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AI icon generator

Artificial intelligence has permeated all aspects of human activities – from education to music and design. Artificial intelligence has simplified and improved how we produce results. The development of artificial intelligence has also changed how icons are made. This prompted the development of numerous AI icon generators.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best AI icon generators. I’ll do you a lot of good if you read this post to the end because it is packed with loads of vital information.


An AI icon generator, like AI art generators, uses computer algorithms and artificial intelligence to develop unique icons for companies or brands using machine learning, natural language processing, and analysis of massive datasets. 

To comprehend your preferences, these software solutions use user input from your criteria list, such as your business name, color scheme, desired typeface or style, and choice of icons. Then, using your preferences along with the design data and pattern recognition in its system, it provides a variety of icon options.

AI icon generation skills and sophistication have greatly increased. This is because the software has improved its capacity to produce high-quality icon designs over time by using machine learning algorithms to learn from and improve design data patterns.


The concept of what you want and don’t want in an icon is further refined with the aid of AI icon generators. especially if you have trouble coming up with a creative idea for a graphic designer to make something exceptional for you. AI icon creation can quickly and effectively help you clarify your goals and serve as an excellent beginning point.

AI icon generators give accessibility and inclusivity to many individuals by democratizing the creative process, just like many other innovative artistic AI generators, such as ones for AI-generated playlist art and ethical AI art generators.

While using free AI icon generators, you can still collaborate with a graphic designer. Enter your data into the platforms, then screen captures the elements you like and dislike. By doing it this way, you will spend time polishing your brief rather than money. 

The AI design capabilities in these generators allow you to generate professional icons without having prior training or certifications in graphic design. This makes it possible for more individuals to feel invested in and take ownership of the creative aspect of their brand identity.


The following are some of the best AI icon generators you need to explore:

1. Fotor

AI icon generator
AI icon generator

At the top of our list of the best AI icon generators is Fotor. With the help of Fotor AI, creating visually appealing photographs is now simple and doesn’t require highly developed design abilities. You can effortlessly make graphics based on straightforward text prompts thanks to cutting-edge AI technology. The AI icon generator will create a distinctive and beautiful icon to represent your concept when you deliver it.

You may start creating pictures right away using one of the many preset icon templates. Within the generator’s library of aesthetically pleasing icons, you can browse and select the template that most closely matches your vision.

It also provides you the freedom to change the icons’ placements, colors, and sizes as well as other aspects. The images can still be rotated to create a new, different image. You can also add special text and fonts. You can save the icons created by this AI image generator in PNG format with a transparent backdrop for free.

2. Iconik AI

Iconik AI is one of the best AI icon generators for creating eye-catching icons for web, iOS, and Android apps. You can let your creativity run wild with this AI-powered tool and create custom icons that perfectly capture the essence of your app. It offers features that are simple to use, making it simple to create app icons of excellent quality.

You can choose from a variety of icon sizes when changing them to fit various screen resolutions. Iconik AI includes the high-resolution icons you need for smartphones as well as smaller icons for notification badges.

By providing a variety of design options and templates, this AI icon generator makes it simple to create icons. The tools can be used whether you choose bright graphics, sleek and modern designs, or minimalist icons. Select any icon template from its library to produce eye-catching icons that match the aesthetic of your app.

Iconik AI’s commitment to offering icons that follow the standards defined by Apple and Google stands out among its competitive advantages. The platform makes sure your icons consistently adhere to the most recent design guidelines. You can download icons in a variety of formats, including ICO and PNG and it is compatible with a variety of systems and gadgets.

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3. DALL·E 2

Next on our list of the best AI icon generators is DALL·E 2. Modern AI system DALLE 2, created by OpenAI, can generate original and imaginative visuals from verbal descriptions. It is a potent tool for designers looking to experiment with new creative possibilities because it can produce anything from intricate landscapes to fantastical animals and settings.

It offers a never-ending source of distinctive and innovative visuals that would be challenging or time-consuming to produce manually. It enables designers to test the limits of what is feasible and pursue new creative directions.

