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Qr code generators

QR codes are now more popular than ever before. Their use cuts across various sectors and industries. This means that more people will need QR codes. Lots of QR code generators have surfaced in the past 2 years leaving users confused on which to pick. The competition between the QR code generators has made most of them deliver their best.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the best QR code generators out there. Do well to read this post to the end for your benefit.


QR Codes is an acronym that means Quick Response Codes. QR Codes are a collection of pixels arranged in a square grid that represent information when scanned.

QR codes have a wide range of applications, from tracking package deliveries to making payments. You can scan them from several angles and distances, and they can be printed on a wide range of materials such as paper, plastic, or metal. They are a quick and simple approach to providing access to information.

They were first applied as a substitute for barcodes to track automobile parts in manufacturing facilities, but they have since acquired popularity as a way to access a URL on a mobile device. We no longer have to type lengthy, complex URLs into our browsers thanks to this.

Information of every kind is contained in QR codes. When you use your phone’s camera to scan a QR code, for instance, it may lead you to a website, provide you with further facts about goods, or even provide you with someone’s contact information.


QR Code generators are online tools that enable users to generate QR Codes by entering the required data and downloading them in .png, .jpg, .svg, and .eps files.

QR code generators are used to create various kinds of QR Codes. Depending on your needs, you can use QR code generators to produce QR Codes that can be scanned to access a variety of websites, PDF files, music files, YouTube videos, image storage locations, WiFi networks, and much more.

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Businesses can benefit from QR codes in a variety of ways, including better brand awareness, cheaper advertising, data collection, and improved exposure.

Additionally, by facilitating rapid and simple information access, QR codes can help consumers save time and money. These are also useful for pinpointing goods, services, and companies.

This enables companies to give customers a thorough overview of their goods and services. Additionally, QR codes make it simple for businesses to connect their physical presence with online resources, beyond the boundaries of a brick-and-mortar store.

The capacity of QR codes to eliminate the middleman by offering quick access to services and information is one of their strongest features.

Customers no longer have to go through several procedures only to learn about a good or service. Consumers ultimately benefit from QR codes since they can rapidly learn more about any good or service by scanning them with their smartphones.


With the number of QR code generators on the internet, choosing the best to use becomes very hectic. Below is a list of some of the best QR code generators:

1. ForQRCode

ForQRCode is the first on our list of QR code generators. The simple four-step approach used by ForQRCode to create personalized QR codes with logos that never expire is very user-friendly.

Entering your QR content, such as a website, location, Zoom, PayPal, email, or Bitcoin, is the initial step. After adding your QR content, you can next edit your design to make it unique and consistent with your identity.

For instance, you may use a transparent background or a background or foreground color that you choose. Additionally, you can edit the pattern, and the marker border, add your company logo, and choose a watermark.

Once the design has been decided upon, all that you need to do is create and download the QR code as a vector graphic in either .png, .svg, or .pdf format. 

It’s one of the most widely used free QR code generators. It not only allows for a ton of customization, but it also doesn’t require registration before you can download your codes. 

2. QRcodedynamic

QR code generators
QRcodedynamic – QR code generators.

QRcodedynamic is one of the best QR code generators because it provides a very easy way to create a custom QR code. It offers very customizable QR codes that can be created in minutes.

It is a flexible and dynamic QR code maker with a wide range of capabilities to meet all of your QR code requirements.

You have the option to select the type of QR code that best fits your needs from 13 distinct types. You may customize your codes to represent your brand thanks to the QR code generator’s great degree of customizability.

You don’t even need to register an account to make a QR code using the guest plan, which offers 13 different types. The free plan, which includes features like 3 saved QR codes, 1 dynamic link, 1 project, and 1 pixel, can be used if you create an account.

With features like limitless dynamic links, unlimited projects, unlimited pixels, and unlimited custom domains, the pro plan costs $29 per month.

3. Beaconstac

Beaconstac is one of the most outstanding QR code generators. On their website, Beaconstac provides a free feature that enables you to design a unique QR Code.

The website contains helpful information to get you started. To explore its possibilities, you can start with the free trial if you are considering it for a project or campaign and for one-time use.

Beaconstac allows you to build configurable QR Codes that support different languages and allow you to edit the associated content as needed. 

The SSO login, age-gated redirects, password protection, and custom domains provided by the QR Code platform serve enterprise brand demands. The system also enables the addition of additional users, teams, and access management.

