Best Registered Agent Service (Top-Rated)

Best Registered Agent Service

You can appoint a registered agent service to accept particular papers on your behalf, most frequently legal, state, regulatory, and tax-related documents. The papers are then forwarded to your address, scanned, uploaded to an online portal by your agent, and shared with you.

When they get an urgent communication, like a court document or a deadline reminder, a registered agent may call or email you.

Read on to check out the best registered agent service for you.

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Who Is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent accepts significant legal and tax papers on your company’s behalf. Business owners use registered agents to guarantee that legal papers are received and handled properly. A registered representative is required for every company that registers with the state.

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Ensuring that time-sensitive legal and tax papers are correctly placed and handled properly is the main benefit of using a registered agent service. A registered agent will obtain these papers on your behalf and notify you of anything that needs your urgent attention.

Using a registered agent service, you ostensibly prevent sensitive documents from being viewed by nosy employees within your company, which might occur if you get legal mail at your open mailing address. Having one registered agent who can combine all legal mail from different states is also beneficial if you perform business in multiple states.

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Benefits of a Registered Agent

The following are some advantages customers receive from using a registered agent service:

  • A RA assists you in maintaining compliance with the most current rules in your state because every state has different standards.
  • Peace of mind: you won’t have to deal with compliance issues alone because you will have experts acting on your behalf while concentrating on expanding your company.
  • Flexibility: Registered representatives can act as your representative while you are at work, saving you time and energy that you can put to better use.
  • Privacy: A registered agent can add privacy to your business activities by substituting their office location for yours.

Best Registered Agent Services

1. ZenBusiness

Best Registered Agent Services

The most effective authorized agent option for establishing and maintaining businesses on our list is ZenBusiness. Compared to other candidates, their yearly base registered service fee of $99 is quite reasonable. 

Even though full compliance days cost an additional $50, the first year of your use of a registered agent service is free. Therefore, ZenBusiness is the ideal option if you need a simple registered agent service that is dependable, inexpensive, and available.


  • a simple online dashboard for managing legal documents
  • an extra layer of security; 
  • worry-free compliance; 
  • Ongoing access to documents for scanning and receiving; and registered agent services with yearly report filing.


$99 to $199 per year

2. LegalZoom

One of the most knowledgeable companies offering authorized agent services is LegalZoom. Although their prices are higher, their expertise, strong brand recognition, and the variety of features they offer are more than enough to guarantee that your company receives the superior standard of service it deserves. 

Additionally, the business offers outstanding client support and guidance for franchise tax forms. 


  • mail alerts to keep you informed of the newest company developments
  • having access to the compliance calendar that details yearly report due dates and important tax mail
  • experienced identity theft security for your business, including credit monitoring
  • an unlimited amount of secure cloud storage for your company’s papers; and filing and administration of state papers and fees.


$299 per year

3. Rocket Lawyer

The market for authorized agent services is dominated by Rocket Lawyer. This business primarily serves small companies and is renowned for its outstanding customer service and various business legal services. 

This company offers access to email notifications, a client portal, online document storage, and specific registered agent services. Rocket Lawyer is your best choice if you require access to the registered agent and LLC creation services.


Free first-year registration of registered agents

  • in every jurisdiction;
  • managing legal papers through a customer portal;
  • Guaranteed complete happiness with RA services;
  • Email alert system for the most recent information and events; expert help and legal form consultation.


$149 per year

4. Inc Authority

Best Registered Agent Services
Inc Authority

Inc Authority, established in 1980, is a great option for everyone looking for the most affordable method to start a new business. The business provides a free authorized agent service for a year and various top features. The firm additionally provides a 20% discount and a $100–$500 bonus if you require business formation services.


  • Verify a company’s name in your jurisdiction;
  • managing your legal notifications through a
  • registered agent;
  • digital storage for quick online access to all
  • crucial legal and business papers;
  • consultation on tax planning; preparation of
  • documents for incorporating a company and state filing.



5. Better Legal

Better Legal is one of the most well-known companies offering authorized agent services nationwide. If you choose this business, you will be provided with the services of personal compliance experts who will take care of all your legal paperwork needs. 

Understanding the complexity of compliance problems depends heavily on their consultations. The business offers a complete range of LLC formation services in addition to registered agents.


  • in every jurisdiction, committed registered agents
  • help with yearly reports
  • scanning, delivery, and sending of documents on the same day
  • customer service that is tailored to each individual
  • app monitoring; operating agreements; and organization drafting


$90 per year

6. Harbor Compliance

Best Registered Agent Services
Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance takes pleasure in offering top-notch services, such as nationwide agent service, at the fairest and most affordable prices. Multistate companies seeking the highest security and efficiency levels should use this provider. 

Additionally, this business provides discounts for bulk

orders. High-end customer support, customizable notifications, and annual report notices are all available to you without extra charge.


