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jobs that will be replaced by AI

It is no longer news to many workers across multiple industries that they may just be working jobs that will be replaced by AI. Within tech and business circles, much has been said about the influence of AI, the jobs that will be replaced by AI and just how much improvement has occurred in the last few years.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has stated in interviews that although AI would eliminate “some jobs,” it will also generate new ones. The CEO said, “Every tech revolution leads to job change,” when asked if AI will result in job losses.

We can adjust to any degree of labour market change in two generations, and new occupations are frequently better. There will be jobs that will be replaced by AI, but there will be difficult to imagine new, better employment in the future.

jobs that will be replaced by AI
jobs that will be replaced by AI

This article discusses the improvements AI has made to some jobs and industries, the benefits and likely replacements and the jobs that will be replaced by AI.

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Will AI truly take away some jobs?

Another technological revolution is just getting started thanks to generative AI, which uses models to create text, graphics, and more. This has inspired fear in people who feel that they may be working jobs that will be replaced by AI.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT passed 100 million users in just two months. Microsoft introduced ChatGPT-powered Bing six months after its debut, Google showed off Bard, its most recent large language model (LLM), and Meta introduced LLaMA.

ChatGPT-5 probably won’t be far behind. Additionally, thousands of people already own this technology, in contrast to social media, which continues to be primarily centralized.

This means that multiple companies are focused on creating AI for different professions. This means that there are going to be many jobs that will be replaced by AI, and there is very little that people can do about it as it is very cost-effective for thousands of employers.

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10 jobs that will be replaced by AI

As far as likely jobs that will be replaced by AI are, these 10 are the most likely that have been observed based on the current application and pace of growth.

1 – Graphic Designers

Through the use of typography, graphics, and other design elements, graphic design is a cutting-edge field that participates in visual communication and problem-solving.

It requires a blend of technical expertise, artistic skills, and a profound grasp of images. AI, on the other hand, describes computer programs that can carry out tasks that would typically need human intelligence.

By automating tedious work and giving artists strong tools, AI has begun to play a role in graphic design. These tools can help in the creation of layouts, colour suggestions, design variants, and even whole designs depending on preset criteria.

Large datasets may be analyzed by AI algorithms to spot design trends and produce insights that can help the creative process. AI-powered design tools may swiftly produce design possibilities, allowing designers to quickly explore a variety of concepts.

In order to customize designs and provide more engaging and personalised experiences, AI systems may also assess user information and preferences.

2 – Editors / Proofreaders

The most recent editing technology assists copy editors and proofreaders with the tedious and, let’s face it, mind-numbing aspects of their work. There are algorithms for grammar and spelling checks, document summaries, removing contradictions, and duplicate detection. AI is getting good at those.

The editing process is a three-way conversation between the author, publisher, and editor that is carried out in a changing editorial environment with each new release. This makes the argument that as AI gets better, the need for human editors and proofreaders may be no more.

The editor will approach the text with a lifetime of linguistic experience, as well as knowledge of facts, perceptions, and recollections drawn from a variety of fields, including archaeology and zoomorphism, all of which are essential layered with empathy and sensitivity for the author’s written word.

As time goes on, the jobs that will be replaced by AI would continue to increase and hit closer to home.

3 – Translators and Interpreters

It takes time, expertise, training, and effort to provide translation and interpreting services using human translators and interpreters as quickly and precisely as feasible.

Despite being less precise and dependable, this is likely one of the jobs that will be replaced by AI because contemporary AI technology offers several benefits, including the possibility to provide quicker, less expensive solutions that are more effective, with almost no need to rely on or accommodate human translators’ schedules or requirements.

Also, it is far more practical than conventional translating and interpreting since there are several free machine translation programs online, like Google Translate, DeepL, and other solutions based on artificial intelligence.

AI solutions and machine translation software are always evolving, adaptive, programmable, and becoming more accurate.

Those who make the argument that jobs that will be replaced by AI will not happen because despite being excellent at translating texts according to predefined criteria, machines will probably never be able to fully capture the richness and diversity of human language forget that AI can simply be trained the way we train children.

4 – Web designers

The creative sector is being greatly impacted by AI, but will it replace web designers? Yes, assuming everything continues to grow at this rate. Design professionals may now easily construct websites with fewer stages and more effective procedures thanks to automation.

As a result, production may be boosted and turnaround times can be shortened. By enabling people to have better user experiences with visual designs particularly created for them based on their browsing patterns, machine learning is also being used in web design.

This would continue to be the case for a while until web design is one of the jobs that will be replaced by AI, and this time, in its entirety. The more AI learns to process things like a human, the better it gets at web design.

5 – Creative writers and Lyricists

Poets, lyricists, and creative authors are among the categories most at risk as jobs that will be replaced by AI, according to research. Don’t worry about the fact that the LLMs’ training data is composed entirely of human-produced text (in this example, poetry, songs, and prose). They learn to infuse human thinking and emotion into what they do and produce great stuff.

