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AI character generator

Content producers are now looking for powerful AI solutions to efficiently create customized character images due to the increase in demand for visuals and the incredible simplification of character design made possible by AI character generators.

As a result, the AI character generator is presented as a solution built to easily create a variety of unique and colorful characters. This ground-breaking technology covers a wide range of artistic genres and styles, from fantasy to anime, cartoons, and 3D art.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best AI character generators that’ll be perfect for you. This post promises to be very insightful so try to read it to the end.


An AI character generator is an app that uses prompts and AI technology to create a new image. Some of these applications have text-based prompts that you enter using your keyboard. The AI of the app then creates an image based on that description.

Other applications employ prompts with images. With this approach, the AI requests that you supply numerous photographs of the results that you want it to produce.

If you want an AI avatar, for instance, you upload photos of yourself, which the AI then uses to create brand-new renditions of you in various looks. You’ll always get a different result depending on the platform you choose because not all apps use the same AI algorithms.


1. Creation Of Original Content

You can create distinctive and intriguing characters using AI character generators for your marketing campaigns, social media postings, or other creative content. This can encourage audience participation and provide a fun memory for your audience.

2. Game Development

AI character generators can be used to create non-player characters (NPCs) rapidly and fill worlds with a variety of compelling personalities. By doing this, developers can avoid wasting time and money on manually creating characters. Instead, they can focus on important components like the primary characters and the setting.

3. Personalization

Customers can enjoy tailored experiences thanks to the use of AI character generators in chatbots and virtual assistants, for example. While some people find chatbots annoying, they have evolved significantly in recent years. Companies can improve consumer interactions by developing characters with distinctive personalities and histories.

4. Cost-Effective Character Creation

It might take a lot of time and money to create characters for commercials, videos, social media posts, and other uses of the characters. AI character generators can assist in lowering the expenses and time necessary for character generation, allowing companies to devote resources to other parts of their production.


The following are some of the best AI character generators that you need to try:

1. Artbreeder

AI character generator
AI character generator

At the top of our list of the best AI character generators is Artbreeder. You can develop and evolve distinctive characters with Artbreeder, a web-based AI character generator, through a process of selective breeding. To create new characters, you can mix and match several sets of visual characteristics, such as facial features, haircuts, and attire.

It works well with anime and many other styles. Artbreeder is a popular tool for artists, designers, and companies since it uses machine-learning algorithms to develop a wide variety of character designs.

2. ArtGuru

ArtGuru is a modern AI character generator that can scan your description text to produce believable, dynamic characters that perfectly convey the soul of your story.

In particular, it analyzes your written content using natural language processing technology to find important character qualities, feelings, and actions that are pertinent to your story. After processing, it will produce a character that exhibits those characteristics. 


3. Fotor

Fotor is an outstanding AI character generator that has lots of styles and models for fantasy characters. You can use the internet interface or the mobile app to enter the details of your fictional character.

Aside from appearance, this AI character generator can also include skills, a backstory, and other information that the AI can utilize to create your character rapidly. It is capable of intricate full-body designs for cartoons or video games, but you can just use a straightforward avatar or card format.

If you already have some artwork, Fotor can use AI to change an existing image in response to your commands. This is helpful if you have a basic design and want to experiment with several styles, if your drawing is incomplete, or if you want to develop a style based on the work of someone else.

You can test out Fotor’s service with some free credits. Then, premium plans start at $9.99 per month or $2.99 per month (paid annually) for 200 credits.

4. Veed

AI character generator
AI character generator

Veed is another AI character generator that can turn your descriptions and fantasies into stunning visuals. You can build amazing characters, gaming avatars, and even 3D models using Veed’s AI character generator. Veed can automate the generation process, enabling content producers to tweak and perfect characters following your preferences. 

Through the use of this tool, you can unleash your ideas and creative vision to produce visually appealing characters. Veed is also incredibly quick and can create AI characters in a matter of minutes.

With Veed you can create fictitious characters, video game avatars, cartoon characters, and much more. Marketers, animators, game developers, social media managers, and others can use Veed. 

It has three payment plans, Basic Plan which costs $291 per month, Pro Plan which costs $599 per month and Business Plan which costs $1500 per month.

5. Zmo

The next AI character generator on our list is Zmo. Zmo has a specially created tool to produce AI anime characters that are featured with IMGCreator. Without the need for formal artistic training, this AI-powered application enables you to bring your imagination to life by building individualized and customized anime characters. 

Zmo also allows both text and graphic prompts, in contrast to other programs that only support one prompt. You can even generate room designs or reproduce contours and poses using it. Zmo is an all-purpose AI character generator. Before using it, you only need to spend a little amount of time registering an account.

6. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is next on our list of best AI character generators. With its effective, user-friendly platform, PhotoDirector introduces AI avatar features to iOS and Android devices.

You can choose several of its many styles at once and put yourself in any environment or situation. There are options to match your gender expression, and you can choose to make realistic photos or cartoon-style ones. 

You can quickly change the color of your hair with the AI avatar feature in PhotoDirector. You can select your gender, hair color, and style, and even try on accessories using this app.

PhotoDirector can offer you any appearance you want, whether you want to experiment with becoming a natural brunette or explore the bright world of mermaid hair. With the variety of styles available in PhotoDirector, you can virtually switch up your clothes and find inspiration for your upcoming wardrobe without ever leaving the house.

7. Character Generator

Next on our list of best AI character generators is Character Generator. It enables the creation of 3D characters that are lifelike for usage in video games, movies, and other media.

It makes lifelike characters with realistic facial expressions and attire using machine learning techniques. Additional customization possibilities provided by Character Generator include various body shapes, skin tones, and clothing styles.

