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social listening tools

Today, a business’s reputation may determine its survival or demise. Customers may rapidly disseminate your praises or make you look to be an inept devil via social media. Knowing what people are saying about you on social media allows you to respond correctly and, if necessary, perform damage management.

Many of these Social Listening tools are aimed at major firms and corporations and do not disclose their service rates. Nevertheless, regardless of your company’s size or degree of competition, you should locate a solution to assist you to identify social media mentions.

What exactly does “social listening” entail?

Social listening is the process of observing social media platforms for brand-related remarks and discussions, then evaluating them to uncover actionable possibilities.

A two-step procedure:

  • Step 1: Monitor social media platforms for brand, competition, product, and business-related keyword mentions.
  • Step 2: Analyze the material to see how you can use what you’ve learned. This might be as simple as reacting to a satisfied consumer or as extensive as repositioning your entire brand.

What does the term “social listening tools” mean?

A social media listening tool is a piece of software that watches and analyzes online conversations about your brand, a certain topic, your rivals, or anything else pertinent to your business. It extracts mentions of specific keywords and assists marketers in analyzing them.

In addition to measuring social media, it may collect posts and comments from publicly accessible blogs, forums, and web pages. With a high number of mentions and insights, social listening will allow you to monitor how well your business is performing and what people think of your brand.

Different types of social listening

  • Basic Social Listening

    This entails listening to your audience and learning from them. These are the social media users who follow you and interact with your content and page. This entails reviewing prior postings about your brand’s hashtag, handles, and page.
    This degree of attentiveness does not yield profound audience insights. You wish to observe responses to specific subjects. Since it is impossible to examine every user that interacts with your material, the data only helps you understand what is occurring at a specific moment. It does not assist you to classify and segment your audience for improved comprehension.

    Listening on a fundamental level is possible via third-party listening technologies or the analytics tools supplied by social media networks. Since the data lacks specific specificity, it is simple to collect and evaluate. This style of listening differs significantly from social media monitoring which focuses mostly on statistics and facts.
  • Deep Social Listening

    Deep listening encompasses monitoring a broader variety of social media postings regarding a certain issue, not simply those addressed at your business or associated with the material on your page. This is a sophisticated kind of listening that allows you to uncover hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations related to a specific topic. This form of listening is extensive and covers a bigger data pool than simply listening or social media monitoring.

    This form of listening gives answers to certain types of inquiries, such as the relevancy of a given issue, its importance to your audience, and the tone to employ with your audience-based observations of their feelings. You gain a broader understanding of your target audience and contribute to the validation of your audience personas.
  • Combined Social Listening

    Combined listening incorporates social media monitoring and social listening at a deeper level. Since social media monitoring supplies you with figures and data, you can use this as a starting point to better comprehend your audience. The deployment of social monitoring provides you a head start and enables you to determine from the gathered data what business insights you want.
    The objective is to gain a comprehensive understanding of who your consumers are as individuals, why they feel a particular way, and what motivates them to make specific decisions. The combination of monitoring and listening is a potent technique for gaining a deeper understanding of your audience as individuals.

    To obtain precise findings and a deeper comprehension of your insights, you will require third-party tools. Because you are integrating monitoring and listening, you will need tools to evaluate and understand the massive quantity of data that will be collected. A proper examination of the data is essential for comprehending what your clients want and how you can assist them. If you cannot grasp the data, it will ultimately be useless to your organization.

Social listening tools for TikTok

So many brands have accounts on TikTok. They wish to make use of the platform’s enormous marketing potential. As such, using TikTok, you may reach a large audience. TikTok influencers are aware of this fact. The good news is that you may increase sales by employing an internet monitoring program that tracks all TikTok mentions of your brand, goods, services, or any term you choose.

Among these well-known listening tools are:

  • Brand24
  • Storyclash
  • Pentos
  • YouScan
  • Iconosquare
  • Exolyt
  • Socialinsider

What is a social listening strategy?

These are tactics that assist you in gaining a better understanding of what it is that your consumer expects from your brand. A current customer may tweet about how much they enjoy your product, for instance. You could also overhear a conversation in which individuals are searching for answers that might be provided by your product or service.

