Creative Painting Games For Kids To Learn

painting games for kids

Creative painting games for kids might be a fun way to introduce them to the world of color. When we grow up, we often put crayons or drawing pencils away. We won’t achieve our own goals of being accomplished artists. But we can encourage the kids in our life to continue where we left off.

Do you want to develop your kid’s innate creative skills? If yes, you need to introduce them to the world of creativity early. Read this article till the end to choose the best creative painting games for kids to learn.


What Painting Games Mean?

Painting Games is referred to as any game where winning necessitates the application of artistic talent.

For instance, players must draw a line from the ball to the basket in Slam Dunk Brush. Make sure the ball gets through the obstacles in its path to the basket by using your artistic talents to guide it around them.

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Best Creative Painting Games for Kids To Learn

Let’s dive into the best painting games for kids to learn. Though they are a lot of painting games that will help in your kid’s development, the best of them all are listed in this part of the article.

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1. Sesame Street

Price: $100.97

Sesame Street is one of the best websites for finding free painting games for kids and is a true visual delight for preschoolers. Kids can paint fresh canvases every day from a vast assortment on this website.

While most online painting games have limited outlines for their canvases, with the Sesame Street game, kids may pick and drag things to any location on the canvas to paint lovely landscapes.

Children can learn about art, science, or any other subject through engaging art activities, films, and music clips on the website, which offers several learning areas. Sesame Street is the top online destination for kids to play free painting games since it is specifically created for preschoolers.

2. Quick Draw

Pricing: $42.70

painting games for kids
Quick Draw Painting Game

Quick Draw is another creative painting game for kids. Kids can play against the neural network and test their image recognition skills for 20 seconds in this Google A.I. experiment.

Although it is a fantastic research project, you can also play Pictionary-style quick-draw games with it. 

Your kids will draw instinctively instead of pausing and thinking about their drawings while the twenty-second timer is in effect. Anyone who lacks creative talent can participate and have fun because the drawings don’t have to be flawless.

3. Crazy Game

Pricing: Free

Kids enjoy coloring and occasionally find themselves doing it on notebooks, books, and virtually any other surface they find appealing. You may let your kids paint as much as they want with Crazy Games without worrying about the mess.

Crazy Games is a top-notch art gaming platform for kids. The coloring book collections include Disney coloring books, Moana coloring books, and many more.

4. Tate Kids Art Game

Tate Kids Art Game is another amazing creative painting game for kids. On Tate Art, a great platform for kids to display their skills, let your kids locate their art animals, decorate their bedrooms, and create eye-catching street art creations.

Tate Art will keep your kids occupied and interested with everything artistic, including entertaining craft videos and thought-provoking art quizzes.

With its progressive learning model and creative approach, Tate Kids makes art classes entertaining and instructive.

Tate Art will surpass your expectations when it comes to engaging art activities and entertaining quizzes for your kids.

5. Toy Theatre

Price: Free

For elementary school pupils, Toy Theater is a neat, small website with plenty of instructional content. Go directly to the collection of enjoyable online painting games that will aid your kids’ development of design awareness, abstract idea expression, and visual learning skills.

The exercises are ideal for kids in kindergarten through third grade.

6. PBS Kids Painting Games

Pricing: $12.98 per month

It’s a terrific way to introduce kids to colors and shapes, and PBS Kids include engaging art activities with cartoon characters. Your children can connect with their inner artists with the aid of PBS Kids. The art games on this website were created specifically with elementary school-aged children in mind.

A selection of captivating art games allows your kids to write, paint with letters, and utilize art to discover their imaginative abilities. This art game website is ideal for your kid because it was created for iOS and Android devices.

7. Double Doodle Art Games

Pricing: $9.12 per month

A terrific method to exercise the brain and have fun, double doodle art simultaneously engages both sides of the brain. Double Doodle is one of the best painting games for kids.

8. Girls Go Games

Price: Free

Girls can play a variety of casual art games on this website. However, since the focus is on having fun with color and craft, it need not be gender specific.

You can try on several outfits, decorate a buddy, or become a hairdresser by pressing the Play button.

9. Auto Draw

Pricing: Free

Another A.I.-powered game is Auto Draw. The automated bot will “predict” your Doodle and recommend a more professional piece of clip art to replace it, making it slightly different from the game described above.

