How To Get Amazon Prime for Free Forever

How To Get Amazon Prime for Free

Have you ever wondered how to get something for free? Then you and everyone else wondering how to get Amazon Prime for free are not in the wrong. Freebies are a thing for a reason.

Businesses like Amazon incorporate freebies into their businesses because it works to get them brand exposure at very little cost. There’s no business that gets an opportunity for brand exposure that wouldn’t take it. Even Amazon cannot have too much brand exposure and they know it.

Amazon knows that you’re googling how to get Amazon Prime for free and they’re counting on it leading you to their platform because sooner rather than later, it would drive you to their website and that means more business for them.

How To Get Amazon Prime for Free

This article examines and corrects some impressions as nothing is entirely free, the premise behind the thinking, the benefits of getting Amazon Prime and a number of ways how to get Amazon Prime for free. Check them out.


Is Amazon Prime for free?

Amazon Prime is not free and going by what is expected, users are expected to pay a nominal fee in order to access the service. To come close to how to get Amazon Prime for free as may have been popularised, there are a number of ways that people go about it and that’s the entire basis of this article. If you give a couple of the options a shot, you can end up with something.

Switch to free Amazon Prime for students

Are you a new student or do you think Amazon Prime for students offers you better benefits than the plan you’re on, then you should be able to switch. It is one of the ways that are immediately considered if people are thinking of how to get Amazon Prime for free.

Be aware that Amazon Prime Student’s yearly cost climbed from $59 to $69 last year. Additionally, the monthly membership price rose from $6.49 to $7.49. However, if you often purchase from Amazon and use — or are interested in utilizing — its other online services, membership is useful.

Due to the price rise, Amazon Prime Student now offers a variety of advantages, including free GrubHub food delivery, price cuts on Amazon Music and Prime Video Channels, up to 10% off StudentUniverse-selected flights and hotels, and more.

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How to get Amazon Prime for free

To understand how to get Amazon Prime for free or close to nothing, here are a number of things that you can apply for access to Amazon Prime membership.

1 – Wait for when Amazon Prime is on offer

Although it doesn’t happen often, Amazon occasionally offers membership choices at deeply discounted prices. For some events or special days, Amazon can be obliged to make an offer for anyone who wants to get Amazon Prime.

For example, when Mozart in the Jungle, an original series from Amazon, won the Golden Globe for Outstanding TV Series, the cost was reduced to $73. Although unpredictable, this is a terrific method to benefit from a cheap Prime subscription.

2 – Getting Prime through government aid programs

When completing the enrollment process on the Amazon Prime Access website, you only need to upload a photo of your ID card or eligibility letter to be considered for any of the many government aid programs that Amazon recognizes.

You must also input a payment option, such as a credit or debit card because you cannot pay for your Prime membership with the qualifying program.

Supplemental Security Income, SNAP, Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program are among the programs that are eligible.

Additionally, if you get funds from the Women, Infants, and Children program, the National School Lunch Program, or have a Direct Express Debit Card, you are eligible to apply.

3 – Getting on Prime Student

For students attending a two- or four-year college, Prime Student offers a cheaper membership option. The perks of Prime Student membership are identical to those of a regular Prime membership, and they include quick, free delivery on millions of goods, exclusive discounts, and top-notch entertainment.

In addition to receiving exclusive benefits from StudentUniverse, Calm, Course Hero, and several Prime Video channels with student-only prices, Prime Student membership also offers savings on college needs.

For members enrolled in two or four-year institutions, Prime Student is another reduced subscription that costs $7.49 per month or $69 per year (after a free six-month trial). Prime Student gives students access to additional exclusive bonuses and discounts in addition to all of Prime’s advantages.

You must register using a .edu email address in order to be eligible for a Prime Student membership, however, you may also do so by uploading an image of your current student ID, transcript, or tuition bill.

4 – Use Amazon mom

You may sign up for Amazon Mom for free and get all of the Mom advantages if you already have an Amazon Prime membership. The additional Amazon Mom savings on Subscribe & Save goods, however, will no longer be available if you cancel your Prime membership.

Even if you may still be able to take advantage of other offers and discounts related to the Amazon Mom program. There may only be one Amazon Mom subscription per household.

The membership program called Amazon Mom is aimed towards mothers of infants and young children. Think diapers and wipes when you think of baby-related items you can save up to 20% on, and shipping is free to your front door! Even new members receive three months for free!

It’s quite easy to cancel if you decide not to renew your Amazon Mom membership or sign up for Amazon Prime after your trial time.

5 – Get coupon codes on websites

Number 5 on this list of how to get Amazon Prime for free is visiting websites where they give coupon codes for Amazon. If you get any of those coupon codes, then the voucher makes people eligible for certain perks up to some amount.

These promo codes will offer significant savings on purchases made when online shopping. Just remember to add the promo code before you submit your purchase during shopping. You should be aware that not all coupon websites provide free Amazon Prime discounts.

6 – Get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime

You may start a 30-day free trial of Prime right away if you only want to sign up for the Prime Day bargains and cancel before the trial expires if you decide not to continue. Following your trial, Prime has a monthly fee of $14.99.

The Prime trial is a terrific approach to determine whether you enjoy and utilize the service’s advantages (this MarketWatch Picks article outlines who Prime is appropriate for).

It’s frequently worthwhile for the free delivery alone if you purchase from Amazon several times a month and in modest amounts; if you’re an infrequent shopper, it might not be. Get a 30-day trial for nothing.

7 – Share Amazon Prime with family

Sharing Amazon Prime with your Amazon family is made simple by Amazon. With this scheme, you can distribute your primary benefits to four teenagers, four kids, and one additional adult living in your home.

Each user may also be given their own login and password to access Kindle movies, music, and books with Prime Household. You can set up the service such that parental consent is required if you choose to use it with minors.

This is how to get Amazon Prime for free without paying anything to do. The person who was added has access to almost everything. That is a great way to enjoy the movies while staying away from the subject of money.

8 – Register for the Sprint Cell Phone Plan

If you want to switch phone carriers, certain cellular companies will give you a free year of Amazon Prime when you join up for one of their plans. This is one of the easiest and perhaps most accidental ways to get free Amazon Prime for free.

For instance, Sprint offers Amazon Prime for free for a whole year to consumers who choose their Unlimited Premium plan. Customers of Metro by T-Mobile may get Amazon Prime for free with certain of their plans.

Although it may not provide you with free Amazon Prime indefinitely, this will significantly reduce the price of any Amazon purchases you make.

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Most times, you have to give something to get something and this is no exception. This lists a number of ways on how to get Amazon Prime for free and the different requirements. For some, it’s in exchange for some cash, and for others, it’s in exchange for registration for a service that provides certain benefits.

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