Best AI Data Analytics Software

AI data analytics software

One of the key tasks in every data-driven firm nowadays is data analysis. It lets businesses transform unprocessed data into insightful knowledge that can improve decision-making. The best thing about data analytics is that there are lots of tools available for both experts and people with little to no experience in the industry.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the best AI data analytics software. Because this post will be very insightful, we’ll urge you to read it to the end.


Data analytics is the study of examining unprocessed data to draw inferences about that data. Many data analytics methods and procedures have been mechanized into mechanical procedures and algorithms that operate on raw data for human consumption.

The phrase “data analytics” is broad and covers a wide range of data analysis techniques. Data analytics techniques can be applied to any type of information to gain insight that can be utilized to make things better.

Techniques for data analytics can make trends and indicators visible that might otherwise be lost in the sea of data. The efficiency of a firm or system can then be improved by using this knowledge to optimize procedures.

Data analytics is considerably more than just identifying production bottlenecks. To create incentive schedules for players that keep the majority of players engaged in the game, gaming businesses use data analytics.

To keep you clicking, viewing, or reorganizing material to obtain another look or another click, content firms utilize many of the same data analytics.

Data analytics is significant since it aids in the performance optimization of enterprises. By finding more cost-effective ways to do business and retaining a lot of data, firms can help cut expenses by incorporating it into their business strategy.

Additionally, a corporation can use data analytics to improve business decisions and track consumer preferences and trends to develop fresh, improved goods and services. 


Even if data science techniques and technology have evolved tremendously, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) is the most significant development in data analytics in recent years.

Today, most good data analytics software is powered by AI. It is a potent, effective, and user-friendly method of processing data. 

Massive amounts of data are analyzed using artificial intelligence to discover trends and patterns that can be used to gain insights about how to improve corporate operations.

AI also facilitates data analysis by consolidating all data into a single solution, giving customers a comprehensive picture of the data. Users can create predictions and examine specific situations to ascertain the likelihood of success when AI and data are joined for predictive AI. 

AI systems may analyze data automatically and identify unobserved trends, patterns, and insights that staff members can use to make better decisions. Algorithms for machine learning are used to do this. AI also streamlines data and automates report development by using natural language generation.

By enabling everyone in the company to naturally find answers and extract insights from data via Natural Language Query (NLQ), AI increases data literacy and frees up time for data scientists. AI also helps streamline BI by automating data analytics and producing insights and value more quickly.

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The following are the best AI data analytics software:

1. Polymer

Polymer is a robust AI data analytics software made to transform your boring data into a more streamlined, powerful, and flexible database.

With only a few clicks, Polymer’s AI-powered spreadsheet can evaluate your data and help you better comprehend it. There isn’t a protracted onboarding procedure or instructional video to watch.

Simply upload your spreadsheet to Polymer, and it will be converted into an organized database that is simple to navigate. Your data will then be encrypted and analyzed by Polymer’s AI, which turns it into a potent web app that is simple to search through and study.

The most straightforward method of applying AI to data analysis is Polymer, which also provides you with easy visualization tools and virtually infinite possibilities for interacting with your data.

2. Akkio

AI data analytics software
Akkio – AI data analytics software

Users can examine their data and make predictions using the AI data analytics software and forecasting tool Akkio. The beginner-friendly tool is perfect for people who wish to begin working with their data. 

Users can upload their dataset and choose the variable they wish to forecast, and Akkio will utilize that information to create a neural network centered on that variable. Predictive analysis, marketing, and sales all benefit greatly from it. There is no prior coding experience necessary for Akkio. 

80% of the submitted data is used by Akkio for training, and the remaining 20% is used for validation. Instead of forecasting outcomes, the AI tool rates the models’ accuracy and weeds out false positives. 

3. Google Cloud AI

Google Cloud AI is a powerful AI data analytics software and machine learning tool that allow data analysts to quickly and efficiently process large amounts of data.

For top professionals, Google is a fantastic option because of its strong infrastructure and availability of the newest ML technology. It offers data analytics with unmatched precision, dependability, scalability, and flexibility and is easy to use.

