14 Best Artificial Intelligence SEO Tools

best artificial intelligence seo tools

Today, every website owner must have a basic understanding of SEO. To make sure that search engines index your material, search engine optimization is crucial. Artificial Intelligence SEO tools make this optimization process seamless and effective. With just one click, you can generate posts that’ll rank high on search engines.

In this article, we’ll examine the 14 best artificial intelligence SEO tools and how they can benefit you. Do well to read this post to the end as it’ll be very helpful.

best artificial intelligence seo tools

What Are Artificial Intelligence SEO Tools?

Artificial Intelligence SEO tools are tools that use artificial intelligence to examine the keywords, structure, and content of websites. They check every page on your website for faults and consistency issues before determining what has to be improved. They then employ this data to raise your position in search engine results.

In other words, Artificial Intelligence SEO Tools are simple online tools that Website owners can use to improve their search engine rankings by examining the material for keywords, backlinks, and other SEO factors, this aids in optimizing Web content.

Artificial Intelligence SEO tools examine a website’s potential for high placement on search engine results pages. They offer details about backlinks, keywords, and insights into SEO competition online.

The greatest artificial intelligence SEO tools make it simpler to maintain and monitor your search engine rankings as well as make sure that your website is optimized for performance.

Why You Need Artificial Intelligence SEO Tools 

Artificial Intelligence SEO tools are without a doubt very beneficial for every website owner who wants to be at the top of their game. These are some of the reasons you need artificial intelligence SEO tools.

1. Opportunity For Keywords

With greater experience in SEO, creating a list of keyword chances might get more challenging. You may have run into a brick wall and are unsure of what material to add next.

You may see the new and existing keywords that your rivals are ranking for by using artificial intelligence SEO tools. Afterward, you may use the tools to find relevant keywords, add these terms to your list, and even think about branching out into new markets.

2. To Hasten The SEO Procedure

It is undeniable that machines are faster and more effective than people at collecting and processing data. Artificial Intelligence SEO tools aid experts in expediting the SEO process and exploring what can be automated as well as how the machine functions.

Moreover, artificial intelligence SEO tools assist in gathering information in a more structured and categorized way. An excellent tool will present the data so that you can rapidly scan through the most crucial portions of the analysis.

3. Spend Less Time And Cash On Manual SEO Audits.

When it comes to finding problems with websites, thorough SEO audits provide a plethora of insight. Unfortunately, producing thorough audits by hand frequently requires a lot of time and money.

When using artificial intelligence SEO tools, this time and expense can be reduced in half while still producing results that are at least as good.

These technologies entirely automate this procedure and compile a variety of data into a report that is simple to read. For as low as $100 a month, you can produce these reports for yourself or your clients. These reports serve as a road map for fixing the issues with the website. The most reliable method for creating a strong SEO foundation for your site is to work from an SEO audit.

4. High-Converting Keywords

Targeting keywords with a buyer’s intent makes sense because they frequently have the highest conversion rates. You may still use content to create leads even if your initial goal isn’t to sell a good or service.

To create leads, target keywords that encourage conversions and include content upgrades in your content.

You can use artificial intelligence SEO tools to find out how your rivals are approaching content marketing. To determine whether they are using content upgrades themselves, simply examine their posts with the highest rankings and/or the most backlinks.

With the use of artificial intelligence SEO tools, you can think outside the box and use the information to inform a comprehensive SEO plan.

5. Track SEO Progress & KPIs

As the main indicator of their SEO success, many website owners focus on their rankings. But there are numerous other figures to take into account, most notably organic traffic and conversions.

Calculating these on your own can be challenging. Fortunately, artificial intelligence SEO tools are extremely helpful in identifying when your SEO efforts are successful.

Your business model and goals will determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) you use. These may include things like keyword placements, domain authority, the number of backlinks, traffic, form fills, etc.

To make sure that not only are you getting more traffic, but that traffic is also converting, it is important to track your progress across a variety of metrics and platforms.

6. Brand Awareness

Having your website in these top places on the result pages offers more exposure for your website because rankings in the top positions produce large impressions.

Users who conduct searches using the desired keywords can rapidly connect your brand with them; this fosters trust since people tend to believe that businesses found on the first page are reliable. Artificial Intelligence SEO Tools help you achieve this.

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14 Best Artificial Intelligence SEO Tools

Below is a list of some of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools.

1. RankIQ

RankIQ is believed to be the best when it comes to software business in the world for sports analytics. It is a feature-rich yet user-friendly search engine ranking tool.

The RankIQ Team has more than 30 years of experience improving the rankings of websites. It provides a variety of tools to aid you in improving your search engine results with its excellent customer service.

RankIQ is one of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools. Bloggers and companies can easily automate their SEO efforts with RankIQ with an increase in organic search traffic to your website.

You may create optimized content more quickly by using this artificial intelligence SEO tool, which provides titles and content for your posts. A list of carefully chosen, popular, low-competition keywords is provided with the software.