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8. NightCafe

AI character generator
AI character generator

NightCafe is another great AI character generator. NightCafe is ideal for fantasy art, whether you need distinctive faces for Dungeons and Dragons or characters for your fanfiction. Stable Diffusion, Neural Style Transfer, DALL-E 2, and CLIP-Guided Diffusion are just a few of the top image AI models that are used by NightCafe.

You need not worry, nevertheless, about complicated inputs. Everything has been programmed into a straightforward online interface that can quickly produce art from text instructions.

It can also transform pre-existing photos into something wholly original. The Neural Style Transfer technique is used to accomplish this, which merges the subject of one image with the style of another to produce a special piece of artwork that unites the two.

If you don’t already have any inspiration, the program offers a virtually limitless number of pre-set style alternatives, including some fantasy-related ones.

You can also change other components to your preference, like image size, blending ratio, and style strength. Every day, NightCafe offers 5 free credits. Next, premium plans begin at $6 per month or $4.79 per month (billed every three months) for 100 credits.

9. Perchance

Perchance is next on our list of best AI character generators. This online AI application can build characters at random using descriptions and visual cues. It promises that to produce intricate and nuanced characters, it makes use of advanced algorithms that consider a great quantity of data.

You can also easily find inspiration from the feeds of other users’ creations on the site and base your creations on them. Simply put, Perchance can make the process of creating characters more efficient and hassle-free. 

10. FacePlay

Next on our list of best AI character generators is FacePlay. FacePlay’s Magic Avatar turns your images into creative paintings for use in your profiles.

You can instantly transform into whatever AI persona you desire, from ethereal vibes to anime and superhero themes. FacePlay’s AI Painting function, which transforms your films into instantly shareable cartoons, extends beyond static photos!

11. GPT-3

GPT-3 is next on our list of best AI character generators. GPT-3 shouldn’t be mistaken for Chat GPT, but GPT-3 is another great AI tool. This language model, created by OpenAI, can generate textual character descriptions in response to given prompts.

Despite not being created with graphic design in mind, GPT-3 can be used to produce in-depth descriptions of characters’ personalities, histories, and motives, which can be a useful place to start when creating characters. It is a tool for ideas that supports AI designers.

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12. Adobe Firefly

AI character generator
AI character generator

Next on our list of best AI character generators is Adobe Firefly. Adobe’s brand-new text-to-image tool, Firefly, is swiftly raising the bar for artificial intelligence art.

It immediately stands out because the algorithm was developed using images from Adobe’s sizable internal image database. The results are refreshing because not only is this of high quality, no one else can access it.

Adobe has experience in the software industry and knows how to design a user interface with a ton of options. The text box for entering a description is at the bottom, followed by the primary art section, which at first shows 4 images, and the toolbar to the right. Adobe Firefly is currently in the free beta testing stage.


1. Limited Creativity

AI design tools can generate distinctive characters based on predefined criteria, however, they might not be able to generate truly creative or cutting-edge character concepts.

This is because the data and processes used to generate them are constrained, making it impossible for an AI character generator to generate completely original ideas. Depending on how fortunate you are with your AI generation, this might or might not be obvious.

2. Characters That Seem Unrealistic Or Inconsistent

A major and glaring shortcoming of AI at the moment is that creators of the technology can produce data that is inconsistent or inaccurate. AI character generators are known to produce anatomically inaccurate representations of individuals, such as those that lack a foot or have three arms. There is no way to remedy or prevent these faults because it isn’t human.

3. Lack Of Control

AI character generators could produce characters that don’t quite fit the content creator’s needs or vision. This frequently denotes a lack of control over the outcome. Therefore, AI could continually fail to deliver the ideal appearance if you require a figure with a green shirt or a particular expression on their face.

4. Limited Data

The quality and volume of data used to train an AI character generator determine its efficacy. The generator can give inaccurate or biased results if the data is missing or prejudiced.

At worst, there have even been occasions where AI has created images that are almost exact replicas of works of art that real artists have published online. Things start to get complicated at this point, and copyright issues can eventually surface.

5. Challenges With Customization

The majority of AI character generators don’t make it simple to customize the images that are produced, which can limit their value for business applications.


What kinds of applications do AI character generators often serve?

AI character generators are used in a variety of artistic and professional domains. These technologies can be useful for a variety of people, including game developers, animators, marketers, content producers, and social media influencers. For making cartoon characters, 3D models, branding components, and social media material, they are especially helpful.

Do AI character generators’ produced characters have copyright restrictions?

This depends on the rules set out by the particular AI character generator. While some sites can have restrictions or demand attribution, others might offer characters that are copyright-free for commercial use. To be sure you are adhering to copyright rules, always verify the licensing agreements and usage guidelines of the tool you are using.

What is the best AI character generator?

The “best” AI character generator will differ according to your unique requirements, the kind of characters you wish to create, and your preferences. Examine the tools we’ve recommended in this post to determine which one you like most.

What’s the Difference Between “AI Character” and “Character AI”?

An AI character is an image generated by an app using text or image prompts that you put in. Character AI uses a chatbot that you interact with and receives automated responses based on how you talk to the bot.

Can AI character generators generate characters in different art styles?

Yes, there are a variety of art styles available in many AI character generators. These tools may modify and create characters to fit your preferences, whether those are anime, cartoon, cyberpunk, or concept art styles.


The AI character generator is useful for communication, social media platforms, gamers, and entertainment enthusiasts. These robust tools provide a multitude of creative opportunities, regardless of your role as a content creator, game developer, marketer, or animation fan.

We hope you found our post on the best AI character generators as insightful as promised. Do not hesitate to drop a comment below.

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