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How often do you check your phone throughout the day? You may check your social media accounts up to 150 times every day if you’re a typical millennial. This statistic is to your advantage if you are an entrepreneur or own a small company. You might sell more of your items and reach a broader … Read more

17 Unique Best social media platforms for business

best social media platform for business

Are you seeking the best social media platforms for business to improve your social strategy and increase your return on investment? Social media may be an extremely effective marketing avenue for your brand. It’s an excellent strategy for increasing brand awareness, strengthening connections with current customers, and generating new prospects to fill your channel. Choosing … Read more

222 days after, Nigeria lifts ban on Twitter costing Nigeria $1 billion

twitter ban

Nigeria lifts ban on Twitter after 222 days of shutting down the social networking site, says the company has consented to government demands. Nigeria has finally rescinded its ban on Twitter – seven months after clamping down on the social networking site, with many loss to count. On June 5th, 2021. Techibytes broke the shocking … Read more

Social Media Fest 2021 Review | What is SMFest?

social media fest

– Social Media Fest (SMFest). Amongst the millions of social media conferences in the world, is this iconic event Social Media Fest is an annual gathering of the best creatives on the globe seeking opportunities to expand their creativity. In this maiden edition, Social Media Fest 2021 aims to provide opportunities for individuals to Connect, … Read more

#TwitterBan: How Much is Nigeria losing each day to Twitter Ban?

twitter ban

The tenure of President Muhammed Buhari will go down in the history of Nigerians as one of the hardest times the country had witnessed, It is one to which Citizens right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression is trample upon. The Twitter ban in Nigeria has generated lots of controversies and has caused much … Read more