14 Best Audio Remover From Video

14 Best Audio Remover From Video

Audio removers are a type of software that is used to remove audio from a video file. It is a very useful tool when you want to edit the audio of your videos or audio.

These tools are very simple and easy to use. They can be used for both PC and Mac. If you have ever needed to remove audio from your video files, this article will help you with the list of the 14 best audio remover from video.

What Is An Audio Remover?

An audio remover is a software designed specifically for editing multimedia files like videos and audio. This program can be used by anyone who wants to remove unwanted audio from their video files without spending hours doing it manually.

How To Remove Audio From Video

1. Download an Audio Remover From Video App

The first step to take is to download an audio remover app. The apps have different special options with an all-in-one video editing solution, and most of the apps are available for iOS and Android.

2. Enter a video whose audio you want to remove

Tap the New Project button after opening the audio remover application. Next, choose your project’s aspect ratio and enter a project name. Next, bring in the video you wish to have the sound turned off.

3. To remove audio, tap Media and choose Audio Tools

Your video should be highlighted with a white frame and arrows when you tap media. Next, select Audio Tool from the options and features listed in the bottom bar. Finally, make sure your video is chosen.

4. Select Edit Video Without Audio and Extract Audio

Select Extract Audio from the feature menu of the audio tool. Your video’s audio will be automatically added to a new layer by the program.

You can remove the audio by choosing the track and hitting the trash can icon. You can add music or a voice over to your new video or click Save to Device to download it without the audio.

14 Best Audio Remover From Video

Below are lists of 14 best audio remover from video:

1. Power Director

Power Director 1
Power Director

With support for both iOS and Android devices, the Power Director app offers a complete video editing solution.

With Power Director and the camera on your mobile device, you can instantly produce professional videos using the full complement of cutting-edge video editing tools and effects.

With this app, sound removal from videos is a quick and easy process that takes under a minute. Before sharing your video to social media, add audio tracks, video overlays, and effects.

The Power Director app is one of the best audio remover from video that have a straightforward editing platform and is user-friendly. Even if you are a novice content creator, using the menus to choose an editing tool, effect, or title is simple.

2. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is also one of the best audio remover from video option. The audio removal function in Adobe Express is a feature of their online video editor, Adobe Spark Video. This tool allows users to delete video audio, thereby muting the voices easily.

The function is intended to assist users in producing sound-free videos or removing extraneous sounds from already-existing videos.

Users can submit their video clips and remove any background noise using the audio removal option. The procedure is simple and quick, and the produced video has no sound.

3. Veed.io

The audio removal tool from Veed.io is an online editor letting users take sounds from videos. The tool removes extraneous music, sound effects, or background noise from video footage to create noiseless videos.

During the usage, users upload their video files and choose the audio removal option to complete the straightforward audio removal process. The utility subsequently extracts the audio track from the video, creating a new video file without sound.

This editor can create videos without audio or remove any unwelcome sound from existing videos. The audio removal tool from Veed is a practical and useful way to create silent films and all these features make it one of the best audio remover from video.

4. Echowave.io

Echowave.io 1

The Echowave.io is a user-friendly and one of the best audio remover from video that enables you to upload video files and delete audio with only a few clicks.

Any device with an internet connection can use the tool as it generates excellent, original videos.

Other functions, such as video trimming, resizing, and more, are available in EchoWave’s video editor. For anyone wishing to edit videos, EchoWave is a valuable option for you.

5. Biteable

Biteable is another audio remover from video tools that are highly recommended. Users can easily submit their video clips and remove the audio with Biteable’s user-friendly interface.

The program generates original, high-quality videos that can be seen on any internet-connected device. Other features in Biteable’s video editor include video templates, animations, and more.

6. VideoCandy

Users can effortlessly remove sound from their videos using the online mute video editor provided by VideoCandy. The tool aims to remove unnecessary music, sound effects, and noise from video clips to produce a higher-quality video.

Users can submit their video files and delete the audio track using the mute option. The procedure is quick and easy, and the finished video is silent.

This editor helps generate sound-free videos and quickly deletes any unwelcome sound from already-existing videos and it is one of the best audio remover from video you can opt for.

7. Clideo

clideo 1 2

With the help of their straightforward editor, Clideo’s free video editing software enables you to take the sound out of any original video. Then, you only need to press a button to start working.

The Clideo app runs in a browser and is compatible with iOS, Android, PCs, and Macs. The majority of video formats, including AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, MOV, and MP4, are supported by the Mute video tool.

Simply upload the video from your computer or a cloud storage account, just like Adobe, and select the option to remove the sound.