4. CandyIcons

Another fantastic AI icon generator is CandyIcons. Users can locate and design ideal app icons with the aid of the AI tool Candyicon. Users can pick from a wide variety of gorgeous app icons in this collection.

The tool also enables users to create unique favicon and app icon assets that comply with app store requirements. Candyicons is arguably one of the most popular AI icon generators. You can use their vast library of AI-generated icons to build original and beautiful icons for your apps.

5. Adobe Firefly

AI icon generator
AI icon generator

Adobe’s Sensei technology, a platform that makes use of AI and machine learning services, powers Adobe Firefly. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to get around making it one of the best AI icon generators.

Text generation, image generation, and layout generation are three of Adobe Firefly’s main capabilities. If you need to make icons, this program includes sophisticated customization features including producing 3D icons, changing the size of icons, and generating color variations.

You have to navigate to Firefly’s Text Effects to create icons. You can create text-based icons thereby adding text prompts.

With Adobe Firefly, you may generate the icon using a variety of typefaces. By default, Firefly uses the Acumin Pro font for the icon. Under the “Font” area, you can see more font options.

This tool is accessible to everyone; premium subscriptions are not required. You have the option of getting free access to it and your icons will be downloaded with a transparent background.

6. IconMage

IconMage is next on our list of best AI icon generators. Using a range of designs and settings, you may create unique icons on the IconMage platform. You may quickly generate icons for your website, app, or other projects using IconMage.

It is advertised as one of the most reasonably priced tools available. It is also quite simple to use and has a staggering 22 different styles.

7. StockimgAI

StokimgAI is an AI icon generator that can generate custom stock images based on text descriptions. With this platform, you can choose the category you want to create such as a book cover, poster, icon, etc.

You can create expert, high-quality photos quickly by using It is one of the best tools for creating stock photos, book covers, desktops, and posters. You can also look at their gallery to gain ideas and see the kinds of pictures it can produce.

It is known for offering a variety of design services that clients may require. To get started, you can use a free trial plan.

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8. Octoicons

The octoicons AI icon generator generates custom SVG vector icons. It lets users submit a prompt to produce attractive and original icons for websites or apps. Designers, web developers, and anyone else in need of visuals can use the program to create website icons, visuals for apps, and original icons for branding.

9. Appypie

AppyPie is one of the AI icon generators that stands out. It has a simple user interface and allows you to generate custom app icons. No matter how skilled you are at design, you can still produce stunning outcomes.

A large number of template collections with exquisitely made patterns for various occasions and festivals are available in this free AI icon generator. These templates were chosen with great care to offer eye-catching graphics.

You can edit the fonts, text, layouts, and other editing capabilities to make your icons fit your style. You can upload your Image of choice to add a personal touch.

It integrates with third-party platforms and technologies and you have the option to import photographs straight from services like Dropbox and Google Drive. After you’re done tweaking the icons, Appy Pie Design gives you the option to download the icons in PNG or JPEG formats.

10. Design Iconic

AI icon generator
AI icon generator

Design Iconic is another good AI icon generator. A wizard-based method is used by Design Iconic to assist you in creating an icon for your company. You can be confident that your icon will be on brand and pertinent to your business given the variety of industries that this AI caters to with icon creation.

From gaming and sports to forestry and agriculture, this icon generator has you covered. Design Iconic is a great choice for individuals who want a lot of control over the design of their icon in a commercial world where details matter because it has a wide range of capabilities that let you modify your icon.

11. AutoDraw

Google just unveiled AutoDraw, its newest AI online experiment, which can transform unfinished sketches into amazing icons and clipart that you can download for free. You may use the app on your phone or tablet to replace your doodle with a polished symbol or icon.

With AutoDraw, each icon has the same weight and style. Designers can quickly make their own set of icons by drawing on this page and it is free! It is one of the best AI icon generators.

