22 Best Anonymous Chatting Apps

anonymous chatting apps

Ever thought of chatting with friends and family on anonymous chatting apps? If you like the idea of interacting with friends without revealing your name or posting questions and receiving anonymous answers from followers. Then, this article is for you. Many anonymous chatting apps will enable you to make friends without them knowing who you are. They are usually safe spaces where you can connect with others freely. 

In this article, we’re listing the top 22 anonymous chat apps for Android and iPhone users, with which you can connect with new people, video chat, and communicate through chat. 

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Here is a list of the best anonymous chatting apps in 2023:


Omegle is a randomized chat app where you meet new people and start a conversation with them. On Omegle, you can video chat and text with new and old users.

It is one of the best anonymous chatting apps. To use this app, visit the website from your phone browser and click the “start a chat” button. 

With the Omegle app, you will gain access to Free video chat, chat anonymously, create your chat room, and invite people. It is free to use.

2. Utopia Private Messenger:

Utopia Private Messenger is an instant messenger that transmits encrypted messages between users. In addition, you can create a secret chat or channel for public use, as in Telegram.

Utopia Private Messenger is a part of the decentralized Utopia P2P ecosystem with built-in tools for messaging, file sharing, browsing, etc. Registration in Utopia P2P is completely anonymous. The user does not need to enter personal information: name, phone number, or email address.

In Messenger, there is a function for creating private and anonymous chats, as well as a function for creating anonymous channels — uChannels. Unlike Telegram channels, all channels created in uChannels are anonymous. In addition, the creators, moderators, and all channel participants remain anonymous.



Whisper is one of the best anonymous chatting apps that let you join an online community where you can share advice or chat with new users. This app is a top leading social app with over 30 million users from 180+ countries. Making new friends on this app is a piece of cake.

To use the Whisper app, create an account and turn on your notification so you can get alerted if someone replies to your post or sends a new message.

With Whisper, you will post as you wish or share stories and videos anonymously. Everything is 100% anonymous (The app does not use people’s locations). 


Chatous is one of the best anonymous chatting apps that lets you chat with people from all over the world about any debates or public topics of your choice.

Chatous allows users to use hashtags to find and communicate with people who have similar interests. You can video chat and share interesting videos on Chatous. 

With Chatous, you will use hashtags to find people with access to free video chat and Free Audio chat.


JustSayHi is an amazing anonymous chatting app that is available free on Android devices. This app allows you to browse and group chats with people around you. The app allows you to share images, videos, emojis, and GIFs.

With this app, you will have access to Free Video chat, Join chat rooms, See who’s online, profile, and have the utmost safety and security.


Connected2.me is a top leading anonymous chatting app that provides you with features and allows you to share videos, GIFs, and anonymous messages with existing or/and users.

Signing up on Connected2.me is very easy. All you need to do is set a profile. After that, you’re off to go. However, if you want people to contact you and message you, you can share an anonymous link on Facebook or Twitter to invite people to connect with users who are available for a chat.

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Wakie is another anonymous chatting app that allows you to share advice and thoughts with new users. You can also start a conversation by posting a particular topic on this app, and other interested users will give you advice and ideas on the post.

Apart from chatting with friends, Wakie also caters to finding new friends and voice chats with random users. With the Wakie app, you will have access to free voice chat, free voice call, clubs, group chats, and more.


Currently, there are over 26 million people who use this app, which means you can easily find chat rooms to chat with new friends. This app is a free dating app. It is one of the best anonymous chatting apps.

This app is 100% anonymous, secret, and safe. To use, simply create an account by setting your profile, and after that make genuine friends and find lovers. 

Some of its top features include:

  • Anonymous chats in the chat rooms
  • Share funny jokes
  • 100+ Cute avatars


Source: chatlive.com

Just like its name, ChatLive is an anonymous chat that allows real-time communication with people all over the world. it is one of the best anonymous chatting apps.

In ChatLive you can send and receive messages and voice and video call users. On this app, you can choose to be fully or partially anonymous.

ChatLive features free audio and video calls. Including multichannel support, customizable notifications, real-time chats with friends, and more.

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10. ROOIT:

Rooit is one of the best anonymous chatting apps. It allows you to chat to random matches, join chat rooms and play quizzes. On this app, you can vent about your private experience with people who are interested in listening or listen to people’s emotional stories anonymously.

With Rooit, you will have access to games, fun conversations with group friends, uploading selfies, anonymous stories, and more.


MocoSpace is another social app for chatting. It is well-designed and has one of the best features that allows you to chat with people nearby, share photo videos, and connect to other users by adding them as friends.

This app allows you to connect with matches and join a public chat room. All you have to do is download the app and create your profile. 

MocoSpace is one of the best anonymous chatting apps. The app offers games like daily spin and street wars. You will gain access to Free messages, videos, and images, and join a chatroom with over 1000 people.

12. RAVE:

For anyone looking for an anonymous chat app that lets you join public chat rooms and stream on Netflix, Disney, YouTube, Prime Video, and more with friends while texting and talking, Rave is a top option for that.

As soon as you create an account on Rave, you’ll find lots of chat rooms, and when you join any of these groups, you can start watching movies along with your friends online.

With this best anonymous chatting app, you can create a watch party to watch TV shows and movies. This app allows you to watch movies with your friends and invites friends to watch movies together online. 


TextNow is a free texting and calling app. It is one of the best anonymous chatting apps that offers free calling and texting services; it serves as a mobile virtual network operator that allows you to communicate with anyone all over the world for free or at a very cheap rate. All you have to do is get a local phone number and enjoy the free nationwide text and call with a TextNow SIM card. 