The outline to write a blog article is ready in a matter of minutes because it generates content briefs based on the subjects you should address. It enables you to create excellent content that can appear on Google’s front page. The most amazing thing is that RankIQ costs as low as $49.

2. Frase.io

artificial Intelligence SEO tools
Frase.io – artificial intelligence SEO tools

For companies, bloggers, and independent authors, Frase.io is the ideal writing tool. It makes use of AI to produce incredible content in a portion of the time that traditional writing takes. Frase is perfect for content marketers and marketing agencies.

You may create original material with just one click, including articles, brief blog entries, and white papers. Develop many versions to suit your audience; Frase will help you at every step.

The dashboard of the software assesses and categorizes content opportunities. It displays helpful information about what you should do next by using data from Google Search Console. You can remain on top of your SEO by using Frase’s analytics features to identify pages that need to be updated and are losing rank.

You can use its Crash Course feature to learn how to use the program quickly and effectively for SEO purposes. There are even little videos that act as a demo in addition to the succinct but thorough lessons, making it one of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools out there.

Payment for Frase.io starts at $14.99 per month and comes with a 5-day trial for $1 

3. Alli AI

Alli AI is one of the artificial intelligence SEO tools that provide several SEO functionalities to enhance and optimize your website content strategies. The application offers the customer a quick and effective way to boost traffic, develop high-quality backlinks, and expand corporate outreach.

Companies may effortlessly automate their SEO operations with the aid of Alli AI, allowing SEO teams at agencies to quickly improve their website. Without the need for engineers or technical expertise, teams can handle SEO campaigns fast. Moreover, it can be added to any content management system, including WordPress and Shopify.

Alli AI is best for small teams, eCommerce stores, and tech hubs. The fact that Alli AI’s algorithms are self-adjusting means that its automated procedures modify following SEO best practices, which is another fantastic benefit it gives. It costs $249 per month and comes with a 10-day free trial 

4. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is one of the famous artificial intelligence SEO tools for raising rankings, increasing organic traffic, and increasing site visibility. Assisting you with information gathering, content creation, optimization, and auditing, it streamlines the SEO process.

This application contains the capabilities you require to create a successful content plan. Leading businesses worldwide, including Lenovo, ClickUp, Thomson Reuters, Shopify, and Opera, rely on Surfer SEO.

Weekly SEO insights are available through the growth management solution called Grow Flow by Surfer SEO. You can use it to find high-ranking keywords, investigate specialized subjects, find pertinent internal links, come up with new content ideas, and more.

You can use your main keyword in its keyword research tool to discover dozens of topics that are linked to it. By using it, you can rapidly gauge the complexity of keywords and searches each month as well as the search intent of your target audience. Surfer SEO has a free mode and paid tier that costs $49 per month.

5. WordLift

artificial Intelligence SEO tools
WordLift- artificial intelligence SEO tools

To help search engines understand your content, Wordlift automatically adds structured data to your website. It is one of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools.

Its primary job is to examine your page, group words into entities, and produce suggestions for how to improve it.

The plugin includes several widgets, such as a timeline and geomap, to enhance your blogs with more visual content. The widget is very simple to use and doesn’t call for any technical expertise.

Moreover, WordLift provides you with content inspiration, suggestions for pertinent photos, metadata creation, and internal linking.

Wordlift’s pricing starts from $62. A 14-day free trial of the software is available, and you can extend it by 7 days if you need more time.

6. INK

Next on our list of best artificial intelligence SEO tools is INK. The creation and optimization of content is INK’s primary duty. Using this tool, you can create graphics from text and automatically create SEO blogs from keyword phrases.

A built-in content shield in the editor lets you know which sentences need paraphrase by spotting copied text. Using an A.I. paraphraser, you can edit the text by automatically changing the sentences, and you can also use SEO scoring.

INK offers a tool for conducting keyword research to optimize content. It can be used to gather pertinent keywords for blogs.

The basic INK plan costs $49. Choose the enterprise plan if you are a team. Each month, it costs $119. A supplemental training class for new marketers that covers Google ranking strategies is included in the enterprise bundle.

7. Diib

Diib helps to expand your website very easily. With Diib’s artificial intelligence SEO tools, you feel much more informed about what is going on with your website.

Users can automate their SEO with Diib, improve rankings, and benchmark their websites against those of rivals. It employs AI to create a personalized growth plan, provide automated statistics, and monitor your development as you grow.

Diib combines cutting-edge algorithms and AI to provide you with an intuitive growth strategy while instantaneously syncing with Google Analytics. You may examine your website for ways to enhance SEO, speed, security, and user experience in under 60 seconds.

Diib also offers customers a daily health score to evaluate the condition of your website, which is a terrific function. The program employs a sophisticated algorithm that evaluates your website’s performance using 12 metrics.

Diib has a free plan, and the Pro plan costs $7.99 per month.

8. SEMrush 

artificial Intelligence SEO tools
SEMrush – artificial intelligence SEO tools (Image: semrush.com)

SEMrush is one of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools that aid in better understanding your rivals. You can use it to obtain all the online information you require.

