choice. 

In this era of technology, books are vital. Regardless of your favorite type of book, you will find something unique that matches your taste. Downloading copyrighted eBooks without the author’s permission is illegal, and we will discuss some risks associated.

Looking for where to download free eBooks illegal can be difficult because there are lots of eBook sites that are not secure platforms. However, in this overview, we will provide you with a list of where to download free eBooks illegal and everything you need to know about illegal eBooks.

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Where to Download Free eBooks Illegal

Here is a list of where to download free eBooks illegal:

1. 1337X:

Where to Download Free eBooks Illegal

1337X is a torrent site where you can download free eBooks illegal. This website is easy to use and to navigate. On the 1337X website, you can download free eBooks, audiobooks, TV shows, music, movies, apps, and more. 

1337X has various sections for downloads. You will most likely find thousands of free illegal eBooks on this platform. Note that this app may come with some ads. However, the eBooks are free on the platform. When you cannot find the eBook you are looking for, you can request one. Also, 1337X is not available in the United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Australia, and others.

2. Anna’s Archive:

Anna’s Archive is one of the best sites to download free eBooks illegal. This site has a unique user interface. It is easy to use and navigate. The site features varieties of free eBooks illegal and more.

Anna’s archive provides users with free articles, audiobooks, eBooks, and more. You can easily download eBooks by searching for the ISBN, title, or author’s name. Every download on this platform is free.

3.  BookYards:

Where to Download Free eBooks Illegal

BookYards is among the top sites to download free eBooks illegal. This unique free site has a user interface that is easy to navigate. It is also available in every country.

With BookYards, you will have access to thousands of free audiobooks, scanned books, and eBooks. 

You don’t have to go through the stress of looking for what to read because there are various sections for each type of book on the platform. You’d find categories like fiction, economics, parenting, religion and spirituality, biography, memoirs, and more for free.



EBOOKEE is yet another best top site to download free eBooks. This has several categories of books, making it easier to get your book of choice. The user interface of this site is easy to use and navigate. 

EBOOKEE provides users with millions of free eBooks in various categories, such as romance, friction, academic, religious, comics, novels, science, and other categories. This torrent site provides free access to downloading eBooks.

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5.  Free-eBooks.net:

Free-eBooks.net is one of the best sites to download free eBooks illegal. This site offers some of the best free eBooks. The site is easy to navigate and free to use. You can expect the top new books on this site.

Free-eBooks.net features thousands of eBooks that are well-arranged in various categories. You’d find sections such as sci-fi, friction, comic, humor, engineering, poems, self-teaching, romance, fantasy, technology, business, academic, technology, and many more.

With Free-eBooks.net, you will have access to only five free books each month. So if you are looking for where to download free ebooks illegally, Free-ebooks.net is your place.

6. Internet Archive:

Internet archive is among the best sites to download free eBooks illegal. This unique site offers millions of free eBooks. On this platform, you can borrow and read eBooks from this site when you sign-up.

Internet Archive has millions of free eBooks, with varieties of categories. There are available monographs, maps, diaries, series, and more educative categories. 

The online site contains diaries, monographs, serials, maps, and more from all over the world. This site also has a daisy file format for disabled individuals. 

You can read any eBook of choice on an internet archive for free.


Library Genesis is a free eBook site that provides users with various categories. This site has an easy user interface, making it a lot easier to navigate. You will enjoy the features of this site because you can search for the eBook of your choice through the name of the author, year, publisher, title, and other means.

Library genesis provides users with access to their digital library. It features audiobooks, journals, articles, academics, comics, science, novels, friction, non-friction, and more.

Library Genesis is available on the web, android, PC, and windows.

8. MyAnonaMouse (MAM):

MyAnonaMouse is one of the top best sites to download free eBooks illegal. This site has an easy-to-use interface, making it easy to navigate. You won’t find it difficult to access this site, because each ebook is well-arranged into categories.

MyAnonaMouse provides a free collection of audiobooks and academic eBooks. Downloading eBooks on this site is safe and free. You will find categories such as business, academic, health, beauty, graphic & design, technology, novel, friction, non-friction, and more.

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PDF drive is one of the top sites to download free eBooks illegal. This site offers millions of eBooks for free. The site has a pretty easy user interface and you can access it with no registration. Also, eBooks on this platform are well-organized with various categories.

With over 80 million eBooks, you can download any book of your choice in a PDF format. The best part of this site is that you can download thousands of eBooks with no restrictions.


WIKIBOOKS is yet another site to download free eBooks illegal. Anyone can access the WIKIBOOKS site, whether you want eBooks for academics, science, fiction, romance, or other categories. You will find this site helpful.

WIKIBOOKS features millions of textbooks and eBooks. You can download any eBooks for free on this platform. Also, eBooks on the WIKIBOOKS platform feature eBooks in different languages such as French, English, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Hindi, and many others languages.


Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest sites to download free eBooks illegal. This site was established in 1971, and since then it has provided readers with classical eBooks that may be hard to be found on other platforms. The user interface of this platform is quite easy to use and navigate.