12. AppIcons AI

Appicons AI is an AI icon generator for creating app icons that appear professional without the use of special tools or technical know-how. Users can crop and evaluate their drawings before upscaling and downloading any of the six available designs.

Both novices and experts can utilize the program, which is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. The program supports the SVG file format and has pricing options for both personal and business use.


Over 14,000 users currently utilize this reputable AI icon generator to produce over 30,000 icons. You can use this tool to make icons for the websites of your company, brand, or apps. Simply create a text prompt that uses nouns or adjectives to describe the icon. The next step is to select the icon’s style and shape and pre-made layouts let you select and edit your icon.

To save you from having to handle your icon collection yourself, IconGenerator AI will manage it for you by saving it in the cloud. Your icon will have a high quality of 1024 by 1024. You can get feedback and share the generated icons on social media channels.

14. Photosonic

Photosonic is a web-based AI icon generator that Uses a cutting-edge text-to-image AI model that enables you to generate realistic or creative images from any word description.

The model is based on latent diffusion, a method that gradually converts an image of random noise into a picture that corresponds to the text. By changing the description and rerunning the model, you can regulate the generated images’ level of excellence, diversity, and style.

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15. IconifyAI

AI icon generator
AI icon generator

Wrapping up our list of the best AI icon generators is IconifyAI. IconifyAI provides 5 different icon styles and promises complete customer satisfaction—a highly debatable claim in the field of design. If you’re unhappy with the generated icons, IconifyAI offers a full refund option, which is a unique service.


1. Features And Tools Available 

Examine the characteristics that various AI icon generators offer. Look for essential features such as export formats, color schemes, font libraries, and icon variations. Select a generator that offers a variety of tools to meet your unique requirements for icon design.

2. Ease Of Use

A seamless icon creation process depends on ease of use. Test each AI icon generator’s user interface to evaluate how simple and easy it is to use. During the design process, a clear and uncomplicated interface will save you time and effort.

3. Ability To Download A Transparent Background icon In Various Formats

A transparent PNG of your icon will always be required, regardless of whether you share it with a graphic designer or upload it to your website. When an icon is finished, make sure you can download it in this format for further projects.

PNG is the very minimum, but it’s also crucial to take other file formats into account. A company’s icon should be provided in a variety of formats, from vector to SVG, so that it may be used in any circumstance.

Small firms should have a high-quality version of their icon readily available for download in any format that is required – without further conversion steps – as they frequently use their icon in various print and digital communications.

4. Unlimited Attempts At Creating A Suitable icon

When designing an icon, experiment with the concept and make adjustments until you’re satisfied with the outcome. The best icon maker software should permit unlimited modifications during the design phase so that you may keep adjusting the design until it’s perfect.

The effort spent developing an AI icon will ultimately be worthwhile because it will take much less time overall than if you worked with a design firm or freelancer.


Can I use an AI icon generator without design experience?

Using an AI icon generator doesn’t require any design expertise. Even individuals without prior design skills can utilize these tools because of their simplicity and accessibility. To make the process of creating icons easier, the majority of AI icon generators provide simple customization options and intuitive user interfaces.

Can I edit the AI icon generators’ produced icons?

Yes, the majority of AI icon generators let you customize. To make the icon more consistent with your brand identity, you may usually change the colors, fonts, layouts, and other design components. For even more personalization, some generators additionally offer sophisticated editing features.

Are AI icon generators suitable for all types of businesses?

AI icon generators can be beneficial for a variety of enterprises, startups, and individual branding. They might, however, be better suited to small to medium-sized companies with restricted budgets and those seeking a rapid and effective icon development procedure. Larger businesses with more particular branding needs might want a more personalized, hands-on approach from skilled designers.


Now that you have access to these powerful tools, you can quickly create eye-catching and distinctive icons for your website, brand, business, and application. The good news is that these programs provide an intuitive user interface, pre-made templates, and a variety of colors, and fonts.

We hope you found this post very helpful. Do not hesitate to drop a comment below.

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