20 Most Useful Websites For Students 

most useful websites for students

Life as a student is filled with learning and discovering new things. Here are the twenty most useful websites for students. The curriculum may differ based on the class or subject being studied, but all have the same objective.

This article examines the best websites for being organized, learning new skills, and preparing for the future. Before discussing that, however, it is important to comprehend the significance of an instructional website for a student.

Because the younger population makes heavy use of social media, several institutions use Instagram and Twitter to recruit new students. However, a recent study reveals a different conclusion.

Current data indicate that foreign students do not rely solely on social media while researching universities; the website also plays a crucial role in recruiting international students.

Importance of providing students with educational websites

Several websites play an important role for students since each serves multiple purposes and can facilitate the simplification of their tasks. The following are some advantages of websites for students:

  • Academic Accomplishment

    To attract new students, a website is an ideal way to showcase staff efforts and successes. Photos, bios, and accomplishments may be edited without technical skills.
  • The student experience at the university

    Establishing a student portal page is a simple approach for colleges to integrate their websites. The integration of all information on a single page or portal enables students to easily access information pertinent to their educational path.
  • College Amenities

    With the user-friendly CMS, you may change campus amenities to highlight your university’s finest assets. This can save foreign students important time during the research process.
  • Alumni Associations & Community

    Through the alumni network, the website helps the students to develop a deep link. Your website can serve as a vital link between former acquaintances and their neighborhood.
  • Sporting Recruitment

    Through an educational web portal, students who are interested in athletics may simply identify their chosen sports on the list.
  • Blogging

    Students are able to remain abreast of the current educational trends thanks to the website’s continuous writing. Additionally, it can help you get favorable results in SERPS.

Top 20 most useful websites for students

Following is a collection of websites and online resources that will be of use to you in many ways.

1: Wikipedia

Wikipedia, one of the world’s largest websites, contains hundreds of in-depth topic analyses. This is one of the most important sources of information for students.

If you need to learn more about a certain subject, consult Wikipedia. You would learn the topic’s whole past and current. While investigating a certain topic, you will uncover more subtopics that are interconnected with that article.

2: Edx.org

Edx is one of the largest online MOOC platforms (massive open online courses). If you wish to develop your skills, you can enroll in their free online classes.

There are almost 2500 courses offered by 140 of the world’s top institutions. You could locate virtually every major topic and enroll in an online course. It is a worldwide non-profit organization that offers online courses and resources. Explore the course area on their website.

3: Coursera.org

Coursera.org is the premier platform for online courses offered by top-tier institutions and corporations. This platform is also useful if you want to study something new or get a skill with a certificate.

This platform is intended to give top-tier courses with video lectures on demand, homework assignments, and community discussion boards. There are several free and paid courses accessible for skill development. Enrolling in a Specialization will allow you to become an expert on a certain subject.

You would receive a certificate of specialty upon completion, which you might present during employment interviews. Coursera provides a mobile learning feature, and Android and iOS devices may be used to access their courses.

4: Instructables.com

Instructables is the world’s premier site for DIY construction and repair. It is organized into many sections where various subjects may be found.

It is an online community where individuals contribute step-by-step instructions for various tasks. This website provides information on how to prepare breakfast and utilize 3D printing machines.

There are several unique and intriguing projects available. You can study them and create your own versions for school or university projects. Using their guides, it is possible to solve some aspects on your own.

You may become a member and begin to share your skills and talents. You can submit a particular request, and other members will respond with detailed instructions.

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5: Howcast.com

Howcast is an incredible website for students to become intelligent and stand out among their peers. This website features thousands of how-to articles on a variety of subjects.

You may find useful tips and detailed discussions on subjects ranging from arts and crafts to romantic relationships. All the postings have video demos to ensure that you fully comprehend the subject matter.

Howcast embeds all YouTube videos on its channel. Presently, they have more than 8 million YouTube subscribers. They have covered virtually everything a pupil could possibly require. They have effectively addressed typical student concerns.

6: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a famous online platform that offers several free educational courses. It is a non-profit organization (based on a donation model) whose purpose is to give everyone a free education of world-class quality.

There are lectures, study materials, and assignments ranging from the first grade to the university level. Their educational materials are offered in 36 languages.

In addition, you would receive lectures and study materials for numerous admission tests, such as IIT JEE, MCAT, etc. Simply establish a free account on Khan Academy to get started.

7: Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular writing application. It facilitates the writing of effective, error-free phrases. Grammarly helps you minimize a variety of writing errors and provides the most appropriate words to use.

This is one of the top browser-based productivity applications. Additionally, you may check for grammar errors on the Grammarly website. It is available for free as a Chrome addon. Install it, and it will begin highlighting problems and suggesting the finest words and phrases.

This tool is most useful for writing tasks. Using this program, you may ensure that your writing is free of grammar errors.

8: Coggle

Do you utilize mind maps to easily learn complex processes? If you answered yes, then you will find this website irresistible. Coggle is an online application for creating mindmaps and flowcharts. There is no need to download and install this program because it is browser-based. This is a web-based program that provides several diagramming tools.

The website’s interface is fairly intuitive, and you will have no trouble drawing diagrams. Simply sign in to your Coggle account to create diagrams. There is a real-time collaboration tool that allows you to invite your friends and coworkers to work with you and facilitates the creation of diagrams.

After completing the diagram, you may share it with your peers. There is a free starting plan available.

9: StudentRecipes.com

Do you prepare your meals? This webpage will prove useful to you. Numerous students cook their own meals to save money. Cooking might be difficult for a novice since he or she does not know how to prepare diverse foods.

