How To Sell Feet Pictures On Instagram (Easy way)

how to sell feet pictures on instagram

One of the various social media sites on which you may sell pictures of your foot is Instagram. There are numerous ways to accomplish this. When individuals say that Instagram is a “rich kid app,” they indicate that they believe the people who use Instagram have a higher income than users of other social media platforms.

This is a guide on how to sell feet pictures on Instagram, and it can be found here. In this piece, we will examine the best ways to monetize your Instagram account through the use of foot photos.

Is it against the law to sell pictures of feet on Instagram?

It is risk-free to sell images of feet on Instagram. In addition, Instagram has a feature that stops other users from storing pictures of your feet on their own devices, and you can add a watermark to any picture of your feet to prevent it from being stolen. Instagram does not take issue with users posting pictures of their feet since doing so does not constitute nudity. So, you may publish as many feet images and earn-out on Instagram.

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Why You Should Market Your Feet Pictures on Instagram

Do you question selling your foot images for money on Instagram? The margin of profit is rather attractive. The following is a list of just some of the many reasons why you should sell foot pictures on Instagram:

  • People need it
    Although the term “foot fetish” may not have any significance for you, it does have significance for a lot of other individuals. You will start getting messages from individuals requesting additional pictures of your feet, and there is a possibility that you may land a long-term contract.

    They may support your visit to various locations so that they may take photographs of your feet and then purchase those photographs.
  • Advertisements
    Companies are aware that it is against the law to use photographs of people’s feet in advertisements without first obtaining their consent. If a company does business in the pedicure industry, for example, and they see that your feet are in good condition, they may want to work with you. Naturally, they will ask for your permission before using any photos of your feet in future advertisements or public relations efforts.
How do I start selling my feet pictures?
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  • Simple Profits
    One of the least difficult ways for me to make money is by selling photographs of my feet. What do you do? Find a captivating setting, take some pictures of it, and then share them on your timeline.
  • It is not illegal.
    Selling photographs of someone’s feet is not illegal in any nation, provided that the use of Instagram is not prohibited there.

Conditions for Offering Feet Pictures for Sale on Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site that focuses on the sharing of photographs and allows users to do so daily. You may build a page on Instagram that is dedicated to foot care if you want to sell images of your feet. If you do this, you can join Instagram.

You might also display a variety of shoes and accessories for the feet, such as jewelry, that you want to sell. Because Instagram is primarily a visual medium, it is an excellent venue for selling pictures of feet. Following are some brief pointers that can assist you in getting started with selling foot photos on Instagram;

  • Instagram Profile
    Selling foot photos on Instagram works best when done through a business account. Most feet pics merchants on Instagram acquire accounts with numerous followers to expand their fan base, but it is not suggested unless the purchased Instagram account was previously utilized for foot pics sales.

    Expand a personal fan base with advertisements, partnerships, and engagements, and see your profile followers grow with relevant followers.
  • Mobile Wallet or Bank Account
    Your means of payment may be mobile wallets such as Venmo, PayPal, Payoneer, etc. You also have the option of having payments made straight to your bank account. Because of the preference of certain customers to make payments in cryptocurrency, you need to create a cryptocurrency address for yourself.

    Here are other ways to receive and transfer money internationally

    Make sure that the form of payment you choose is not against the law in your country before choosing it. For example, the trade of cryptocurrencies is prohibited in some nations, making it impossible to convert your holdings into fiat cash.
  • Smartphone
    It is not necessary to have a personal computer to administer your Instagram account, publish pictures of your feet, or get cash. Despite this, a personal computer can still be useful.
  • Pictures of Feet
    The photos of your feet are the next necessity, and they are the most significant of all. You can create an Instagram account, but to get money from it, you need to post photos of things like your feet. It is not good for the company to use random foot pictures on the internet.

    In addition to this, you run the risk of ending up with a copyrighted foot picture, which might get you in hot water.
  • Camera
    A nice camera shouldn’t be too expensive, but if it is, you should probably pay a camera operator to perform the work for you. If you are just starting, doing so is not recommended unless you have a significant amount of free cash.
  • Accounts on Social Media
    Make use of other social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, to establish extra accounts. You may also increase conversion by linking your Instagram business account to OnlyFans to get more followers.
  • Startup Capital
    To generate the greatest revenue from selling foot photos, Instagram, like many other businesses, requires initial starting funding. The Instagram ad is more cost-effective, and if you know how to manage advertisements, you can reach a certain demographic of users.

How to sell feet pictures on Instagram

If you know what you’re doing, Instagram can be a free, straightforward social media site that’s also simple to expand your presence on. This article provides a step-by-step guide to creating a successful Instagram profile dedicated to posting pictures of feet.

Step 1: Open an Instagram account

If you want to generate money off of Instagram by selling pictures of your feet, you should create a separate Instagram profile that is dedicated just to posting material that is associated with your feet. Please refrain from uploading any photos in which your feet are obscured. Keep in mind that we must get together everyone interested in seeing pictures of feet.

Step 2: Maintain a Professional Attitude and Consistency

Upload at least twice or three times per day. Let’s say you want to increase the size of your target audience, which in this case would be people who are interested in purchasing foot pictures from you. In such a situation, you need to make sure that you maintain consistency and take photographs that seem like they were taken by a professional. You’ll be able to attract more clients as a result of this.

