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The mobile app market has millions of apps available, making it difficult to reach your target audience and achieve your ROI goals. For many firms, creating mobile apps is a crucial task, but the expenses aren’t always clear. On that note, it’s crucial to budget for the costs and make a plan to stop resource bleeding while doing so.

This has made companies eager to learn how to estimate the price of developing an app upfront. Numerous online calculators were created by app development companies to answer this crucial question.

We’ll be taking a look at some of the best app development cost calculators. Reading this post to the end will be very beneficial because it is packed with loads of insightful information.


An App development cost calculator is an online tool mainly offered by app development companies that brings the rough estimated cost for the app you want to launch. The cost of developing an app is disclosed through the app cost calculator. 

The calculator will outline the cost differences between creating mobile apps and creating online apps. Additionally, it can help you comprehend the differences between expensive and inexpensive features.

The price varies depending on the device, functionality, integrity, user experience, and many other things that we shall go into detail about in this piece.

App development cost calculators will ask you several questions, which you must answer. Once you have answered all the questions, you may choose the app’s projected price. Each question will determine the cost involved. 


The following factors will affect the cost and time of app development.

1. App Development Partner

Selecting the ideal app development partner is the most important step in designing an app. Choosing an app development company is a difficult option because there are many service providers on the market, all of which claim to be the finest.

However, you may always be sensible and pick a company that matches your needs and budget. You might consider the following when searching for a company to create an app for you: quality control, Managing projects effectively, Service offering, schedule and self-control, ease in communication and accountability

2. Features & Level Of Complexity

An app’s development typically takes between three and six months. It can also take 8 to 12 months to debut an app in the market if it is extremely complex. In essence, it is dependent upon the functionality you want to include in your app.

3. Platform

You must decide the platform you want to use to launch your app, either iOS or Android. Knowing the main distinctions between the two platforms will help you make a decision.

4. Programming Language

Kotlin is used to build iOS apps, whereas Java and Kotlin are primarily used to make apps for Android. Due to the different programming languages utilized, there are significant changes in how the two apps were developed. The app cost estimator for both platforms starts to differ as a result.

5. Design Distinctiveness

Android and iOS have different design philosophies. Android designs must adjust to each device and screen size, in contrast to iOS designs, which are developed for the few possible resolutions and screen sizes for a small number of devices.

Additionally, there are variations in device interfaces that affect how devices appear, how users interact with them, and how the app cost calculator functions. 

6. Money-Making Techniques

While the bulk of Google-supported applications makes money from ad monetization, iOS apps are primarily concentrated on paid apps. For both platforms, in-app purchases support continuous growth and deliver superior outcomes than adverts and paid advertisements.

7. Audience

You can save time and money by researching the demographics before you start designing the app. Create an app based on the traits of the intended consumers. 

8. Timeline of Development

It could be challenging to predict how long it will take to design an app for each platform. You cannot ignore this important feature, though, and a few things can help you understand it better.

Due to the intricacy of the code and the wide range of devices, Android apps take longer to develop. iOS apps have a more stringent approval process that is checked by professionals.

When you have sufficient knowledge of the aforementioned items and have thoroughly examined each one, you should choose between Android and iOS.


The following are the benefits of using app development cost calculators:

1. You’ll save time 

It can take a lot of time to estimate the price of mobile app development on your own. It may be difficult to determine where to begin given the various aspects. With the use of cost calculator applications, you may skip those hassles. You only need to enter a few essential details about your project to quickly receive an estimate!

2. Covers all the app features

There is always a potential that you may omit something crucial while attempting to estimate the cost of your mobile app project on your own.

When using app cost estimators, don’t be concerned that you’ll overlook ML-powered app features. Everything that must be in your app development project is there since experts designed them.

3. Negotiate using evidence 

When negotiating with app development companies, you can utilize the estimate you’ve obtained from several app development cost calculators as leverage.

You can use the estimate to bargain for a lower price if one provider tries to charge you more than the calculator estimates your project should cost.

4. It Is Free

The fact that most app development cost calculators are free is another fantastic advantage. In light of this, testing one out for your upcoming minimum viable product project has nothing to lose. 

5. Use it to compare estimates

An approximate estimate from an app development cost calculator can be quite useful in helping you decide which app development company to choose for your project if you’re unsure.

They can be used to obtain estimates from various companies and compare them side by side. You may determine which business provides the best value for your project in this manner!


There following are the most effective app development cost calculators:

1. Agicent

App development cost calculator
App development cost calculator

Agicent is a world-renowned app development cost calculator. They specialize in providing solutions that are customized for startups, publishers, and companies to assist them achieve their objectives.

They work to build the finest user experiences using cutting-edge technology and specialize in developing sophisticated front-end applications for a range of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android platforms, and Wearables.

2. Buildfire

Buildfire is an interactive web app development cost calculator that can provide a rough estimate in six steps!

This tool is a friend to tech entrepreneurs and small business owners when they’re considering developing a new software product. Buildfire will provide you with an anticipated budget for creating, launching, and maintaining your app each month.

3. App Development Cost

App Development Cost is one of the most outstanding app development cost calculators. You will begin by answering a brief questionnaire while using the App Development Cost Calculator.

Send your name and email after that to get a quote. The advantage of using this calculator is that you can get quotes from many development firms.

The calculator offers estimated cost ranges, both minimal and maximum. It also takes into account the time frames, which some other calculators don’t. They provide estimates for Web, Hybrid, iOS, and Android apps.

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4. Estimate My App

10 Best App Development Cost Calculators
App development cost calculator

For those just starting who wish to create an app, we recommend the Estimate My App calculator. Its straightforward and user-friendly design will enable you to rapidly determine the cost of your app as it is one of the best app development cost calculators.

