Best WhatsApp Profile Picture Downloader

Best WhatsApp profile picture downloader
Best WhatsApp profile picture downloader

In the instant messaging and always-on connectivity era of the internet, WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used platforms for communication.

Due to WhatsApp’s constantly growing user base and the need to improve the chatting experience, third-party programs that tends to retrieve WhatsApp profile images have been developed.

While these apps claim to make saving contact display photographs easier and more convenient, proceeding cautiously to safeguard our security and privacy is essential. In this article, we’ll delve into the best WhatsApp profile picture downloader, so don’t stop reading.


The best WhatsApp profile picture downloader are:



Profile Picture Copier is one of the best WhatsApp profile picture downloaders. The Free Android software Profile Picture Copier is available in the System Maintenance section of the Google app store.

Luckily, CitronCode Software is the organization behind the creation of the Profile Picture Copier. 6.2.1 is the newest version that its creator has made available.

Click the green ;’Continue To’ App button above to begin the installation of the Profile Picture Copier on your Android device.

Installing Profile Picture Copier on an Android device is as follows:

  • On our website, click the Continue To App option. You will be directed to Google Play by this.
  • You can begin its download and installation when the Profile Picture Copier appears in the Google Play listing for your Android smartphone. To the right of the app icon, below the search bar, tap the Install button.
  • The permissions needed by Profile Picture Copier will be displayed in a pop-up window. For the process to proceed, click Accept.
  • Your smartphone will begin downloading Profile Picture Copier with a progress bar. When the download is finished, the installation will begin; when it is finished, you will receive a notification.


Scanfair is another WhatsApp profile picture downloader that you can opt for. As you know, there is no method to download a profile picture from the WhatsApp app except if you use an app like this. ScanFair is the best WhatsApp profile picture downloader option if you’re seeking a program for downloading WhatsApp status updates.

All you have to do is enter the phone number in the field and wait 30 seconds for the status to download. Remember that your weak internet connection may cause the download time to rise.



The All Status Saver App Is a Whatsapp profile picture downloader available on Google Play for free for Android users. Using this software to download images from someone’s status update is fantastic.

The problem with this strategy is that you have to hope they also upload the picture on their status. If you’re fortunate and they agree, you can easily download that high-resolution profile photo.

Tell your friend to upload it as a status message if you want to be stealthy about it, as everyone watches status messages.


This is another excellent WhatsApp profile picture downloader. It is a free software called WhatsApp Profile, available for Android users only.


The productivity app Profile Picture download for WhatsApp was created by Appstr. The APK is accessible as of October 2016. More than 100,000 people have downloaded the Whatsapp profile picture.

Based on 728 reviews, it has a 2.51 out of 5-star rating. The app’s most recent update was made on October 15, 2016. This Whatsapp profile picture downloader has an “Everyone” content rating.

The most recent version of Whatsapp’s profile picture download, version 1.2, has an APK download size of 4199 kb. 



Do you desire to download the highest-quality profile pictures of others covertly? This WhatsApp profile picture downloader tool lets you download high-quality, original Instagram profile pictures. This software allows you to view and download full-sized, Full HD versions of user profile photographs.

The InstaDP website and this application are similar. You can use this program without logging in. This software lets you view user profile photographs up to 300% larger!

Another added advantage of this WhatsApp profile picture downloader is that you can download and store both public and private profile images with this Android app.


 WhatsApp profile picture downloader

The most widely used instant messaging service available today is Whatsapp Messenger. Whatsapp, now a part of the Facebook ecosystem, gives users access to various features, including creating and participating in groups, hosting video calls, sending material, and having end-to-end discussions throughout the network.

Whatsapp began as a straightforward, free ‘Instant Messaging’ program that quickly gained popularity and replaced the default messaging app on our phones.

Whatsapp recently introduced business-focused features, such as a Whatsapp for Business app, making the product a versatile and essential software for all handsets.

Whatsapp is the most downloaded messenger right now, and it can be downloaded for free on PCs, iOS, and Android devices.