In the past, while having AI create a speech, short novel, or poetry for you may seem amazing on the surface, the finished product often sounds strange or even derivative. Now, a lot of that is changing as AI starts to improve, as creative writing and lyric writing become jobs that will be replaced by AI.

The criticism used to be that AI could not establish connections with journalists, but that is changing as AI gets more plugged into the way things work and social media.

As a requirement of one of the jobs that will be replaced by AI, AI will learn to comprehend how industry narratives are changing and how to apply them to the context of a company’s goods and services.

Because, let’s face it, most content marketing is a little unoriginal and boring, and sincerely AI could not be performing any worse, AI is here to stay.

6 – News analysts and Journalists

2023 has been proclaimed the “breakthrough year for artificial intelligence and its application for journalism” by the Reuters Institute Digital News Report.

It claims that AI transcription tools are already commonplace in newsrooms and that many of them also use them to generate subtitles and text-to-speech, as well as choose the stories they recommend to users.

The use of virtual news anchors is being tested by several media businesses. Additionally, applications like “Artifact” already provide readers with AI-generated summaries of internet news articles.

In 2023, NewsGPT, the first news station in the world whose content is totally produced by AI, was also launched. The platform’s CEO, Alan Levy, referred to it as a game changer and said it wants to revolutionize the way news is distributed by offering fact-based, unbiased journalism without any hidden purpose.

In order to provide articles that are purportedly accurate, current, and unbiased, NewsGPT is said to be powered by machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technologies that scan key news sources throughout the world in real-time. Additionally, it asserts to be unaffected by sponsors, political allegiances, or individual viewpoints.

While media analysts think that journalism is one of the jobs that will be replaced by AI, journalists think it will enable them to have more time to devote to in-depth reporting and analysis.

7 – Recruiters

Recruiters are on the block as one of the jobs that will be replaced by AI at the current rate and this could be for lots of reasons. The recruitment sector is already undergoing a transformation thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s feasible that some recruiting tasks will eventually be automated.

Many doubt that AI will totally replace recruiters since some components of the recruiting process will always benefit from human interaction and decision-making.

Numerous hiring processes, including resume screening, candidate matching, and interview scheduling, may be automated with AI.

AI-powered systems may examine job descriptions and résumés to find the best candidates for a certain position, saving recruiters the time and effort of having to manually sort through resumes.

Based on a candidate’s qualifications, experience, and interests, AI may also match them with appropriate job positions. Chatbots and other AI-powered communication technologies can also assist to speed up applicant communication by automatically arranging interviews and responding to frequently requested inquiries. This is how well jobs that will be replaced by AI will be taken over.

8 – Teachers

A well-known example of using AI to offer individualized study programs, practice problems, and feedback is Khan Academy. Additionally, adaptive learning platforms monitor student performance using sophisticated algorithms and modify the curriculum as necessary.

As a result, all students receive the assistance they require at the appropriate speed. Schools are using technology in addition to online resources to enhance the educational process and lower teacher turnover. Even classroom instruction is gradually changing thanks to technology.

Teachers may place more emphasis on encouraging critical thinking than memorization of facts in a society where Google search is the go-to resource for knowledge. If AI improves fast enough, teaching as one of the jobs that will be replaced by AI may not sit well with a lot of people.

9 – Accountant

As with many other professions across industries, the question “Will AI replace me?” is one that many accountants frequently ponder as AI becomes more commonplace in the accounting sector and accounting gets positioned as one of the jobs that will be replaced by AI.

The quick response is no, at least for now. Although AI will alter how accountants perform their duties, it will not instantly replace them. The somewhat lengthier response is that, in the not-too-distant future, accountants who are proficient in utilizing AI technologies to increase productivity and efficiency may replace accountants who aren’t.

While accountants may be concerned about whether they will eventually be replaced by machines, the scarcity of accountants is a much more urgent problem for the accounting industry.

10 – Lawyers and Paralegals

In a study, researchers compared how well artificial intelligence (AI) and human attorneys performed in annotating five types of common nondisclosure agreements (NDAs).

The test materials were processed by LawGeex Artificial Intelligence, which has never done so previously. The AI system was 94% correct at the end of the exercise, compared to an average accuracy rate of 85% for attorneys.

Law is most likely one of the jobs that will be replaced by AI. Even as AI learns to perform legal research, cross-examine expert witnesses, assist in jury selection, and conduct client interviews. There are upsides to the legal profession for humans but there are lots of jobs that will be replaced by AI in the nearest possible future.

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Every area of our life is being changed by artificial intelligence (AI), from autocorrect, which stops us from writing embarrassing texts to keeping fraudulent transactions out of our bank accounts. Across industries and professions and with each new thing AI can do, the list of jobs that will be replaced by AI continues to increase.

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