Social media listening vs tracking (Distinction)

Social monitoring and social listening are similar tactics for observing and gathering mentions of your brand, branded keywords, or any other phrase you choose to look for on social media.

Social monitoring is only the collection, identification, and response to these brand references. A major business may, for instance, engage employees of its social media team to monitor @ mentions on Twitter and reply to them promptly.

Social listening is a more sophisticated concept that involves drawing bigger inferences from the data gathered from these individual exchanges. Social listening may provide you with a wealth of crucial information on customer mood, industry trends, and brand awareness.

In other words, social monitoring is the collection of data, whereas social listening is the utilization of that data to shape your larger company strategy and approach.

social listening tools

20 Best Social Listening Tools

1. Brandwatch (Formerly Falcon.io)

Plans: Essentials Full Suite Custom Pricing from $108/month. 14-day no-cost trial

Brandwatch is a platform for social media monitoring, publication, advertising, measurement, and customer data management. Its social listening techniques provide a clear picture of who is participating and what is occurring.

You may use them to find trending themes and hashtags to track for improved marketing and content creation. You may monitor talks about your brand and products.

Brandwatch offers a great deal of versatility. You may monitor everything from brand names, subjects, and keywords to phrases using complex query parameters. Indeed, if you have a worldwide audience, you can track and interact with your followers wherever they are. Additionally, you may access and see data based on keywords, source, demographics, influencers, and content type.

2. Hootsuite

Plans: Professional $49/mo, Team $129/mo, Business $599/mo, and Enterprise with custom pricing. 30-day trial for free.

Using Hootsuite streams, you may monitor the actions of your rivals as well as maintain track of debates regarding significant issues. Streams are highly configurable social feeds that facilitate participation in social conversations. You may organize your streams by social network, priority, commercial objective, or specific searches, for example.

Additionally, it allows you to develop social listening. However, social listening is only offered as an add-on to their Business or Enterprise plans.

3. Brand24

Plans: Plus $49 per month, Premium $99 per month, and Max $199 per month. 14-day trial for free.

Brand24 gives social insights into what others are saying about your brand online. Brand24, unlike some of its competitors, caters to businesses of all sizes, offering a $49/month option for small and startup enterprises.

It displays a mentions stream so you can see what people are saying about your business and take immediate action. You may participate in discussions directly through Brand24. Brand24 has established its Influencer Score to assist in identifying your industry’s key influencers, allowing you to initiate contact with those who matter in your niche.

It also features sentiment analysis, so you can determine whether mentions of your brand were favorable, negative, or neutral in tone.

4. AgoraPulse

Plans: Pro $79/mo, Premium $199/mo, Enterprise custom

Agora Pulse is an additional professional social media management application with social listening capabilities. It offers a straightforward graphical interface.

You may quickly establish brand-listening criteria that allow you to listen to brand-related talks. You may further filter your YouTube and Twitter searches by excluding certain terms from your stored queries. Boolean operations enable you to listen to only the content you choose. Add geographical and/or language criteria to your Twitter search to refine your results.

5. YouScan

Plans: Customizable pricing is available on request from YouScan. YouScan, unlike most social listening tools, which provide more searches with higher-tier subscriptions, offers the same number of searches across all of its plans: five. However, each search (Topic) may be customized with the ability to include and omit certain elements (such as keywords and hashtags) and apply rules to them.

You must enter Boolean operators in your search queries. There are just a few operators to master, and they all make perfect sense, but many marketers will need to improve their Boolean reasoning before getting started.

Once you’ve specified your search parameters, YouScan will generate a page including all the mentions the platform has gathered that meet your search criteria. The search results can then be narrowed down in a variety of ways to reflect your precise query.

You may use YouScan to identify the most prominent people who have mentioned your business, and then determine which of these mentions have the most engaged audiences. You may configure Smart Alerts to warn you anytime it “spots” a bad opinion about your brand. You may also easily include their concerns in your Helpdesk system.

6. Digimind

Plans: Please contact Digimind for a quote. Prices are based on monthly estimations of total mentions with unlimited queries/topics and annual estimates of the total number of inquiries necessary with unlimited mentions.

