Best AI Art Generator You Must Use Today

Best AI Art Generator
While you continue learning how to become better. In this article, we will provide more insight into what AI art generators are and the best AI art generator you must use today.


Imagine enjoying art with an AI art generator, it may seem unreal, but with AI art generators, you can become a true artist. With the best AI art generator, you can create and customize art and also get to sell them as NFTs

Artificial intelligence is becoming a technology we can hardly do without. AI art generators are a must-use for artists looking forward to getting better at their artistry jobs.

Whether you are an artist, musician, or poet, artificial intelligence (AI) have you covered. Many AI art generator platforms offer a free service to individuals, while some costs a token. 

Most people will agree that art should remain original and authentic. AI art generators are no less original as they help build your creativity and also help you make beautiful images from art. One of the most inspiring aspects of using an art generator is that you do not have to be fully integrated into the art. 

Instead, you can build on your skills and abilities. While you continue learning how to become better.

In this article, we will provide more insight into what AI art generators are and the best art generator you must use today.

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What Are AI Art Generators?

AI art generators are devices used to generate artworks such as images, music, visuals, and many more. The Algorithm can be used in creating new artworks. 

In this case, the AI art generator does not work on its own. Instead, it processes the data inputted by the user, and it creates what you have in mind with the information you added.

AI arts can be easily mistaken for original paper-pencil artwork because AI makes the artwork more unique by leaving no mistakes behind. You can become an artist with an AI art generator! With the right tools, you’ll be making unique arts.

With an AI art generator, you can create unique artworks that can turn into great pieces of art. You should know that not all AI can create art. Only a few AI types can design art. 

Check out our list of the types of AI that can create art:

1. Convolutional neural networks (CNN):

Convolutional neural networks are a type of artificial intelligence whose features go as far as analyzing visual imagery. CNN has applications for medical image analyses, image and video recognition, brain-computer interfaces, and many more. Its feature is best for finding and projecting patterns and images. 

2. General Adversarial Network (GANs):

Similar to CNNs, general adversarial networks provide deep analysis. It analysis the pattern of the information collected. GANs have two sub-models, that distinguish between real and false. The components are in connection, while the GAN detects the real out of the two sub-models.

3. Neural Style Transfer (NST):

Neural style transfer is a type of artificial intelligence that changes digital videos, or pictures, to fit the style of another image. 

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What Are The Benefits Of An Ai Art Generator?

You may wonder why you need to use an AI art generator for your art, and it is necessary. 

Here are some of the benefits of an AI art generator:

1. They Bring In More Creativity:

As an artist, you need to be creative. However, you do not need much hard work with an AI art generator. Even when you feel you are not creative enough, trust in the AI generators. You can create beautiful arts with artificial intelligent generators.

2. They Are Easy To Use:

Most persons often think that AI art generators are complex to use. But in reality, they are easy to use, and due to their easy user interface, anyone can use an AI art generator for their artworks.

3. It Saves Time:

Real artworks take days, weeks, months, and sometimes years, and this makes them special, but with AI art generators, you can create or recreate the artwork in a few minutes. There is no need for special skills or abilities.

4. The Tools Are Free To Use/Inexpensive:

As said earlier, most AI art generators are free to use, while others may require a small token so you can enjoy all the features available. You will be wowed with the unique tools available on AI art generators. 

5. They Come In Unique Features:

The misconception about AI art generators is that the art produced is not real. However, this is not true, as you can create real artworks with the unique features available. It creates artworks based on the information inputted, and it also codes colors correctly.

6. It Generates Images:

AI art generators can create an image from texts. If you are out of ideas for your new image, consider using an AI art generator for your image.

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AI art generator

11 Best Ai Art Generators You Must Use Today

Here are the 11 best AI art generators suitable for you:

1. AI Painter ( 

Visit AI Painter

AI painter is one of the best AI art generators. The platform is free to use and it utilizes a neutral network generator for pictures. We consider AI painter one of the best due to its incredible features. The simple user interface allows users to upload image(s), and you can easily use the tools available to make great artworks. 

There are several art styles you can select from, and when you turn the image into what you want, you can save the artwork in your gallery for free. Some of its art styles include misty mood, photo-realistic, composition, and many more.

2. Art Maker – Hotpot AI:

Visit Art Maker

Art maker – hotpot AI is another AI art generator. It enables users to create beautiful images for their content. 

The interface allows you to customize images on their platform with the templates available. If you are finding it difficult to use your images, you can opt for the free templates on hotpot AI.

Hotpot AI has an easy interface that can be accessed by professionals and users that are new to AI arts. On the image, you can edit graphics and images by selecting any of the templates or customize one to suit what you want. On hotpot AI, there are templates for photography, designs, business, and more. You can add texts with unique font styles and download them for free. Its resolution for art is 256×256.

While some of its features may require a token. Its art styles include portrait, anime, watercolor, painting, photo-realistic, and more. The platform makes editing easier.

3. Deep Dream Generator:

Visit Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is a free AI art generator. It utilizes a neutral network generator for generating images. It has an easy-to-use interface that can be used by anyone interested in artworks.

With a deep dream generator, expect the best. The platform offers multiple painting styles and tools, some of which can be used to edit and create realistic images. 

You can customize colors, weight, scale, and style of images with the tools available. The art styles of deep dream generators include water droplets, van Gogh, Carina, colorful abstract, starry night, and many more.