The enterprise-ready QR Code solution from Beaconstac starts at $5 per month when paid annually.

4. CodigosQR

QR code generators
CodigosQR – QR code generators

CodigosQR is your go-to option if you need to rapidly-produce a QR code. It is one of the best QR code generators. Simply choose the content type, and enter your information in the required fields.

It is a quick and easy approach to create a QR Code in black and white. Simple QR Code types including text, URL, contact or vCard QR Code, call, and SMS are all supported.

Although the options are limited, you have the opportunity to create dynamic QR Codes when you sign up for the tool. It is incredibly simple to use, and you can edit your QR code using sizes and correction levels.

5. QRCode Monkey

The next QR code generator on our list is QRCode Monkey. You may create codes with QRCode Monkey that are suitable for printing that is high resolution and print quality. The created codes are indefinitely usable because, like ForQRCode, they don’t have an expiration date. 

You can use a QR code to add a logo as long as it doesn’t take up more than 30% of the space or covers the corners because every QR code includes an error correction of up to 30%. You may also use your colors, add a gradient color, and alter the form and shape of your QR codes to make them stand out. 

QRCode Monkey is a fantastic option if you’ll be managing multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously because it also provides bulk generation, campaign folders, and scan analytics features. This implies that you can track your QR codes to learn more about how they’re being used.

6. QR Code Generator

This is equally one of the best QR code generators. First of all, using and navigating the website is simple. It practically addresses any query a beginner to QR Codes might have.

It gives website personalization choices, much like the prior solution. You can download a static QR Code and add a logo. However, a free trial is offered for the advanced features. Do register for it.

You can create dynamic QR Codes on the dashboard and store them in folders. Additionally, the portal shows QR Code scans and analyzes data according to cities and devices.

Self-serve options for QR Code Generator begin at $6.08/month when paid annually. You must email their assistance to find out more about their enterprise alternatives.

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7. QR Code Tiger

QR code generators
QR Code Tiger – QR code generators

QR Code Tiger is one of the best QR code generators out there. Its wide array of features is what makes it phenomenal. It even includes an HTML editor’s support and several URLs packed into a single QR.

Static QR codes are free to generate, however, to make dynamic QR codes, you must choose their premium package.

Additional capabilities like QR tracking and scanner device information are available in the premium program. They also have a video tutorial that walks you through the QR creation process on their site.

There are several choices for modification, including the ability to alter patterns, add eyes, and even customize the QR with a logo. Additionally, you can add a frame or pick from their library of templates.

8. Visualead

When you’re talking about QR code generators that can be trusted, Visualead must be one of them. More than 500,000 companies trust Visualead, including eBay, BMW, Unilever, MasterCard, and Unilever.

Their technology, according to their website, can double the number of leads and social engagement as well as increase brand scans by 400%. Each QR code can be scanned 500 times in total with the free plan, and you can manage three active QR code campaigns.

Additionally, you have access to mobile targeting websites, graphic QR codes, collecting animations, and advanced QR code effects.

However, to remove adverts and access advanced scanning statistics, dynamic QR code editing, and other capabilities, you must sign up for one of Visualead’s commercial subscriptions, which begin at $7.52 per month.

If you wish to utilize your QR codes for print goods, it could be better, in the long run, to subscribe to one of the premium plans. In this situation, when the QR code is printed, you can modify its functionality. Because you’ll save money on printing, which costs less than $8 a month, this might be more economical.

9. QRCodeChimp

QRCodeChimp offers one of the most customizable QR code generators available. It provides 35+ QR types, including Facebook, Event, Vcard, Coupon, Product Landing Pages, Digital Business Cards, PDF QR Codes, and more. However, when you customize your QR code, magic happens.

Your QR code can have its size, color, branding, and even stickers added to its customization. With this tool, the possibilities are endless. You may design unusual QR codes like a heart-shaped QR, a coffee-shaped QR, or even a guitar-shaped QR.

Even a picture of your choice can be added to the code. To encourage more scans, there are 150+ stickers and 60+ shapes with calls-to-action (CTA). 

The platform offers administration capabilities like sub-accounts for access management, folders for data sharing and categorization, and enterprise-grade security.

It is the perfect platform for managing numerous teams and departments as a result. You can upgrade to paying plans if and when you need to scale up from their free-for-ever plan.