Earlier versions of Whatsapp allowed you to save and store any user’s profile photo in your gallery. This first looked acceptable. However, Whatsapp recently discontinued that feature in response to mounting privacy concerns. You can still download and save group icons, though.

This part will demonstrate how to download the WhatsApp group profile image.

  • Open the WhatsApp Messenger app on your phone.
  • Open the group chat whose icon you wish to download and save in step two.
  • Tap the Group name to access the Group Chat options.
  • Tap the Group Profile image to view it in preview mode.
  • Click the “Share” icon.
  • To download and save the group profile image, select the “Save Image” option.
  • Your device’s gallery will now download and store the Group profile photo. Please be careful not to use the group profile image for immoral or unlawful activities. Use social media responsibly and ethically.



Launching WhatsApp and tapping on the profile photo of the contact whose image you want to download is the first step in accomplishing this on an Android device. Then, you will take a screenshot while pressing the designated vital combination.

This is how downloading a WhatsApp profile picture appears on an Android:

  • Open WhatsApp and select the Chat option in the top left corner.
  • When you find the profile photo you wish to keep, click the cloud icon in the lower right corner of the screen and navigate through your contacts.
  • The appropriate person taps on the thumbnail of the profile photo in the app to view it in full screen. As an alternative, you can tap on the name of the person whose profile photo you want to save after arriving at the window containing your contact list. To view someone’s profile photo in full screen, tap on their name at the top again. The Info screen will then appear.
  • Take a screenshot immediately to save the image; keeping the idea simple. Either power + home or power + volume down must be pressed simultaneously.

    Depending on the make and type of your phone, this varies. The sound of a shutter, similar to that of a camera, and a brief flash effect on the screen indicate that a screenshot has been taken before a preview can be seen.


You can follow the identical techniques I shared in the chapter on Android to complete this task on an iPhone.

After running WhatsApp and selecting the desired profile image, you will still need to take the screenshot using a key combination specified for this purpose.

Let’s check how it functions on an iPhone

  • Start by launching WhatsApp on your phone and selecting Chat from the bottom menu. Select the after-tapping pencil in the top right corner (or one of the launched chats).
  • You can tap the profile connected to the image you want to download on the open screen.
  • Tap the user’s profile photo to open the Contact Info screen.
  • You’ll need to snap a screenshot to save this profile image. This requires simultaneously pushing the side button on the right edge of your iPhone X or later and the volume up button.
  • After snapping this picture, you can edit it however you like by tapping the thumbnail in your screen’s lower-left corner. You can trim the image only to display the profile photo and hide the less appealing screen elements.

Now, you can choose whether your image is saved in the Photos or Files apps. You are now done.


Do any apps exist that allow you to download WhatsApp profile pictures?

Do any apps exist that allow you to download WhatsApp profile pictures?
Yes, a few third-party applications assert to let users download WhatsApp profile images. WhatsApp itself does not, however, formally offer this feature.

How do the apps function?

The ability to retrieve and save WhatsApp profile pictures from a user’s contact list may be how these apps function. They might ask for authorization to access your media files or contacts to carry out this action.

Is it safe to use any WhatsApp profile picture downloader?

Extreme caution must be exercised when using third-party applications that assert access to your WhatsApp data. Giving an app permission to access your contacts or media assets may jeopardize your security and privacy. Some of these applications may also be infected with malware or breach WhatsApp’s terms of service, which could result in account suspension

Do these applications go against WhatsApp’s rules?

The terms of service of WhatsApp may be broken if third-party apps are used to access WhatsApp data, including profile images. WhatsApp may suspend or ban accounts if they are discovered using prohibited third-party apps

What dangers could come from utilizing these apps?

There are various dangers associated with using third-party programs to download WhatsApp profile images, including the possibility of privacy violations, data security difficulties, and account suspension. Additionally, some of these programs could appear trustworthy while harboring danger.


In conclusion, even if there are programs that promise to download WhatsApp profile images, it’s essential to use caution and make informed decisions. Some apps offer a practical option to save profile photographs, boosting the entire user experience.

Why don’t you try any of the WhatsApp profile picture downloader in this article.

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