Have you ever wondered what the top programming courses in Istanbul are? We are at the age of technological growth and advancement, and it should be no surprise that the demand for tech skills is through the roof. 

According to statistics, there are approximately 1.35 million tech startups worldwide, which will also increase in the years to come. There’s no better time than now to take one of the top programming courses in Instanbul!

 You will have a hand in advancing technology if you take one of the top programming courses in Instanbul, and there’s nothing more exciting than that. 

If you need to know which programming courses in Instanbul are the best, have no worries! This article aims to show you the top programming courses in Instanbul, so read on. 


Before we get into the list of the top programming courses in Instanbul, let’s look at a few great reasons why studying a programming course in Instanbul is an excellent idea. 

  1. Increased flexibility 

    If you are someone that has always dreaded the regular 9-5 work schedule, one of the top programming courses in Istanbul may be a fantastic option. When it comes to working as a computer programmer, the only thing you would need to do your tasks is a strong internet connection and your laptop. 

    You do not have to commute to work every day or leave your house to work as a programmer. A myriad collaboration software, video conferencing, and instant messaging apps make working remotely as a programmer possible. 

    You can choose to work as a freelancer, and even if you decide to work for a tech company, the good news is that most tech companies offer their employees a flexible work schedule. 

    In a survey, approximately 73% of employees said a flexible work schedule improves their satisfaction and work and productivity, making it an excellent reason why most companies are beginning to prioritize a flexible schedule. 
  1. Programming skills are in high demand. 

    The continuous growth and development of the tech industry can only mean one thing: increased demand for programmers. 

    More startups being created means more open positions. According to the Better Business Bureau, approximately 9,700 jobs will be available each year for the next ten years programmers.

    What this means is that if you take one of the top programming courses in Instanbul, there’s a very low chance of you being unemployed because programming skills are in high demand. 
  1. You get to bring your vision to life. 

    An amazing thing about being a programmer is that you can bring whatever idea or vision you have to life. For instance, if you have an idea for an app for a website, you will not need to hire the services of a programmer. 

    You can easily do it yourself, and the best part about doing it yourself is that you get to bring your vision to life exactly how you want it. 
  1. Gather marketable abilities.

    While a programming skill set may appear best suited for niche coding jobs, it has broad applications across many industries and occupations today.

    It may soon be necessary for a wide range of positions with little to do with computer science. As more and more work is done online, the demand for those who can write code has increased. The ability to code at a fundamental level is becoming increasingly valuable.

    Coding skills make you more marketable in the workplace today and in the future because technical abilities are increasingly valued. The ability to code increases your chances of getting hired and makes you an invaluable asset to any company because you won’t need as much help from the IT department.
  1. Great potential for financial gain

    As with most professions, the financial reward can be a reason to learn how to code. Coding skills are increasingly in demand, and as a result, the salaries of jobs requiring them are higher than average. A computer programmer may expect an annual salary of $84,280, while a software developer can expect an annual salary of $103,620.


Many programming niches and courses are available in Istanbul, so it’s understandable if you find it difficult to pick one.

Here are a few top programming courses in Istanbul to help you decide.

  1. Mobile App Development

    Mobile app development is one of the top programming courses in Istanbul, and for a good reason. There is an app for everything these days, from social media apps to apps for games and leisure. Because there are many apps, developers and engineers with novel app ideas have a practically endless field in which to work. 

    You can use an app to work out and track your sleep cycle. It only takes a quick perusal of the Play Store or the App Store to see what you should download next to alleviate stress or add fun to your daily routine. 

    You can find applications for anything, including health and wellness, personal grooming, photo editing, online dating, social networking, making purchases, and more.
  1. Cybersecurity 

    Are you aware that data breaches lead to approximately $4 million in damages? Cybercrimes continue to be a big issue, making Cybersecurity one of Istanbul’s top programming courses. If you are someone that is bothered about the high rate of data breaches, you should consider studying Cybersecurity. 

    Cybersecurity is a field that attracts many because it is crucially important and demands careful consideration of crucial details. It’s perfect if you thrive on challenging problems, and the great thing is there are always openings for advancement in this field.

    Cyber engineers are specialists who, among other things, employ digital forensics and security rules and work on cybersecurity initiatives.
  1. Blockchain

    When Cryptocurrency, which uses blockchain technology, was introduced to the world a few years ago, many unfortunately saw it as a passing trend. However, in recent times, Cryptocurrency has seen tremendous growth. As of March 2022, the amount of registered blockchain wallets is over 81 million!