Digimind delivers all the material required to interpret social and internet data and provide meaningful business insights. Two items are available: Social Listening and Market Intelligence. Both are remarkable instruments with a variety of capabilities.

With the Social Listening technologies from Digimind, you can:

  • Monitor particular phrases and subjects
  • Examine mentions
  • Share material and engage audiences
  • Produce reports
  • Calculate the ROI for owned media (paid and organic)
  • Utilize search information for reputation management

Digimind’s solutions allow you to view the discussions that matter most for your business in real-time, across millions of online sources, so that you may acquire vital insights that you can utilize to drive and enhance your marketing strategy.

7. BrandMentions

Plans: Growing Business $99 per month, Business $299 per month. Business/Agency: $499 per month. 7-day free trial period. BrandMentions monitors practically every sector of the web for mentions of their customers (or any other term that interests them).

Brands may use it to monitor every mention of their brand or product across all relevant platforms, including the web and social media. BrandMentions include all relevant outlets where consumers discuss brands. Additionally, it provides full sentiment analysis, determining the tone of discussions.

BrandMentions may also be used to spy on your competition. You might use it to uncover the marketing techniques of your competitors. Indeed, you can easily do research and obtain insights on any brand or market-related issue. It gives you email alerts and link notifications for real-time notifications.

8. BuzzSumo

Plans: Pro $99/mo, Plus $179/mo, Large $299/month. Buzzsumo is a tool for content analysis and social media listening. You may use it to look for anything on the Internet that contains the search word you entered. It provides more than simply search results. In addition, it displays the level of interaction connected with each search result. For instance, if you search for your company, Buzzsume will locate all internet references for it.

However, it does not just notify you when, for instance, a blog criticizing your company’s service is published. It also indicates that the story has been shared 26 times on Facebook and 478 times on Twitter, requiring extensive damage control.

With BuzzSumo, you can see how much time people spend on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. It also provides the total number of links obtained by each search result. Buzzsumo has a helpful notifications function. You may set up alerts to monitor brand mentions, competitor mentions, website content, keyword mentions, backlinks, and authors. You may configure alert settings to meet your specific needs.

9. Sprout Social

Standard is $99/user/month, Professional is $149/user/month, and Premium is $249/user/month.

Social media monitoring software Sprout Social is a high-quality product. Although the majority of its functions are for social media administration and optimization, it also offers social CRM tools and social media listening capabilities. It contains several collaboration options, making teamwork simple.

Each time you log into Sprout Social, you are presented with a Dashboard that suggests what you should do next. Smart Inbox is one of the most user-friendly aspects of Sprout Social. Sprout Social allows you to respond to messages, retweet/repost or repin articles, like stuff, etc., all from within the platform.

You can organize your messages in any way you see fit. You may filter your mailbox using keywords and hashtags, among other methods. Sprout Social’s social listening functionality functions similarly to the Smart Inbox, allowing you to monitor brand, competitor, and keyword discussions. Using Boolean expressions, you can rapidly construct complicated questions in the Query Builder, which makes your inquiries more comprehensible. You may narrow your searches such that the majority of results are really about your company.

10. Meltwater

Plans: Not displayed on site. Meltwater offers insights powered by AI that span a variety of corporate functions. Significant to this is its social media interaction and monitoring software, which emphasizes analytics and targeted involvement.

It examines millions of postings every day from social media platforms, blogs, and news sources, in addition to social media. It eliminates unnecessary remarks and gives emotion to the pertinent mentions. You may use Meltwater to conduct searches, identify influential individuals, and monitor your online performance. Meltwater has a variety of dashboards, some of which monitor, measure, and analyze your internet activities. You may also create customized dashboards to better suit your needs.

Meltwater permits three keywords per search, and other filters may be added to narrow the results. It determines if each mention is favorable, negative, or neutral based on an examination of the findings’ attitude.

11. NetBase

Plans: NetBase Starter, NetBase Business, NetBase Enterprise. No pricing information. NetBase delivers insight into client communications in real-time. It employs artificial intelligence to discern emotions, behaviors, traits, hashtags, persons, and companies from social media posts. Daily, the platform of NetBase processes millions of social media posts.

