4 Tech Companies that Train Software Developers Free in Nigeria

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Getting to know companies that train software developers free in Nigeria seem to be hard. It is no gainsaying that one of the major problems or challenges of tech Talent is finance as well as a platform to learn effectively which is why most attend paid or free coding Bootcamps to learn.

However, there has been the presence of various organizations, Startups, or companies over the years who have taken up the responsibility to offer free coding Bootcamps so that they can be able to train software developers free in Nigeria.

We will be highlighting some of these organisations that train software engineers for free in Nigeria.

Companies that Train Software Developers

Companies that Train Software Developers

1. Decagon:

Decagon is an organization that trains software developers in various courses and paths such as full-stack web development, JavaScript, C++, (net core), and lots more. It was Founded by Chika Nwobi who is also the co-founder of Cheki and MTech.

They specialise in software development, mobile app development and user experience design. They have trained lot of people who are interested in software, they do not only train but also provide accommodation, feeding as well as little token for the duration of six months with the agreement of paying back after trainee has been able to secure a job.

2. Dev career:

Dev Career is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rising of tech ecosystem, it runs a full-time program for the duration of three months.

companies that train software developers

They also source suitable jobs for trainees after the program. They are focused on providing support for upcoming developers and providing them with the necessary tools to excel in the world of tech.

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3. Andela Learning Community:

Andela through its program called the ALC provide a platform of learning software program freely for those interested in software programming. It is more efficient to get jobs when you successfully complete the ALC program and have learned through the program. In partnership with Pluralsight, OpenClassrooms, Codacy they provide numerous courses more or less like free coding Bootcamps for their students.

Companies that Train Software Developers

4. Hotel.ng:

HNG internship also runs a free online program and training for software engineers. They also go as far as raising money for interns in order to finance their participation in the internship.

They are a non-profit and tax deductible body and also give special attention to female developers and designers they have in this process helped thousands of trainees achieve their desired career paths.

The above highlighted organisation as some of the numerous organisations in Nigeria that helps in training software engineers freely, equipping them with the necessary skills as well as giving them a platform to utilize their skills and talents.

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