Your video may take a few minutes to upload, but it is a brief procedure. The entire video will be muted automatically by Clideo! Before downloading, simply double-check your video, and you’re done!

8. Video Mute

Video Mute is also one of the best audio remover from video that helps to change the volume of your video clips with the iOS app Video Mute. These modifications include loudness increase, volume reduction, and mute. In addition, using the boost feature, you can amplify your video loudness by up to 600%.

Your camera roll or iCloud storage can be used to submit the videos you want to alter to the Video Mute app.

Your video quality is unaffected by the audio editing process, and the muted version of your video will have the same resolution as the original. Your metadata will also be kept.

In addition to offering extra editing options like cropping and precision video trimming, the Video Mute app is simple to use.

9. Mute Videos

You can silence a video or erase certain audio from a video clip using the iOS app Mute Videos.

This app’s main purpose is to change the volume of videos; it doesn’t have any other video editing features. However, Mute Videos is simple to use and integrates with the camera roll on your device for quick clip uploading.

To give you total control over the sound volumes in your clip, Mute Videos enables precise sound cutting. In addition, your video’s audio track can be easily swapped out for another one. After removing the audio, you can share videos directly to your social media networks.

10. Canva

Canva 1

Among the various capabilities offered by Canva’s online video editor is removing audio from video files. The ability to silence a video’s audio track or eliminate undesired background noise makes the sound-removing tool especially helpful for content producers.

Canva is one of the best audio remover from video with an editor’s user-friendly interface, users may easily upload their films and delete the audio with only a few clicks.

Additionally, users can embellish their edited videos with music, captions, and other effects using the Canvas video editor.

11. EZIF Mute Video

With the help of the free web application Ezgif, you may silence any online video while preserving the movie’s original quality with EZGIF’s mute video editor.

The audio tool from EZGIF is made to remove any extraneous music, sound effects, or background noise from video clips, leaving behind a noise-free movie.

You can also separate the audio and video, add effects and text, and enhance the movie in many more ways. EZIF Mute Video is also one of the best audio remover from video.

12. Media.io

Users can mute or remove noise from their videos using the sound-removing option available in Media.io’s online video editor. The Media.io is one of the best audio remover from video application that is helpful for content producers who must remove annoying music or background noise from their films.

Users can easily upload video clips and remove the audio with Media.io’s user-friendly interface. The tool creates high-quality, plagiarized-free videos and is accessible from any device with an internet connection.

13. Abraia

Do you know that Abraia is one of best audio remover from video ?

With this app, users can upload their video clips and remove the audio with a few clicks using the sophisticated sound-removing feature offered by Abraia.

The tool generates excellent, plagiarized-free videos and is accessible from any device with an internet connection. The video editor from Abraia also has a variety of capabilities, such as video trimming, resizing, and more.

14. Descript

Descript 1

Descript’s audio and video editing tool provides a simple method for deleting sounds from video files. This program’s cutting-edge sound removal tool lets users quickly eliminate undesirable background noise, music, or speech from their films.

Users can upload their video clips, choose which audio track to eliminate, and export altered videos in excellent quality thanks to the tool’s user-friendly interface.

Descript’s audio and video editor offers additional features, including transcription, group collaboration, and audio effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Audio in Videos Need to be Removed?

Even if your video is flawless, background noise might obscure the key details. You might not get the best video quality using low-quality recording equipment. In addition, you may occasionally simply require the video and not the sound.

Can I turn off some or all of the video sound?

You can divide your movie into sections and then mute particular segments if you only want to eliminate the audio for some of it.

Simply move the slider to the desired location and select the “Split” tool directly above the editor to divide the video.

To silence a particular clip, select it and click the sound icon. Then, simply select the video and click the sound icon to silence it completely.

Can I replace the original audio file with another one?

Yes, you can replace the video’s original audio by adding an audio file as an optional step. After unmuting the video, select Upload from the left menu or click the plus (+) button in the bottom right. An MP3, WAV, M4A, or other well-known audio file format can be included.

To make excellent music videos, include royalty-free audio. You can include background music, voice overs, narration, dubs, and sound effects. You can divide a video and drag and drop the audio layer across the timeline to add audio to particular video sections.


Audio removers are a great way to remove background noise from your video. You can use them to clean up your audio or remove the background noise.

They are easy to use and need to be plugged in and turned on! They do not require any kind of software installation or special settings.

However, it would help if you were careful when editing the videos as you may have to adjust the volume because background noise comes from other sources, such as a fan or air conditioning unit.

Remove any audio background by using any of the best audio remover from video listed in this article.

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