StudentRecipes.com, as the name indicates, provides hundreds of recipes. All the recipes described here need a small amount of time to make, which best suits the student. These recipes include step-by-step video instructions so that you can view the whole preparation procedure. There is also a written version that details each step.

10: OpenLibrary.org

OpenLibrary.org is one of the world’s largest online libraries. There are millions of books in virtually every genre. If you are looking for books on a certain topic, you may locate them here.

Additionally, you would receive hundreds of other books that will improve your reading habits. You would receive a PDF file and an audio version of every book on this page. You may either download the PDF or utilize the audio version on the go.

11: KeepMeOut.com

As a student, you should prioritize study over anything else in the world. Students are distracted from their studies by the proliferation of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and video consumption sites such as YouTube and TikTok.

After a few days or weeks of utilizing the sites, it became an addiction. Students spend an increasing amount of time perusing these websites. If you choose to abstain from social media, KeepMeOut.com is a useful resource. It is an internet tool developed to break the habit of frequenting particular websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Visit KeepMeOut and input the URL of the addictive website. Set the time and submit the form. You would then receive a URL that must be bookmarked in your browser. Then, anytime you repeatedly visit the site, you will receive a warning.

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12: CourseHero.com

CourseHero is an online platform for education that delivers course-specific study materials and activities. As soon as you come to the website, you will discover that 30 million course-specific study materials are listed. All resources are supplied by both students and teachers.

You would also receive study guides, notes, practice sheets, and instructional videos. If you enroll at Course Hero, you have the opportunity to earn scholarships. Course Hero’s price levels are inexpensive, beginning at $9.95 per month.

You may post your study materials to the Course Hero website and gain free access to their collection of other study materials.

13: Groupon

Student pocket money is minimal. Therefore, people constantly hunt for deals and discounts. It might be challenging and time-consuming to discover better prices. You may visit Groupon to save time and get amazing offers on numerous things. You can receive discounts on spa treatments and hotel stays.

This may not be necessary for a student, given that the website features bargains and discounts on other items. Using Groupon would net you hundreds of dollars annually.

14: Freecycle

Freecycle is an excellent forum for donating unused items. If you were to look about the rooms, you would see several items that you no longer require. However, they are still occupying space in your home.

You might discover stuff such as old furniture, appliances, books, clothing, and bicycles. Instead of retaining it or disposing of it in a landfill, you may give it via Freecycle.

This is an enormous platform for giving and receiving items. When someone has donated an item, it is available to anybody who needs it. If you are seeking anything, perform a search on Freecycle. Instead of purchasing an item, you can obtain it for nothing.

15: Mint.com

Mint is a free personal finance and budgeting application. The core function of Mint is savings and spending monitoring. You may add your accounts, and the program will begin monitoring them. According to the site, the data is kept private and will not be shared.

It simply takes a few seconds to sign up for free and add new accounts. Using this application, you may set objectives such as paying off a credit card or saving for a new bicycle.

This application allows you to establish reminders for bills and obligations, and it will send reminders accordingly. The Mint application is also available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

16: Google Calendar

Time management is one of the most essential skills for students. There are routine responsibilities and timetables in student life. Keeping track of all the dates and duties might be challenging at times.

Google Calendar is a handy program for keeping track of things for students. Mark the relevant dates with brief comments, and also set a reminder. On that day, you would receive a notice so that you would not miss any essential events.

You may also specify personal objectives, such as “go get groceries at 10 a.m.” The application will alert you at that moment.

17: AcademicEarth.org

AcademicEarth is founded on the notion that every individual deserves a world-class education. This platform has provided high-quality courses for many years. You would get access to online course materials from the world’s most prominent and renowned universities, such as Stanford and Princeton.

Even if you are not accepted to these colleges, you can still access their courses through AcademicEarth. This website offers video lectures and text-based courses in a variety of disciplines.

18: Brainly

Have you ever been stuck on schoolwork and needed assistance? You would like to use this platform. Brainly is the largest knowledge-sharing community in the world, where students and professionals collaborate to solve the most difficult assignment challenges.

Their community is reportedly composed of 150 million students and professionals. You may ask any question and receive a response from the community. On the other hand, if you are knowledgeable in any area, you may answer the inquiries of others.

19: Mathway

You may have previously visited many instructional websites for arithmetic issues. But I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen a website like Mathway. It is an intelligent website that provides immediate answers. You can ask questions about algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, among other mathematical topics.

In addition, you would receive solutions to Chemistry issues, a smart keyboard is available for entering your problem. The tool will then do a database search. If the query was located in their database, the system would provide an answer with step-by-step instructions.

If the question is not found, a community member will respond as soon as feasible.

20: Save to Pocket

Depending on your particular requirements, you may find many more websites and postings useful. But how can they be listed and arranged? The answer, though, is the Save to Pocket browser plugin. This is similar to a bookmark, but it includes several additional functions.

This is free to use and can save an unlimited amount of URLs, and also enables cross-platform access, allowing URLs to be accessed on any device. You can organize these URLs into many categories based on your preferences.


What are academic websites?

Educational websites may contain games, movies, or web pages with subject-related information that serve as tools to assist classroom learning and instruction. These websites assist in entertaining and engaging students, especially in the modern day.

Why are websites beneficial for education?

By sending and receiving emails, a website increases the social interaction and communication abilities of instructors and students.

Is Internet access crucial for students?

The Internet is quite useful in the sphere of education. It offers several advantages for both students and teachers. People often refer to the Internet as the “information superhighway.” On the internet, you may find any and all information relevant to your area of study.


With all of these websites at your disposal, it is simpler than ever to make the most of your Internet time. This is a key aspect of time management for students.

There is something on this list for everyone, regardless of whether you want to focus on performing well in your studies or would rather explore a new area of interest.

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