4. Chimera Painter:

Visit Chimera Painter

Chimera painter features among the best AI art generators. The platform allows users to create realistic images. Its interface is easy to use. With the chimera painter, you can customize images and its tools offer varieties of templates and filters that can help you create real graphics and images.

You can customize your images for free on the platform. Not only will the image come out in good quality, but it will also come to look real. 

Compared with other AI art generators, the chimera printer utilizes a machine deep learning mode that can make your images appear better for whatever uses you need them for.

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5. DALL-E-2:

Visit DALL-E-2

You can never go wrong with DALL-E-2 as it is one of the popular AI art generators. It has a simple user interface, that is suitable for both professionals and new users. 

With DALL-E-2, you can customize your images with the unique tools available on the platform. Even when you do not have an idea on how to create the perfect content. 

The DALL-E-2 platform is easy to use. It is free to use and you create realistic images with its art styles.

Whether graphics or images, DALL-E-2 has the right tools for you. There are features like color enhancements, paintbrushes, texts, contrast, and other photo effects available. You can customize illustrations, design products, and add multiple layers to a graphic or image.

6. Fotor:

Visit Fotor

Without a doubt, Fotor is one of the top-best AI art generators. It is best for customizing NFT arts. 

As an NFT trader, consider using Fotor for your artworks. It has an easy-to-use interface that is ideal for anyone interested in artworks.

On the Fotor platform, you can select from the varieties of styles and templates available. You can also customize your graphics or images by adding multiple layers to them. Fotor is best for creating fast NFT artworks. It offers varieties of features, tools, filters, and styles. 

To use Fotor, you need to buy a monthly subscription plan of $8.99 for Fotor pro. or a monthly subscription plan of $19.99 for Fotor Pro+.

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7. Manga Generator:

Visit Manga Generator

Manga generator is an AI art generator. It has an easy interface for anyone looking forward to creating the best artwork. 

You can customize your photos with the help of the manga generator tools. The platform offers varieties of drawing features that are easy to use. The manga generator is suitable for drawing, and the style available on the platform is the manga style. This style gives users the access to draw manga characters and also get to add colors to the images. The manga generator is free to use.

8. NightCafe Creator:

Visit NightCafe Creator

You cannot miss it with the NightCafe creator as it is one of the most popular AI art generators. Its interface is easy to use for professionals and newbies. The platform utilizes an algorithm that can help you generate the best AI art for your content.

NightCafe offers unique features that can assist you in customizing your images to perfect artwork. 

While it is free to use, it centralizes on a credit system. It is easy to earn credits for free on the platform by participating in the community activities, or you may choose to buy credits for as low as $7.99.

9. Starryai:

Visit NightCafe Creator

Starryai is one of the best AI art generators. It has a simple interface and with the Starryai generator, you can create the best NFT artwork. 

You do not need extra skills or abilities for this platform, as you can easily customize your images or graphics. There are features, tools, and styles available on the Starryai platform for your content.

 It is also fast to use, and editing is easier with this platform. Starryai is free to use and also safe to use as all of your contents are well protected.

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10. VansPortrait:

Visit VansPortrait

VansPortrait is one of the best AI art generators that can help make your images or graphics into the best version of what you need. 

It has an easy-to-use interface for both newbies and professionals. It also uses unique algorithms to provide you with the best results. With the VansPortrait, you can expect the best as it can transform your image into a sketch and anime. The VansPortrait platform utilizes general adversarial networks that provide deep analysis to identify lines in pictures. 

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11. Artbreeder:

Visit Artbreeder

Artbreeder remains one of the best AI art generators. Count on Artbreeder for the best, as it has a user-friendly interface that is ideal for all. It comes with some of the best features that can help modify or remake your images into something perfect.

With the Artbreeder, you can customize your images into three levels of styles. You can also choose the templates, colors, palettes, portraits, shapes, and other tools for your images. The Artbreeder platform has a free version and you can subscribe to the paid version.

12. CF Spark:

Visit CF Spark

CF Spark is one the easiest AI image generator tools, especially if you’re just starting out in the AI art field. It is from Creative Fabrica, an all-in-one digital resource for fonts, crafts, and even online courses. Unsurprisingly, they were able to maintain the high quality of their other offerings on their new tool for AI artists.

It has a straightforward interface that includes a text-to-image generator, ratio selector, and even pre-made prompts. They also have a prompt builder, Promptomania, which helps users write good prompts so they can come up with better AI-generated images.

The best part? You can create unlimited designs on CF Spark for free.


You do not have to become an artist before you can explore the best AI art generators available. However, you can get to understand how AI art generator works and why people use them for art.

 AI art generators are not limited to images only, you can create other forms of art on some of the best AI art generators. 

We hope our list of 11 Best AI art generator is helpful to your search.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use an AI art generator for free?

Yes. You can use AI art generators for free, as most of them are free to use.

Which is the popular AI generator?

Here are some of the popular AI art generators: DALL-E-2, NightCafe, Fotor, etc.

Which is the best AI generator?

Here are some of the popular AI art generators: NightCafe, Fotor, AI printer, etc.

Is DALL-E-2 free to use?

As of the time of this article, DALL-E-2 is free.

Are AI art generators safe to use?

Yes. They are safe to use

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