4 Benefits of Crypto Day Trading

4 Benefits of Crypto Day Trading

Crypto day trading is now becoming popular because of the advancement in technology. Tradingis no longer limited to stocks, currencies, and traditional assets, but creating many cryptoexchange platforms allows people to buy and sell crypto. And there are many benefits to tradingcrypto, drawing more traders to get hooked. What Is Crypto Day Trading? Crypto day … Read more

Social Media Monitoring Best Practices For You

social media monitoring

Introduction According to the most recent social media statistics, there are 4.62 billion active social media users in 2022. Given the massive number of potential customers online, brands all over the world have followed suit. They now focus marketing efforts on gaining online followers. Companies can now effectively connect with their audience through social media … Read more

Free Invoice Generator Software For Small Businesses In 2022

free invoice generator software

Invoices are very important documents for business owners because it contains details of your transactions with your customers. Through invoices, you can request payment for products and services from your customers. With businesses becoming digital, it is only right for you to look for free invoice generator software to increase your efficiency. Are you looking … Read more

How Does Internet of Things Work: IoT Explained

how does internet of things work

IoT has become the latest buzzword, right up there with big data and predictive analytics. But what exactly is the internet of things? How does it work? What opportunities does it present? These questions form the basis of this article. The Internet of Things means different things to different people, but basically, it describes the … Read more

Great Peer To Peer Lending Apps In 2022

peer to peer lending apps

A decade ago, people mostly borrow money from traditional financial institutions but with the advancement in technology, there have been some recent changes. One of such changes is a peer to peer lending, where borrowers link up with private money lenders to get loans without the stringent rules of the traditional method. If you’re tired … Read more

Can Digital Currency Ever Replace Fiat Currency?

cryptocurrency apps for beginners

Updates made on Stanley cup odds are designed to help you make more informed decisions the next time you place your bets on BetUS. Likewise, articles about finance current information help you to find the changes and inventions being experienced within the world’s financial and investment sectors when it comes to digital currency and fiat … Read more

Cryptocurrency Vs Stocks: Which One Is Better?

Cryptocurrency Vs Stocks

Unlike the less debatable conclusion that you’d come up with Champions League betting, the same can’t be said when it comes to discussions surrounding whether it’s better to invest in cryptocurrency or stocks. Because stocks have been around for centuries and have grown to achieve a certain status in the area of reliability, there’s massive … Read more

Creating A Hacker-proof Website – 5 Tips For You

Seven tips to secure your password from hackers

You aim to create a hacker-proof website. This is quite commendable. It doesn’t just show that you are a considerate brand but also that you’re a tech-savvy entrepreneur. You care for your business as much as you care for your visitors. Whether it’s a WordPress site you manage or an HTML one, there are a … Read more

10 Ways On How Technology Helps Business Growth

How Technology Helps Business Growth

Technology has evolved over the years after the internet bubble burst. Technology can be found in nearly every other sector. Take for instance marketing, many businesses are now adopting digital marketing over the traditional marketing strategy. Businesses in the USA can now transact with other countries even without physically netting them. Business directors and managers … Read more

13 Top Fintech Companies & Fintech Startups to Know in 2022

images 2022 01 17T051821.284

The fintech industry is growing and evolving daily with various Top fintech companies and platforms coming forth with the aim of competing with the traditional financial payment and banking system. Fintech companies in the world currently have been rated to be the fastest-growing sector, which it has truly proven to be. With over 12,000 fintech … Read more

How To Bypass Two Factor Authentication Facebook

How To Bypass Two Factor Authentication Facebook

Let’s talk about How To Bypass Two Factor Authentication Facebook, this has been a frustrating thing for most facebook users Facebook is one of the most prominent social networking platforms, which allows you to interact with friends, relatives, coworkers, and people from all over the world. Furthermore, you will have the option to communicate with … Read more

