Voice cloning software

AI has evolved from mere thoughts to voice cloning software and self-driving cars and it is only going to get better, as technology improves and the training models get better in this current AI wave.

As a civilization, we have moved from reading about AI that can think, write and speak like humans to having AI with the ability at our beck and call.

AI voice cloning software

The future of voice cloning software can already be witnessed as people use it to create individual renditions for lots of people and others use it to create deep fakes of important people that could become potential security risks. No matter what you do for a living, there is a part that AI technology like voice cloning software can help you with.

This article discusses what you need to know about voice cloning software, the advantages of voice cloning software and a list of the best available for use.


An artificial imitation of a person’s voice is created through voice cloning. Voice cloning software is used to achieve this by manipulating data available to it.

Synthetic speech that sounds very similar to a specific human voice may be produced using modern AI software techniques. In some instances, the ordinary individual cannot tell the difference between the actual and phoney voice.

Online AI voice cloning software is the speech counterpart of the idea of a video deep fake, in which the person in the video never performed anything as it was shown.

Developers may create an audio dataset with as low as a few minutes of recorded speech and use it to train an AI voice model that can read any text in the target voice.

Neural network-based TTS models are incredibly effective at recognizing patterns in data because they mirror the way the brain works.

While there are several methods for incorporating deep learning into synthetic voices, most improve word pronunciation while also capturing minute details like pace and intonation to produce speech that sounds more human.



The news seems to be more concerned about the negative aspects or the disadvantages of voice cloning rather than the positives. Here are some advantages of voice cloning software;


People may soon quit using keyboards and stop typing words directly into screen displays of mobile phones and tablets; this is because as AI gets better, recognising your voice and executing all commands may be the order of the day. 

People may safely feed voices to the screen using the voice recognition feature. Now, if someone records a podcast and wants a professional, 100% accurate transcript, they must do it manually and devote time to listening to and taking notes from scratch.

This task results in small size and little margin. But, it will be simpler to precisely reproduce such complicated speech with the advent of voice cloning software.


If one wants late performers to play a certain role in the movies, it can also be employed to offer the finest experience for them. Its motion-captured visual images and the AI voice of the deceased performers can provide fans with the most lifelike experience ever.

One place where something like this would have been perfectly used was in Fast and Furious 7 after the death of Paul Walker. Another technology and onscreen manipulation was used instead.

Also, it is possible to listen to beloved performers’ songs, sync various lyrics, or hear the experiences of elderly people without disturbing their slumber.

AI voice cloning software

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While there have been many attempts at AI voice cloning software with many of them being failures, these are the best and we recommend you try them if you haven’t already.

1 – Synthesys AI Studio

Synthesys AI Studio is the most realistic AI voice cloning software out there. In the realm of synthesized voices, achieving authenticity is paramount, and this software excels in this arena. The end result is an uncanny replication of your voice, seamlessly emulating your natural speech patterns and tones.

ai voice cloning software

Gone are the days of generic, robotic AI voices that undermine your brand’s identity. With Synthesys AI Studio, your customers will be unable to discern the difference between your real voice and the cloned version. This transformative experience eradicates the awkwardness of artificial sound-alikes and ensures a harmonious auditory encounter.

Accent preservation is an art mastered by Synthesys AI Studio

The software captures the idiosyncrasies of your accent, preserving the distinct characteristics that make your voice unique. Rather than flattening these elements, Synthesys AI Studio celebrates individuality, resulting in a voice cloning experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Why choose Synthesys AI Studio for your voice cloning needs? 

Customization is the cornerstone of Synthesys AI Studio. Tailor every facet of your cloned voice—tone, timbre, pacing—to mirror your natural speech patterns accurately. The process is elegantly simple: record a 1-minute voice sample, and watch as your synthesized AI voice comes to life.

But what truly sets Synthesys AI Studio apart is our revolutionary free trial. Experience the transformative capabilities firsthand by cloning one voice for free. Witness the unmatched quality, innovation, and authenticity that only Synthesys AI Studio offers without any risk.

Step into a new era of voice cloning with Synthesys AI Studio, where hyper-realism meets cutting-edge technology.


Since its creation, synthetic voices have advanced greatly, moving from simple robotic tones to very lifelike and distinctive sounds. The most recent synthetic voices from Eleven Labs are getting closer and closer to sounding like real speech thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Unbelievably, ElevenLabs has produced audio that is so powerful that it makes anyone unable to speak with just a 60-second sample of my voice.

The degree of precision and uncanny quality in voice replication is astounding in the field of voice cloning software. It sounds almost exactly like the actual one, including pauses and inflexions that are simply amazing.

ai voice cloning

ElevenLabs API includes more than 20 APIs that let you programmatically obtain previous speech synthesis audio or produce fresh text-to-speech audio using your own unique voice.


Users of Altered AI may choose from a large number of carefully chosen voices, assuring that they will discover the ideal one for the project. By using its cutting-edge technology, this voice cloning software enables you to put your technological prowess to the test by producing individualized and captivating audio experiences.

This voice cloning software provides what you’re searching for, whether you’re seeking something a bit more conventional such as modifying audio or a little more eclectic. Users have the option to utilize the custom voice function to make their own choices if they are dissatisfied with any of the prepared options after trying it.