With this calculator, all of the criteria used to determine a price are given on a single page. The filters take into account the size of the app, the complexity of the user interface, the sophistication of the account features, the complexity of user-generated content, mobile-specific features like support for the Apple Watch, Cloud Syncing, and more, as well as dates and locations, social and engagement, billing and eCommerce, admin and feedback and analytics, external API, and security.

You may acquire the figures you need to build it and how many weeks it will take to complete it by simply clicking on the buttons that are listed.

5. VenturePact

VenturePact provides one of the best app development cost calculators. The interactive calculator from VenturePact asks 9 questions to help you determine your app build budget.

The first question you’ll be asked is, “Which Platform Do You Want To Use?” as well as “How will users log in?” Your cost estimate is displayed in the top right corner of your screen and changes according to your choice.

There is a space to enter your name and email address after making your selections to get a thorough estimate. The platforms supported by VenturePact are Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Hybrid.

6. Cleveroad Calculator

Cleveroad calculator is another great app development cost calculator.

This calculator will walk you through ten or more questions to help you determine the cost of developing an app, that is either based on specific specifications or is similar to apps already available on the market (such as Uber, Snapchat, Airbnb, and others).

You’ll receive hourly development time estimates as you choose your options and respond to the questions.

7. Digitalya

Next on our list of the best app development cost calculators is Digitalya. This app will enable you to not only provide anticipated development expenses but also to determine the price at which to approach potential development teams. You can get the best- and worst-case estimates of expenses and labor hours for developing your app using its 5-step cost estimator.

Their brief questionnaire is the cause for concern. When you want to integrate extra features in your app, it can be too short to acquire an estimate.

8. App Press

App development cost calculator
App development cost calculator

App Press is an amazing app development cost calculator. Regarding your preferences for apps, App Press asks you 11 distinct questions. You cannot get a precise estimate from the calculator’s range because of its restricted custom options.

The benefit is that it has a straightforward layout on a single page and just asks for simple “yes” or “no” responses. They provide estimates for both iOS and Android.

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9. Kinvey App Estimator

Another amazing app development cost calculator is Kinvey. The Kinvey estimator/calculator asks you 16 questions on the development of your app. You can see the savings while adopting the cloud as your infrastructure thanks to this calculator.

Kinvey provides useful information after the questions. For instance, in response to the question “How significant is the data experience for these apps? Kinvey discusses how they can increase productivity for difficult data by 6x underneath the answer box.

10. Andreasley Calculator

App development cost calculator
App development cost calculator

Andreasley is a very popular app development cost calculator. When all options for defining the price of app development are selected, an easy-to-use, intuitive calculator with a shopping cart design is displayed on the right, much as things would in a genuine shopping cart system.

The calculator determines the price based on the following factors: Platform, Quality, Number of Screens, Custom Controls, Device Types, Screen Orientation Modes, Security Level, Supported OS Versions, Number of Languages Supported, Deployment, and Special Functions (including Support for In-App Payments, Stats, Push Notifications, and More).


You can take a few actions to get an app created within your budget. Planning for as many of the associated costs as you can will help prevent the development team from going over budget.

You can exercise complete control over the app development cost calculator and make the app development as smooth as possible.

1. Understand Your Limits

When you know your limitations and how much money you should allocate to the app development process, cost estimating for mobile application development becomes simple.

Consider working with a mobile app development company that won’t break the bank and will let you keep within your budgetary restrictions.

2. Understand and Test Your Assumptions

Use straightforward interactive prototypes to imitate the appearance and features of the app you want without having to develop it. Without interfering with the app’s cost calculator, you can test it by presenting it to users beforehand. By doing so, you can determine whether or not your app will be a commercial success. 

3. Recognize Your Users

Because they don’t take the necessary time upfront to understand their users and define the users’ outcomes, most organizations struggle to comprehend their users. Don’t let the anticipated cost balloon, and start getting to know your target market.

4. Concentrate On The Goals Of The App

The developers must concentrate on the goals of the program while it is still being developed, rather than the framework and supporting elements. 


Do the results of an app cost calculator report and an physical quote differ?

Yes, there is a distinction between them; allow us to elaborate. You can get information from the app cost calculator report by taking into account the fundamental app features, the team structure, projected time, etc.

The calculator contains several parameters & boundaries. It operates and offers an estimation for mobile app development based on that. There is a dedicated team where you can learn about the firm structure, case studies, etc., and obtain the actual cost for producing a mobile app, whereas an exact estimate gives you personalized & detailed information regarding your mobile app development.

What are the drawbacks of utilizing a cost calculator app?

The best app cost calculator gives you a quick estimate of the cost of developing a mobile app, but the cost is calculated based on conventional features & requirements. Reach out to us if you want precise and thorough information. The in-app cost calculator comes with conventional mobile app development capabilities, which is another negative. No need to worry if your app needs complicated features; just get in touch with us, and we’ll assist you in developing your mobile app.

How much does it cost to hire an app developer?

When a company decides to employ a mobile app developer or developers, the question of how much it will cost automatically arises. Businesses must pay a US-based mobile app developer $120,000 a year, according to data from Indeed.com.

How much is app maintenance?

The expense of maintaining a mobile app is included, just like with other programs. Software maintenance costs often range between 15% and 20% of their initial development costs, according to industry standards. The cost of hosting, monitoring, engagement, marketing, updating, and licensing apps may all be divided into separate components.


Every company goes into business to make a profit and the preparatory stage of every business largely determines how well the company will fare. This is the stage where all plans and budgeting occurs. That is why app development cost calculators are very important. They help you estimate how much you’ll budget for your app.

We hope our post on the best app development cost calculators was as insightful as promised. Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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