10. Scanova

QR code generators
Scanova – QR code generators

Our list of best QR code generators will not be complete without Scanova. Everyone can use it because of how simple it is to navigate and use. But once more, you must register for a Scanova account to get and utilize the code.

The QR Code platform from Scanova does not let you build an effective mobile landing page. Beyond that, it functions effectively.

What matters most is identifying your target market. It might not matter much for a one-time campaign, but for brands that seek consistency, it might be a bone of contention. Beyond that, it functions effectively.

Plans with Scanova start at $9 per month when paid annually. The most expensive option is this one. Additionally, no enterprise plan is offered.



Creating your QR code for your business is possible. That is exactly what all these QR code generators are for. They were specially made for businesses to make use of them.

Today, you can generate QR codes for free using any of the many freely available QR code generators online, provided the QR code generator makes static QR codes. Static QR codes are ideal for one-time marketing campaigns since they have an embedded URL with a predetermined destination that is never altered.

As opposed to static QR codes, dynamic QR codes can be customized and have additional functions. Dynamic QR codes provide a short URL that can link users to the URL of the destination website. After the QR code has been created, the destination URL can be edited, but the embedded short URL won’t change.

Steps to create qr code for your business

Creating your QR code for your business is very easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Establish the function of the QR code 

You must first choose the purpose for which you want to utilize your QR code before you can create one. You may make greater use of the QR code by defining its objective and purpose. Most frequently, QR codes are used in marketing campaigns to guide consumers to a particular website or call them to action.

2. Pick the best QR code generator

Finding a QR code generator is the next step after deciding what your QR code will be used for. You can find a lot of QR code generators by performing a quick Google search or selecting from our list.

3. Choose between static and dynamic QR codes

You can choose between a static and dynamic QR code when it comes to QR codes. A static QR code is a fixed QR code whose contents cannot be changed after it has been formed, to put it simply. Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, allow the destination to be altered.

4. Enter Information and Customize the QR Code

The following steps are to add your data, customize your QR code, and generate your QR code after choosing between a static and dynamic QR code. To create a unique QR code, you must select a QR code generator that supports your design requirements.

5. Download Your QR Code

You must download the QR code you’ve generated by just clicking “download” after you’ve generated it. You may save QR pictures in several file formats using the top generator platforms.

Additionally, the format you select should take into account the location where the QR barcode will be used. For instance, you’ll need a higher-quality format if you want to utilize your QR code for print collateral.

Make sure to preview your QR code on your own and test its functionality by sending it to friends and coworkers before ordering bulk printing or sharing it.


The Google QR code generator offers a straightforward method for creating QR-Codes from URLs, Text Messages, Phone Numbers, Free Text, or Contacts (vCard).

If a webcam is available, you can use it to scan or read QR Codes as well. It generates QR Codes from free text and URLs and can quickly convert a page you’re browsing on Chrome into a QR code. It is the top-rated QR code generator on the Chrome Web Store.

Dynamic QR Codes may now be created using Google QR Code Generator. They refer to a static URL where the real content is stored. Therefore, after the QR Code has been printed, the content may be modified.

Additionally, they offer basic view statistics. By logging in with a Google Account (Sign In->My Codes), you can create dynamic QR codes.

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Do static QR Codes expire?

Static QR Codes are forever. However, once formed, they cannot be tracked or changed.

Can a fake QR code be created?

Because making QR codes is so simple, scammers can use their fake codes to take the place of real ones. You will be directed to fake websites by these “fake” QR codes that are intended to steal your personal information.

Are all QR codes created equal?

Although there are four widely used variants of QR codes, they can be utilized for a variety of things. The “input mode”—the version that is being used—determines how data can be saved. It may be alphabetic, binary, kanji, or numeric.

Can you copy QR codes?

Yes, just like any other digital image, QR codes can be copied. Anyone with access to the QR code image can readily copy it. However, simply obtaining a copy of the QR code does not imply that one can access the data it contains.
Security measures like a password or encryption may be present. Even a cloned QR code won’t operate if the information is altered or deleted.


Selecting the best QR code generators for your needs is very important. This will mean ease and guarantee of quality. QR code generators are easy to use but your choice will determine the effectiveness of your QR code.

We hope our post on the best QR code generators was a help as promised. Feel free to let us know what you think.

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