With the TextNow app, you will gain access to transcripts and conference calls. Also, Free calling and texting throughout the US and Canada and a Passcode to keep messages anonymous. 


Kik is an anonymous chatting app that enables you to chat with other users without revealing your identity. This app allows you to join group chats with like-minded people, go live directly on the app, send pictures, and real-time chat with people.

Kik Messenger is one of the best anonymous chatting apps with over 48 supported languages. Dark mode and live stream are available. 

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Source: Psst.com

This app allows you to share your experience and thoughts without revealing your identity. You can also share your favorite posts with other apps.

Psst is one of the best anonymous chatting apps. With this app, you can post funny photos and jokes and receive anonymous messages from strangers. 

16. FRIM:

Frim is another anonymous chatting app that allows you to meet new friends online and chat with them. 

On this app, you can choose to be fully anonymous or partially anonymous.

With this app, you will have access to many customizable choices, and it supports over 48 Supported languages. You can reply to texts with emojis and also get to chat with people all around the world. 

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With over 50 million users from 190+ countries, Azar is one of the best anonymous chatting apps for meeting new friends. The app allows you to video chat, match, and connect with users around the world. 

To use the app, log in using your phone number, Facebook, or Google account. After that, you will instantly become a user of the app.

With the Azar app, you will have access to Free video chat and also get to chat with people you have previously matched with, then like, comment, and post. 


Initially released back in 2008, Nimbuzz is a free mobile messenger and call-calling app. It allows you to enjoy free calls, social network games, instant messaging, and file sharing on your mobile device. It is one of the best anonymous chatting apps.

With the Nimbus app, you can send documents from your phone for free and make international calls.


Lastly, we have CamSurf. CamSurf is a free video chat messaging app that also serves as one of the best anonymous chatting apps. Unlike other apps, CamSurf does not only support video chat and text. It also allows, joining and creating groups, sending messages to users, and video chatting with people from across the globe.

With the CamSurf app, you can chat anonymously with Instant Cam to cam chat with strangers. You can anonymously video chat with new friends.


Dash is an anonymous chatting app that lets you make friends. This app is a leading chatting app in the anonymous community. It is designed for finding and meeting new friends around you.

On this application, users can not screenshot their chat. The app is very safe. Also, you can chat with the location-based feature, which will help you find friends close to where you are.

With Dash, you can chat freely, find your nearest friends, send pictures as you like, and chat anonymously.

Dash VIP membership includes a VIP member badge and a Daily bonus ×2. This app is free to use.

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Source: meetme.com

This app is all about meeting, chatting, and going live. Meetme is another best anonymous chatting apps that helps you find new friends and connect to old friends. It is free to use.

This is one of the best places to have a friendly conversation with strangers and connect with new people. Currently, there are over 100 million users from over 200 countries who use this app (the number increase daily which means finding friends on Meetme is fun and easy.

To use this app, all you need to do is register directly through the app or use Facebook, and after that, set up your profile.

With Meetme, you will have access to Free live video chat. You can chat and set dates with people, available, Free text chat, and it supports 42 Supported languages. It is a free chatting app.


Are you interested in chatting with old and new users without revealing none of your information? If yes, then Randochat is for you. This chat app allows you to chat anonymously, and find new people without the worry of creating an account. Whenever you want to sign in, you can use your Facebook, Email, or Google to register.

This app deletes all sent messages once the other user reads the message, also all your data, and most importantly, they will not save your IP address. It is one of the best anonymous chatting apps. You can start sending pictures as you like, chatting anonymously with no data being stored. It provides safety and security.


Source: holla.com

Holla is one of the best anonymous chatting apps. It is free on Android devices. It is an intermixed chat app where you can go live, video chat, video call, and match with people all over the world.

This app is a great anonymous chat app where you can decide to go entirely anonymously or let your information be known. Currently, Holla has over 30 million users in over 180 countries. Therefore, meetiSourng/finding new friends on the platform is easy. 

Besides this, Holla let you enjoy different video filters, stickers, emoji, and video chat experience. Holla also helps you learn a new culture. All you have to do is sign up and verify your account with either your email or Facebook account. You can download the app from the Google play store.

This app offers not only text chat like other anonymous apps, but you will get to benefit from the following;

  • Free live video chat 
  • Free text chat 
  • Free voice chat 
  • 1-on-1 direct video call
  • Real-time translation for any word
  • Select the gender and region of your choice 

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Here are a few benefits of anonymous chatting apps:

1. Access To Chatting With New Users Freely:

With anonymous chatting apps, you can easily chat with others without the fear of being judged. Knowing it is well-secured, your chats will enable you to express yourself to the people you choose to chat with.

2. Helps You Connect With Others Easily:

You will find it a lot easy to connect with others on the platform because of the security it provides.

3. It Increases Your Chances Of Meeting New People:

With an anonymous chatting app, you can easily connect with people from all over the world without sharing your identity.


What Are The Best Anonymous Chatting Apps?

Here are some of the best anonymous chatting apps: Holla: Meetme: DASH: Randochat: Omegle: Rooit: MocoSpace: TextNow: and Kik Messenger.

Can Anonymous Chats Be Secure?

No. Chats on anonymous chatting apps are well-protected and secure.

Can I Stay Completely Anonymous?

Yes. You can stay completely anonymous on chatting sites.


Anonymous chatting apps will give you access to conversing with old friends and new users without knowing them beyond that platform. You can freely chat with new people from all parts of the world. We hope this overview is a helpful guide for your search.

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