For busy analysts who need findings immediately, the simplicity of deployment and minimal setup time make this AI tool an even more appealing choice.

Furthermore, Google Cloud AI delivers significant hardware cost savings, providing users with more affordable access to rapid analysis with excellent performance levels.

Google Cloud AI offers a broad range of services for speech recognition, picture and video analysis, and natural language processing using a variety of APIs and machine learning models.

4. Sisense

Another AI data analytics software that enables developers and analysts to browse and display their data is called Sisense.

With numerous drag-and-drop features and a dynamic user interface designed to simplify the process, the platform is simple to use. When processing large datasets, Sisense also gives users access to their “In-Chip” technology, giving them the option of choosing between RAM and CPU. This speeds up computation.

Despite its limited visualization features, the platform is an excellent choice for customers who only need to handle simple visualization and reporting tasks.

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5. Tellius

AI data analytics software
Tellius – AI data analytics software

Tellius is an AI data analytics software that enables quick data insights. The business uses automation and augmentation to speed up customers’ time to insight.

Users of the Tellius Platform can query their company data, examine trillions of records, and derive automated insights by combining AI and machine learning with a search interface for ad hoc exploration.

Live Insights, which provides AI-guided insights from cloud data warehouses without relocating data, was just introduced by the firm.

6. TensorFlow

One of the greatest AI data analytics software for analysts who want to stay on top of the game is undoubtedly TensorFlow. This app can easily construct and use machine learning models thanks to this open-source framework.

Additionally, it has some of the most potent AI capabilities, such as tools for data visualization and automatic differentiation for computing gradients.

Furthermore, its adaptable design enables the swift and accurate construction of sophisticated AI solutions without worrying about hardware choices or challenging math calculations.

7. Tableau

Without the requirement for scripting, Tableau’s AI data analytics software and data visualization platform enables users to interact with their data.

The platform is simple to use, enabling users to quickly and easily share dashboards and data with other individuals and teams. It has all the capabilities users would expect from a tool of this type, including support for databases of different sizes and a variety of options for data display.

In addition, Tableau gives users the option of running the platform on-premises or in the cloud if they choose a more secure environment for their data.

8. Splunk

Splunk is an AI data analytics software for searching, analyzing, and visualizing machine-generated data that has been collected from the websites, applications, sensors, devices, etc. that make up your IT infrastructure and company.

Splunk is a helpful tool for acquiring, examining, and displaying machine data. Large amounts of data may be analyzed and indexed in real-time, enabling rapid searches and analyses of the data to spot trends and find answers.

9. Deepnote

Deepnote is the ultimate data science notebook for teams. Users can link their data to the notebook and utilize real-time collaboration and version control to explore and analyze it.

Users can simply present polished assets by sharing project links with end users or team members. Deepnote’s huge user interface which is browser-based and hosted in the cloud allows for all of this. This is great AI data analytics software.


AI data analytics software
Knime – AI data analytics software

For data analysts searching for a comprehensive, collaborative AI platform, KNIME is a best-in-class tool. It covers the complete spectrum of analytics tasks, from short to large and sophisticated projects, and combines the power of machine learning with graphical modeling.

Its user interface is simple to use, making it simple to access datasets, run models, build workflows, and communicate results with coworkers.

Additionally, this amazing AI data analytics software, KNIME, enables users to access a variety of potent analytics tools at their disposal thanks to its built-in library of nodes from several open-source databases and libraries like R or Python.


11. MonkeyLearn

Another no-coding AI data analytics software, MonkeyLearn, allows users to see and arrange their data using AI data analysis features.

The platform includes a variety of AI-powered text analysis tools to quickly evaluate and present data as needed by users. Text classifiers and text extractors can be configured by users to automatically sort data according to the appropriate topic or intent and to extract product attributes or user information.

The tool has a variety of integrations to operate with existing tools, and it has a straightforward user interface that matches the platform’s simplicity.

12. RapidMiner

RapidMiner, a great AI data analytics software for data mining and machine learning, enables both data analysis and model construction. Even if you are new to data mining and machine learning, you may start using it right away because it is made to be user-friendly.

