11 Best Music Finder App

best music finder apps
best music finder apps

Sometimes we need help to identify music that is being played closely. At that point, we use Google to look for the song’s title in the lyrics of the currently playing song. Even if the procedure still functions today, it is out of date. We can now use smartphone apps to find local tracks.

One can find many music finder apps on the Google Play Store that may assist you in finding any song. In this article, we’ve chosen to present a list of the best music finder apps.


Most of the time, music discovery applications use various methods and algorithms to recognize or suggest songs based on user input or analysis of audio samples. Here is a general explanation of how these apps function:

  • Music finder apps frequently use audio recognition technology, also called audio fingerprinting.

    Based on the acoustic characteristics of the music, the app generates a unique identifier, or fingerprint, when a user records a section of a song or allows the app to hear some of the audio. This fingerprint is run against a sizable collection of well-known music to identify a match.
  • Database Matching: Many audio fingerprints and related metadata, like song titles, artists, albums, and genres, are stored in the app’s database. The program searches its database for matches after receiving an audio fingerprint from a user.

    This matching procedure may use complex algorithms that can accommodate minor audio differences like background noise or various musical interpretations.
  • Metadata Analysis: Music finder apps can identify songs using
    metadata analysis and auditory recognition. Users can do searches by entering information such as song titles, lyrics, artist names, or album details.

    The software checks the user’s input against the metadata kept in its database to locate suitable matches.
  • Collaborative filtering is a technique used by some music finder apps. They gather information about users’ listening patterns, tastes, and interactions with music.

    Analyzing this data, the app can produce recommendations based on user habits and similarities. For instance, the app might recommend music to other users with similar tastes if numerous people appreciate it.
  • Integration with Music Streaming Services: Numerous music search applications provide integrations with well-known music streaming services.

    The software can offer direct access to listen to a song in its entirety on the user’s preferred streaming service once it has been discovered or recommended, facilitating a smooth transition from discovery to playback.

The procedure appears to be as follows, in basic terms:

  • The app’s database has a sizable number of music “fingerprints,” or details about the particular sound patterns of the song.
  • The program listens to the music when a user presses the “Record” button and builds a fingerprint based on the little audio clip it hears.
  • This fingerprint is compared to the database of previously collected fingerprints. You receive your (hopefully accurate) song result if a portion of a piece matches your ten-second fingerprint. You’ll get back an error if it’s not.




The most used song identification software for Android devices right now is Shazam. To have the app recognize a song, you must put your phone close to the music.

Following the identification of the song, Shazam also provides a few other options, such as the ability to play a song excerpt, sing along, etc.

You can also get recommendations, access detected songs in the Spotify app, examine the Shazam charts to see what’s hot in your country or city, and do much more.


The personal assistant app and a music finder app included with most Android smartphones is Google Assistant. The useful unique assistant program can play music, make calls, construct a to-do list, set alarms, and do much more. Even Google Assistant can help you find out what tunes are playing nearby.

Ask “What’s this song?” to Google Assistant when it’s open. Now hum or play a tune. It will instantly recognize the song and inform you of its title. Nevertheless, Google Assistant’s ability to identify songs could be more reliable.


One of the top music identification apps available is the Beatfind Music Finder app for Android. It is simple to use; turn on the app’s listen mode and let it process any music or songs playing nearby that are currently unknown; the app will nearly immediately identify them. Approximately 8 million individuals have downloaded this app globally.

You may learn more about the music and the artist while getting updates on their top songs. Beatfind lets you listen to the entire track on Deezer, Spotify, or YouTube if you are sure it is the song you are looking for by previewing it on the app. It saves your searches so you can find music more quickly in the future.

This song-search app’s distinctive feature is its ability to transform any space into a discotheque. It features a flashlight party mode that emits light strobes in time to the music playing. You can also use social media to share your chosen tunes with your loved ones.



You may have a complete musical experience with the help of SoundHound, which is easy to use and packed with features. More than 300 million people utilize it.

Turn on the listening mode of the app to hear any song or music that is now being played. If a harmony or melody is stuck in your head, SoundHound can help you find it by humming it in listening mode.

All your song searches are saved, so you don’t have to repeat them when you want to play them again. Real-time lyrics on the app allow you to sing along to your favorite songs.

As a result, you may use the app’s voice search and type search features to look up song lyrics (much like Google Assistant does). You may use voice search on this music finder software to do any investigation.

If you have accounts with both Spotify and SoundHound, you can add your newly found music to your Spotify playlist. Or you can use SoundHound to play the songs you’ve found. Additionally, SoundHound lets you stream Spotify playlists.


