Best Free Translation App For Android/Travelers

Best Free Translation App For Android/Travelers

There are roughly 195 countries in the world with over 7000 languages, so traveling with no knowledge of a country’s culture can be very challenging. 

As much as you would love to, you can’t learn all the languages. But Thanks to technology, there are over thousands of best free translation app for android users and travelers to help find out unknown places, translate videos, and also learn foreign languages. 

Some of these best free translation app for Android will provide you with access to translate varieties of languages offline, and help allows you to translate via camera, conversation, photos, and videos. With the help of these apps, you can record your voice and translate it into any language of your choice.

Finding the best free translation app for Android can be time-consuming, and that is why, in this overview, we will provide you with a list of the best free translation app for Android and more details on the benefits of voice translator app for travelers.

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What Is a Voice Translator App?

Voice translator apps are apps that enable users to speak to their phonemic and, in return, get their words translated into a text. Most translation apps feature speech/voice recognition. This special tool will enable you to get faster translations of words.

There are moments when we tire of typing long texts but need to use a voice-to-speech translation app. With the voice translator app, you can get translations of movies, documents, songs, and more. 

Voice translator app is an ideal option for travelers because they can use the added features for getting the basic translation of menus, podcasts, songs, and more when in a foreign country.

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Benefits of a voice translator app for travelers

Here are the benefits of the voice translator app for travelers:

1. Helps to prevent mispronunciations:

Using a voice translation app helps prevent mispronunciation while talking and also helps when searching for restaurants in a foreign country.

2. Language support:

Some of these voice translation apps support over 100 languages, which means it will make real-time conversion easy and less challenging because almost all voice translation app comes with text pronunciation. 

3. To improve language skills:

Depending on the language you wish to learn, some of these voice translator apps will help you learn faster and help with your pronunciation when traveling.

4. They are inexpensive:

You don’t have to spend thousands to get a voice translator app on your device. Most voice translator apps are free to download and also free to use.

5. Offline support:

The best part of using a voice translation app for travelers is the offline features that come with it. You don’t need an active internet connection with some of these apps.

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10 Best free translation app for Android

Here are some of the best free translation app for Android:

1. Google Translate:

best free translation app for Android

Google translate is one of the most reliable translation app for Android. It is highly recognized and used globally. More significantly, The android version of google translate offers translation for over 105 languages and supports bilingual conversation translation with over 31 languages.

Google Translate provides users with features such as text and voice translation, tap-to-translate, offline translation, instant camera translation, and photo and conversation translation.

With this best free translation app for Android, you can Translate over 100 languages by typing, Translating with no internet connection (59 languages), and Translating via camera, Conversations, and photos (38 Languages). You can also Draw text characters instead of typing, and it Supports a microphone for speech translation.

2. Microsoft Translator:

best free translation app for Android

Microsoft Translator is one of the best free translation app for Android. This unique app supports translation for over 60 languages. 

You can translate voice, text, photos, conversions, and screenshots. It is free to use this app.

Microsoft Translator features Offline Translation, Voice translations and it supports multiple conversations. It comes with a single microphone, and a Verified translation for directions, travel, and restaurants.

Microsoft Translator supports multi-person conversation, which means you can have a group chat where every member uses their phone to communicate using different languages. It also supports live captions for both calls, conversations, and presentations.

Microsoft Translator supports text translation in other apps. Also, they can view texts offline. The app supports split screen mode for bilingual conversation translation 

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3. SayHi Translate:

best free translation app for Android

SayHi is a free translation and transcription app that lets you translate words with no difficulty. 

SayHi is recognized as one of the best free translation apps for android and travelers. Because the app provides you with translation in multiple languages, including Chinese, Czech, Danish, Filipino, Estonian, Arabic, Greek, creole, Indonesian, French, Hindi, Korean, Russian, and many more.

SayHi is a free app with no in-app advertisement. It features a Two way of conversation. You can tap to change language, and it supports text and voice translation. The app comes with a camera translation feature.

SayHi allows you to copy and share translation texts Via SMS, Email, and any social media. With this app, translate Support text and speech translation in 90 languages. Also, the app allows you to record your voice and then translate it into the language of your choice 

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4. iTranslate:

iTranslate is a language translation app that supports text translation between 100 languages and offline translation for over 40 languages. With iTranslate you can translate your words by recording your voice. You can also translate words into text and translate them into any language of your choice. It is one of the best free translation app for Android.

iTranslate features offline dictionaries and verb conjugations with the ability to adjust audio speed. It has Auto detected languages, Camera translation, Translation sharing, Website, and conversation translation. 

iTranslate allows you to listen to translations in different voices and dialects. The app is a user-friendly interface, which makes all the tools easy to use. iTranslate supports male and female voice translation.

5. Dictionary Linguee:

Dictionary Linguee is a language translator app for text, conversations, and voice. It is also a dictionary app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows translations into English, Dutch, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and many more. It is one of the top best free translation app for Android. 

Dictionary Linguee Supports text translation in over 100 languages with an offline mode for all supported languages. It provides audio pronunciation and offline support.

With Dictionary Linguee, you can Translate as you type, and It is a search app for translations from the bilingual web. This app comes with a dictionary.

