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IT Courses list

According to the transformation and advancement in the technology sector, there are different IT courses list that is accessible for individuals to pursue progress towards their future achievement. Candidates can increase their level of expertise on a particular platform by enrolling in courses. Taking IT certification courses helps to deliver an exclusive answer to individuals and make it obvious to learn the main elements of the course. 

Perhaps you are hoping to learn some new useful skills or just want to investigate a topic for pleasure; e-learning platforms are a terrific and readily available resource for learning on your own time. Prospective students must assess their possibilities while looking for an alternative to online universities because these platforms tend to be more flexible and may even provide more specialized or uncommon programs than what you would find at a typical institution.

Some of which include;

• Udemy 

• Coursera

• edX 

• Skillshare

• Masterclass

• Udacity

• Pluralsight


Therefore, if you are considering enrolling in an IT course, the following courses are anticipated to be in high demand in 2022:


These have a broad collection of profiles underneath them and demand special knowledge, data science certification is necessary to secure a job. The opportunity for data scientists is smaller compared to big data due to the various (individual) profiles that sit under the cover of data science.

Prospects in the industry are everlasting, and career opportunities in Data Science offer attractive wages. The certification demands students to pass three distinct certification examinations, and each of these examinations costs $165, therefore the total cost to achieve the certification is a minimum of $495.

Since there is no registration procedure or prerequisite knowledge of statistics or coding, anybody with a computer may sign up and begin studying right away. Time requirement differs, the average time for completing this credential is 10 months.

Qualifications that can aid you in moving into the data science field include:

• Data Scientist Master’s Program

• Business Analytics Expert

• Data Science Certification using R Programming

• Data Analyst Master’s Program


Cloud computing is altering the recruiting trend in the IT business. In the next days, IT organizations will replace individuals having general abilities with some of those having cloud computing experience. With the rising usage of cloud computing in several enterprises – across sizes and industries, the size of the market for cloud computing specialists would increase dramatically.

Firms are also searching for workers with a cloud computing certification to strengthen the abilities necessary for creating dynamically scalable and dependable systems. Real-world projects in the industry are part of the certification, and they provide you the opportunity to work through the technical difficulties connected with cloud computing.

A Foundational (Cloud Practitioner) certification costs $100, an Associate certification costs $150, a Professional certification costs $300, and a specialty certification costs another $300. 

These certificates can aid you with launching or developing a career in Cloud Computing:

• AWS Certified Solution Architect

• AWS Certified Developer Associate

• Microsoft Azure Certification

• Blockchain Developer


DevOps is the most in-demand technology in the information technology business, with the highest average yearly salary. It is a continuous process that utilizes a variety of popular tools such as Puppet, Docker, and Chef. Candidates who are recognized specialists are acquiring positions of prominence in the world’s largest multinational corporations. Through DevOps certification, individuals may receive an understanding of the DevOps process and other necessary technical skills for positions such as DevOps engineer, DevOps manager, or DevOps architect.

It will take between 4-5 months for an individual who is a newbie and has no prior understanding of DevOps to complete the course, while it will take around 3-4 months for those who have clear notions of DevOps to comprehend programming and scripting. These are necessary abilities needed in firms that want to enter and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced industry. Among the certifications that can help you launch a career in DevOps are the following:

Training and Costs for DevOps Certification;

• Docker Certified Associate 195 USD

• Certification for Kubernetes 300 USD

• AWS Certified DevOps Engineer 300 USD

• Microsoft Azure DevOps certification 165 USD


With the frequency of cyber-attacks continually increasing, cyber security is a must for every firm, as each organization has data that cannot be jeopardized. Individuals with cyber security certifications are in greater demand since the certification enables you to work as a network administrator, systems administrator, IT manager, security engineer, or security analyst, among other positions.

It takes two to four years to gain an entry-level cyber security job with no prior experience, but with the right training and access to hands-on lab time. Training in cyber security can cost as much as $5,000 or more, depending on the complexity and the amount of access to hands-on lab time.

As there is currently a scarcity of cyber security expertise, this is an excellent career opportunity for individuals interested. These certificates will help you get started in the field of cyber security:

• Cyber Security Expert

• Certified Ethical Hacker Training

• Certified Information Systems Auditor


Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that refers to the development of intelligent robots that behave and act like people, whereas machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that enables a system to learn and develop without being programmed automatically. This course demands a diverse set of abilities, including data literacy (data manipulation and exploration), programming and coding, statistics and mathematics, and reporting.

