15 Best Free App Builders You Should Try

15 Best Free App Builders You Should Try

If you are planning on building an app after coming up with an excellent idea, then you are at the right place. Building an app has become a lot easier with the help of some of the best free app builders. With these apps, you do not have to learn coding languages and the best part is that they are free to use.

Regardless of your business size, whether small or mid-sized company, there are the best free app builder apps that can help you manage your business. You can create an app for personal or business use with some of the best free app builder apps that will be listed in the article. And that is why, In this article, we are listing the 15 best free app builders you should try.

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What Are App Builders?

You may be curious about how what are app builders, and how they work. First, An App builder known as app development software is an online software tool that makes it easy for everyone to create applications with no coding experiences, templates, or analytics problems. App development platforms make it faster and easier to develop an application by providing assistance and features that help in system design.

App builder will enable you to create, design, and publish apps without the need to learn to code. It serves as an instant app creation for individual who finds app building difficult and for people who do not have the skills needed for app development.

With the best free app builder, you can easily create an app for yourself or your company by utilizing the drag-and-drop functionality and visual interfaces. 

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15 Best Free App Builders 

Several free app builders can help you create mobile software and websites for your business and personal use. And without further ado, here are the best free app builders you should try:

1. Appery.io:


Appery.io is one of the best free app builder without coding. It is a low-code app maker that offers users different customization options. Appery.io helps users create hybrid Mobile apps, web apps, and PWAs effortlessly.

Appery.io is a cloud-based platform that provides fast app development, advanced development, and visual development tools. The platform comes with multiple features that makes building an app easy. 

Also, Appery.io features App testing, a drag-and-drop editor, on-site tutorials, multi-platform support, and more! It is also Easy to use with Step by step guidelines, and no coding skills are needed for creating an app on this platform.

2. AppInstitute:

App Builder

AppInstitute is an app development platform that allows small, medium, and large businesses to create, publish and manage their apps. It is also one of the best free app builders. AppInstitute helps users build their mobile apps for iPhones and Androids. You can create your apps for free on AppInstitute without any coding experience.

With AppInstitute, you can design templates, manage your app easily, drag and drop editor, direct messaging, and more. There are no skills required for this app, and it has a 30-days free trial for new users. However, its starting price is $58 per month.

3. AppMachine:


AppMachine is one of the best free app builder for android. And it is a cloud-based application development platform. It is the world’s easiest and best app builder designed to help individuals and organizations create applications in a few minutes. 

Appmachine’s Features include Data import and export, Drag and drop, mobile app development, Access control, App management, and more. Appmachine helps to automate the process of creating an app and makes it easy and fast to use. Also, it comes with design and templates, and there are pro options available. 

4. Appy pie:


If you want a website or application but don’t have knowledge of web development and coding then we highly recommend Appy pie to you. It is one of the best free app builders you should try.

Appy pie is a no-code app builder that offers users an affordable option and enables them to create a mobile applications, and websites and also promote them. Appy pie allows users to develop websites and applications without any code experience. It features easy Access control, Automated responses, Al/machine learning, App development, App management, and many more.

Appy pie is equipped with Advanced features. It is easy to use, and no coding skills are required.

5. AppYourself:


AppYourself is yet another best free app builders. It is an app builder platform that allows users to create powerful business apps without any problems. 

This platform was designed for businesses of any kind to create high-quality apps without any coding experience. It comes with many templates which make building an app easy for users. Also, AppYourself offers small businesses the choice to display their items in-app.

AppYourself features machine learning, Access control/Permissions, Web and app development, Testing management, No Code Development, and many more. 

AppYourself is multiplatform that can help boost your businesses. And, it is easy to use with unique customer service.

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6. BiznessApps:


BizinessApps is a cloud-based application development platform that provides mobile apps to small businesses. This is one of the best free app builders. 

You can easily use this app to build a native app for your iPhone or Android. This platform was designed for small businesses. It offers tons of amazing features that help small business applications grow.

Biznessapps features App management, Design templates, Drag and drops, No code, Access Control/Permissions, and more. It is easy to set up, to track updates, and affordable for small and mid-sized businesses. It also comes with tutorials and training materials for new users.

15 Best Free App Builders You Should Try

7. BuildFire:


BuildFire is a no-code platform that allows small and large businesses to Build mobile apps. You can build and publish an app in a few minutes on BuildFire with no problems. It is the easiest Mobile app builder.

BuildFire helps businesses (whether small or large create powerful mobile apps. And it is one of the best free app builders for all. You do not have to learn to code before you can set up your app or website on this platform.

BuildFire has various design templates to choose from, with a drag-and-drop editor. It also allows you to build and publish an app. With the Advanced development options available on the platform, your communications will be well enhanced.

8. Caspio:


Caspio is a cloud-based development platform for businesses of any size. It is also one of the world’s leading No code platforms for creating applications without coding experience and development skills.

