Why Big E-commerce Companies Are Choosing To Develop An Online Shopping App 

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According to a report, global retail e-commerce sales will surpass $5 trillion in 2022 for the first time, accounting for more than a fifth of overall retail sales. This statistic is enough proof to back up the fact that most e-commerce software buying activity has come from big e-commerce companies. So now you know one of the reasons big e-commerce companies are building online shopping apps.

Below, we will explore why big e-commerce companies choose to develop an online shopping app. You can also learn how to make a shopping app by browsing the page of EPAM Anywhere Business.

Why big e-commerce companies are choosing to develop an online shopping app

An interesting thing to note is that buyers’ decision-making process has changed dramatically in recent years. Nowadays, buyers make more direct purchases online without having to step a foot into physical stores. Therefore, big e-commerce companies are employing the internet to make doing business faster and easier. Here, we examine why big e-commerce companies choose to develop an online shopping app.

For customer data insights

Data analytics is crucial for businesses to optimize their performances and make better decisions. Therefore, big e-commerce companies must collect and access data for various aspects of their businesses. Building a store app makes gathering and tracking customers’ data easier. This is because every step of the process is digitized, thus providing big e-commerce companies with the opportunity to gain deep customer insights.

To aid faster buying for customers

Since mobile commerce is rising, big e-commerce companies are disadvantaged without a shopping app. Creating an online shop app will give a big e-commerce company edge over its competitors because customers can shop from anywhere, anytime. The fact that your store is still getting physical sales currently is lucky, but it won’t last forever without an online shopping app.

Furthermore, there are instances where a customer tries to choose whether to visit a company’s physical store or that of its competitor to make a purchase. In cases like these, having a store app will give customers reasons to lean toward their store. In addition, customers now prefer to make purchases on store apps, so it is only a question of time before they stop buying from a company’s physical store wholly.

To deliver a highly personalized customer experience

Using a website as the only means of interacting with customers will not give them the desired personalized experience. Neither will it give a big e-commerce company the perfect results they want. Therefore, developing an online shopping app will convince customers to make purchases consistently. 

For example, customer details are stored in the mobile shopping app. This allows customers to sign in only once when they download the app. Since customers don’t need to sign in every time they shop, the ease of use and the resultant customer satisfaction is higher. In addition, customers will make more purchases because they have been offered an optimized and personalized shopping experience on the app. 

To increase sales and revenue growth

One of the reasons a big e-commerce company needs to make a store app is to increase revenues. There is a significant difference between the conversion rate of a store app and that of a website. Arguably, store apps assist in having better conversion rates, which leads to an increase in revenue growth. 

Big e-commerce companies experience higher conversion rates because their shopping apps allow their customers to enjoy a smooth purchasing process and experience. Therefore, big e-commerce companies will continue attracting new customers and increasing revenue.

To increase brand awareness, trust and reach 

One of the major benefits of online shopping app development is increased brand awareness, trust and reach. Since maximum customers spend many hours on their phones, connecting, interacting, and building trust with a wider customer base is easier through store apps. 

In addition, customers often write a review about a company on social media when they get satisfied with their service or product. This is a golden chance for advertising a store, improving its reputation, and attracting potential customers. Also, a well-designed shopping app puts customers at ease when giving personal information and filling out details for payment.


This article has examined why big e-commerce companies are choosing to develop an online shopping app. It can be deduced from the points mentioned above that creating a shopping app brings numerous advantages and benefits to big e-commerce companies. Little wonder every big e-commerce company is choosing to develop an app for their business.

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