Best Popular Tech Hubs in Ghana

tech hubs in Ghana
tech hubs in Ghana

Tech hubs in Ghana solve the issue of resource availability, which is an issue that affects almost all ecosystems in Africa. To build talent and products that stand the test of time, these entities need the right environment to blossom.

Popular tech hubs in Ghana have been helping millions of Ghanaians learn new skills, apply new skills and generate new streams of income and community in many parts of Ghana.

Incorporating technology into the workplace will undoubtedly increase firms’ and the nation’s competitiveness. The tech sector incubated through tech hubs may also serve as a significant pillar of a diverse economy.

An inventive society is critical to the development of the nation’s economy since it is responsible for finding sustainable and effective solutions to societal issues, frequently utilizing new technology.

tech hubs in Ghana
tech hubs in Ghana

This article sheds light on tech hubs, how they are formed, their benefits to Ghanaian society and the best popular tech hubs in Ghana.

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What are tech hubs?

A tech hub is an institution that encourages innovation by supplying tech entrepreneurs with resources like incubators, accelerators, technology parks, etc.

Tech hubs have gained enormous recognition in so many nations throughout the world, and have so far demonstrated the ability to act as a catalyst for the encouragement of economic growth in all sectors.

Findings show that Ghana has roughly 25 tech centres as the country’s technological development continues. The aim here is to list out the popular tech hubs in Ghana and help readers know how to access them and how to benefit them.

What are the needs of a tech hub?

To be able to meet the demand of a tech hub, the founders have to anticipate what the users of the facility would need.

For any of the tech hubs in Ghana to be functional and optimise their value while offering and getting the best out of the tech hub, there are expectations that it is expected to fulfil.

Tech hubs in Ghana or innovation clusters that are adequately funded will require cutting-edge access to the internet, in addition to a consistent supply of qualified people that will teach people, to set up things and to run the facility.

Think of ultra-fast internet, preferably 4G coverage from the best ISP, and early adoption of 5G when it becomes available. After all, they are the best people to test these technologies.

An illustration of why tech hubs built with these needs in mind are good is how well tech hubs in Tel Aviv and Stockholm have done so far. Location and transportation facilities are also essential to tech hubs.

Even if a lot of travel is no longer necessary due to technology, being able to get into and out of cities housing tech hubs quickly and conveniently for client meetings is still helpful.

How are tech hubs formed?

A city must first have a reputation for innovation, which is fueled by a ready supply of graduates with the necessary skills and degrees in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). There is a higher likelihood that a tech cluster will be located in a city with colleges that are particularly strong in these fields.

Cities need to encourage their own citizens to pursue these kinds of studies in addition to being able to entice these graduates to migrate there. A tech hub will find it difficult to get off the ground without the correct type of labour skills.

What are the benefits of tech hubs in Ghana to society?

A major benefit of tech hubs in Ghana to society is that they will offer areas where the expansion of high-tech businesses may be hastened, resulting in the wealth of local communities. According to a Forbes article, Africa is home to over 643 innovation centres that have helped birth hundreds of tech start-ups. Impressive!

Once these start-ups are established, they may significantly contribute to the nation’s economic development. Without a doubt, startups provide many young people who are unemployed with additional work.

Youth participation rates over a certain threshold inherently indicate a stronger economy. Additionally, these startups encourage people to be more creative, which breeds more entrepreneurs.

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The popular tech hubs in Ghana are a number of tech hubs in various parts of Ghana making their impact by creating enabling spaces and connecting entrepreneurs and investors. Here is a list of ten of them.

1 – Ghana Tech Lab

Accra is home to Ghana Tech Lab, one of the country’s best popular tech hubs. Ghana Tech Lab has developed into a hub for technological innovation and teamwork that supports the growth and success of entrepreneurs and is one of the top tech hubs in Ghana.

To aid in the success of entrepreneurs, it provides a range of services like mentoring, networking opportunities, and training courses. To enhance access to tech education and resources, the lab also hosts seminars and hackathons.

It offers a place where local talent can come together and work together on fresh ideas and initiatives, with an emphasis on creating an inclusive and varied community.

An effective network of stakeholders devoted to developing the nation’s IT sector has been established by Ghana Tech Lab and they continue to create opportunities to further the reach of the network within Ghana.

2 – Ghana Innovation Hub

Under the eTransform program of the Ministry of Communications, a partnership between BlueSpace Africa, the Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU), and MDF West Africa established the Ghana Innovation Hub in 2018, one of the ranking tech hubs.

The group wants to encourage the growth of the Ghanaian economy by establishing an environment that supports entrepreneurship and innovation. Their goal is for Ghana to lead the way in technologically-driven economic growth on a global scale.

The MDF stated that “The hub offers a training space and co-working facilities where we assist entrepreneurs with ideation, three-month incubation, and six-month acceleration. We provide investment match-making, including online and offline networking, exchange events, business tools, and policy briefs.”