10. Paint Online

Pricing: Free

A fun art game on Paint Online helps kids create masterpieces and develop greater spontaneity and self-assurance with their painting abilities.

Paint Online is a fantastic digital platform for kids to paint freely and express creativity.

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Advantages of Painting Games For Kids

Painting games have a lot of advantages for a child’s development. Here are the advantages of painting games for kids;

  1. Building Fine Motor Skills

    One of the advantages of painting games for kids is that it helps build their fine motor skills.

    Kids train and build tiny muscles in their hands, wrists, and fingers as they utilize various painting instruments, which is crucial for teaching children how to hold pencils and pens for writing in school and flip pages of books when reading.
  2. Building Eye-Hand Coordination

    Using visual information to direct both fine and large motor movements is known as eye-hand coordination.

    Gaining control over paintbrushes and other painting implements is a great way to improve eye-hand coordination. The key concentrates on the area between the tool and the painting surface rather than the tool itself.
  3. Developing Visual-spatial Attention

    This is the capacity to picture particular shapes mentally. Future employment in math, science, technology, engineering, and the visual arts requires these talents.

    Before starting a painting, this technique is practiced when new artists generally visualize the composition in their minds and when tilting the painting in different directions.
  4. Promotes Creativity

    Young children typically don’t worry about the quality of their artwork and are prepared to take a chance on it.

    Painting is a terrific opportunity for kids to practice creativity without worrying about what others will think of their creations when parents refrain from providing instructions or example drawings.
  5. Developing Prewriting Techniques

    Painting Games for kids also enhance the development of their prewriting skills. These are the fundamental abilities needed to learn to write.

    Important prewriting skills incorporated into art and painting include manipulating the tools used in painting and working with lines and shapes.

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Painting Ideas For Kids

Let’s explore a few painting ideas for kids;

1. Garden Wind Chimes

These incredibly giftable outdoor wind chimes from Sugar, Spice, and Glitter combine music and art. Your young ones will have the opportunity to learn about pour painting and creating chimes out of leather and string beads.

2. Painting with Feet

Kids will adore the tactile experience of painting with their feet! Kids will have a blast with this painting activity, and the finished product may be used as present wrapping paper.

3. Use of Watercolor

Using textured objects like leaves, coins, or other everyday items, you may create designs with this wax-resist painting technique. Depending on the technique you and your kids employ, the result might be anything from mild to spectacular.

4. Painting Gourds

Kids may easily complete this painting craft, and it is inexpensive. The dried gourds create a beautiful fall decoration that references harvest time once decorated.

5. Painted Rock Paper Doll

To play, you mix and match larger boulders painted with clothing and smaller rocks painted with faces. Even enjoyable accessories like shoes and handbags are acceptable.

6. Leaf Painting

Bring the kids outside to collect several kinds of fresh or fallen leaves.

To generate lovely leaf prints, completely paint one side of a leaf with a brush before pressing it down on the paper. Try a range of leaves in various sizes and shapes.

With these leaf patterns, you could even create your wrapping paper.

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How Painting Helps Kids in Emotional Development

Kids may find it easier to express their sentiments or emotions through painting. They can communicate without using words by using various colors. Painting offers young people a stimulating and entertaining educational experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What abilities do kids develop through painting?

Children may express ideas, feel emotions, use their senses, learn about color, investigate processes and results, and produce beautiful works of art and experiences by painting.

What step do you take first when painting?

Start by vacuuming the baseboards, trimming, and molding to remove dust or pet hair. Then use a barely damp cloth to dust the wall, working your way down from the top. Before you start taping or painting, make sure the surface is dry.

Is drawing or painting a talent?

Some people believe that only a select few mere mortals are endowed with artistic aptitude by the gods above. But it most definitely is not the case. Art is a skill, just like anything else. You can strengthen it by working out.

What value does painting have for toddlers?

Painting with toddlers has several advantages. For toddlers, painting is enjoyable and can be a learning opportunity. Through painting, toddlers can develop their visual expressiveness, spatial awareness, and color perception. Infants who paint frequently might improve their motor skills and creativity.


With these creative painting games for kids discussed earlier in this article, you can reignite your children’s creativity and watch them produce works of art that are enticing and lovely.

Screen time is a problem that affects most households, so it is always a good idea to use the time that is given to kids in a way that will help them develop and become more of who they are.

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