Project Gutenberg features thousands of free eBooks, and they are available in various categories. You can download eBooks in a file format such as PDF, ePUB, Kindle, HTML, and others. eBooks are in categories, such as education, fiction, music, history, novel, and many others. To access these eBooks, you do not have to sign up or download any app. They are free to download.


The pirate bay is yet another top site to download free eBooks illegal. This site provides users with a simple user interface, and it is easy to navigate. On this site, you can expect an extensive library of eBook trackers. 

The pirate bay supports a peer-to-peer file sharing. You can search for eBooks with titles, authors, ISBN, etc. They also have varieties of categories for eBooks, such as music, TV shows, applications, games, eBooks, and more.

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13. Torlock:

Torlock is one of the best sites to download free eBooks illegal. This site is not limited to eBooks only as you can find a collection of TV shows, documentaries, sports, applications, movies, music, anime, and more.

Torlock provides access to thousands of eBooks, and you can download them for free. Although, the Torlock site is not available in India, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It is available in several countries. eBooks on this platform are free to download. However, you may find some ads disturbing.

14.  Torrent9:

Torrent9 is among the top sites to download free eBooks illegal. This site features a simple user interface and you can silly download eBooks for free from hidden charges. 

Torrent9 is an all-in-one site. Not only can you download eBooks for free, but you can also download the latest TV shows, music, movies, games, and more on this platform. The Torrent9 site is not available in countries such as the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Denmark, Morocco, and India.

How to download free eBooks illegal?

Without further ado, here are easy steps on how to download free eBook illegally:

Step 1: Download a free or paid VPN app:

This applies if your country does not support visiting a torrent site. You can download a free or paid VPN app, then connect to a country that supports torrent sites. This will give you access to the site of your choice.

Step 2: Visit the free eBook illegal site of choice:

Once you are connected to an active VPN, visit a free eBook illegal site of your choice.

Step 3: sign up on the eBook illegal site:

Sign up on the site, although most torrent sites may not require you to sign up.

Step 4: Follow the site’s instructions:

Most sites for free eBooks illegal apps are with an easy user interface. However, you can follow the instructions on the site on how to download eBooks on the site.

Step 5: Select your choice of the file format:

Some sites may offer varieties of file format options such as PDF, ePUB, Kindle, HTML, and others. You can then click on download, and you will receive the file in the selected file format.

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What are Illegal E-book sites?

The eBooks you decide to download may be illegal because some of these sites have eBooks with copyrights. Meaning, some of these sides did not follow the right procedures for obtaining the eBooks. 

For eBooks to be legal on sites, they must get permission from the authors or publishers. This makes it unlawful for you to download them, and you may be at risk of downloading corrupted files that can be harmful to your devices and personal data.

Why you shouldn’t download Illegal eBooks?

There are various reasons you shouldn’t attempt downloading illegal eBooks from torrent sites. 

First, downloading an illegal eBook will negatively affect the sales of the author, and the publishers. Most authors depend on the income from the sales of these books, and getting them for free means their income will be reduced.

This will not only affect their income source, but it will also affect their motivation to write further. 

Steps on how to Prevent Piracy of your eBooks

Most authors ask if they can prevent the piracy of their eBooks. The answer to this question is yes! You can prevent your eBooks from torrent sites by following these simple steps: 

Step 1: Ensure to protect your eBooks:

You can protect your eBooks by preventing readers from making edits to the eBooks. Also, you can protect your eBooks with a one-time password or restrict others from printing or editing your eBooks.

You can also encrypt your eBooks, and readers cannot share your content without the decrypted password.

Step 2: issue a DMCA Takedown Notice:

With a DMCA takedown notice, you can easily restrict torrent sites from sharing or selling your eBooks with permission. If your eBook is copyrighted, you will have control over how eBooks.

Step 4: Try using Digital Rights Management (DRM):

If you want an easy way to protect your eBooks, consider Using Digital Rights Management. This will help you have total control over your eBooks and also restrict the illegal distribution of your eBooks.

Using a copyright warning on your eBook will also prevent the illegal distribution of your content. Copyright on eBook signifies you own the book, and any attempt to share or sell the book without your permission may lead to you taking legal action.

Frequently asked questions 

Where to Download Free eBooks Illegal?

You can download free eBooks illegally from these sites: Anna’s Archive, BookYards, EBOOKEE, Free-eBooks.net, Internet Archive, and more.

Why should I stay away from Downloading Illegal eBooks?

When you download from an unreliable site, you are at risk of exposing your devices to viruses that can damage your devices, or expose your relevant information to internet fraudsters.

You can download legal free eBooks from these popular sites Obooko, Feedbooks, HathiTrust digital library, Manybooks, Bookboon, and others.


There are lots of sites for free eBooks illegal. Some of these sites offer millions of free eBooks, and regardless of the categories you are looking for, you will most likely find something for you. We hope this overview on “where to download free eBooks illegal” is helpful to your search.

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