Altered AI has a free service and three tiers of paid services named Creator, Professional and Enterprise.

4 – MURF

Murf AI uses artificial intelligence to make high-quality voiceovers simple to use and available to everyone. With the use of APIs that are accessible to anybody upon request, it enables platforms to use its technologies.

With the use of the software Murf, users may quickly and easily produce realistic voiceovers without the use of any special recording tools. The software employs artificial intelligence to make the process of generating a voiceover straightforward and easy for anybody to accomplish.

The free plan, the basic plan, the pro plan, and the enterprise plan are the four pricing tiers offered by this voice cloning program, which attempts to simplify the process of producing high-quality voiceovers.


Using a vocal clone or an artificial intelligence-generated voice, Play.ht enables anybody to produce speech that is really human-like from the text. Play does the exact thing that it was intended to achieve and that is to take a voice, get the details and reproduce.

Their very realistic and high-resolution generated voices assist media firms in scaling and automating their content development. This works because it cuts costs and time for companies that rely a lot on recording audio content.

Play.ht allows individuals and corporates to duplicate work into as many possible copies using different voices.


Respeecher is a voice cloning software that prides itself in its ability to make voice clones that are indistinguishable from the original speaker. underrated milestone, as it continues to take off those parts that fail to produce the desired output.

Respeecher is perfect for content creators, content publishers, filmmakers and game developers who need voice cloning software to create that perfect fit where a character sounds like what the characters should sound like.

Creative control, natural never robotic and it just works are its mantras and they seem to be working fine for them as they work with filmmakers and people with speech defects.


BeyondWords offers three main services, which are the voice library, voice cloning and the automatic ssml. The voice library allows users to utilize the most recent TTS voices from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, or unique AI voices from top voice actors. 140+ language locations, 550+ AI voices.

Voice cloning they do by allowing users to use their cutting-edge voice cloning technology to develop unique AI voices that are genuinely appealing to the user’s target audience. They advocate for users to use their own voices or collaborate with a voice actor.

Their third main service utilizes natural language processing algorithms to translate text into speech synthesis markup language (SSML), guaranteeing that AI voices pronounce words correctly. This is very important if you’ve heard past digital assistants read out things before.


List NR here is a peculiar case because while they do not have the product ready for the mass market of people who need voice cloning services yet, their private beta and the demo they have on offer are mind-blowing according to reviews from people who have used it.

When coupled with their ability to render in multiple languages and provide commercial distribution rights to the creators/account owners, it is a big deal.

List NR states that using around 4 minutes of speech data, it takes about 30 seconds to synthesize someone’s voice. That’s very quick. We hope to have them launched soon.


Descript, a broader software suite including tools for transcription, screen recording, editing, and more, contains Lyrebird AI. A tool known as the Oberdub, which can produce a digital rendition of someone’s voice using only a tiny audio sample of that person’s speech, is powered by the Lyrebird software itself.

Its primary purpose is to enable users to convert a real voice into a digital one, although even this basic function has a wide range of possible uses. To begin with, Lyrebird AI does not require you to synthesise your own voice. Theoretically, you can make a digital copy of anyone’s voice.

To start, visit the official Descript website and download the Spee program. This will enable you to use Lyrebird AI voice cloning software. Although the software may be downloaded for free, some functions require a membership, which starts at $12 per month.

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Speechify was created by Cliff Weitzman, who is dyslexic and which makes it difficult for him to learn by reading. Since people like Cliff have a hard time learning by reading, they have to learn through other means such as voice or visuals. This is why Cliff founded Speechify.

Speechify took its time to explain just how voice cloning works and the point that stood out the most was where they opined that “Proper voice cloning solutions go much deeper in their speech pattern analyses, which lets them focus on pinpointing and making use of all the details that make one’s voice unique. As you can guess, more comprehensive feedback means more authentic AI voices and more advanced machine learning.”


Upon visiting Resemble AIs website, one thing you would notice is just how particular they are about metrics and the specificity of numbers. An example was when they wrote that within 12 minutes of receiving data, their improved generative AI models may be created. This tells the user that they can create AI voices without worrying about latency.

Another is their claim that with as little as three minutes of data, Resemble AI can clone a voice with their voice cloning software. They encourage users to try recording and duplicating their voice online for free with just 25 lines.

To use Resemble AIs’ voice cloning software, they offer two pricing plans which are the basic plan and the pro plan. Both of which grant different privileges.

12 – COQUI

Coqui offers its voice cloning software to those who want to clone their voice in order to create voiceovers, but with a slight difference when compared to others on the market. That is what earns Coqui its spot on this list.

Coqui offers a new and better way to do voiceover and they do this by cloning any voice with 3 seconds of audio after which the user can start directing them.

Match this instant cloning with functions to adjust pitch, loudness and more than 30 minutes of free work time and you’ve got Coqui’s studio.


Veritone is one company that has acquired multiple use cases for its voice cloning software and its AI voice altogether by enabling actors, directors and advertisers to take advantage of the opportunity.

Veritone has also created avenues for anyone who needs the benefits of their AI voice cloning software to connect their favourite AI voice to any project.


As with every technological advancement since the stone age and the industrial age, we are faced with technology that gives us leverage to experience exponential growth in the form of AI-enabled voice cloning software.



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