This is one of the best free app builders you should consider. With Caspio, You can create web apps and database applications for business easily without any problems on Caspio. This platform is cost-effective, fast, and great for designing apps.

Caspio features push notifications, data import and export, advanced formulas, API, access controls, a secure database, and unique customer support.

9. GameSalad:


If you are interested in creating and designing your video games, consider GameSalad. This is one of the best free app builders for gamers. GameSalad is a free development platform that allows you to create your video games without programming or coding skills.

GameSalad allows you to publish games on Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS. It features Drag and Drop, requires No code, IT Asset Management, unique Support, in-app game testing, and many more.

Gamesalad is quite affordable. It is a cross-platform that helps you focus on the logic rather than the code.

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10. GoodBarber:


GoodBarber is a no-code development platform that allows you to build iPhone and Android mobile apps with no coding experience. This platform allows you to manage the apps you created and also publish them. Goodbarber is one of the best free app builders you should consider.

GoodBarber allows users to create powerful native apps and progressive web apps. You can create your mobile apps without facing any hassle on GoodBarber.

With Goodbarber, there is no coding experience required, and to create a native mobile app and PWA at ease. The best part of this platform is that you can create an app in 28 languages, and you can create as many apps as you want.

Goodbarber features Analytics, eCommerce, design templates, push Notifications, Access controls/permissions, and a 30-days free trial.

GoodBarber Pricing 

Standard plan: $25 per month 

Premium plan: $120 per month 

11. iBuildApp:


iBuildApp is a cloud-based development platform that allows users to create and publish android and iPhone apps. You can create a free app, with no coding experience on ibuildApp. This is one of the best free app builders. 

IbuildApp is an application builder that enables organizations and individuals to create web apps and mobile applications for iPhones and android.

iBuildApp features Push Notifications, Content management, Help & Support, Functionality, an Audio player, Analytics, and others. It is also Easy to use and allows you to track your business with no startup costs, and no coding required.

ibuildApp pricing 

Starting price: $23.40 per month 

12. Mobile Roadie:

Mobile Roadie

If you are looking for one of the best free app builders, consider Mobile roadie. This platform offers unique design and template options. 

You can not go wrong with a mobile roadie, as it comes with unique features such as geo-targeting, push notifications, a graphical user interface, and many more. This platform is easy to use and it is an app builder for all. Regardless of how big or small your company is, mobile roadie has all you need.

13. MobinCube:


MobinCube is a platform that allows you to create your app without any kind of programming knowledge. This is one of the best free app builders, and it is a fast, free, and secure platform.

The mobinCube DIY platform is the easiest way to create, publish and manage Apps. It covers varieties of features such as Mobile Development. Graphical user Interface, unlimited space, Push Notifications, Analytics, and many more. 

Mobincube also offers great Designs, with no code experience needed. It also allows you to create apps for free. And While it is easy to set up, it also provides you with the tools you need to build applications.

14. Shoutem:


Shoutem is an app builder platform that allows you to create and publish mobile applications with no problems. This is one of the best free app builders for all. This platform allows you to create efficient native apps with ease without any coding knowledge. 

Shoutem comes with top features such as Drag and drops app builder, App Analytics, Push Notifications, Live testing, and more. It is a No-code app builder with Easy app setup, Customization options, advanced features, varieties of Design templates, and great Support.

Shoutem Pricing 

Starting price: $59 per month 

15. Swiftic:


Swiftic is one of the leading DIY mobile app development platforms in the world. It helps businesses create, publish and promote their apps all over the world.

Swiftic allows small businesses globally to create personalized apps and manage the apps. It comes with features like Push Notifications, Access control/Permissions, design templates, eCommerce management, Mobile Development, and more. 

Swiftic does not require coding skills, and it is Easy to use, you can also Edit and update your app whenever you want.

Swiftic pricing 

Starting price: $57 per month

Free app maker for students

There are several app builders suitable for students. Most of which require no coding with free tools. However, Here is a list of the best free app makers for students:

  1. FormAssembly
  2. Jotform app
  3. Retool
  4. Ionic
  5. Zoho creator
  6. Quixy

Make a free app for android 

Here is another list of the best make-free apps for Andriod users:

  1. Bubble
  2. dronaHQ
  3. Xano
  4. Backendless
  5. Grid
  6. Zappter


App builders are not limited to business owners only, they are for everyone. And with the best free app builder, you can create and design your website without the need to learn coding or any additional skills. We hope this overview is helpful to your search for the best free app builder.


Are app builders expensive?

No. Most app builders are free to use, while some will require you to pay a token for extra features.

Do I need to learn coding before using an app builder?

No, you do not have to learn to code.

What is the best free app builder?

Appy pie is one of the best free app builders for all.

Can I build my app?

Yes. You can build your app with the help of app builders.

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