In 2.5 to 3 months, students may finish the course while working full-time, making it an ideal option for those who want to learn AI & ML while also securing a career in the industry as a data scientist and who want to master the fundamental ideas and abilities needed to design efficient AI systems and to grasp the problems presented by AI in the workplace.

It costs $550 to become certified as an AIE by the Artificial Intelligence Board of America. The cost includes the exam, certificate, and course materials. The examination covers machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, regression, and three forms of artificial intelligence learning: unregulated, reinforced, and regulated.

From voice assistants to drones, AI and Machine Learning are increasingly discovering applications in our daily lives, providing jobs in a variety of fields and establishing new career paths. The following certificates can assist you in launching a job or progressing in your AI and Machine Learning profession:

• Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence Engineering

• Post-Graduate Data Science Program

• Course on Machine Learning Certification


Full-stack developers are engineers tasked with the responsibility of building whole applications and websites. These developers work across the whole development lifecycle, from front-end to backend, database to test management. By obtaining a full stack developer certification, one can understand the necessary concepts of both front-end and backend programming; all about SQL and no SQL databases; fundamental concepts of programming languages; and a variety of other essential skills required to secure employment in a variety of IT industries.

Front-end technology, programming languages, database, basic design abilities, server, and working with APIs and version control mechanisms are all essential talents for a Full Stack Developer. To be a Java full-stack programmer, one must be able to design all aspects of a Java application from the front end to the back end to the database to APIs to the server.

The duration of a full stack developer certification course varies according to your speed and availability, but it typically takes between three and twelve months. Some platforms provide this course for free, while some require a cost of $299. Choose your platform wisely.

Training for full-stack certification;

• SQL and Data Modeling

• Development and documentation of APIs.

• Identity Access Management.

• Containerization and Server Deployment


With the proliferation of mobile and online applications, demand for software development is increasing. A software developer exercises on a variety of programming languages, including C++, Java,.NET, ReactJS, and Native. As a Software Developer, you are responsible for developing mobile applications, online applications, and software that companies can utilize.

If you are taking a degree in software development or programming languages, you will need to learn about cutting-edge technologies like Hadoop, JavaScript, iOS, Android, and Unity, among others. Various sites provide free software development courses, while others charge between $30 to 179 USD.

Today’s world changes at a breakneck pace, and software must keep up, sparking interest in Software Developers capable of rapidly developing new applications. It takes between three months – four years to become a Software Engineer, dependent on your technical knowledge, professional background, and career trajectory, and several credentials can help you enter or advance in the software development sector, including the following:

• AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

• Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect.

• Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

• Certified Data Professional (CDP)

• Oracle Certified MySQL Database Administrator (CMDBA)

• Project Management Professional (PMP)


The networking course focuses on maintaining and repairing the computer’s basic components; you’ll work on frequent issues that come from everyday usage of the equipment, as well as devise predictive and preventative measures to avoid major gadget repairs.

Computer hardware and networking courses include a variety of topics, including LAN, DTP, and CCNA. Doing a networking course online can take anywhere between three and seven months, but taking the course in person at an institution will take around three years. Around 133 USD to 333 USD is the approximate cost of this course.

Even in the era of cloud computing, every firm requires a well-maintained computer network. Certifications that can help you advance as a hardware and network specialist include the following:

• CCNA Routing and Switching Certification Training

• CCNP-Routing and Switching Certification Training

• A+ CompTIA A+

• CompTIA Network+ Certification Course.

• Cisco CCENT Training.


What is the purpose of an IT course?

The information technology course trains students to work as experts who install, operate, create, maintain, and administer computer programs. Its primary objective is to prepare students to solve issues using information technology ideas and methodologies.

What technological prerequisites are necessary to enroll in a course?

A computer, a high-speed Internet connection, a recent version of a web browser, and access to popular tools and software such as word processors, email, and so on are required. Certain courses may also require additional software or technology.

What if the course I am interested in isn’t offered?

The Learning program’s current course offerings are published on the different platforms’ course offers pages. Additional online courses are provided through other university locations.


You may perform all these computer classes online, which will save your time, traveling costs and give flexibility to your schedule. Mentioned above are a lot of swiftly developing IT courses list to examine, like Data Science, Cyber Security or perhaps you may choose to continue in your existing field and broaden your skillset, so you are equipped for the next generation of development tools or project management guiding principles. Take that step and sign up now that you have a better grasp of the types of online computer courses accessible to you.


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