RapidMiner is the enterprise-ready data science platform that amplifies the combined effect of your people, skills, and data for a game-changing competitive advantage for those eager to accelerate the speed of transformation.

The data science platform from RapidMiner enables all analytics users throughout the whole AI lifecycle.


AI data analytics software – AI data analytics software

A set of machine learning and deep learning technologies are available to data analysts through the cutting-edge AI data analytics software

It includes cutting-edge visual analytics that can spot patterns fast, a simple interface for building models, and Enterprise AI Platform, which delivers a business intelligence end-to-end governance and monitoring solution.

On top of that,’s open-source software optimization capabilities make it simple to incorporate several languages and frameworks into your workflow.

14. Microsoft Power BI

A well-known AI data analytics software, Microsoft Power BI, allows users to browse their data and display it to look for patterns.

Users of the platform can begin building reports and dashboards as needed and input data from almost anywhere. Users can use various AI-powered features and develop machine-learning models to aid in the analysis of their data.

The platform has several interfaces, including a native Excel integration, and a UI that is quicker and more responsive than those of some competing products, however, it frequently comes at a higher cost.

15. Quaeris

Quaeris is an AI data analytics software that allows you to search and explore your company’s data and gain quick insights—it’s like Google for data! It can be individualized based on your roles, histories, and interests.

It helps you create your pinboards or dashboards, communicate and work together on your insights, and become fully data-driven.

GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer), the same technology that powers ChatGPT, is the foundation of Quaeris. You can obtain the protection and privacy that your data deserves with Quaeris. Purchase GPT for your company data and benefit from Quaeris’s full self-service capabilities!

Because Quaeris can be smoothly deployed to teams of 10 or 1000 people in a couple of days – with little help from IT – IT & data teams adore us!


1. Automated Data Analysis

AI data analytics software can swiftly process a lot of data and analyze it to find information that would often take a lot of manual work to find. This is especially helpful in fields like marketing, where trends need to be picked up on fast.

2. Greater Decision-making

AI data analytics software can offer helpful insights that enable more educated decisions than those produced through conventional manual analysis alone by automatically assessing all pertinent data points.

3. Cost Savings

Businesses can save a lot of money by employing AI data analytics software since they require less manual labor to process massive amounts of data.

4. Improved Client Experience

Organizations can use the data to determine consumer preferences, shopping trends, and other crucial aspects of the customer experience by utilizing AI data analytics software. This enables them to enhance their offerings and give customers a better overall experience.

5. Higher Precision

Compared to conventional methods, AI data analytics software can more accurately identify even the smallest changes in patterns or trends in huge datasets. By using correct data to influence choices, organizations can save money and operate more effectively.

6. Time Reduction

AI data analytics software makes it possible to quickly analyze massive datasets, obviating the need for labor-intensive manual labor and freeing up time for other activities.


1. Define Your Project Goals

Before choosing an AI data analytics software, it’s critical to determine the objectives, scope, and goals of your project. What you want to accomplish defined can help you determine which tools are ideal for you.

2. Keep Your Data Sources in Mind

Find out the type of data you need to evaluate and whether it is structured or not. This will enable you to decide which AI data analytics software is most appropriate for gathering, arranging, and processing this data.

3. Examine Benefits & Features

To make sure they achieve your desired results, carefully consider the characteristics and advantages of each instrument that is offered. Before making a choice, be sure that any AI data analytics software you are considering satisfies all of your demands and expectations in terms of features and capabilities.

4. Analyze the cost and usability

When choosing an AI data analytics software, compare the pricing of various options while also taking their usability into account. An expensive option might not always be the greatest option if it’s challenging to use or comprehend in practice!


Any firm that wants to prosper in this data-driven world needs to invest in AI-powered data analysis technologies.

As a data analyst, you must always search for new and improved technologies to make your work more effective. Data analytics training and computer courses are in more demand due to the growing demand for data analytics on the global market.

We hope our post on AI data analytics software was helpful. Feel free to drop a comment below.

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