Best websites to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria

best websites to buy cryptocurrency in nigeria

There are many websites to buy bitcoin but let’s highlight the best websites to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria. Cryptocurrency is gradually taking over and the majority are also switching from Fiat currency to cryptocurrency. Despite the popularity it is gaining by the day, most people are still in doubt of trading sites to buy, sell, … Read more

Building the Future: Imo Economic Summit Group throws weight behind Imo Startups Weekend 2021

Imo Startups Weekend

Imo state-based Victoria Farms and Imo Economic Summit Group has shown their support towards  Imo Startups Weekend which will be held in Owerri Nigeria from Friday, December 3 to Saturday, December 4, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about the event. The Imo Startups Weekend is one of the biggest tech events held every … Read more

How Nigerian health therapy startup MyTherapist is healing Nigerians through therapy one individual at a time


Recovering from the mental and emotional hurt of the ENDSARS protest, heralding the birth of a health therapy startup. MyTherapist.ng Approximately 50 million Nigerians live with varying Mental Health disorders and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2017 report, about 29 million Africans live with depression which is usually the most common mental health … Read more

What Are Meme Coins: What is important

what are meme coins

Ever since the extraordinary success of Dogecoin, memecoins have grown to become increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency space. The insane all-time highs displayed by these coins are hard to ignore. But as a professional crypto trader, should you even care about meme coins? Meme-coins aren’t your regular cryptocurrencies due to their insane volatility. However, this … Read more

Women in Tech Groups & Communities in Africa

women in tech groups

Women in Tech groups is a phenomenon that has been present as early as the 19th century, women have constantly been involved in the tech community though it can be argued that there is visibly a more male to female ratio in tech organizations. This scene has since changed dramatically with an increase in the … Read more

5 Highest Paying Tech Jobs In Demand

125975 job pti

It is no gainsaying that tech jobs are fast becoming the most in-demand job in the world, a lot of individuals switch careers into the highest paying tech jobs In the world. There are different reasons why people dive into tech jobs not only because it is the most in-demand job but also the benefits … Read more

Social Media Fest 2021 Review | What is SMFest?

social media fest

– Social Media Fest (SMFest). Amongst the millions of social media conferences in the world, is this iconic event Social Media Fest is an annual gathering of the best creatives on the globe seeking opportunities to expand their creativity. In this maiden edition, Social Media Fest 2021 aims to provide opportunities for individuals to Connect, … Read more

How To Buy Stocks In Nigeria: Quick Guide

how to buy stocks in nigeria

The stock market is no more tedious as it used to be in the past, so people want to know how to buy stocks in Nigeria either for those in Nigeria or in Diaspora. Since the introduction of computerized trading in 1970, the trend of stock trading has been continuously increasing around the world. Through … Read more

ArtisanKonect creating a platform For Creative Talents to connects Clients in Nigeria


Getting potential clients for most handymen, tech talents and the creative industry as a whole has never been easy in Nigeria, Artisankonect is now here to bridge the gap for tech/creative individuals in Lagos and Abuja part of Nigeria. The Platform accepts a wide range of handymen in various categories of crafts like Carpentery, web … Read more

Fidia sets to ease the creator economy by making payment simpler

Creator economy

All digital content creators now have an easier way to get paid for being creative. Now Imagine as a digital content creator who spent hundreds of hours creating content like writing an E-Book, making a YouTube video or just building a digital product and there’s no proper way to monetize or get a thank you … Read more

How To Set Up Your Home Workstation To Be Productive

Working from home can be a great experience. However, it’s also easy to become distracted, especially when you’re around your home comforts. Research has shown that if you improve your home workstation set-up, you can make your home workspace more productive. This is especially important for those who work with multiple clients, who need to … Read more

How to make steady passive income Online

passive income

Have you heard about people who make money while sleeping, the passive income? I know a friend who told me not so long ago that before he wakes up in the morning, he should have received an alert of money paid into his account. Even if he doesn’t do anything for the rest of the … Read more