Genius is more of a music finder app for Android than a lyrics finder. Its fully crowdsourced database has the lyrics to more than 1.7 million songs. In addition to vocals, the database contains accurate information about the history of the music.

The app is straightforward to use. Launch the app, tap the soundwave button, and close your phone to the music source. In seconds, you will receive the song’s lyrics and other details.

The contributions of devoted and obsessive music lovers power Genius. This is a must-have app if you fall into such a category and want to do more with music than listen to it.


11 Best Music Finder App

The MusiXmatch app’s sole purpose is to provide you with the lyrics to whatever music you are now listening to. It contains a useful floating lyrics widget feature that lets you view the lyrics of the song you are currently listening to in real-time. More than 50 million people have downloaded the application.

The best part is that the song may be played on any music streaming service, and MusiXmatch’s floating widget will show the words in time with the music. Whether a music video is on YouTube in portrait or landscape mode, lyrics will always display embedded.

As a result, you may learn a new language while engaging in one of your favorite activities—listening to music. It can even translate lyrics in real time.

Any song playing nearby can have its lyrics and translation obtained with a simple tap. You can also find your favorite song by entering just the first line of the lyrics.

The app also includes further data on the songs that were identified. As a member of the app’s community, you can add lyrics, translations, and knowledge about music to the database. It is one of the best music finder apps.


Google added the hum to search feature to the Google app and widget on October 15, 2020. Like other hum-to-find music apps, Google’s version is pretty simple.

While Android users can search for songs in more than 20 languages, Apple users can utilize this capability in English. Google is the most widely used program, with about 4 billion users globally.

The Google hum to-search algorithm analyzes your hummed input to find potential songs that sound more similar to the tune and displays the results.

Then you select from among them the appropriate match. Additionally, the results provide details about the performer and the song and related music videos, covers, lyrics, and song analysis.


Song Finder & Identifier is as simple as the name and is now only available for Android users. It accomplishes what it promises to do.

The music is quickly identified, and your newly discovered songs are saved in the app so you can listen to them whenever you like. You can make playlists on Deezer, YouTube, and Spotify.

This music finder app also makes sharing the tunes you find with your friends on social media networks straightforward.


music finder apps

The vast amount of music data available on WhoSampled makes it simple for the computer to determine your song name quickly.

Additionally, it can search your Spotify library or local library for hidden treasures of fresh remixes, samples, and other music.

It has received numerous honors over the years for being among the most excellent apps available, and I can assure you that they are well deserved.

The good news is that this one is accessible on iOS and Android, so you must check it out. It runs on iOS and Android.


The main screen of MusicID (Android, iOS) has a clean, minimalist design and includes a listen button and a feed of music you’ve previously recognized.

Hold your phone up to the music and press the listen button; the app will identify the song and provide album art, artist links, and a spot for you to make notes about each piece.

MusicID also offers metadata, a list of related songs, and YouTube videos. If any of the popular music ID apps don’t work for you, MusicID is a quick and simple alternative that you should consider.

11. SOLY

Another free song recognition app is Soly (Android), although it has a lot of advertisements. Soly powers its music recognition with a virtual coin system, costing ten coins for each ID attempt. By watching video adverts, users can earn 50 coins.

Even if Soly does a passable job at music detection, its ad-heavy design may turn off customers searching for more straightforward music ID software, especially given the abundance of available alternatives.


Which music finder apps are the best?

You should only ever use Shazam and Musixmatch as song-finder apps. All other apps mentioned in the article can identify songs, but none have the same level of precision as Shazam or Musixmatch.

Can I use a music finder app for free?

Yes, the majority of the apps on our list are available for free download and use. Even all of them are readily available and security-free on the Google Play Store.

How can I find music without an app?

You can find songs on Android phones without needing a particular app. To find out the music, play the song on any device, launch Google Assistant, and ask. Google Assistant will recognize the song and will then give you the details

How Can I Tell a Song I Know by Humming?

Try humming in front of them to get Shazam or Google Assistant to recognize the songs. However, there will be little precision. The SoundHound app can also distinguish between melodies and tune


Today’s music finder apps recognize songs, but additional tools and features are integrated to increase their effectiveness. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can choose any of them.

All the 11 music finder apps are excellent options for finding songs while on the go. You must keep in mind that these programs will occasionally have issues, just like everything else. Not every music that you look up on the app will be familiar.

Additionally, if the place you are in is excessively noisy or if numerous songs are playing simultaneously nearby, the program can have problems.

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