With the help of the online application SEMrush, you may examine and contrast the websites of your rivals to find out what they’re doing better than you.

SEMrush can help you save time by providing you with a summary of all the crucial information about a domain that you need to be aware of before deciding whether or not to buy it for your website.

SEMrush has 3 payment plans; Pro at $119.95 per month, Guru at $229.95 monthly, and Business at $449.95 monthly. You can try SEMrush for free before deciding which payment plan suits you.

9. Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights is a content marketing platform that finds keywords for articles and generates content briefs. With the help of a search intent analysis tool, it generates a list of phrases based on your seed keyword and indicates potential places to use them. It is one of the most helpful artificial intelligence SEO tools.

You may automatically group pertinent keywords using its clustering capability, saving you the time of manually grouping them for the blog. You can generate up to 100 content briefs and download 6000 to 100k phrases on average each month.

A comparison tool and a free SERP checker are also shared by Keywords Insights. You can utilize them to develop content ideas and compare phrases to see if they can be used together as LSI keywords.

The monthly cost of Keyword Insights is $49. For both research and content briefs, more credits are available for purchase.

10. CanIRank

artificial Intelligence SEO tools
CanIRank – artificial intelligence SEO tools

CanIRank is one of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools that suggest pages to optimize and keywords to target. Additionally, it examines the backlinks of your rivals and offers suggestions for websites to target for link development.

CanIRank provides you with daily recommendations for tasks to accomplish and monitors changes in your rankings as a result of any recommendations that you complete. CanIRank collects data using AI from multiple websites before going above and above by offering ideas.

Their artificial intelligence approach relies on giving people information that directs them toward enhancing their content. CanIRank provides customized reports and data-driven advice. Additionally, it pinpoints the most pertinent facts from every marketing channel. CanIRank costs just $49 per month.

11. Outranking

Outranking is one of the artificial intelligence SEO tools that can assist you to solve your problems with engagement and organic traffic. The tool targets organic content using SERP analysis while also making automatic content production straightforward and hassle-free.

This implies that the program carefully examines high-ranked websites and uses the information to identify changes that can raise your ranking. Outranking may instantly give you an immediate draft by leveraging SERP data. Next, if necessary, you can make more adjustments, fact-checks, and rewrites.

Outranking prioritizes SEO in all written material produced for your website, including blog summaries, titles, and briefs. The program also offers a thorough SEO Text Editor that you may use in addition to the Ideas function to boost your SEO.

You can quickly create meta descriptions and titles, improve H2 and H3 tags, and respond to “People Also Ask” queries. You can use the SEO Content Editor to update previously published or older pieces in addition to using it when you’re writing a new piece.

Outranking has 3 payment plans, Solo at $79, Pro at $149, and Company Use at $219.

12. MarketMuse

With MarketMuse, one of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools, you can optimize your on-page article SEO and establish yourself as an industry authority.

They genuinely examine your website for things like domain rating and rankings, unlike other AI tools, and they provide suggestions for additional supporting content you should publish. Also, you may quickly optimize already published content.

It can be a little confusing to find out all you can do with their interface because it has so many options.

You can test out a few monthly queries in their free version. If not, using this platform will cost you $7200 a year, pricing out many freelance writers.

13. Squirrly SEO

artificial Intelligence SEO tools
Squirrly – artificial intelligence SEO tools

Squirrly SEO is a multi-purpose WordPress plugin. You can get assistance with keyword research, an AI assistant for content optimization, actionable insights to boost site performance, and ranking tracking from this tool. It is one of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools.

You’ll receive a collection of complementary tools to streamline your workflows and monitor your Google rating, including a keyword clustering tool, a duplication remover, and a SERP checker.

Squirrly gives out weekly reports for monitoring that provide advice on how to correct mistakes. Each website may be manually audited to find SEO problems, and Squirrly even lets you keep track of your social network pages.

For solopreneurs, startups, and agencies, it’s the ideal app. Each month, Squirrly charges $20 to $75. You can try it for free to explore its features.

14. NeuronWriter

One of the best artificial intelligence SEO tools called NeuronWriter assists content creators in crafting outstanding blog posts and social media updates that will rank on search engines. This tool’s AI Writer, which can produce AI-written content for more effective writing and SEO optimization, is one of its main advantages.

To produce effective content for your target keyword, NeuronWriter uses data from Google SERPs, competitive analysis, and natural language processing (NLP).

In addition to the AI Writer feature, there is also Internal Linking, which automates link-building and internal linking by providing suggestions for relevant websites.

Another fantastic feature is competitor analysis, where the application examines the successful content of your rival to determine what influences their content rankings. NeuronWriter costs between $20 to $102


These artificial intelligence SEO tools can mean the difference between you losing out on traffic and having your website appear on Google’s first page results and be seen by the correct people.

We hope our list of the 14 best artificial intelligence SEO tools was helpful. Kindly let us know what you think.

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