It also employs non-social data, including surveys, focus groups, ratings, and reviews, to learn as much as can about a company. You may use NetBase to record all business-related chats in 99+ countries and 199+ languages. Even a study of the most recent emoji and language is included.

It allows you to compare the effectiveness of owned, earned, and partnered content. Additionally, you may utilize NetBase’s AI to identify when your brand appears in images. This can assist you in identifying the most popular user-generated material related to your business on visual platforms such as Instagram.

12. Synthesio

Plans: Not displayed on site. The Synthesio Social Media Intelligence Suite is a social listening tool that analyzes the online presence of organizations and gives actionable data to their clients. Currently, it collects social media intelligence from more than 80 languages and 195 countries. It provides automated sentiment analysis (AS) for over 20 of these languages.

It offers configurable Social Listening dashboards that provide a vast quantity of data regarding brand mentions on social media. The Synthesio Social Listening Platform includes extensive metadata about the content, author, and tone for every mention. They are easily filterable.

You can also add paywall data from LexisNexis, logo recognition skills, and customer evaluations into these dashboards. Synthesio provides the export of enormous pre-filtered data sets through API or an in-house tool, Reveal, as well as the merging of Social Listening metrics with performance data in other SaaS business intelligence applications.

13. Cyfe

Plans: 14-day free trial, $29 per month for Starter. Cyfe offers an all-inclusive dashboard for businesses that display social media, web analytics, marketing, sales, support, and infrastructure, among other metrics. Using pre-built widgets, you can pull data from major services like Google, Salesforce, Xero, and QuickBooks, among others. Alternatively, you may create your widgets if you desire to interact with an unsupported product.

Cyfe offers dashboards for Start-up (information on new sign-ups, app downloads, subscriptions, and other KPIs), Social Media, Marketing, Client, Web Analysis, Finance, Sales, and Project Management.

Cyfe extends much beyond social mentions. However, social listening skills are included. It is also far less expensive than many of the more specialized goods listed here. Regarding the Social Media Dashboard, Cyfe utilizes real-time data and metrics to begin monitoring the performance of your business or clients across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Vimeo.

14. Keyhole

Plans: Custom pricing is available upon request for enterprises of all sizes. Keyhole offers several internet monitoring services. The number of the hashtag and keyword monitors, account trackers, and influencer trackers varies by plan tier.

Extensive sentiment analysis (at Corporate and above), media wall and moderation (and influencer management) (at Agency and higher), and more advanced analytics are included in the more expensive options (on the Enterprise plan).

The core of Keyhole is an account’s social media analytics and reporting. You may monitor all accounts and posts in real-time and improve your publishing schedule with Keyhole’s statistics.

Additionally, you may track hashtags and keywords in real-time. This may be used to improve social listening. You may optimize and report on your hashtag campaigns using Keyhole’s data. You may view the overall number of posts, engagement rate, and total reach and impressions created by your hashtags.

15. Mention

Plans: Solo $29 per month, Starter $99 per month, and Company – bespoke pricing. Price reductions for yearly payments.

You may utilize Mention to explore the internet, social media, and other sources for insightful market data. The Solo plan is meant for a single brand monitoring user. The Starter Plan is designed to help small businesses track their brand and rivals. This is the level at which you have access to a dashboard, sentiment analysis, and the Influencer’s Dashboard.

However, the Company Plan grants access to the majority of Mention’s features. This is intended for businesses and agencies seeking to expand their brand and company. The Company Plan provides access to extra capabilities, like Facebook crawling, historical statistics, and a Twitter dashboard, among others.

Mention enables you to watch the Internet, social media, forums, and blogs to learn more about your business and industry. All mentions may be rapidly analyzed for public opinion using sentiment analysis. Personalize your notifications and filter by source, language, and date. By adding or removing keywords, you may modify your alert.

16. Awario

Starter: $29 per month, Pro: $89 per month, and Enterprise: $299 per month. Price reductions for yearly payments.

Awario discovers Instant mentions throughout the Internet and social media. In addition to APIs, it crawls approximately 13 billion online pages daily. You may use Awario to discover all mentions of your company or organization on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, forums, news sites, or any publicly accessible website.