Supplies You Need to Clean and Electronic repair equipment

Electronic enthusiasts have carried forward the tradition of tinkering with electroniccomponents. Their efforts yield unprecedented results, like the steadily oncomingrobotics revolution and fully-fledged Smart Homes. These people work in their garages or rooms with all the tools and equipment needed to realise their visions. The constant use of those tools to experiment on PCBs and … Read more

MoneyGram Bitcoin sale and purchase Begins at 12,000 locations

moneygram bitcoin sale

MoneyGram bitcoin sales commence in partnership with Coinme. MoneyGram is a money transfer service similar to Western Union which provides services such as money transfers, money orders and bill payment to people has recently been reported on letting prospective customers buy and sell Bitcoin at 12,000 different locations in the United States. The announcement which was made on … Read more

Top 5 Startup Incubator Business model you should know

Startup Incubator Business model

Startup incubator business model, just as the medical incubator in hospitals where children are kept for few hours or some days when born, is where startups are conceived and nurtured. Business incubation involves the process in which individuals or organizations provide support for an establishment, most especially startups, to aid their growth. Business incubation helps … Read more

These are 10 Top investors looking for Entrepreneurs

investors looking for entrepreneurs

There are a good Number of Global/International Organization investors looking for Entrepreneurs to invest in, it’s no big news that a lot of Global Startups today rely on these Investors looking for Entrepreneurs to raise funds and support their Startups. Aside from gaining Financial support, most of these impact investing companies give mentorship and global … Read more

10 Top Angel Investment Network for Startups

angel investment network

Angel Investment Network has always been and will be a major backbone for startups and businesses in their early stage. According to the research conducted by The Small business administration (SBA), it shows that about 90% of startups fail yearly and one of the courses can be narrowed down to lack of funds or finance. … Read more

What is Defi and Ways how to make money in defi (Decentralized Finance)

what is Defi

In the recent time, the Blockchain has been adopted as the liable means for the finance market, blockchain brings trust, accountability, and transparency to digital transactions, systems built on the blockchain does not take much time for transaction processes. Financial services like trading, lending, investment, wealth management, payment and insurance are being replicated on the … Read more

Early-stage startup investors in Nigeria you should know

startup investors

There are a good number of Startup investors in Nigeria ready to support and invest in startups and tech products/solutions making sure it scales more into the market. Most startups in Nigeria are often faced with the problem of getting investors to help them push forward. This is mostly applicable to small businesses or organizations. … Read more

RiseVest Investment partners with ARM Trustees Limited

Risevest investment, a fintech company has partnered with ARM Trustees Limited for insurance purposes. Several startups have reared their heads in the fintech sector around the world of prominence among these fintech startups is RiseVest investment. Read about The Best Fintech Companies in Nigeria to use Risevest is a fintech startup that deals with providing … Read more

Arewa Femtech Fest in support with Startup Arewa partners with Techibytes and other media to hold Northern Nigeria Women virtual Hackathon

startup arewa

Arewa Femtech Fest 2021 with support from Startup Arewa partners with tech media to hold the virtual hackathon for the northern women. Arewa Femtech Fest 2021 is a virtual event for financial services organized for women entrepreneurs in Northern Nigeria. This Virtual event is open to any individual who has ideas capable of changing the … Read more

12 ways you need to know on How to make money in tech aside having a full-time Job

devaluation of naira in Nigeria

Everyone most likely wants to learn how to make money either to assist their full-time job, side hustle, or focus on it as their major way to earn a living. In our society today lots of youths and able-bodied men are on the lookout for White-collar jobs that pay well most especially in the Tech … Read more

Oluaka institute of technology commences Admission process


Oluaka institute of technology has begun its admission process for students interested in computer hardware engineering, Computer software engineering as well as networking and system security. Oluaka institute of technology is an institute based on equipping graduates with necessary skills which include technical knowledge and skills that are peculiar to the field of technology as … Read more