3 – Kumasi Hive

Resident in Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana, the Kumasi Hive is a popular tech hub that supports the growth of tech firms. The for-profit company was founded in 2015 and has so far kept its operating circle small while creating as much impact as it can.

The tech hub assists and promotes innovators and entrepreneurs of all stripes, with a focus on enticing social impact firms to create cutting-edge physical goods and manufacturing processes.

These are the services they provide: Startup Incubation, Activities & Training, Co-Working Space, Tech Skills Courses, and Maker Space, which are all important to the sphere and to Kumasi. This contributes to the popularity of the tech hub.

4 – Impact Hub Accra

A co-working environment for Ghanaian entrepreneurs and innovators is called The Impact Hub in Accra. It is a group of like-minded people and organizations cooperating to make a good difference in the world.

They also function as a worldwide community, consulting, and creative space that collaborates to produce change while maintaining an entrepreneurial attitude.

Impact Hub Accra’s primary goal is to assist inclusive growth in Ghana by establishing a social innovation ecosystem. To this end, it develops programs, offers workspace, and access to funding, and connects entrepreneurs working to find answers to local problems.

The Impact Hub Accra was established as a nonprofit organization in 2013 and is a part of the Impact Hub (Global Network), which has 86 open Impact Hubs with a variety of initiatives with 15,000 and more members across 5 Regions.

5 – Kosmos Innovation Centre

The Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC) is ranked among the best tech hubs in Ghana. The centre is focused on investments in young business people and startups with significant ideas who want to see their nation advance.

With programs aimed at motivating and enabling young entrepreneurs to bring about change in their own nation, the KIC was founded in Ghana in 2016. Since its founding, the KIC has concentrated on innovation in agriculture, the most significant industry and the largest employment in the nation.

More than a dozen prospective start-ups were produced as a consequence of the participation of more than 600 aspiring entrepreneurs in KIC Ghana programs. These start-ups later received capital investment, extra business training, and seed finance.

6 – AfriLabs

Afrilabs is an African-wide network of innovation centres. It was established in 2011 to create a community around the quickly developing tech hubs—innovation hubs are places where developers, entrepreneurs, and investors can come together.

Over 300 innovation centres are now operated by AfriLabs in 50 African nations, including Angola, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, and South Africa (Johannesburg) and others.

They are among the top tech hubs in Ghana because of their objective to help innovation hubs and their communities in raising high-potential entrepreneurs who would promote economic growth and social development in Africa.

7 – iSPACE

One of the popular tech hubs in Ghana is iSpace. They operate out of Accra and were founded in 2013 by two technology entrepreneurs, Josiah Kwesi Eyison and Fiifi Baidoo.

The hub intends to establish a welcoming atmosphere for business owners, trailblazers, and software developers to exchange ideas, work together, and build initiatives.

iSpace provides a variety of services, including networking events, co-working spaces, and mentorship and acceleration programs. The centre prides itself in its ability to connect ecosystem players, startups, and investors to resources across local and international communities. Members of the community are aware of the pace of startup activity.

The centre also places a lot of emphasis on talent development, with an ‘iSchool’ specifically designed for company owners that provides courses in marketing, web development, and business.

8 – ICODE Hub

One of the known tech hubs in Ghana, ICODE Hub offers a venue for ingenuity and originality in the digital sphere. With locations in Accra and Kumasi, ICODE Hub has developed into one of Ghana’s top centres for digital technology innovation.

The organization provides a range of programs, including mentorship opportunities for bright entrepreneurs wishing to build new businesses and accelerator programs, to assist startups in growing their enterprises.

The objective is to foster an atmosphere that encourages innovation while offering assistance to entrepreneurs at each stage of their journey.

9 – Engine Business Network

Engine Business Network is a coworking space that offers a place for company owners, inventors, and investors to network, work together, and grow their companies, out of Accra. EBN is a leader in advancing the growth of African entrepreneurs via advocacy, collaborations, and capacity building.

Before creating Engine Business Network in 2013 to raise awareness of innovation, they worked as an advisory board. They help aspiring company owners, coach young people on how to utilize technology to further their jobs or enterprises, etc.

Delivering initiatives that are driven by demand and suitable services for MSMEs across Africa is the main objective of the Engine Business Network. In keeping with SDG 17, EBN collaborates with a large group of pertinent commercial and governmental players to develop effective MSME interventions and support systems.


The HOPin Academy was created as a place where people can congregate to learn, exchange ideas, and develop them. In order to outperform the competition in the job market, HOPin Academy offers practical and creative techniques for investigating the many domains of entrepreneurship with the assistance of technology.

The founders’ goals for HOPin in 2013 included reducing the rate of young unemployment as well as the threat of rural-to-urban migration in Northern Ghana.

They set out to significantly lower the rate of poverty. Since then, they have been utilizing entrepreneurship as a motivating tool to tackle these challenges since they still think it is the key to all of them.

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Tech hubs are crucial to Ghana’s technological infrastructure because they offer areas for entrepreneurship, cooperation, and innovation. This list shows that the well-known tech hubs in Ghana offer a wide range of services to support both economic development and technological advancement.


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