GB Whatsapp Advantages And Disadvantages

GB Whatsapp Advantages And Disadvantages

So many people have GB Whatsapp on their smartphones without know the Gb whatsapp advantages and disadvantages and sometimes don’t really care about it. Well this article is to draw your attention to the dangers of Gb whatsapp and as well highlight the features it has.

WhatsApp is cross-platform messaging app users use to communicate with each other without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp sends and receives messages using the internet, meaning it doesn’t require a data plan. WhatsApp can be used on the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. 

Due to its features, most people worldwide prefer using it as a communication medium. This made it one of the most widely used communication apps.

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Its popularity resulted in anonymous developers modifying it by adding more features and functions that won’t make anyone say ‘No’ to using it. 

This modification brought about this GB WhatsApp. Aside from it, there are other common WhatsApp mod apps like WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp with additional features. With GB WhatsApp, there are many possibilities. You can hide your online status, send larger files, schedule messages, and lots more.

Despite the many possibilities GB WhatApp exposes its users to, it also has downsides that outweigh its perks. This has made its safety questionable in the minds of many.

So, if you are curious about whether GB WhatsApp is safe, carefully read this article. You will also learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of GB WhatsApp and its many features. 

Below is an overview of all we’ve covered in this article:

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a commonly used WhatsApp MOD that allows you to connect with your contacts. It has new and attractive features not found in the original WhatsApp. 

The WhatsApp Mod is a modification of the original app developed without the permission of the rightful proprietors. This MOD has been extremely popular since it contains several new functions requested by the customer community.

The term MOD is widely used with the meaning “Modification” to refer to changes made by a user or owner to a programme, object or device, in order to change its appearance or function.

With this Android application, you can send text messages, video clips, phone calls, voice messages, and start group chats. All of WhatsApp’s interaction options are also available in this MOD.

What are the features of GB WhatsApp?

You can do the following with GB WhatsApp and other customized versions:

  • Unlike the original Whatsapp, you can send a 50 Mb video clip.
  • You can easily block your individual chats.
  • You can also hide blue and double ticks, including when you last saw a particular contact.
  • Set a group name that is over 35 characters.
  • And instead of 250 contacts, you can create a broadcast with up to 600.
  • Send APK files as well.
  • Another exciting feature is that you can send 90 images instead of 10 images simultaneously with GB WhatsApp.
  • You can change the app’s icon and theme anytime.
  • Futhermore, you can download the status directly to your phone.

Is GB Whatsapp Safe?

Just like other WhatsApp modded applications like WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp is not safe. Although GB WhatsApp has more features than the original WhatsApp, you have a high risk of losing your data.

For example, GB WhatsApp includes many options such as masking the online status, active DND mode, changing the icon or theme color, and many others.

By using GB WhatsApp, you will gain access to capabilities that the standard WhatsApp does not provide. Notwithstanding, GB WhatsApp is an unauthorized version of WhatsApp that is not available in the Google Play store. There is no official website for GB WhatsApp.

You put your privacy at risk by using GB WhatsApp or any other modded program. Because GB WhatsApp was created by an ordinary developer and is hosted on its server.

That means a third party can access all the information linked to your WhatsApp accounts. It might be your conversation history, images, or movies.

However, in official WhatsApp, your chat is end-to-end encrypted. So only you and your contacts can see the messages, photographs, or videos.

Also, when you initially install GBWhatsApp, it asks for specific permissions, which you provide. However, you were unaware they could take your data in the background.

Here are the GB Whatsapp Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the GB Whatsapp Advantages?

  • One of GBWhatsApp’s advantages is that it allows you to create two accounts on the same phone. 
  • You may establish auto-reply just like a WhatsApp Business account, but you can also do it yourself.
  • It gives you the option of making each chat private.
  • There are numerous methods for maintaining your privacy.
  • Another GBWhatsapp advantage is that you can easily customize the application icon and appearance.

What are GB Whatsapp Disadvantages?

Despite the numerous advantages of GB Whatsapp, it has innumerable disadvantages which you must be careful about. 

First, GB WhatsApp does not have an official website. 

That implies you have no recourse if your data is compromised by using GB WhatsApp. This major GBWhatsapp should discourage anyone from using it at first.

The app is not Google Play Protect verified because this app violates the Play Store’s rules and conditions. This is among the disadvantages of GB WhatsApp.

The third downside is that you have a high risk of viruses or malware entering your phone using GB WhatsApp. This is because GB WhatsApp is hosted on an insecure server. You can look at some hidden techniques to protect your phone.

Also, messages are not secure. That means there is a high possibility that a third party will read your private chats with loved ones.

A third party can also read the information you share because the GB WhatsApp server is less secure.

The scariest part is that it exposes your phone and your WhatsApp data. Your phone information is also not secure. A third party can track your password or pin if you use your phone for financial activities.

Why Can’t I Find GB WhatsApp on Play Store?

The answer to this question is more reason for you not to opt for GB Whatsapp. 

For any software application to be on the Google Play Store, it must meet stringent security and privacy criteria. Meeting the privacy criteria allows it to be on the Google Play Store. This is what GB WhatsApp doesn’t have. As a result, it isn’t widely available in the store.

Also, GB WhatsApp uses the WhatsApp app’s source code but without an official certificate. This means you can’t determine whether the software package is free of viruses or malware. Unlike the official WhatsApp, there is no guarantee that the software application meets safety criteria.

What are the dangers of GB WhatsApp?

One of the dangers of GB WhatsApp is that there is a high risk of someone accessing your data and making it public. This is because it works it unknown servers. 

Another danger is that your account may be temporarily or permanently blocked. This is because GB WhatsApp and other modified versions of WhatsApp are unauthorized and unlawful. 

FAQs about GB WhatsApp

Is GB WhatsApp a legal Android application?

The answer is no. GB Whatsapp is not a legal or official application considering that the app accessed the official WhatsApp source code without the owner’s consent. 

How safe are my video calls when using GB WhatsApp?

Using GB WhatsApp for video calls is unsafe because a third-party user may gain access to your data. In fact, it is not safe to download and install GB WhatsApp on your phone.

Is WhatsApp or GBWhatsApp superior?

Official WhatsApp is far superior to GBWhatsApp. Although official WhatsApp does not provide any extra features, it is safe and secure.

Does GBWhatsApp have more features than the original WhatsApp?

Gb Whatsapp has a lot more advanced features than the official Whatsapp. That is what gets people attracted to using it. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, while GB WhatsApp offers some advantages over the regular WhatsApp app, there are also some disadvantages to consider. If you are considering using GB WhatsApp, consider the pros and cons before making your decision.

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