    Because of blockchain technology’s massive growth, there has been an increase in the demand for blockchain engineers, making blockchain one of the top programming courses in Istanbul. Tokens, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and specialized blockchain technologies are some of the many subsets of the blockchain space that have seen increasing attention in recent years.

    Investments, currency exchange, and individualized budgeting are all within reach in this field. It also offers a lucrative trading possibility, which will pique the interest of any tech-savvy consumers and specialists.
  1. Data engineering and data science

    Data science is a great niche that continues to develop and evolve. Data science and data engineering is an excellent course if you are intrigued about data collection, organization, and processing. However, you must keep in mind that, like software development, success in the growing field of data science and data engineering necessitates knowledge of many coding languages. 

    You might need Python programming certification training to become a data scientist or data engineer.

    Experts in Hive, Python, Spark, SQL, Matlab, HTML, and C/C++ can be found in this field, as can those with experience in database systems, machine learning, application programming interfaces (APIs), data collection, and more.
  2. Web design and web development

    It is estimated that approximately 252,000 websites are created daily! The number of websites being created daily should not come as a surprise, as there is an increase in ecommerce stores. Also,  many businesses are beginning to realize the importance of creating a website for their brand. 

    The demand for website developers/designers makes it one of the top programming courses in Istanbul. 

    If you have an eye for pleasing aesthetics, consider going for a web design course, as web design focuses more on the visual aspects of a website. However, if you are more interested in the backend of a website, website development is the right course for you. 
  1. Cloud computing 

    Over the past few years, cloud computing has exploded in popularity as more businesses seek to facilitate remote staffing, automate processes, and reduce IT costs.

    Cloud computing attracts businesses because it simplifies providing superior customer service without needing costly and difficult-to-manage on-premises data centers.

    The term “cloud computing” refers to a style of computing in which resources such as networks, data storage, applications, security, and development tools are made available over the Internet rather than on a local machine or a server physically located in your business. 
  1. Game development 

    Have you always loved games? Then you should consider taking a course in game development. As long as there are games, gamblers, and virtual casinos, these topics—and their peripherals—will continue to fascinate programmers, users, and gamers alike.

    People are naturally drawn to specific forms of advertising, especially when they spend money on amusement and the possibility of winning. This sector’s appeal stems from its growing wealth, the influx of fresh participants, and widening audience base.
  1. AI and machine learning 

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence are gaining importance as more and more people use AI like Siri and Alexa. What we call “Machine Learning” is a technique that allows computers to “learn” from experience or through the repetition of certain tasks.

    It’s a big step forward for machines, as it involves teaching them new tricks with a little help from their owners in the form of pre-programmed lessons.
  1. Java Programming

    Java is one of the most popular and most used programming languages. You undoubtedly have some familiarity with Java if you took a computer course in high school. Although a relatively simple language, Java is consistently ranked among the top programming courses in Istanbul because of its insight into the diverse programming world. 

    Java programming training should help you acquire the rudimentary expertise needed for a career as a software engineer, such as analyzing and solving real-world problems, creating new algorithms, and debugging code.
  1. Angular 6 

    The venerable Angular.js has been superseded by Angular 6, which will teach you about important components such as HTTP access, directives etc. 

    Angular 6’s popularity can be attributed to its flexibility. It’s an excellent framework for building web apps in Javascript. It includes animations and the secure HTTPS protocol. It creates webpages and apps that run well and can be thoroughly tested. 
  2. Python

    If you want to get into programming, Python is one of the top programming languages you have to learn. Python was created in the late 80s and has become one of the top programming languages of the present day and age.

    Many tech professionals like Python because it’s a powerful programming language that’s concise and easy to understand. Istanbul Aydin University offers an amazing programming course if you want to become a programmer. Check out some python frameworks for web development.
  3. JavaScript

    Because of its widespread adoption, JavaScript is among the most sought-after programming courses in Instanbul. 

    JavaScript is a relatively simple language to learn if you’re interested in programming. JavaScript’s nice feature is that it’s already running on all up-to-date internet browsers. You can start writing code immediately instead of setting up a separate programming environment.


We are in the age of tech, and the demand for programmers significantly increases as tech continues to advance. If the world of programming is something you would like to go into, you can find out which course is best for you by reading this article that shows you the top 10 programming courses in Istanbul.

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