Individuals and small companies can monitor your brand with the Starter Plan. Even at this tier, you may establish up to three mention alerts, and one leads alert, and receive up to 30,000 monthly mentions. A term or collection of keywords that Awario will monitor for you constitutes an alert. A mention is a result discovered.

Small and medium-sized businesses are best suited to the Pro Plan for monitoring their brand, industry, and competition. This plan allows you to establish 15 mention alerts and 3 lead alerts. It will locate up to 150,000 monthly fresh mentions.

Awario’s analytics allow you to monitor the growth of your mentions and their cumulative reach, categorize mentions by positive, negative, and neutral sentiment, identify major influencers by the social network, compare several alerts, and assess your success.

17. Reputology

Plans: Single Location $110 per month, Multi-Location $60 per location per month, and Agencies $40 per location per month.

Reputology allows you to monitor, reply to, and analyze all of your internet reviews from one location. It provides round-the-clock monitoring of more than 100 review sites, including Google My Business, Facebook, local search directories, employee review sites, and app directories, among others.

You can monitor reviews of your locations, goods, and services. Additionally, users can comment on reviews on the Reputology site. It incorporates semantic analysis technology that turns reviews and feedback unstructured information into usable data.

18. ReviewInc

Plans: Monitoring $39 per location per month, Basic $139 per location per month, Pro $199 per location per month, and Enterprise – multi-location savings. There are no setup costs for yearly contracts. Otherwise, the Monitoring setup price is $99 and the Basic and Pro editions are $199.

ReviewInc offers software for online reputation and review management. It is a three-step procedure:

  • Review Monitoring — the program offers a bird’s-eye view of your company’s internet reputation.
  • ReviewInc assists you in developing a personalized review marketing strategy that encourages clients to provide input about your business on Google Maps, Facebook Reviews, and other review sites.
  • Increase consumer feedback; the system will expose your positive evaluations to the globe. You can enhance favorable evaluations on your website with testimonials, publish them on social media with a simple click, or even automate the entire process using free applications from Zapier and Hootsuite.

19. 76Insights

Plans: Not displayed on site. 76Insights can supply businesses with information on which articles, posts, and social items are the most successful and resonate with people. You may use the app to browse posts in a graph or card view layout, filter posts, and share the most engaging material on your social networks, among other features.

The application helps you to spot the anomalies that cause social media reactions. It provides breakdowns of your resonance score by social network. You can visualize the performance of your content and organize your social profiles into convenient watch lists.

20. Sprinklr

Plans: Not displayed on site.

The entirety of Sprinklr is a social suite for businesses. There are four components:

  • Social engagement
  • Social marketing
  • Social care
  • Social advocacy

Social listening is a key element of the suite. It monitors three billion users over three hundred and fifty million sources, including 26 social platforms. It enables you to view the volume, context, and sentiment of online discussions – both historically and in real-time – and utilize this data to make strategic decisions in support of business objectives.

It has drillable dashboards and real-time data that relate to your business’s specific KPIs. You can also monitor industry and competitor activity to assess accomplishments and decipher rivals’ strategies.


What is the best effective tool for social listening?

Awario is a social listening instrument that focuses on brand awareness. It operates by monitoring keywords in a variety of languages.

How do you assess social listening?

  • Brand recognition
  • Market share
  • Customer contentment
  • Net promoter rating

Social listening: KPI or not?

Business KPIs and indicators for social listening. The majority of customer-related KPIs may be supplemented by social listening data. In the majority of instances, you should be tracking mentions by your current or future clients.

What are online surveillance tools?

The term “online monitoring technology of transmission lines” refers to a technique in which characteristic quantities of line operating conditions are continually or routinely recorded, transferred, and treated through the installation of monitoring equipment on transmission lines, without interfering with the normal functioning of the equipment. “Internet monitoring technology for transmission lines” is the term for this type of technology.


Understanding what makes consumers tick is the primary objective of the majority of organizations, and social media listening tools are how they do this. This approach to consumer comprehension goes beyond the simple interpretation of data obtained through various technologies. A company’s raison d’être is to deliver answers to people’s demands and requirements while discovering new methods to serve them.

Understanding their online behavior and motivations, among other data, is a straightforward method for achieving this goal. Consistently delving deeper into their social media profiles might increase the value of future advertising that may be directed at them.

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