6. TextGrabber:

TextGrabber is a straightforward translation app that recognizes text in over 60 languages. It also stores and edits captured texts. This app is one of the best free translation apps for android users that translate language in over 100 languages both online and offline.

TextGrabber features Voice translation, and it supports over 70 languages. It works well as an Offline translation, and it supports translation on the camera screen(over 100 languages) taking no photos.

This app specializes in detecting and translating printed texts, which means when it detects any word, it translates, edits, and saves the word. it supports real-time text translation in over 60 languages.TextGrabber supports online translation in over 100 languages directly on the camera screen, and 10 language translations offline.

7. Yandex Translate:

If you’re in search of a trustworthy, best free translation app for android devices, Yandex Translate is a top option for that. This app offers translation in over 90 languages and also supports conversation, voice, and photo translation.

Yandex Translate app Comes with a dictionary, Whole website translation, Offline translation, Voice input & Image to text, and it translates screenshots. 

Yandex Translate has reliable voice and camera modes. It works in offline mode and translates the real-time translation of phrases.

8. DeepL Translate: 

DeepL Translate is a translation service owned by DeepL SE. This Translation App supports Text, Speech, Image, and Files Translation in 29 languages. Also, the app instantly translates while typing. It is one of the best free translation app for Android.

DeepL Translate comes with a Speech translation, it Supports 29 languages. It features instant language detection and Web page translation.

DeepL Translate can translate and edit many documents, and it supports the translation of images, emails, and webpage across multiple devices.

9. Dict Box:

Dict Box is an amazing best free translation app for android. It provides you with a multilingual dictionary, and a translator. The app offers both offline and online dictionaries.

Dict Box comes with Text & Website translation, Offline translation, Pronunciation for all text, Complete offline support, Auto Suggestions, and many more features.

The app can synchronize word lists across multiple devices. It works well in the offline mode, therefore, no internet connection is required. It is easy to use.

10. Reverso:

For detailed information, Reverso is a great option for that. Although it is limited in languages (16 languages) it offers several definitions for a word and how to use it in a sentence. Reverso offers both online and offline translation. It is one of the best free translation app for Android.

Reverso comes with pronunciation for all text, text translation, Phrasebook, a Free dictionary, and many more.

With Reverso, you can create vocabulary lists based on your translation. Reverso is 100% Free.

5 Best Translation App For Travelers

Here is a list of the best translation app for travelers

1. Navar Papago Translate 

Navar Papago is a translation app developed by the Korea Search engine Giant Naver. This app is one of the best translation apps for travelers. It makes traveling become less changing.

Naver Papago supports 13 languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), French, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Indonesian, Italian, and German. It Supports text and voice translations in 13 languages.

Also, Support Photo translation, Phrasebook, Dictionary, Voice, Conversation, and photo translation. It works well as an offline translation.

The app support text translation between East Asia languages. Naver Papago supports website translation and voice translation. This app support conversion of translated words between various languages.

2. Trip Lingo:

Just like its name, Trip Lingo is specifically designed for international business travelers. It is one of the best translation apps for travelers, and it translates voices, text, and photos into 42 languages. For business travelers, Trip Lingo will make everything less challenging and help you avoid mispronunciation.

Trip lingo Supports Translation between languages. It Supports image translation, Text translation, and voice translation in 19 languages. 

It comes with an Offline language dictionary.

Trip Lingo is Easy to use. It works with voice, typing, and handing, and it comes with over 25,000 phrases in 13 languages. This app provides learning tools, including, Audio lessons, and intelligent quiz

3. Hi Translate- Chat Translator:

Hi Translate is another great app that is available free on android, through Hi translate, you can translate voice, image, and text. It is also a great option for travelers. Hi Translator supports over 80 languages including English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) Japanese, French, Arabic, and many more. It is one of the best translation app for travelers.

This app translates chats and provides real-time conversation translation. It Translates images, voice translation, and offline translation.

Hi Translate can translate Chat on any social media. It is Easy to use. Auto-language detection is available 

4. WayGo travel:

WayGo is another great app that is available for free on Android. Through WayGo you can translate voice, images, and text. It is also a great option for travelers. This is one of the best free translation app for Android.

WayGo support over 80 languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and many more. It supports multiple social media translations including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger. This app Translates chats with Real-time conversation translation. It Translates images, Voice translation, and Offline translation 

5. Day Translation:

Day translation is another Top Translation app for both android devices and travelers. The app support speech to speech translation and is capable of word pronunciation 

Day translation app Support over 100 languages for text translation, and over 20 languages for speech translation. It translates texts and voice recordings.

This app helps you communicate with anyone, anywhere. All you need to do is to record your voice and get a quick interpretation of the recorded word. The app support speech-to-speech translations. It is 100% free.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Best Free Translation App?

Here are some of the best free translation apps: 

Is the Google Translate App Free?

Yes, the google translate app is free to use and download.

Is There an offline Translation App for Android?

Yes, there are several free offline translation apps for Android.


Translation apps are handy tools that can help you translate easily. There are lots of best free translation app for Android. Regardless of the purpose, translation apps will help you translate in the long run. We hope this overview is helpful to your search.

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