  • Secure online access to legal papers with same-day delivery, email notifications
  • a customer portal with a local registered agent location, pre-filled state forms, and more;
  • notifications for annual reports and software monitoring with reminders
  • Online account for simpler administration of
  • legal documents
  •  24/7/365 customer service with filing help (includes a flat fee).


$89 to $99 per year

7. MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks has more than 20 years of expertise and has assisted numerous businesses with their legal needs. MCW should be your top choice if you’re looking for reasonably priced RA services, excellent customer support, specific business formation features, and high transparency for clients with concerns and questions.


  • There is a 100% one-month satisfaction guarantee
  • A variety of tools and assistance for business owners
  • Tax consultations for businesses
  • Registered agent services and a federal tax ID and compliance notifications to ensure you’re current on state filing requirements and business regulations.


$99 per year

8. IncFile

IncFile provides free access to a one-year registered agent service and a fantastic selection of company formation features. Any of the various incorporation packages can be combined with this service. 

The variety of add-on features accessible for online business the formation, such as contract templates, customer documents, bookkeeping, banking, and more, is what distinguishes IncFile from other business formation services.


  • a year’s worth of free registered agent service (if you buy formation at the same time)
  • Annual reports, add-on tools for LLC formation, free company formation services, foreign LLC qualification
  • Access to certificates of good standing and the ability to modify or renew the authorized agent.


$119 per year

9. InCorp

InCorp has you covered entirely with its extensive menu of business formation services, top-notch security, user-friendly website, and one-year free RA solutions. 

They provide excellent customer service and offer all the services required for operating agreements, domain name registration, yearly reports, and state filings. InCorp might be your finest RA option if you’re a business owner on a tight budget.


  • Customer service is available 24/7/365
  • It is a secure website with a user-friendly interface from McAfee
  • Compliance and company formation services
  • Free online registered agent services for one year.


$129 per year

10. NRA

Best Registered Agent Services

NRA is a great option for people searching for the best registered agent services, top LLC packages, and industry-standard customer support. 

This business is reasonably priced and provides a wide range of registered agent features, including access to various business addresses, important compliance notifications, and an online access portal. 

NRA distinguishes itself with its email scanning and forwarding service manages all incoming and outgoing business emails for your organization.


  • skilled registered agent services available around-the-clock, 365 days a year
  • access to a web-based document management system;
  • complete document and email scanning, sending, and uploading, including to your online account
  • superior client service; complete privacy upkeep, company address, lessening junk mail, and more


$125 per year

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Should I Hire a Registered Agent Service For My Business?

There are advantages to having a different person act as your registered representative. A registered agent is a person or company who accepts tax and legal documents on your company’s account.

You must hire a registered agent when forming an LLC or company.

A few advantages of using a professional registered agent service are the ability to focus more energy on expanding your company and peace of mind.

Registered Agent Service Conclusion

Registered agents are people an LLC appoints to accept legal and official papers on their behalf. Tax notices, official communication, court summons, and subpoenas are a few examples of these records. The official registered agent location must receive the documents. 

The registered agent must be readily accessible to receive essential communications during regular business hours and have a physical location in the state where the corporation or LLC is registered. In addition, they are in charge of delivering the papers to the proper employee within the business.

Having a registered agent makes it possible for the business to receive critical and timely legal and government notifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become my registered agent?

Being your authorized agent is a possibility. If the person fits the following criteria; you could also elect an LLC member or even a friend you trust:

  • is at least 18 years old
  • Resides at a fixed location in the state where the
  • business is conducted and is accessible during regular business hours.

Hiring a reputable registered representative service is an additional choice. It is more expensive than working on your own, which is one of the drawbacks.

However, if you use a service, you can avoid any costs or additional legal issues brought on by losing or forgetting an essential document or notice. In the long run, you may save more time and money.

When is it advisable to use a registered agent service?

Consider using a registered agent service if you frequently travel, operate your business online, don’t work from a single location during business hours, or want to keep your home address private.

Additionally, using a registered agent service can assure you that your government, tax, and legal letters will be received by a third party and delivered to you on time.

Should I act as my registered agent?

An employee or company owner is eligible to act as a registered agent. However, most people consider the procedure to be wasteful, inconvenient, or lacking in privacy.

One requirement is that the registered agent is at the company’s location daily during business hours, which most owners cannot do. 

Also, delicate paperwork like court papers or tax returns would be delivered in front of clients and staff in the company.

What is a registered agent responsible for?

You can appoint a registered agent to accept particular papers on your behalf, most frequently legal, state, regulatory, and tax-related documents.

The papers are then forwarded to your address, scanned, uploaded to an online portal by your agent, and shared with you. When they get an urgent communication, like a court document or a deadline reminder, a registered agent may call or email you.

Is there a legitimate internet-registered agent service?

Numerous websites provide trustworthily authorized agent services. Online service providers might be your only choice if you run a business with operations in several states.

To evaluate any business you are contemplating, read expert reviews and online customer testimonials.


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