Step 3: The procedure of uploading

Be sure to include the appropriate hashtags and a detailed description of at least one hundred words whenever you submit new posts to your foot photos selling Instagram page. This will ensure that you reach a greater number of audiences.

To let people know that you are interested in selling foot pictures to them, you need to add keywords and a message to your profile. After that, you may invite them to direct message me with a special request; this is how you can sell foot pictures directly on Instagram.

Indirect Instagram usage to sell foot photos

By using Instagram as a marketplace, you may even sell foot pictures that you have stored on other sites, such as FeetFinder, Onlyfans, or Foap App.

FeetFinder is among the most reputable and trustworthy online marketplaces for purchasing and selling photographs of feet. We highly recommend using Feetfinder to sell your feet pictures and make money.

To make money off of FeetFinder, you don’t need to be a model, actor, or renowned figure of any kind.

Your feet pictures can be hosted on FeetFinder, and you can put a link to your profile in your Instagram bio to direct visitors to your FeetFinder page, where they may make a purchase. You may also sell additional feet pictures by using Onlyfans or one of the many other foot hosting sites to cultivate a devoted following for yourself there.

It is possible that publishing more posts will help you in two different ways: first, it will help you build a larger audience on your Instagram page; second, it will encourage more people to click the link you attach to your bio; and third, it will encourage more people to buy your feet photos from websites such as FeetFinder or Onlyfans.

This is how you may leverage your Instagram profile to make extra money through the direct and indirect sale of foot pictures on Instagram.

How to avoid being scammed while selling foot pictures on the internet.

Let’s face it. Not everyone interested in purchasing foot pictures will be acting in a morally acceptable manner. When conducting any kind of business online, it is critical to exercise extreme caution to safeguard oneself and stay away from falling victim to a con.

When selling foot pictures online, here are some precautions you may take to avoid getting scammed:

  1. Maintain your anonymity

    When selling images online, there is no requirement that you provide your true identity to customers. If you do so, you are merely going to allow a possible stalker into your life.

    Make sure your foot photography business has its email address and social media profiles, both of which should be anonymous. Under no circumstances should you reveal your name, address, or phone number to customers.
  2. Never display face in photographs

    Some people who sell foot photographs have no problem exposing their faces or other areas of their bodies in the pictures they sell of their feet. When dealing with shadier customers, you will discover that the more you do, the more money you will make.

    Having said that, ask yourself if you want your private photographs to be dispersed randomly around the internet, where anybody may view them, edit them in picture editing software, and reshare them.
  3. Do not answer personal queries

    While it’s not unusual to have specific inquiries and requests about the images of your feet, such as those about angles, backdrops, toenail polish colors, and so on, it is customary to address those queries. It is never acceptable for a potential buyer to request private and sensitive information about the seller.

    If at any point during a contact with a customer you feel uneasy or threatened in any manner, you should immediately cut off further connection with that customer, block them, and, if required, file a complaint against them.
  4. Don’t take actual gift cards at this time

    If a customer wishes to pay using a gift card, it’s quite likely that the card was either stolen or counterfeited or that they intend to cancel a payment after they have received their photographs. If the customer insists on paying with an electronic gift card, there is a workaround that may be used.

    If you like the concept of taking Amazon gift cards as payment, once you receive the email with the code from the buyer, before you deliver the items, you can immediately go on Amazon and buy a fresh gift card with the customer’s code, which you can then use anytime you’d like without having to worry about the customer withdrawing the gift code. This is an option that is available to you if you choose to take Amazon gift codes as payment.
  5. Never agree to take more money

    Scammers frequently use the technique of offering you more money for a product than you asked for, with the promise that you would send part of the additional money back to them when it has been placed into your account. This is another popular tactic used by con artists.

    Either that or they will “accidentally” pay more than they should and then demand that the difference be refunded to them. Alternately, to validate your identity, they could ask for a “little payment” from you. No matter what happens, the first payment is fraudulent, and the seller will end up losing money because of it.
  6. Stick to your pricing

    If you undercut your competitors on the price of your photographs, customers will think one of two things: either the work you do is of poor quality or the price of your work is negotiable in the future.
  7. Always include a watermark on any preview photographs you provide

    You should always blur the image using a free image editing application like Canva or overlay a huge watermark whenever you offer your photographs for sale so that people can see that they belong to you and not someone else.

    If you don’t, you risk running into other vendors in the future who will try to pass off your work as their own so that they may make money off of it.


How much income can you make selling Instagram photos of your feet?

Selling photos of your foot on Instagram may generate at least $100. Beginners find it challenging to earn $10, but with persistence and the posting of high-quality foot photos, you may earn up to $200. If you spread your photographs to more platforms, your revenue might suddenly double or even treble.

Where can I sell photographs of my feet?

  • Personal webpage
  • Craigslist
  • Etsy
  • Instafeet
  • Feet Finder
  • Dollar Feet
  • Feet pics
  • Foap

Do I need to have attractive feet to sell photos of my feet?

No, you do not need model-worthy feet to sell pictures of feet. If you are self-conscious about the look of your own feet, you may take images of other people’s feet and sell them (with their consent, of course).

Do I owe taxes on sales of foot photographs?

Unfortunately, yes, taxes must be paid on sales of foot photographs. Be sure you maintain accurate records of your sales and spending. You are required to report any annual profits over $600.


Remember to research and evaluate each site where you intend to sell images to ensure that they are the greatest match. If you handle this side gig like a company, you may build it into a viable enterprise from which you can earn additional income.

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